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(2) Sandhi / For the convenience of word search, internal and external
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 18010591 (0.022):
Many misled monks are led back to the Buddha and readmitted into the order / without a word of reproach
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033283 (0.023):
end of the interpolation. This allows for the input of variants / within interpolations which are attested in more than one source.
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24190525 (0.028):
There seems to be a great deal of variation in the order and numbering / of the verses between the editions and the commentators. The order of
Buddhasvamin: Brhatkathaslokasamgraha (brkas_pu.htm.txt) 5743865 (0.029):
The input is based on the TZ Format created by Peter Schreiner / and others, which marks sandhi and composita. Only personal
Sukhavativyuha, Samksiptamatrka (bsu032_u.htm.txt) 17499104 (0.029):
shifted to the end of the word in order not to interfere with word search.
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24186878 (0.030):
found in the Kāvya-saṅgraha forms the backbone of the order of the verses
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24190555 (0.030):
of the order of the verses presented here, even though Arjunavarmadeva
Simhabhupala: Rasarnavasudhakara (simhrs_u.htm.txt) 1730913 (0.030):
[*4] Note that cārutā, as found in Ujjvala nīlamaṇi, is the word used here / in the place of mārdava.
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187630 (0.031):
reproduce the letters of the / printed text as closely as possible, i.e. that one types what one sees.
DASABALASUTRA 1-4 (dbsu1-4u.htm.txt) 24821845 (0.031):
Sanko Bunka Kenkyūjo Nenpo (Annual of the Sanko Research Institute for the
DASABALASUTRA 1-4 (dbsu1-4u.htm.txt) 24822559 (0.031):
Sanko Bunka Kenkyūjo Nenpo (Annual of the Sanko Research Institute for the / Studies of Buddhism), 40 (2009), pp. 1-32 [17-29].
A Digital edition of the Abhisamacarika-Dharma (abhisdhu.htm.txt) 14493044 (0.032):
supplied after them. This applies to the omission of the virAma.
Vaikhanasamantraprasna, Prasnas 5 - 8 (vaimp__u.htm.txt) 12150031 (0.032):
until the third to last word of, where 'ham has a svarita mark.
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 17983886 (0.032):
Devadatta gets stronger in his resolution to bring about the schism in the
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557740 (0.034):
{other.information} / The input and processing of the transliterated text has been done
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 18006614 (0.034):
The elephant Dhanapālaka follows submissively the Buddha, dies of grief / and is reborn in the heaven of the four great kings
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187564 (0.035):
accordance with the internal reference system of TUSTEP. This additional
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033430 (0.035):
chapter.) The reference consists of two figures separated by a
Jiva Gosvami: Satsamdarbha, part 2: Bhagavatsamdarbha (ss2_bhgu.htm.txt) 7013819 (0.035):
vyākhyā of these verses, but obviously belongs and is likely in the / original
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24186846 (0.035):
edition. There seems to be a great deal of variation in the order and / numbering / of the verses between the editions and the commentators. The order of the
(2) Sandhi / For the convenience of word search, internal and external
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 18010591 (0.022):
Many misled monks are led back to the Buddha and readmitted into the order / without a word of reproach
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033283 (0.023):
end of the interpolation. This allows for the input of variants / within interpolations which are attested in more than one source.
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24190525 (0.028):
There seems to be a great deal of variation in the order and numbering / of the verses between the editions and the commentators. The order of
Buddhasvamin: Brhatkathaslokasamgraha (brkas_pu.htm.txt) 5743865 (0.029):
The input is based on the TZ Format created by Peter Schreiner / and others, which marks sandhi and composita. Only personal
Sukhavativyuha, Samksiptamatrka (bsu032_u.htm.txt) 17499104 (0.029):
shifted to the end of the word in order not to interfere with word search.
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24186878 (0.030):
found in the Kāvya-saṅgraha forms the backbone of the order of the verses
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24190555 (0.030):
of the order of the verses presented here, even though Arjunavarmadeva
Simhabhupala: Rasarnavasudhakara (simhrs_u.htm.txt) 1730913 (0.030):
[*4] Note that cārutā, as found in Ujjvala nīlamaṇi, is the word used here / in the place of mārdava.
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187630 (0.031):
reproduce the letters of the / printed text as closely as possible, i.e. that one types what one sees.
DASABALASUTRA 1-4 (dbsu1-4u.htm.txt) 24821845 (0.031):
Sanko Bunka Kenkyūjo Nenpo (Annual of the Sanko Research Institute for the
DASABALASUTRA 1-4 (dbsu1-4u.htm.txt) 24822559 (0.031):
Sanko Bunka Kenkyūjo Nenpo (Annual of the Sanko Research Institute for the / Studies of Buddhism), 40 (2009), pp. 1-32 [17-29].
A Digital edition of the Abhisamacarika-Dharma (abhisdhu.htm.txt) 14493044 (0.032):
supplied after them. This applies to the omission of the virAma.
Vaikhanasamantraprasna, Prasnas 5 - 8 (vaimp__u.htm.txt) 12150031 (0.032):
until the third to last word of, where 'ham has a svarita mark.
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 17983886 (0.032):
Devadatta gets stronger in his resolution to bring about the schism in the
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557740 (0.034):
{other.information} / The input and processing of the transliterated text has been done
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 18006614 (0.034):
The elephant Dhanapālaka follows submissively the Buddha, dies of grief / and is reborn in the heaven of the four great kings
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187564 (0.035):
accordance with the internal reference system of TUSTEP. This additional
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033430 (0.035):
chapter.) The reference consists of two figures separated by a
Jiva Gosvami: Satsamdarbha, part 2: Bhagavatsamdarbha (ss2_bhgu.htm.txt) 7013819 (0.035):
vyākhyā of these verses, but obviously belongs and is likely in the / original
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24186846 (0.035):
edition. There seems to be a great deal of variation in the order and / numbering / of the verses between the editions and the commentators. The order of the
vowel Sandhis are decomposed by^. / eg. vizeSa^ukti < vizeSokti
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 640138 (0.017):
Wayne Bass, supervised, checked, and corrected by James L. Fitzgerald. / Fall 2004 and Spring 2005. :h] / [k: K Ñ2.3 V B1.3 D1.3 5 T4 G2.4.5 ins. after 108.5; B2 Dn Ds D2.6 after
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 14 (sb_14_u.htm.txt) 1018763 (0.018):
jgardner@blue.veeg.uiova.edumime-version: 1.0status: rokṣ-status:
Gopadatta: Jatakamala (gopjatmu.htm.txt) 22770575 (0.019):
Cf. Michael Hahn. Der grosse Legendenkranz Mahajjātakamālā. Wiesbaden 195
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5560940 (0.021):
(2) External sandhi is decomposed with ^. / (3) Prose sections are subdivided by a,b,c, etc..
Brhaspatismrti (brhasp_u.htm.txt) 11218174 (0.027):
(1) Members of a compound are separated by periods. / (2) External sandhi is decomposed with `^'.
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5560932 (0.027):
(1) Members of a compound are separated by periods. / (2) External sandhi is decomposed with ^.
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557144 (0.032):
straightforward transliteration is the separation of nominal
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23556451 (0.034):
manually" and I do not guarantee completeness. The additional"
Mrgendragama (=Mrgendratantra) (mrgt3cpu.htm.txt) 977832 (0.035):
%% the two extra transcripts consulted by Mme Brunner end in the
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 571042 (0.038):
[h: HV (CE) Appendix 28A transliterated by Eva De Clercq; version of June / [k: D3.6 T G1.3 5 M4 G(ed.) ins. after 91.55, M1 3 after 91.53 :k]
Buddhasvamin: Brhatkathaslokasamgraha (brkas_pu.htm.txt) 5743818 (0.039):
should know that there are certain deviations from Lac% / text: Cases of printing mistakes in the edition were silently
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23556607 (0.039):
In the TEI-Guidelines ā" (which makes current text"
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187314 (0.040):
user of the electronic version is requested to consult the printed version
Kuḍaka's Samanvayadiś (SD) (samanv_u.htm.txt) 13215617 (0.041):
frequently contain citations and newly composed mnemonic verses which can
Prabodhananda Sarasvati Gosvami: Caitanyacandramrta (caitcanu.htm.txt) 12050401 (0.042):
sometimes organized into twelve themes and numbered accordingly.
Gopadatta: Jatakamala (gopjatmu.htm.txt) 22748704 (0.042):
Research Institute for Buddhist Culture, Ryukoku University] 46 (2007),
Dramatic Fragments (buddhist) (dramfrag_tu.htm.txt) 852157 (0.043):
Lüders did not read A1 and B1; therefore his A1 is here A2 and his B1 is
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 671890 (0.043):
Horst Brinkhaus, version of May 15, 2001 :h] / [k: K Ñ1.2 V1.3 B D T1.2 G1.3 5 M2.4 cont. after Appendix I, No. 42 :k]
Rupa Gosvamin: Haribhaktirasamrtasindhu (ruphbr_u.htm.txt) 13156643 (0.043):
So, give back to the world community of scholars by notifying us of any
Santaraksita: Tattvasamgraha (santts_u.htm.txt) 22313352 (0.043):
Examination of the Relation between Actions and their Results: Action and
(3) Compounds / Members of compound words are sometimes separated by^,
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5560928 (0.020):
(1) Members of a compound are separated by periods.
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033434 (0.021):
chapter.) The reference consists of two figures separated by a
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10188235 (0.031):
aadibhi/s*, -adhibhis* all become / aadibhi.h). Members of compounds are separated. This form is the basis for
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23558006 (0.032):
-adibhi's*, -adhibhis* all become -adibhi.h). Members of / compounds are separated. (PAUSAFORM)
DHARMAKIRTI: NYAYABINDU (dhknyayu.htm.txt) 7082043 (0.032):
such as a numeral+ -dha/-vidha/-prakara remain also undivided. / 3.3. Compound words with the suffixes -ta/-tva or -bhava/-bhuta
DHARMAKIRTI: PRAMANAVARTTIKASVAVRTTI (dhkpvsvu.htm.txt) 26162831 (0.032):
3.3. Compound words with the suffixes ta/ tva or bhava/ bhuta
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23556670 (0.033):
distinguished by a following blank (or numerals or other signs of / punctuation including parentheses, quotation marks etc.) or by
DHARMAKIRTI: NYAYABINDU (dhknyayu.htm.txt) 7082004 (0.034):
3.1. The prefixes a-, dur-, nih- remain undivided, irrespective of / attachment to / words or compound words.
DHARMAKIRTI: PRAMANAVARTTIKASVAVRTTI (dhkpvsvu.htm.txt) 26162792 (0.034):
3.1. The prefixes a , dur , nih remain undivided, irrespective of / attachment to / words or compound words.
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033141 (0.034):
that purpose in the transliteration). Several sigla are separated / by a comma (no blank) -- which does not occur in this file of
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033168 (0.035):
course. There is no blank between the siglum and the variant. / If there are several variants for the same passage of the base
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557159 (0.036):
compounds. Separation of compounds is marked by inserting + / between the members of a compound (e..g.,
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187979 (0.036):
Separation of compounds is marked by inserting + between the members of a / compound (e..g.
