1 About

Sanskrit DB is a small attempt to test the implementation of a tagged Sanskrit database, aiming to collect linguistic data. Currently it is in pre-alpha-state, which means that it somehow works but needs a lot of testing, debugging and additional work. It is thought to be opensource and accessible to everybody. If you wish to contribute get in touch with me: [mailto:nehrdbsd@gmail.com]

2 Technical Concept

  • Database: MongoDB (non-relational)
  • Webframework: Clojure/Luminus
  • Tagging Software: skorg-mode (not yet released emacs extension based on org-mode)
  • morphological data is used from the sanskrit heritage site ([http://sanskrit.inria.fr/] - thank you very much for releasing it!)

2.1 how it works

  • Sanskrit is entered and tagged via emacs skorg-extension
  • it is send together with dictionary data to the website as json via REST
  • The website provides an interface to query the database, view files and search for words (based on inflected form or root)

3 Long term goals

3.1 Implement multiuser functionality

  • make the database multi-user-capable, add dictionary functionality so that every user can have a dictionary, edit it and publish it

3.2 Reimplement the Tagger

  • write a user-friendly implementation of the tagger so that it will be easy and comfortable for other people to input data and contribute to the whole process
  • rather than reinventing the wheel I plan to use github's atom.io editor as a base and write a small extension for it to realize tagging.

Author: basti

Created: 2015-11-29 Sun 14:46