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033301 (0.037):
Long interpolations may be entered as a sequence of separate
Santaraksita: Tattvasamgraha (santts_u.htm.txt) 22325464 (0.037):
N.B.: The final quarter has two unclear syllables which precede the final
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557921 (0.037):
The text format (i..e. the conventionally transliterated text / without markers; with compounds and sandhis reconstituted) can be
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557151 (0.039):
compounds. Separation of compounds is marked by inserting +
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187971 (0.039):
Separation of compounds is marked by inserting + between the members of a
Kuḍaka's Samanvayadiś (SD) (samanv_u.htm.txt) 13215616 (0.040):
frequently contain citations and newly composed mnemonic verses which can
Brahmagupta: Brahmasphutasiddhanta (brsphutu.htm.txt) 23797336 (0.040):
Dvivedin's edition without decomposition of compounds and sandhi.
but not consistent. / (4) Others
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika (isvskaru.htm.txt) 25619988 (0.036):
[This verse is not commented on by G]
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika (isvskaru.htm.txt) 25620014 (0.036):
1 śiṣṭa K [This verse is not commented on by G]
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika (isvskaru.htm.txt) 25620042 (0.036):
[This verse is not commented on by G;
Sardhatrisatikalottaragama (stkal_pu.htm.txt) 10471282 (0.036):
Note that this definition of the puryaṣṭaka is not / accepted by Ram without considerable distortion.
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187956 (0.037):
transliteration (but not necessarily in
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033140 (0.039):
that purpose in the transliteration). Several sigla are separated / by a comma (no blank) -- which does not occur in this file of
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23558162 (0.039):
obliged to send me an offprint. (I hope I am not asking too / much!) / {\other.information}
Jayadeva: Gitagovinda (jaygit2u.htm.txt) 12789248 (0.040):
NOTE: {This verse does not seem to be in those editions that follow
Matsyapurana, Adhyayas 1-176 (mtp176pu.htm.txt) 8835583 (0.040):
Therefore, word boundaries are usually not marked by blanks
Nagaropamasutra (nagsu_tu.htm.txt) 15615350 (0.040):
NagSū I.13 14 The reason for skipping numbers 13 and 14 is that in
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033434 (0.041):
chapter.) The reference consists of two figures separated by a
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 608446 (0.041):
[k: Line 287: manmayā corrected. The vulgate reading yan mayā" is not / recorded by the CE; so I deduce it is a misprint. :k]"
Sukhavativyuha, Samksiptamatrka (bsu032_u.htm.txt) 17499103 (0.041):
shifted to the end of the word in order not to interfere with word search.
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187713 (0.041):
of nouns this pausa form is normally not identical with the declensional
Santaraksita: Tattvasamgraha (santts_u.htm.txt) 22364157 (0.041):
N.B. sakṣaṇairhyādibhiḥ not translated meaning not understood.
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557812 (0.041):
Some of the tools for textual analysis which can be produced
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10187852 (0.041):
rather than -y*"
Jiva Gosvamin: Radhakrsnarcanadipika (jivrkadu.htm.txt) 18433263 (0.042):
[*NOTE: This appears to be evidence that 8 is the original source of the / material, not 117. To be followed.]
Kiranatantra, chapters 1-6 (kirtc_pu.htm.txt) 10703699 (0.043):
It is not certain to which passage this refers.}
Varitants for the part beginning with * are supplied in [ ] .
Vaikhanasamantraprasna, Prasnas 5 - 8 (vaimp__u.htm.txt) 12150163 (0.022):
[*223] AŚ here inserts the word iti after maśīya which marks the end of AŚ / [*224] Beginning with the words tad adya in VMP and ending here
Vaikhanasamantraprasna, Prasnas 5 - 8 (vaimp__u.htm.txt) 12150065 (0.024):
[*214] After oṃ, beginning with the word namaḥ, there is a quote from the
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557812 (0.026):
ASCII--format of the input file this machine reference is lost. / Some of the tools for textual analysis which can be produced
Nagaropamasutra (nagsu_tu.htm.txt) 15617770 (0.026):
svāhā //: Mac. 1.5 continues with what was surely part of this formulaic
Gheranda-Samhita (ghers_au.htm.txt) 10188061 (0.027):
Colophones which are part of the printed edition are enclosed by double
Mrgendragama (=Mrgendratantra) (mrgt3cpu.htm.txt) 977880 (0.027):
%% as Brunner observes (1985:412, n.2), is part of the conclusion to the
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23556463 (0.027):
passages in Cowell at the beginning of the poem were not
Vaikhanasamantraprasna, Prasnas 5 - 8 (vaimp__u.htm.txt) 12150580 (0.028):
[*246] Beginning with this verse and ending with verse, āvaha
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv172u.htm.txt) 18006616 (0.028):
The elephant Dhanapālaka follows submissively the Buddha, dies of grief / and is reborn in the heaven of the four great kings
Nagaropamasutra (nagsu_tu.htm.txt) 15616565 (0.028):
which is the only extant MS that preserves, almost entirely, that part of / the appendix not found in the Pelliot/Stein MS. Because our reconstruction
Ekadasamukhahrdayam (ekmuhr_u.htm.txt) 18541017 (0.028):
\Dutt; the MSS's reading should mean that the sādhaka speaks these words / as part of the mantra} /
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_2u.htm.txt) 23557789 (0.028):
a way that it agrees with the textual reference. In the
Jiva Gosvamin: Radhakrsnarcanadipika (jivrkadu.htm.txt) 18432689 (0.029):
[*NOTE: This is the starting point of the Bhagavat-sandarbha. The two
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24186847 (0.029):
edition. There seems to be a great deal of variation in the order and / numbering
Amaru: Amarusataka (amaru_u.htm.txt) 24190526 (0.029):
There seems to be a great deal of variation in the order and numbering / of the verses between the editions and the commentators. The order of
Bhamaha: Kavyalamkara (bhakavpu.htm.txt) 4073916 (0.029):
%% Is it that the foot is first compared" to a measuring rod and then / with a mirror for the faces of the celestial women that makes this"
Vaikhanasamantraprasna, Prasnas 5 - 8 (vaimp__u.htm.txt) 12155370 (0.030):
[*341] Beginning here with verse 6.5.1 and ending with 6.7.7 we find the
Nagaropamasutra (nagsu_pu.htm.txt) 27452556 (0.030):
svāhā //: Mac. 1.5 continues with what was surely part of this formulaic / text: āgamiṣyati māriṣa māraḥ pāpīyāṃ(1.6)s tasya purata ime mantrapadā
Kuḍaka's Samanvayadiś (SD) (samanv_u.htm.txt) 13215657 (0.030):
of these texts and the (apparently popular grammar) verses cited in works
ASVAGHOSA: BUDDHACARITA (asvbc_1u.htm.txt) 1033195 (0.030):
variant if there is more than one) is closed by the closing
1 upanayanādhyāyaḥ / 1.01ab/ jayati jagataḥ prasūtir viśvātmā sahaja^bhūṣaṇaṃ nabhasaḥ/
1.01cd/ druta^kanaka^sadṛśa^daśa^śata^mayūkha^mālā^arcitaḥ savitā//
1.02ab/ prathama^muni^kathitam avitatham avalokya grantha^vistarasya
artham/ / 1.02cd/ na^atilaghu^vipula^racanābhir udyataḥ spaṣṭam abhidhātum//
1.03ab/ muni^viracitam idam iti yac cirantanaṃ sādhu na manuja^grathitam/
1.03cd/ tulye +arthe +akṣara^bhedād amantrake kā viśeṣa^uktiḥ//
Yamuna: Siddhitraya, Part 1: Atmasiddhi (yaatsi_u.htm.txt) 24782969 (0.041):
gamakatvaṃ sāmānyaviśeṣadharmabhedāddhaṭetetyatrāha / rūpabhedene ti / yathā śabdaśabdasya śabdaśabdavācyatve 'pi vācyatā
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28207390 (0.044):
vyāpyāvyāpyavṛttiprakārabhede 'pi lakṣaṇekyasya suvacatayā tadbhedena / lakṣaṇabhedavarṇanamayuktatamam/ vaiśiṣṭyaṃ ca
1.04ab/ kṣititanaya^divasa^vāro na śubhakṛd iti yadi pitāmaha^prokte/
1.04cd/ kuja^dinam aniṣṭam iti vā ko +atra viśeṣo / nṛ^divya^*kṛteḥ[K.kṛte]//
1.05ab/ ābrahma^ādi^viniḥsṛtam ālokya grantha^vistaraṃ kramaśaḥ/
1.05cd/ kriyamāṇakam eva +etat samāsato +ato mama^utsāhaḥ// / 1.06ab/ āsīt tamaḥ kila^idaṃ tatra^apāṃ taijase +abhavad dhaime/
Garuda-Purana (garup2_u.htm.txt) 14331432 (0.062):
khagha pradarśyametattu mayoktaṃ te samāsataḥ /
1.06cd/ svar^bhū^śakale brahmā viśvakṛd aṇḍe +arka^śaśi^nayanaḥ//
1.07ab/ kapilaḥ pradhānam āha dravya^ādīn kaṇakabhug asya viśvasya/
1.07cd/ kālaṃ kāraṇam eke svabhāvam apare jaguḥ karma//
1.08ab/ tad alam ativistareṇa prasaṅga^vāda^artha^nirṇayo +atimahān/
1.08cd/ jyotiḥśāstra^aṅgānāṃ vaktavyo nirṇayo +atra mayā//
1.09a jyotiḥśāstram aneka^bheda^viṣayaṃ skandha^traya^adhiṣṭhitaṃ
1.09b tat^kārtsnya^upanayasya nāma munibhiḥ saṃkīrtyate saṃhitā/
1.09c skandhe +asmin gaṇitena yā grahagatis tantra^abhidhānas tv asau
1.09d horā^anyo +aṅga^viniścayaś ca kathitaḥ skandhas tṛtīyo +aparaḥ//
1.10ab/ vakra^anuvakra^astamaya^udaya^ādyās tārā^grahāṇāṃ karaṇe
mayā^uktāḥ/ / 1.10cd/ horāgataṃ vistaraśaś ca janma^yātrā^vivāhaiḥ saha pūrvam uktam//
1.11ab/ praśna^pratipraśna^kathā^prasaṅgān sv^alpa^upayogān
graha^sambhavāmś ca/ / 1.11cd/ santyajya phalgūni ca sāra^bhūtaṃ bhūta^artham arthaiḥ sakalaiḥ
pravakṣye// / 2 sāṃvatsarasūtrādhyāyaḥ / atha^ataḥ sāṃvatsara^sūtraṃ vyākhyāsyāmaḥ
2.(1) tatra sāṃvatsaro +abhijātaḥ priya^darśano vinītaveṣaḥ satyavāg
Gopalabhatta: Haribhaktivilasa, 1-11 (hbhvil_u.htm.txt) 21053191 (0.058):
śiṣyaḥ śuddhānvayaḥ śrīmān vinītaḥ priya darśanaḥ | / satya vāk puṇya carito 'dabhra dhīr dambha varjitaḥ // Hbhv_1.59 //
Radhakrsnadasa Gosvami: Sadhanadipika (sadhdipu.htm.txt) 7629533 (0.058):
śiṣyaḥ śuddhānvayaḥ śrīmān vinītaḥ priya darśanaḥ | / satya vāk puṇya carito'dabhra dhīr dambha varjitaḥ ||
anasūyakaḥ samaḥ susaṃhitā^upacita^gātra^sandhir avikalaś
vapuṣmān gambhīra^udātta^ghoṣaḥ/ prāyaḥ / śarīra^ākāra^*anuvarttino[K.anuvartino] hi guṇā doṣāś ca bhavanti/
Vagbhata: Rasaratnasamuccaya, Adhyayas 1-18.29ab. (vrasrscu.htm.txt) 3927036 (0.049):
* ye guṇāstutthake proktāste guṇāḥ rasake smṛtāḥ // VRrsBo_2.142;2
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10236628 (0.064):
69.23c prāyo virūpāsu bhavanti doṣā / 69.23d yatra^ākṛtis tatra guṇā vasanti//
2.(2) tatra guṇāḥ śucir dakṣaḥ pragalbho *vāggmī[K.vāgmī] pratibhānavān
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5562706 (0.052):
KAZ01.9.01/ jānapado abhijātaḥ svavagrahaḥ kṛta.śilpaś cakṣuṣmān prājño / dhārayiṣṇur dakṣo vāgmī pragalbhaḥ pratipattimān utsāha.prabhāva.yuktaḥ
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12865725 (0.061):
MSS_3634 1 asaṃbhedyaḥ śucirdakṣaḥ kṛtānnasya parīkṣakaḥ /
deśa^kāla^vit sāttviko na parṣad^bhīruḥ sahādhyāyibhir anabhibhavanīyaḥ
Manusmrti (manu1__u.htm.txt) 21499964 (0.061):
Manu7.64a/ anuraktaḥ śucir dakṣaḥ smṛtimān deśa.kālavit | / Manu7.64c/ vapuṣmān vītabhīr vāgmī dūto rājñaḥ praśasyate ||
kuśalo +avyasanī śāntika^pauṣṭika^abhicāra^snāna^vidyā^abhijño
vibudha^arcana^vrata^upavāsa^nirataḥ svatantra^āścarya^utpādita^prabhāvaḥ
pṛṣṭābhidhāyy anyatra daivāt yayād / grahagaṇita^saṃhitā^horā^grantha^artha^vettā^iti/
2.(3) tatra grahagaṇite pauliśa^romaka^vāsiṣṭha^saura^paitāmaheṣu pañcasv
eteṣu siddhānteṣu / yuga^varṣa^ayana^ṛtu^māsa^pakṣa^ahorātra^yāma^muhūrta^*nāḍī[U.nāḍī^vināḍī]prāṇa^truṭi^truṭy^ādy^avayava^*ādikasya[K.ādyasya]
kālasya kṣetrasya ca vettā/ / 2.(4) caturṇāṃ ca mānānāṃ saura^sāvana^nākṣatra^cāndrāṇām
adhimāsaka^avama^sambhavasya ca kāraṇa^abhijñaḥ/ / 2.(5) ṣaṣṭy^abda^yuga^varṣa^māsa^dina^horā^adhipatīnāṃ
*pratipatti[K.pratipattivi]^cchedavit/ / 2.(6) saura^ādīnāṃ ca mānānām
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt1u.htm.txt) 21215305 (0.052):
Udayana: Nyayakusumanjali, Stavaka 3 (udnyku3u.htm.txt) 16143034 (0.060):
tadupalambhaprasaṅgācca / / [ku.3.398] tathāpi yogyatāpādanopakṣīṇañcakṣuḥ / / taditara(206)sāmagrīsākalye hyanupalabhyamānasyābhāvo niścīyate /
2.(7) siddhānta^bhede +apy ayana^nivṛttau pratyakṣaṃ / sama^maṇḍala^lekhā^samprayoga^abhyudita^aṃśakānāṃ []
chāyā^jala^yantra^dṛg^gaṇita^sāmyena pratipādana^kuśalaḥ/
2.(8) sūrya^ādīnāṃ ca grahāṇām / śīghra^manda^yāmya^uttara^nīca^uccagati^kāraṇa^abhijñaḥ/
2.(9) sūrya^candramasoś ca grahaṇe / grahaṇa^ādi^mokṣa^kāla^dik^pramāṇa^sthiti^vimarda^varṇa^*ādeśānām[K.deśānām]
anāgata^graha^samāgama^yuddhānām ādeṣṭā/ / pratyeka^graha^bhramaṇa^yojana^kakṣyā^pramāṇa^prativiṣaya^yojana^pariccheda^kuśalaḥ[K.kuśalo]/
kṣetra^kāla^karaṇeṣv abhijñaḥ/ / 2.(12) nānā^codya^praśna^bheda^upalabdhi^janita^vāk^sāro
nikaṣa^santāpa^abhiniveśaiḥ [K.viśuddhasya] kanakasya^iva^adhikataram
amalīkṛtasya [K.śāstrasya]vaktā tantrajño bhavati[K.uktañ ca]/
2.01ab/ na pratibaddhaṃ gamayati vakti na ca praśnam ekam api pṛṣṭaḥ/
2.01cd/ nigadati na ca śiṣyebhyaḥ sa kathaṃ śāstra^arthavij jñeyaḥ//
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19878531 (0.046):
03,178.028d@020_0018 ataḥ pṛcchāmi sauhārdāt tvām ahaṃ nābhyasūyayā / 03,178.028d@020_0019 sarvaśāstrārthatattvajñaṃ trailokyeśvarapūjitam
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16243173 (0.047):
tattvārtham anubhāṣitaiḥ *HV_113.44cd*1514:2b / tattvārthavit tadā viṣṇoḥ HV_App.I,21.60a
Gopalabhatta: Haribhaktivilasa, 1-11 (hbhvil_u.htm.txt) 21085611 (0.050):
graiveyakāṇi dattvā ca sarva śāstrārthavid bhavet |
Narayana: Hitopadesa (hitop_u.htm.txt) 13478984 (0.056):
mayoktam-sarva-śāstrārtha-pāragaḥ śarvajño nāma cakravākaḥ |
Bhaskara: Bhagavadasayanusaranabhasya on the Bhagavadgita, Adhyayas 1-9 (bhbhg_cu.htm.txt) 1406236 (0.057):
so 'yam anena mithyābhimānena badhyate2 // 27 // / yaḥ punas tattvavin nāsau badhyata ity āha
Suvarnavarnavadana (sutra) (suvrnavu.htm.txt) 28748452 (0.058):
sarvāmayavi nirmuktaḥ sarvaśāstrārthapāragaḥ |3| / sarvavācāthasaṃyuktaḥ sarvānarthavivarjitaḥ |
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appiu.htm.txt) 25039516 (0.058):
tattvārthapariniṣṭitā HV_App.I,42A.536b / tattvārthavit tadā viṣṇoḥ HV_App.I,21.60a
Bhagavadgita (bhgsbh_u.htm.txt) 22932962 (0.059):
śruta hānim aśruta kalpanāṃ ca kurvan | tasmāt asaṃpradāya vit / sarva śāstra vid api mūrkhavad eva upekṣaṇīyaḥ ||
Chandogya-Upanisad (Chandogyopanisad) (chupsb_u.htm.txt) 3356496 (0.062):
mantravidevāsmi mantravitkarmavidityarthaḥ / / 'mantreṣu karmāṇī'ti hi vakṣyati nā'tmavinnā'tmānaṃ vedbhi /
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 579091 (0.063):
tam uvācātha dharmātmā $ gatānāgatatattvavit / HV_App.I,29.864 /
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_apppu.htm.txt) 22064643 (0.063):
tam uvācātha dharmātmā gatānāgatatattvavit / HV_App.I,29.864 /
Amarasimha: Namalinganusasana [Amarakosa], Kanda 3 (amark3_u.htm.txt) 943314 (0.064):
(3.1.14) jaivātṛkaḥ syādāyuṣmānantarvāṇis tu śāstravit / (3.1.15) parīkṣakaḥ kāraṇiko varadas tu samarddhakaḥ
2.02ab/ grantho +anyathā^anyathā^*arthaṃ[K.arthaḥ] karaṇaṃ yaś ca^anyathā / karoty abudhaḥ/
Bhrgu-Samhita (bhrgus_u.htm.txt) 12772426 (0.063):
yena yena śarīraṇa yadyatkarmakaroti yaḥ / / tena tena śarīraṇa tattatphalamupāśnute // BhS_36.452 //
2.02cd/ sa pitāmaham upagamya stauti naro vaiśikena^āryām//
2.03ab/ tantre suparijñāte lagne chāyā^ambuyantra^saṃvidite/
2.03cd/ horā^arthe ca surūḍhe na^ādeṣṭur bhāratī vandhyā//
2.04a apy arṇavasya puruṣaḥ prataran kadā cid / 2.04b āsādayed anila^vega^vaśena pāram/
2.04c na tv asya kālapuruṣa^ākhya^mahā^arṇavasya
Bhaskara: Bhagavadasayanusaranabhasya on the Bhagavadgita, Adhyayas 1-9 (bhbhg_cu.htm.txt) 1406565 (0.026):
9. ya vidvāṃsaṃssvārtha lokasaṅgrahārthaṃ ca karmaṇatyajanti / 10. śraddhāvantīnasūya^ / 11. the / 12. sākhyādidarśanavibhrāta^
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7496099 (0.036):
kr̥ṣṇosyākhyareṣṭaḥ / / daivīṃdhiyam / / rakṣohaṇa /
Yasomitra: Sphutartha Abhidharmakosavyakhya (yabhkvyu.htm.txt) 11991146 (0.036):
amanaāpā aduḥkhasukhā naiva manaāpā nāmanaāpety arthaḥ. tadvaśeneti.
Anandavardhana: Dhvanyaloka, Uddyota 1, (andhvc1u.htm.txt) 8737006 (0.044):
sārūpyavaśeneti / / prāṇasamarṣaṇādyupakartari apakartṛtvarūpasāddaśyabalenetyarthaḥ /
Moksopaya, 4. Sthitiprakarana (motik_4u.htm.txt) 1567609 (0.049):
samyagjñānākhyaprayatnena | mārjaya utpuṃsaya | tataḥ kim mama setsyatīty
Kubjikamatatantra (kubjt_au.htm.txt) 19250592 (0.051):
vikarālā karālinyā $ tālajaṅghā sujaṅghikā & / lohajaṅghātijaṅghā ca % mahāvegātivegagā // KubjT_21.56 //
Kubjikamatatantra (kubjt_pu.htm.txt) 17487447 (0.051):
vikarālā karālinyā tālajaṅghā sujaṅghikā / / lohajaṅghātijaṅghā ca mahāvegātivegagā // KubjT_21.56 //
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6940949 (0.053):
18216 vaśenopapadyate/ na ca tā āsvādāyati na ca tābhiḥ saṃhriyate/ iyaṃ
2.04d gacchet kadā cid anṛṣir manasā^api pāram//
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5405654 (0.023):
sañjñāyām kan yathā syāt . navagrāmakam . navarāṣṭrakam . navanagarakam . / kadā cit dvandvaḥ . kadā cit dvandvaḥ kavidheḥ bhavati pūrvavipratiṣedhena
BAUDHAYANA-DHARMASUTRA (baudhd_u.htm.txt) 4300759 (0.023):
traividya.vṛddhebhyaḥ(saṃprayacchet // / Baudh1.5.11.15/ na tv eva kadā cit svayaṃ rājā brāhmaṇa.svam (ādadīta //
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15777302 (0.025):
<12330.25/001> [X K7 D4.9 ins.:: nā8dimantaṃ na cā7ntaṃ ca !kadā-cid
Manusmrti (manu2piu.htm.txt) 2531761 (0.036):
nāsphoṭayen na ca kṣveḍen Mn_4.64c / nāsya kaś cid vased gehe Mn_4.29c
RGVEDA 10 (rv_10_u.htm.txt) 13039457 (0.037):
'nāśościdavitārāpamasya cit / RV_10.039.03.2{15} andhasya cin nāsatyā kṛśasya cid yuvāmidāhurbhiṣajā
Rgveda (rvh1-10u.htm.txt) 14106588 (0.037):
RV_10,039.03a amājuraś cid bhavatho yuvam bhago 'nāśoś cid avitārāpamasya / cit | / RV_10,039.03c andhasya cin nāsatyā kṛśasya cid yuvām id āhur bhiṣajā
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9515578 (0.038):
3,3: ``na.hi.grabhāya.aranaḥ.suśevo.anya.udaryo.manasā.mantavā.u/ / 3,3: adhā.cid.okaḥā.no.vājī.abhīsāl.etu.navyah/''.[249]
Bana: Harsacarita, Ucchvasa V (bahcar5_au.htm.txt) 9352943 (0.039):
sitâṃśuka-pāśenêva kaṇṭham utpīḍayantīṃ sarasa-kuṅkumâṅga-rāgatayā / kavalitām iva didhakṣatā citârciṣmatā citânalârcana-kusumair iva
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15774966 (0.042):
<12328.44/1> sva-patnyām āhito garbha !utathyena mahā4tmanā ! / <12328.44/2> utathye 'ntarhite cai7va !kadā-cid deva-māyayā !
Brhadaranyaka-Upanisad (Brhadaranyakopanisad), Kanva recension (brupsb2u.htm.txt) 2950563 (0.043):
kenatcitkañcitkāścitkathaṃ cinna jivredevetyarthaḥ /
RGVEDA 2 (rv_02_u.htm.txt) 18083305 (0.044):
RV_02.015.09.1{16} svapnenābhyupyā cumuriṃ dhuniṃ ca jaghantha dasyaṃ pra / dabhītimāvaḥ / RV_02.015.09.2{16} rambhī cidatra vivide hiraṇyaṃ so...
Vatsyayana, Kamasutram (kamasutu.htm.txt) 9662275 (0.047):
jīyeta/ niṣkāsyamānā tu na kiṃ cid dadyāt//(p.248)
Vatsyayana, Kamasutram (kamasutu.htm.txt) 9669067 (0.047):
bahubhir āmalaka^asthibhiḥ saṃyukta^ity apaviddha^yogāḥ/ / 7.2.14/.na tv *apaviddhasya[ch:aviddhasya] kasya cid vyavahṛtir asti^iti
% Mahabharata: Santiparvan (mbh_12_u.htm.txt) 10383158 (0.049):
12,253.029c bubudhe tāṃś ca sa munir jātapakṣāñ śakuntakān / 12,253.030a tataḥ kadā cit tāṃs tatra paśyan pakṣīn yatavrataḥ
2.(13) horāśāstre +api [] / rāśi^horā^dreṣkāṇa^navāṃśaka^dvādaśabhāga^triṃśadbhāga^bala^abala^parigraho
Varahamihira: Vivahapatalam (vivahapu.htm.txt) 5494622 (0.046):
VP_80cd/.triṃśāṃśakadvādaśabhāgabhedair dreṣkāṇahorāpramukhair vicintyaḥ/
Varahamihira: Brhajjataka (brhajj_u.htm.txt) 9907008 (0.052):
grahāṇāṃ dik^sthāna^kāla^ceṣṭābhir aneka^prakāra^bala^nirdhāraṇaṃ
Varahamihira: Brhajjataka (brhajj_u.htm.txt) 9906701 (0.025):
06.ariṣṭa 12 / 07.āyur.dāya 14 / 08.daśā.antardaśā 23 / 09.aṣṭaka.varga 8
nābhasa^ādīnām / ca yogānām phalāny āśraya^bhāva^avalokana^niryāṇa^gaty^anūkāni
*tatkāla[K.tātkālika]praśna^śubha^aśubha^nimittāni vivāha^ādīnām ca
karmanāṃ karaṇam/ / 2.(14) yātrāyāṃ tu [] / tithi^divasa^karaṇa^nakṣatra^muhūrta^vilagna^yoga^deha^spandana^svapna^vijaya^snāna^grahayajña^gaṇa^yāga^agniliṅga^hasty^aśva^iṅgita^senā^pravāda^ceṣṭā^ādi^graha^ṣāḍguṇya^upāya^maṅgala^amaṅgala^śakuna^sainya^niveśa^bhūmayo
Civaravastu of the Vinayavastvagama of the Mulasarvastivadin (= Vastu 7 of (vinv07_u.htm.txt) 22219595 (0.060):
divasatithimuhūrtanakṣatrapratigrahaṃ kṛtvā caṇpām āgatya mahatā
Aryasura: Jatakamala 1-15 (ajm_u.htm.txt) 24485224 (0.060):
sattrāgāraniveśayogyo bhūmipradeśas tadanuguṇaś ca / tithikaraṇamuhūrtanakṣatrayoga iti // athainaṃ purohita uvāca /
Aryasura: Jatakamala (bsa032_u.htm.txt) 9294897 (0.060):
satrāgāraniveśanayogyo bhūmipradeśastadanuguṇaśca / tithikaraṇamuhūrtanakṣatrayoga iti /
+agnivarṇā mantri^cara^dūta^āṭavikānāṃ yathākālaṃ prayogāḥ
paradurga^upalambha^upāyaś ca^ity uktaṃ ca^ācāryaiḥ/
2.05ab/ jagati prasāritam iva^ālikhitam iva matau niṣiktam iva hṛdaye/
2.05cd/ śāstraṃ yasya sabhagaṇaṃ na^ādeśā *niṣphalās[K.niḥphalās] tasya//
2.(15) saṃhitā^pāragaś ca daiva^cintako bhavati/ / 2.(16) yatra +ete saṃhitā^padārthāḥ/
2.(17.1) dina^kara^ādīnām grahāṇāṃ cārās teṣu ca teṣāṃ / prakṛti^vikṛti^pramāṇa^varṇa^kiraṇa^dyuti^saṃsthāna^astamana^udaya^mārga^mārgāntara^vakra^anuvakra^ṛkṣa^graha^samāgama^cāra^ādibhiḥ
phalāni nakṣatra^kūrma^vibhāgena deśeṣv *agastya^cāraḥ[K.agasticāraḥ]/
saptarṣi^cāraḥ /graha^bhaktayo / nakṣatra^vyūha^graha^śṛṅgāṭaka^graha^yuddha^graha^samāgama^graha^varṣa^phala^garbha^lakṣaṇa^rohiṇī^svāty^āṣāḍhīyogāḥ
dīpalakṣaṇaṃ dantakāṣṭha^ādy^āśritāni śubha^aśubhāni nimittāni sāmānyāni
ca jagataḥ pratipuruṣaṃ pārthive ca pratikṣaṇam ananyakarma^abhiyuktena
daivajñena cintayitavyāni/ na ca^ekākinā śakyante +aharniśam avadhārayituṃ
nimittāni/ tasmāt / subhṛtena^eva daivajñena anye *+api[K.omitted] tadvidaś catvāraḥ
*kartavyāḥ[K.bhartavyāḥ]/tatra^ekena^aindrī ca^āgneyī ca dig
avalokayitavyā/ yāmyā nairṛtī ca^anyena^evaṃ vāruṇī vāyavyā ca^uttarā
Linga-Purana 2,1 - 55 (complete) (lip_2__u.htm.txt) 13410541 (0.031):
eendrī hautāśanī yāmyā nairṛtī vāruṇī tathā / / vāyavyā caiva kauberī aiśānī cāṣṭaśaktayaḥ // LiP_2,27.70 //
Rajasekhara: Kavyamimamsa, Adhikarana 1 (the only part known so far) (rajkmimu.htm.txt) 21979170 (0.061):
ca^aiśāni ca^iti/ yasmād *ulkā^pāta^ādīni[K.nimittāni] śīghram
*apagacchati[K.upagacchati]^iti/ *tasyāś[K.teṣāṃ] / ca^ākāra^varṇa^sneha^pramāna^ādi^graha^ṛkṣa^upaghāta^ādibhiḥ phalāni
bhavanti/ / 2.06ab/ kṛtsna^aṅga^upāṅga^kuśalaṃ horā^gaṇita^naiṣṭhikam/
2.06cd/ yo na pūjayate rājā sa nāśam upāgacchati//
2.07ab/ vanaṃ samāśritā ye +api nirmamā niṣparigrahāḥ/ / 2.07cd/ api te paripṛcchanti jyotiṣāṃ gatikovidam//
% Mahabharata: Santiparvan (mbh_12_u.htm.txt) 10388062 (0.064):
12,262.020a gṛhebhya eva niṣkramya vanam anye samāśritāḥ / 12,262.020c gṛham evābhisaṃśritya tato 'nye brahmacāriṇaḥ
2.08ab/ apradīpā yathā rātrir anādityaṃ yathā nabhaḥ/ / 2.08cd/ tathā^asāṃvatsaro rājā bhramyaty andha iva^adhvani//
Atharvavedaparisistas (avpari_u.htm.txt) 13592252 (0.011):
| vrālma | kāmpīvakaṃsam | jasyatyam | jalālī |] andhaḥ | vipaśyan | ayā
2.09ab/ *muhūrta[K.muhūrtaṃ]^tithi^nakṣatram ṛtavaś ca^ayane tathā/
2.09cd/ sarvāṇy eva^akulāni syur na syāt sāṃvatsaro yadi//
Maitrayani-Samhita (maitrs_pu.htm.txt) 3554615 (0.031):
vicīyamānasya syur yad upadraṣṭāro vicīyamānasya syuḥ kṣudhaṃ prajā nīyur
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15882076 (0.032):
iti svaritātparāṇi yāni syurddhārāpakṣarāṇi tu / / sarvāṇi pracayasthānyupodāttaṃ nihanyate // NarP_1,50.204 //
Ratnakarasanti: Saratama (bsa051_u.htm.txt) 7865317 (0.040):
tato yadyanena prāptā na syurnāyaṃ sarvavibhdavet / tasmānna tatkiñcidasti
Gopathabrahmana (gopbra_u.htm.txt) 5065526 (0.040):
prakṣālitāni yajñapātrāṇy upasannāni syur atha ced dakṣiṇāgir udvāyāt kiṃ
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19894881 (0.044):
03,200.019a na mriyeyur na jīryeyuḥ sarve syuḥ sārvakāmikāḥ
% Mahabharata: Santiparvan (mbh_12_u.htm.txt) 10430841 (0.045):
12,318.037a na mriyeran na jīryeran sarve syuḥ sarvakāmikāḥ
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10240782 (0.048):
84.05b aiśvarya^vṛddhiḥ khadire sabilve/ / 84.05c dravyāṇi ca^iṣṭāny atimuktake syuḥ
Kamalasila: Madhyamakaloka (ksmadhlu.htm.txt) 990783 (0.051):
vyāptaḥ, alīkasyāpyavabhāsamānatvāt / yadyevaṃ no cettadā sarve / puruṣāstadarśinaḥ syuḥ, kevalasya tattvasyaivāvabhāsamānatvāt /
Bharata: Natyasastra (bharnatu.htm.txt) 27955545 (0.053):
tribhiḥ kalāpakaṃ caiva caturbhiḥ ṣaṇḍakaṃ bhavet / / pañcaiva karaṇāni syuḥ saṅghātaka iti smṛtaḥ // BhN_4.32 //
Harivarman: Satyasiddhisastra (hvsatssu.htm.txt) 1972736 (0.056):
saṃkhyeyāni pañcendriyāṇi | kintu cakṣurādīni dvaikāyajihvābhyaḥ sahāṣṭau / syuḥ | ato 'pratiniyatam | adhiṣṭhānamātraṃ pratiniyatam | nendriyam |
Yajnavalkya-Smrti (yajn1_u.htm.txt) 16021261 (0.057):
Yāj2.55a/ bahavah (syur yadi sva.amśair (dadyuh pratibhuvo dhanam /
Amarasimha: Namalinganusasana [Amarakosa], Kanda 2 (amark2_u.htm.txt) 17417015 (0.064):
(2.7.958) cāraśca gūḍhapuruṣaścāptapratyayitau samau / (2.7.959) sāṃvatsaro jyautiṣiko daivajñagaṇakāvapi / (2.7.960) syurmauhūrtikamauhūrtajñānikārtāntikā api
2.10ab/ tasmād rājñā^adhigantavyo vidvān sāṃvatsaro +agraṇīḥ/ / 2.10cd/ jayaṃ yaśaḥ śriyaṃ bhogān śreyaś ca samabhīpsatā//
2.11ab/ na^asāṃvatsarike deśe vastavyaṃ bhūtim icchatā/
2.11cd/ cakṣur^bhūto hi yatra^eṣa pāpaṃ tatra na vidyate//
2.12ab/ na sāṃvatsara^pāṭhī ca narakeṣu^upapadyate/ / 2.12cd/ brahmaloka^pratiṣṭhāṃ ca labhate daivacintakaḥ//
2.13ab/ granthataś ca^arthataś ca^etat kṛtsnaṃ jānati yo dvijaḥ/
2.13cd/ agrabhuk sa bhavet^śrāddhe pūjitaḥ paṅkti^pāvanaḥ/
% Mahabharata: Udyogaparvan (mbh_05_u.htm.txt) 15459121 (0.064):
05,080.017c gurur hi sarvavarṇānāṃ brāhmaṇaḥ prasṛtāgrabhuk / 05,080.018a yathāvadhye bhaved doṣo vadhyamāne janārdana
2.14ab/ mlecchā hi yavanās teṣu samyak śāstram idaṃ sthitam/ / 2.14cd/ ṛṣivat te +api pūjyante kiṃ punar daivavid dvijaḥ//
2.15ab/ kuhaka^āveśa^pihitaiḥ karṇa^upaśruti^hetubhiḥ/
2.15cd/ kṛta^ādeśo na sarvatra praṣṭavyo na sa daivavit//
2.16ab/ aviditvā^eva *yat[K.yaḥ]^śāstraṃ daivajñatvaṃ prapadyate/
2.16cd/ sa paṅkti^dūṣakaḥ pāpo jñeyo nakṣatra^sūcakaḥ//
[K.2.18ab/ nakṣatra^sūcaka^uddiṣṭam upahāsaṃ karoti yaḥ/
K.2.18c/ sa vrajaty andhatā^misraṃ sārdham ṛkṣaviḍambinā//]
2.17ab/ nagara^dvāra^loṣṭasya yadvat syād upayācitam/
2.17cd/ ādeśas tadvad ajñānāṃ yaḥ satyaḥ sa vibhāvyate//
2.18ab/ sampattyā yojita^ādeśas tad^vicchinna^kathā^priyaḥ/
2.18cd/ mattaḥ śāstra^ekadeśena tyājyas tādṛg^mahīkṣitā//
2.19ab/ yas tu samyag vijānāti horā^gaṇita^saṃhitāḥ/
2.19cd/ abhyarcyaḥ sa narendreṇa svīkartavyo jaya^eṣiṇā//
2.20ab/ na tat sahasraṃ kariṇāṃ vājināṃ ca caturguṇam/ / 2.20cd/ karoti deśa^kālajño *yathā^eko[K.yad eko]^daivacintakaḥ//
Arcata: Hetubindutika (commentary on Dharmakirti's Hetubindu) (arhebt_u.htm.txt) 17318876 (0.048):
agnyādinā 'nvayavyatirekau na niścitāv iti kutaḥ kāryahetor ggamakatvam? | / na hi yo 'smāv eko deśakālāvasthāniyato 'gniviśeṣahetuko dhūmo 'dhigataḥ
Fragments of Prajnaparamita texts (from 16 sources) (ppfrag_u.htm.txt) 18564777 (0.049):
2 gaṇana yāti arhanta ṛdhhimantāḥ ekamekaś cābhinirmiṇuyāt teṣām / abhinirmitānām ekamekaś cābhinirmitāḥ evantābhinirmiṇuyāt tat kim
Arcata: Hetubindutika (arhebt2u.htm.txt) 12105592 (0.049):
kāryahetorgamakatvam? | na hi yo 'sāveko deśakālāvasthāniyato
RGVEDA 8 (rv_08_u.htm.txt) 7305972 (0.055):
RV_08.037.04.1{19} sasthāvānā yavayasi tvameka icchacīpata indra
Rgveda (rvh1-10u.htm.txt) 14071702 (0.055):
RV_8,037.04a sasthāvānā yavayasi tvam eka ic chacīpata indra viśvābhir
Rgveda-Samhita: Padapatha text (rvpp_08u.htm.txt) 11202600 (0.055):
somasya | vajri--vaḥ // RV_8,37.3 // / sa-sthāvānā | yavayasi | tvam | ekaḥ | it | śacī-pate | indra | viśvābhiḥ
Visnu-Purana (visnup_u.htm.txt) 10184359 (0.055):
na keśarurna caivāhaṃ na caikaḥsāṃprataṃ bhuvi /
Maitrayani-Samhita (maitrs_au.htm.txt) 9948939 (0.055):
'śvās tāvantaḥ puroḍāśā bhavanti sarvata evainaṃ muñcati, eko 'dhi bhavati / yan nopasmarati tasmā eva sa yaḥ punaḥ pratigrahiṣyant syān na sa yajeta
Maitrayani-Samhita (maitrs_pu.htm.txt) 3522550 (0.055):
'śvās tāvantaḥ puroḍāśā bhavanti sarvata evainaṃ muñcaty eko 'dhi bhavati / yan nopasmarati tasmā eva sa yaḥ punaḥ pratigrahiṣyant syān na sa yajeta
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21526313 (0.057):
bhājayāmeti/ / 018.006. ekaḥ kathayati jyeṣṭhataraṃ śabdayāmaḥ/ / 018.006. ekaḥ kathayati vicārayāmastāvat kathaṃ bhājayāmeti/
Aryabhata: Aryabhatiya with the Commentary of Bhaskara I and (aryabhcu.htm.txt) 4213186 (0.063):
yena ca adhimāsāvamaiḥ ahargaṇaḥ labhyate sa upāyaḥ pradarśayitavyaḥ | na / etat asti, ekopāyatvāt | sa ca ayam ca ekaḥ upāyaḥ | katham ekopāyatā? ye
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4924128 (0.064):
yathā asmin deśe sāsnādimati gośabdaḥ, evaṃ sarveṣu durgameṣv api. bahavaḥ / saṃbandhāraḥ kathaṃ saṃgamsyante. eko 'pi{*1/216*} na śaknuyāt{*1/217*}.
Sabara: Mimamsasutrabhasya ad Jaimini's Mimamsasutra 1,1.1-5 (sabbha1u.htm.txt) 17444821 (0.064):
bahavaḥ saṃbandhāraḥ kathaṃ saṃgamsyante / eko 'pi na śaknuyāt / ato nāsti
2.21ab/ duḥsvapna^durvicintita^duṣprekṣita^duṣkṛtāni karmāṇi/
Ekadasamukham (bsu015_u.htm.txt) 21404825 (0.057):
sarvavyādhipraśamanāya sarvapāpālakṣmiduḥsvapnapratinivāraṇāya / sarvākālamṛtyupratinivāraṇāya aprasādānāṃ prasādanāya
2.21cd/ kṣipraṃ prayānti nāśam śaśinaḥ śrutvā bhasaṃvādam//
2.22ab/ na tathā^icchati bhūpateḥ pitā jananī vā svajano +atha vā suhṛt/
2.22cd/ svayaśo^abhivivṛddhaye yathā hitam āptaḥ sabalasya daivavit//
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12960564 (0.052):
MSS_8427 2 surabhayanti na ke'pi ca bhūruhān iti yaśo'sti paraṃ tava
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 5 (sb_05_u.htm.txt) 12070858 (0.055):
tadyatsvasya goṣūdyacati | yadvai puruṣātparāgbhavati yaśo vā kiṃcidvā / svaṃ / haivāsya tatpratamāmivābhyapakrāmati tatsvādevaitadindriyaṃ vīryam
Ratnamālāvadāna (ratnml_u.htm.txt) 12623342 (0.063):
tatheti prativijñapya sajanaḥ prābhya naṃdataḥ // Rm_19.206{5} // / tataḥ sa nṛpatir bhūyo raivataṃ taṃ mahāmatiṃ /
3 ādityacārādhyāyaḥ / 3.01ab/ āśleṣā^ardhād dakṣiṇam uttaram ayanaṃ *raver[K.omitted]
dhaniṣṭhā^adyam/ / 3.01cd/ nūnaṃ kadā cid āsīd yena^uktam pūrva^śāstreṣu//
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7558793 (0.062):
atha+iha kasmān na bhavati acakāsīt iti ? yena nāvyavadhānam tena
3.02ab/ sāmpratam ayanaṃ savituḥ karkaṭaka^ādyam mṛga^āditaś ca^anyat/
3.02cd/ ukta^abhāvo vikṛtiḥ pratyakṣa^parīkṣaṇair vyaktiḥ//
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20920288 (0.059):
pramātvenābhimatasamānādhikaraṇasādhyābhāvabuddhyabhāva ityarthaḥ/ / buddhyabhāva ityukte 'saṃbhavaḥ/ abhāvabuddhyabhāva ityaktepi sa eva
3.03ab/ dūrastha^cihna^vedhād udaye +astamaye +api vā sahasrāṃśoḥ/
3.03cd/ chāyā^praveśa^nirgama^cihnair vā maṇḍale mahati//
3.04ab/ aprāpya makaram arko vinivṛtto hanti sa^aparām yāmyām/
3.04cd/ karkaṭakam asamprāpto vinivṛttaś ca^uttarāṃ sa +aindrīm//
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nysvbh_u.htm.txt) 22575343 (0.063):
loṣṭasya khalu pravibhajyamānāvayavasyālpataramalpatamamuttaramuttaraṃ / bhavati sa cācamalpataraprasaṅgaḥ yasmānnalpataramasti |
3.05ab/ uttaram ayanam atītya vyāvṛttaḥ kṣema^sasya^vṛddhi^karaḥ/
3.05cd/ prakṛtisthaś ca^apy evaṃ vikṛta^gatir bhayakṛd uṣṇāṃśuḥ//
3.06ab/ sa^tamaskaṃ parva vinā tvaṣṭā nāma^arka^maṇḍalaṃ kurute/
3.06cd/ sa nihanti sapta bhūpān janāṃś ca śastra^agni^durbhikṣaiḥ//
3.07ab/ tāmasakīlaka^saṃjñā rāhusutāḥ ketavas trayas triṃśat/
3.07cd/ varṇa^sthāna^ākārais tān dṛṣṭvā +arke phalaṃ brūyāt//
3.08ab/ te ca^arka^maṇḍala^gatāḥ pāpaphalāś candra^maṇḍale saumyāḥ/
3.08cd/ dhvāṅkṣa^kabandha^praharaṇa^rūpāḥ pāpāḥ śaśāṅke +api//
3.09ab/ teṣām udaye rūpāṇy ambhaḥ kaluṣaṃ rajo^vṛtaṃ vyoma/
3.09cd/ naga^taru^śikhara^*āmardī[K.vimardī] saśarkaro mārutaś caṇḍaḥ//
Ruyyaka: Alamkarasarvasva (ruyalsvu.htm.txt) 9390408 (0.035):
nidinda nandanānandānadunodinanandanam' // / 'rucyābhiḥ pracurābhistaruśikharāpācitābhirucitābhiḥ /
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4906764 (0.050):
grāvāṇau śailapāṣānau mūrkhanīcau pṛthagjanau /AP_361.021ab/ / taruśailau śikhariṇau tanustvagdehayorapi //AP_361.021cd/
3.10ab/ ṛtu^viparītās taravo dīptā mṛga^pakṣiṇo diśāṃ dāhāḥ/
3.10cd/ nirghāta^mahīkampa^ādayo bhavanty atra ca^utpātāḥ//
Vasubandhu: Abhidharmakosa-bhasya (vakobhau.htm.txt) 23997526 (0.026):
dhyānāntarikāvat / / kiṃ punastenaiva kadāciat saṃśino bhavanti / / bhavantyupapattikāle cyutikāle ca /
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nystik_u.htm.txt) 2351797 (0.026):
tadabhāvāvinābhāvinaśrca puṣparāgādaya iti te 'pi sarve vayavacchinna / bhavanti / / yadi punarna vyavacchidyaran, sa eva puṣparāgādyatmeti tadavinābhāvī
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7455702 (0.027):
ṅillakāra sambandhināṃ caturṇām yathāsaṅkhyaṃ tām ādayaḥ adeśā bhavanti / / apacatām / / apacatam / / apacata /
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5405612 (0.030):
chinnakatarādayaḥ . kadā cit chinnakatarādayaḥ bhavanti vipratiṣedhena . / chinnakataram . chinnakatamam . ekadeśipradhānaḥ ca samāsaḥ .
Dantyosthavidhi (dantyovu.htm.txt) 25317744 (0.030):
bāhau bāhavo bahulaṃ budhnyaṃ baddhkam eva ca | / ete sarve bhavanty oṣṭhyā ye noktās te tu dantajāḥ || 1.12 ||
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21636707 (0.033):
408.030. svajanavyavahārastu sati kalaha na saṃśayaḥ//885// / 408.031. ākaṭṭā kaṭṭeti śabdā bhavanti ca nirantaram/
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24153170 (0.034):
'devadattādayo bhojyantām' ityatra bhujivat// / nanvevaṃ saṃyogasaṃjñāsamāsasaṃjñābhyastasaṃjñā api pratyekaṃ syuḥ, ā āha
Tattvamimamsa (tattvmiu.htm.txt) 23767432 (0.034):
bhavati / yathāhi parāvaskandāya pravṛttāḥ śāktīkayāṣṭīkādayaḥ svaṃ svaṃ
Kamalasila: Madhyamakaloka (ksmadhlu.htm.txt) 991440 (0.034):
[11 12] viruddhopalabdhyādayo 'sambhavā iti yaduktaṃ tā atyasambaddhā / eveti / yato hi sarve dharmā viviktāḥ katipaye ca sahaviruddhā iti na
Govind Kaul: Pradesasamgraha (kaulpradsam_u.htm.txt) 8370453 (0.035):
asya śāṅgasākhyapradeśasya nikaṭavartino bahavo grāmā navgām utarus / cerapor ity ādayaḥ prakhyātās santi |
Yuktidipika, a commentary on Īśvarakṛṣṇa's Sāṃkhyakārikā (yuktdipu.htm.txt) 11273329 (0.036):
paripakvāṇyaparipakvebhyo viśiṣṭatarāṇi bhavantītyarthaḥ / / viparipakvasarvendriyastu saṃkalpamātrāvasthitakaṣāyo yadā bhavati
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nystik_u.htm.txt) 2445328 (0.036):
ātmānamadhikṛtya pravartamānāḥ śarīrendriyādayo bhavantyāpadhyātmikā iti / / atha yadyanādīnāmapi nivṛttiḥ hantānutpattidharmakāṇāmapi nivṛttiprasaṅga
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6646802 (0.036):
u12.20ef/.svajanaṃ vyavahāras tu sati kalahe na saṃśayaḥ// / u12.21ab/.ākaṭṭā kaṭṭeti śabdā bhavanti ca nirantaraṃ/(p.185)
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9538035 (0.036):
Agnivesa: Carakasamhita (caraka_u.htm.txt) 14535825 (0.036):
eta eva vātaguṇā bhavanti sa tv evaṃguṇair evaṃdravyair evamprabhāvaiśca
VATSYAYANA: KAMASUTRA (with notes) (kamasufu.htm.txt) 27942465 (0.036):
ekacāriṇī-jyeṣṭḥādayaḥ santīti pṛthaṅ noktam.
Agnivesa: Carakasamhita (caraka_u.htm.txt) 14570185 (0.039):
pumāñjātabalādayaḥ śabdā asmin vidyanta iti pumāñjātabalādikaḥ / āsiktakṣīrikavacchabdasiddhiḥ // 2]
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5405598 (0.039):
paṭutaraḥ . paṭutamaḥ . ubhayavacane ubhayam prāpnoti . paṭutarakaḥ . / paṭutamakaḥ . tamādayaḥ bhavanti pūrvavipratiṣedhena . kadā cit
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika, with Gaudapada's Bhasya (commentary) (iskgaudu.htm.txt) 23181452 (0.039):
nārīkamanuttamāṃbhasikamiti / āsāṃ tuṣṭīnāṃ viparītāśaktibhedādbuddhibadhā / bhavanti // 50 // / tadyathā anambhaso 'salilamanogha ityādivaiparītyādbuddhivadhā iti /
Kamalasila: Bhavanakrama (bsa047_u.htm.txt) 9573932 (0.039):
viparītābhiniveśasamuttthāpitā hi dānādayo 'pariśuddhā bhavantīti kṛtvā
3.11ab/ na pṛthak phalāni teṣāṃ śikhi^kīlaka^rāhu^darśanāni yadi/
3.11cd/ tad^udaya^kāraṇam eṣāṃ ketu^ādīnām phalaṃ brūyāt//
3.12ab/ yasmin yasmin deśe darśanam āyānti sūrya^bimbasthā/
3.12cd/ tasmiṃs tasmin vyasanam mahīpatīnām parijñeyam// / 3.13ab/ kṣut^pramlāna^śarīrā munayo +apy utsṛṣṭa^dharma^sac^caritāḥ/
3.13cd/ nirmāṃsa^bāla^hastāḥ kṛcchreṇa +āyānti *para^deśam[K.paradeśān]//
3.14ab/ taskara^vilupta^vittāḥ pradīrgha^niḥśvāsa^mukulita^akṣi^puṭāḥ/
3.14cd/ santaḥ sanna^śarīrāḥ śoka^udbhava^*vāṣpa[K's tr.
bāṣpa]ruddha^dṛśaḥ// / 3.15ab/ kṣāmā jugupsamānāḥ svanṛpati^paracakra^pīḍitā manujāḥ/
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21623780 (0.064):
343.020. avaśyamanena janapadena vinaṣṭavyaṃ bhavati/ / 343.021. paracakrapīḍito bhavati/ / 343.021. uktaṃ jyeṣṭhāyām//
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6632545 (0.064):
vinaṣṭavyaṃ bhavati/ para^cakra^pīḍito bhavati/ uktaṃ jyeṣṭhāyāṃ/
3.15cd/ svanṛpati^caritaṃ karma *na[] *purā kṛtaṃ[K.parākṛtaṃ, K's tr.
% Mahabharata: Udyogaparvan (mbh_05_u.htm.txt) 15430837 (0.051):
05,029.004c atho kasmāt saṃjaya pāṇḍavasya; utsāhinaḥ pūrayataḥ svakarma / 05,029.004e yathākhyātam āvasataḥ kuṭumbaṃ; purākalpāt sādhu vilopam āttha
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4749439 (0.053):
kauśalyāṃ sa kathāṃ paurvāṃ(1) yadajñānaddhataḥ purā //AP_6.037cd/
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray__u.htm.txt) 27008247 (0.064):
<12327.1/002> X pāraṃparyāgataṃ hy etat !pitrā me kathitaṃ purā / <12327.1/003> [X K6 Bo.6-9 Da4 Dn1.ṇ4 Ds2 D2. & G1-3.6 cont.,
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15772648 (0.064):
<12327.1/002> X pāraṃparyā3gataṃ hy etat !pitrā me kathitaṃ purā / <12327.1/003> [X K6 Bo.6-9 Da4 Dn1.ṇ4 Ds2 D2. & G1-3.6 cont.,
purākṛtaṃ] prabruvanty anye// / 3.16ab/ garbheṣv api niṣpannā vārimuco na prabhūta^vārimucaḥ/
3.16cd/ sarito yānti tanutvaṃ kva cit kvacij jāyate sasyam//
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nystik_u.htm.txt) 2399525 (0.061):
atha keṣu cideva piṇḍeṣu vartate tadā vaktavyaṃ tato yadā kva ciddeśepiṇḍo / jāyate tadā vaktavyaṃ kutastyaṃ punarasya gotvamiti /
3.17ab/ daṇḍe narendra^mṛtyur vyādhi^bhayaṃ syāt
3.17cd/ dhvāṅkṣe ca taskara^bhayaṃ durbhikṣaṃ kīlake +arkasthe//
3.18ab/ rāja^upakaraṇa^rūpaiś chatra^dhvaja^cāmara^ādibhir viddhaḥ/
Kamalasila: Vajracchedikatika (= Vajrṭ) (kamvchtu.htm.txt) 6516694 (0.058):
cintayitvā sūbhūte ityādyāha | paryupāsitāḥ iti cīvara-piṇḍapātādibhiḥ / paryūpāsitāḥ, chatradhvajapatākādibhiśca pūjitā bhaviṣyanti |
3.18cd/ rājānyatva^kṛd arkaḥ sphuliṅga^dhūma^ādibhir janahā//
3.19ab/ eko durbhikṣa^karo dvyādyāḥ syur narapater vināśāya/
3.19cd/ sita^rakta^pīta^kṛṣṇais tair viddho +arko +anuvarṇaghnaḥ//
3.20ab/ *dvaśyante[K.& ū.dṛśyante] ca yatas te ravi^bimbasya^utthitā / mahā^utpātāḥ/
3.20cd/ āgacchati lokānāṃ tena^eva bhayaṃ pradeśena// / 3.21ab/ ūrdhvakaro divasa^karas tāmraḥ senāpatiṃ vināśayati/
3.21cd/ pīto narendra^putraṃ śvetas tu purohitaṃ hanti//
3.22ab/ citro +atha vā^api dhūmro raviraśmir *vyākulām[K.vyākulāṃ] karoty
*ūrdham[K.mahīm]/ / 3.22cd/ taskara^śastra^nipātair yadi salilaṃ na^āśu pātayati//
3.23ab/ tāmraḥ kapilo vā^arkaḥ śiśire hari^kuṅkuma^cchaviś ca madhau/
3.23cd/ āpāṇḍu^kanaka^varṇo grīṣme varṣāsu śuklaś ca//
3.24ab/ śaradi kamala^udara^ābho hemante rudhira^sannibhaḥ śastaḥ/
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15896861 (0.058):
padmodarābhaḥ śaradi hemante lohitacchaviḥ // NarP_1,56.9 //
3.24cd/ prāvṛṭkāle snigdhaḥ sarva^ṛtunibho +api śubhadāyī//
3.25ab/ rūkṣaḥ śveto viprān rakta^ābhaḥ kṣatriyān vināśayati/
3.25cd/ pīto vaiśyān kṛṣṇas tato aparān śubha^karaḥ snigdhaḥ//
3.26ab/ grīṣme rakto bhayakṛd varṣāsv asitaḥ karoty anāvṛṣṭim/
3.26cd/ hemante pīto +arkaḥ karoti *na cireṇa[K.acireṇa] roga^bhayam//
3.27ab/ suracāpa^pāṭita^tanur nṛpati^virodha^pradaḥ sahasrāṃśuḥ/
3.27cd/ prāvṛṭkāle sadyaḥ karoti vimala^dyutir vṛṣṭim//
3.28ab/ varṣākāle vṛṣṭiṃ karoti sadyaḥ śirīṣa^puṣpa^ābhaḥ/
3.28cd/ śikhi^patra^nibhaḥ salilaṃ na karoti dvādaśa^abdāni//
3.29ab/ śyāme +arke kīṭa^bhayaṃ bhasma^nibhe bhayam uśanti paracakrāt/
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15896918 (0.025):
candramāsadṛśo bhānuḥ kuryādbhūpāntaraṃ kṣitau // NarP_1,56.12 // / arke śyāme kīṭabhayaṃ bhasmābhe rāṣṭrajaṃ tathā /
3.29cd/ yasya^ṛkṣe sacchidras tasya vināśaḥ kṣitīśasya//
3.30ab/ śaśa^rudhira^nibhe bhānau nabhas^tala^sthe bhavanti saṅgrāmāḥ/
3.30cd/ śaśi^sadṛśe *nṛpati^badhaḥ[K.nṛpati^vaddhaḥ] kṣipraṃ ca^anyo nṛpo
bhavati// / 3.31ab/ kṣut^mārakṛt ghaṭa^nibhaḥ khaṇḍo *janahā[K.nṛpahā] vidīdhitir
Vidyanatha: Prataparudriya, or Prataparudrayasobhusana, with Kumarasvamin's Ratnapana commentary (viprud_u.htm.txt) 18101344 (0.048):
ceṭī (sabhayakampaṃ) a sāmiṇi ! rakkhohi rakkhehi asaraṇaṃ ṇiravarāha
Mahavastu-Avadana (mhvastuu.htm.txt) 18624213 (0.054):
ramaṭhabhayavaicchetukā gulmalā hastadā kasūlā ketukā kusuvā talikā
Siva-Purana, Book 1 (Vidyesvara-Samhita) (sivap1_u.htm.txt) 11515954 (0.054):
bhayadaḥ/ / 3.31cd/ toraṇa^rūpaḥ purahā chatra^nibho deśa^nāśāya//
3.32ab/ dhvaja^cāpa^nibhe yuddhāni bhāskare vepane ca rūkṣe ca/
3.32cd/ kṛṣṇā rekhā savitari yadi hanti tato *nṛpaṃ[K.nṛpaṃ tataḥ]
sacivaḥ// / 3.33ab/ *dina^karam[K.divasakaram] / *udaya^asta^saṃsthitam[K.udayasaṃsthitam] ulkā^aśani^vidyuto yadā hanyuḥ/
3.33cd/ narapati^maraṇaṃ vindyāt tadā^anyarāja^*pratiṣṭhā[K.pratiṣṭhāṃ]
Bana: Harsacarita, Ucchvasa 3 (bahcar3u.htm.txt) 2462937 (0.048):
itthaṃ nāsti rājatvamapakalaṅgamṛte devadevādamataḥ sarvadvīpabhūjo harṣāt
Nagarjuna: Salistambakamahayanasutratika (nagsaliu.htm.txt) 16515215 (0.052):
ityucyate | karmarati-nidrārati-vādaratyādi-svabhāvaṃ mithyākarma / ityucyate | svaparāspṛṣṭa duḥkhapratiṣṭhādhārasvabhāvam, tadviruddhatvāt
Yuktidipika, a commentary on Īśvarakṛṣṇa's Sāṃkhyakārikā (yuktdipu.htm.txt) 11243914 (0.052):
pradhānāstitvamekatvamarthavattvamathānyatā / / pārārthyañca tathānaikyaṃ viyogo yoga eva ca // 10 //
Bhagavadgita (bhg4c__u.htm.txt) 17869676 (0.052):
vijñānānanda mūrtir ananta guṇo niravadyaḥ suhṛtatamaḥ sarveśvaraḥ | / pratiṣṭhā pratiṣṭhīyate 'tra iti nirukteḥ paramāśrayo 'tipriyo bhavāmīti
Bhagavadgita 14 (bhg4c14u.htm.txt) 16038288 (0.052):
vijñānānanda-mūrtir ananta-guṇo niravadyaḥ suhṛtatamaḥ sarveśvaraḥ | / pratiṣṭhā pratiṣṭhīyate 'tra iti nirukteḥ paramāśrayo 'tipriyo bhavāmīti
Varahamihira: Brhajjataka (brhajj_u.htm.txt) 9912750 (0.055):
ca// / 3.34ab/ pratidivasam ahima^kiraṇaḥ pariveṣī sandhyayor dvayor atha vā/
3.34cd/ rakto +astam eti rakta^uditaś ca bhūpaṃ karoty anyam//
Ruyyaka: Alamkarasarvasva (ruyalsvu.htm.txt) 9390905 (0.054):
'udeti raktaḥ savitā rakta evāstameti ca /
3.35ab/ praharaṇa^sadṛśair jaladaiḥ sthagitaḥ sandhyā^dvaye +api raṇakārī/
3.35cd/ mṛga^mahiṣa^vihaga^khara^karabha^sadṛśa^rūpaiś ca bhayadāyī//
3.36ab/ dina^kara^kara^abhitāpād ṛkṣam avāpnoti sumahatīm pīḍām/
3.36cd/ bhavati tu paścāt^śuddhaṃ kanakam iva hutāśa^paritāpāt//
3.37ab/ divasakṛtaḥ pratisūryo jalakṛd udag dakṣiṇe sthito +anilakṛt/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10218402 (0.0):
37.02cd/ pratisūryāṇāṃ mālā dasyu^bhaya^ātaṅka^nṛpa^hantrī// / 37.03ab/ divasakṛtaḥ pratisūryo jalakṛd^udag^dakṣiṇe sthito +anilakṛt/
3.37cd/ ubhayasthaḥ salila^bhayaṃ nṛpam upari nihanty adho janahā//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10218410 (0.0):
37.03ab/ divasakṛtaḥ pratisūryo jalakṛd^udag^dakṣiṇe sthito +anilakṛt/ / 37.03cd/ ubhayasthaḥ salilabhayaṃ nṛpam upari nihanty adho janahā//
3.38a rudhira^nibho viyaty avanipa^antakaro na cirāt
3.38b paruṣa^rajo^aruṇī^kṛta^tanur yadi vā dinakṛt/
3.38c [K.3.39ab] asita^vicitra^nīla^paruṣo jana^ghāta^karaḥ
3.38d [K.3.39cd] khaga^mṛga^bhairava^svara^rutaiś ca niśā^dyumukhe//
3.39ab/ [K.3.40ab] amala^vapur avakra^maṇḍalaḥ / sphuṭa^vipula^amala^dīrgha^dīdhitiḥ/
3.39cd/ [K.3.40cd] avikṛta^tanu^varṇa^cihna^bhṛj jagati karoti śivaṃ
divā^karaḥ// / 4 candracārādhyāyaḥ/ / 4.01ab/ nityam adhaḥsthasya^indor bhābhir bhānoḥ sitaṃ bhavaty ardham/
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9541895 (0.034):
14,18: sadyo.ṃā.samuditā/ / 14,18: ity.adhidaivatam/ / 14,18: atha.adhyātmam/
Harivarman: Satyasiddhisastra (hvsatssu.htm.txt) 1987997 (0.053):
bhavituṃ kṣamate | āha ca vanādiropasya divā rātriñca sadā puṇyaṃ
4.01cd/ svacchāyayā^anyad asitaṃ kumbhasya^iva^ātapasthasya//
4.02ab/ salila^maye śaśini raver dīdhitayo mūrchitās tamo naiśam/
4.02cd/ kṣapayanti darpaṇa^udara*nihitā[K.nihatā] iva mandirasya^antaḥ//
4.03ab/ tyajato +arka^talaṃ śaśinaḥ paścād avalambate yathā śauklyam/
4.03cd/ dinakara^vaśāt tathā^indoḥ prakāśate +adhaḥ prabhṛty udayaḥ//
4.04ab/ pratidivasam evam arkāt sthāna^viśeṣeṇa śauklya^parivṛddhiḥ/
4.04cd/ bhavati śaśino +aparāhṇe paścād bhāge ghaṭasya^iva
4.05ab/ aindrasya śīta^kiraṇo mūla^āṣāḍhā^dvayasya *ca^āyātaḥ[K.vā yātaḥ]/
4.05cd/ yāmyena *vīja[K.ū.bīja]^jalacara^kānanahā vahni^bhayadaś ca//
4.06ab/ dakṣiṇa^pārśvena gataḥ śaśī viśākhā^anurādhayoḥ pāpaḥ/
% Mahabharata: Karnaparvan (mbh_08_u.htm.txt) 1464295 (0.055):
08,015.042c kṣitau vibabhrāja patat sakuṇḍalaṃ; viśākhayor madhyagataḥ / śaśī yathā
4.06cd/ madhyena tu praśastaḥ *pitṛdeva[K.pitryasya]^viśākhayoś ca^api//
4.07ab/ ṣaḍ anāgatāni pauṣṇād dvādaśa raudrāc ca madhya^yogīni/
4.07cd/ jyeṣṭha^ādyāni nava^ṛkṣāṇy uḍupatinā^atītya yujyante//
4.08ab/ unnatam īṣac^chṛṅgaṃ nau^saṃsthāne viśālatā ca^uktā/
4.08cd/ nāvika^pīḍā tasmin bhavati śivaṃ sarva^lokasya//
4.09ab/ arddha^unnate ca lāṅgalam iti pīḍā tad^upajīvināṃ tasmin/
4.09cd/ prītiś ca nirnimittaṃ manujapatīnāṃ subhikṣaṃ ca//
4.10ab/ dakṣiṇa^viṣāṇam ardha^unnataṃ yadā duṣṭa^lāṅgala^ākhyaṃ tat/
4.10cd/ pāṇḍya^nareśvara^nidhana^kṛd udyoga^karaṃ balānām ca//
4.11ab/ sama^śaśini subhikṣa^kṣema^vṛṣṭayaḥ prathama^divasa^sadṛśāḥ syuḥ/
4.11cd/ daṇḍavad udite pīḍā gavāṃ nṛpaś ca^ugra^daṇḍo +atra//
4.12ab/ kārmuka^rūpe yuddhāni yatra tu jyā tato jayas teṣām/
4.12cd/ sthānaṃ yugam iti yāmya^uttara^āyataṃ bhūmi^kampāya//
4.13ab/ yugam eva yāmya^koṭyāṃ kiṃ cit tuṅgaṃ sa pārśva^śāyī^iti
4.13cd/ vinihanti sārthavāhān vṛṣṭeś ca vinigrahaṃ kuryāt// / 4.14ab/ abhyucchrāyād ekaṃ yadi śaśino +avāṅmukhaṃ bhavet^chṛṅgam/
4.14cd/ āvarjitam ity asubhikṣa^kāri tad go^dhanasya^api//
4.15ab/ avyucchinnā rekhā samantato maṇḍalā ca kuṇḍa^ākhyam/
4.15cd/ asmin māṇḍalikānāṃ sthāna^tyāgo narapatīnām// / 4.16ab/ prokta^sthāna^abhāvād udag^uccaḥ kṣema^vṛddhi^vṛṣṭi^karaḥ/
Sakyabuddhi: Pramanavarttikatika (sbpramvu.htm.txt) 14630326 (0.060):
naitac codyaṃ / tad āha / vyāvṛtter niḥsvabhāvatvād iti / na sthānāsth. .. / 5 ///.. iti / iyaṃ sthānāsthānaka + + + + .. tasyety anyāpohasya
4.16cd/ dakṣiṇa^tuṅgaś candro durbhikṣa^bhayāya nirdiṣṭaḥ//
4.17ab/ śṛṅgeṇa^ekena^*indur[K.induṃ] vilīnam atha vā^apy avāṅmukhaṃ
*śṛṅgam[K.aśṛṅgam]/ / 4.17cd/ sampūrṇaṃ ca^abhinavaṃ dṛṣṭvā^eko jīvitād bhraśyet//
4.18ab/ saṃsthāna^vidhiḥ kathito rūpāṇy asmād bhavanti candramasaḥ/
4.18cd/ svalpo durbhikṣa^karo mahān subhikṣa^āvahaḥ proktaḥ//
4.19ab/ madhya^tanur vajra^ākhyaḥ kṣud^bhayadaḥ sambhramāya rājñāṃ ca/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10227155 (0.053):
52.78ab/ dvāraṃ dvārasya^upari yat tan na śivāya saṅkaṭaṃ yac ca/ / 52.78cd/ āvyāttaṃ kṣudbhayadaṃ kubjaṃ kulanāśanaṃ bhavati//
4.19cd/ candro mṛdaṅga^rūpaḥ kṣema^subhikṣa^āvaho bhavati//
4.20ab/ jñeyo viśāla^mūrtir narapati^lakṣmī^vivṛddhaye candraḥ/
4.20cd/ sthūlaḥ subhikṣa^kārī priya^dhānya^karas tu tanu^mūrtiḥ//
4.21a pratyantān ku^nṛpāṃś ca hanty uḍupatiḥ śṛṅge kujena^āhate
4.21b śastra^kṣud^bhayakṛd yamena śaśijena^avṛṣṭi^durbhikṣa^kṛt/
4.21c śreṣṭhān hanti nṛpān mahendra^guruṇā śukreṇa ca^alpān nṛpān
4.21d śukle yāpyam idaṃ phalam graha^kṛtaṃ kṛṣṇe yathokta^āgamam//
4.22a bhinnaḥ sitena magadhān yavanān pulindān / 4.22b nepāla^bhṛṅgi^*marukaccha[K's tr. marukucca]^surāṣṭra^madrān/
4.22c pāñcāla^kaikaya^kulūtaka^puruṣādān / 4.22d hanyād uśīnara^janān api sapta māsān//
4.23ab/ gāndhāra^sauvīraka^sindhu^kīrān dhānyāni śailān draviḍa^adhipāṃś
4.23cd/ dvijāṃś ca māsān daśa śītaraśmiḥ santāpayed vākpatinā vibhinnaḥ//
4.24a udyuktān saha vāhanair narapatīṃs traigartakān mālavān
4.24b kaulindān gaṇa^puṅgavān atha śibīn āyodhyakān pārthivān/
4.24c hanyāt kaurava^matsya^śukty^adhipatīn rājanya^mukhyān api
4.24d prāleyāṃśur asṛggrahe tanugate ṣaṇmāsam aryādayā//
4.25ab/ yaudheyān sacivān sakauravān prāgīśān atha ca^arjunāyanān/
4.25cd/ hanyād arkaja^bhinna^maṇḍalaḥ śītāṃśur daśa^māsa^pīḍayā//
4.26ab/ magadhān mathurāṃ ca pīḍayed veṇāyāś ca taṭaṃ śaśāṅkajaḥ/
4.26cd/ aparatra kṛtaṃ yugaṃ vaded yadi bhittvā śaśinaṃ vinirgataḥ//
4.27ab/ kṣema^ārogya^subhikṣa^vināśī śītāṃśuḥ śikhinā yadi bhinnaḥ/
4.27cd/ kuryād āyudha^jīvi^vināśaṃ caurāṇām adhikena ca pīḍām//
4.28ab/ ulkayā yadā śaśī grasta eva hanyate/ / 4.28cd/ hanyate tadā nṛpo yasya janmani sthitaḥ//
4.29ab/ bhasma^nibhaḥ paruṣo +aruṇa^mūrtiḥ śīta^karaḥ kiraṇaiḥ parihīṇaḥ/
4.29cd/ śyāva^tanuḥ sphuṭitaḥ sphuraṇo vā / *kṣuḍ^ḍamara[K.kṣutsamarā]^āmaya^caura^bhayāya//
4.30ab/ prāleya^kunda^kumuda^sphaṭika^avadāto yatnād iva^adrisutayā
parimṛjya candraḥ/ / 4.30cd/ uccaiḥ kṛto niśi bhaviṣyati me śivāya yo dṛśyate sa bhavitā
jagataḥ śivāya// / 4.31ab[K.4.32ab]/ śukle pakṣe sampravṛddhe pravṛddhiṃ brahma^kṣatraṃ yāti
vṛddhiṃ prajāś ca/ / 4.31cd[K.4.32cd]/ hīne hānis tulyatā tulyatāyāṃ kṛṣṇe sarve tatphalaṃ
vyatyayena// / 4.32ab[K.4.31ab]/ yadi kumuda^mṛṇāla^hāra^gauras tithi^niyamāt kṣayam eti
varddhate vā/ / 4.32cd[K.4.31cd]/ avikṛta^gati^maṇḍala^aṃśu^yogī bhavati nṛṇāṃ vijayāya
śītaraśmiḥ// / 5 rāhucārādhyāyaḥ / 5.01ab/ amṛta^āsvāda^viśeṣāc cchinnam api śiraḥ kila^asurasya^idam/
5.01cd/ prāṇair aparityaktaṃ grahatāṃ yātaṃ vadanty eke//
5.02ab/ indu^arka^maṇḍala^ākṛtir asitatvāt kila na dṛśyate gagane/
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasipu.htm.txt) 25977457 (0.054):
sa tūtāva dīrghaś ca+eṣāṃ chandasi pratyayaviśeṣe eva dṛśyate, tato / 'nyatra na bhavati / / tutoja śabalān harīn //
5.02cd/ anyatra parva^kālād vara^pradānāt kamalayoneḥ//
5.03ab/ mukha^puccha^vibhakta^aṅgaṃ bhujaṅgam ākāram upadiśanty anye/
5.03cd/ kathayanty amūrtam apare tamo^mayaṃ saiṃhikeya^ākhyākhyam//
5.04ab/ yadi mūrto bhavicārī śiro +atha vā bhavati maṇḍalī rāhuḥ/
Bharata: Natyasastra (bharnatu.htm.txt) 28002338 (0.056):
aṃsakapolasparśaḥ śiraso 'tha vināmanaṃ śiro 'pāṅgaḥ / / sarvendriayasaṃmohājjaḍatāmevaṃ tvabhinayettu // BhN_25.109 //
Sankhayana-Aranyaka (sankharu.htm.txt) 6855824 (0.056):
yatheyaṃ śastravatī tardmavatī bhavaty evam evāsau śastravatī tardmavatī / bhavati | tad yathāsyāḥ śira evam amuṣyāḥ śiraḥ | tad yathāsyai vaṃśa evam
5.04cd/ bhagaṇa^ardhena^*antaritau[K.antarito] gṛhṇāti kathaṃ
niyata^cāraḥ// / 5.05ab/ aniyata^cāraḥ khalu ced upalabdhiḥ saṃkhyayā kathaṃ tasya/
Pratyaksalaksana text of Tarkarahasya (tarkrplu.htm.txt) 22733975 (0.061):
jñānaparokṣatāpakṣas tu kṣapayiṣyate. / aniyatapratibhāsaṃ kathaṃ kāraṇaṃ[142]śabdayojanāyāḥ. ucyate---
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt1u.htm.txt) 21189411 (0.063):
mapauruṣeyatvaṃ nāsti / tathāpyaniyatānupūrvīrāhitya 2 rūpaṃ tadastyeva //
5.05cd/ puccha^ānana^abhidhāno +antareṇa kasmān na gṛhṇāti//
5.06ab/ atha tu bhujagendra^rūpaḥ pucchena mukhena vā sa gṛhṇāti/
5.06cd/ mukha^puccha^antara^saṃsthaṃ sthagayati kasmān na bhagaṇa^ardham//
5.07ab/ rāhu^dvayaṃ yadi syād graste +astamite +atha vā^udite candre/
5.07cd/ tatsamagatinā^anyena grastaḥ sūryo +api dṛśyate//
5.08ab/ bhū^cchāyāṃ sva^grahaṇe bhāskaram arka^grahe praviśati^induḥ/
Mitramisra: Viramitrodaya, Samayaprakasa (mvir_sau.htm.txt) 10550571 (0.0):
bhūcchāyāṃ svagrahaṇe bhāskaramarkagrahe ca praviśatīnduḥ /
Mitramisra: Viramitrodaya, Samayaprakasa (mvir_sau.htm.txt) 10550578 (0.046):
bhūcchāyāṃ svagrahaṇe bhāskaramarkagrahe ca praviśatīnduḥ /
5.08cd/ pragrahaṇam ataḥ paścān na^indor bhānoś ca pūrva^ardhāt//
5.09ab/ vṛkṣasya svacchāyā yathā^*ekapārśve[K.ekapārśvena] bhavati
*dīrghacayā[K.dīrghā ca]/ / 5.09cd/ niśi niśi tadvad bhūmer āvaraṇa^vaśād dineśasya//
5.10ab/ sūryāt saptama^rāśau yadi ca^udag^dakṣiṇena na^atigataḥ/
5.10cd/ candraḥ pūrva^abhimukhaś chāyām aurvīm tadā viśati//
5.11ab/ candro +adhaḥsthaḥ sthagayati ravim ambudavat samāgataḥ paścāt/
5.11cd/ pratideśam ataś citraṃ dṛṣṭi^vaśād bhāskara^grahaṇam//
5.12ab/ āvaraṇaṃ mahad indoḥ kuṇṭha^viṣāṇas tato +ardha^saṃcchannaḥ/
5.12cd/ svalpam raver yato +atas tīkṣṇa^viṣāṇo ravir bhavati//
5.13ab/ evam uparāga^kāraṇam uktam idaṃ divya^dṛgbhir ācāryaiḥ/
5.13cd/ rāhur akāraṇam asminn ity uktaḥ śāstra^sadbhāvaḥ// / 5.14ab/ yo +asau^asuro rāhus tasya varo brahmaṇā +ayam ājñaptaḥ/
5.14cd/ āpyāyanam uparāge datta^hutāṃśena te bhavitā//
5.15ab/ tasmin kāle sānnidhyam asya tena^upacaryate rāhuḥ/ / 5.15cd/ yāmyottarā śaśigatir gaṇite +apy upacaryate tena//
5.16ab/ na kathaṃ cid api nimittair grahaṇaṃ vijñāyate nimittāni/
5.16cd/ anyasminn api kāle bhavanty atha^utpāta^rūpāṇi//
5.17ab/ pañcagraha^saṃyogān na kila grahaṇasya sambhavo bhavati/
5.17cd/ tailaṃ ca jale +aṣṭamyāṃ na vicintyam idaṃ vipaścidbhiḥ//
5.18ab/ avanatyā +arke grāso dig^jñeyā valanayā^avanatyā ca/
5.18cd/ tithy^avasānād velā karaṇe kathitāni tāni mayā//
5.19ab/ ṣaṇmāsa^uttara^vṛddhyā parveśāḥ sapta devatāḥ kramaśaḥ/
5.19cd/ brahma^śaśi^indra^kuberā varuṇa^agni^yamāś ca vijñeyāḥ//
5.20ab/ brāhme dvija^paśu^*vṛddhiḥ kṣema^ārogyāṇi[K.vṛddhikṣemārogyāṇi]
sasya^sampat^ca/ / 5.20cd/ tadvat saumye tasmin pīḍā viduṣām avṛṣṭiś ca//
5.21ab/ aindre bhūpa^virodhaḥ śārada^sasya^kṣayo na ca kṣemam/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10205967 (0.044):
5.90cd/ madhyākhyadeśa^nāśaḥ śārada^sasya^kṣayaś ca^asmin//
5.21cd/ kaubere +artha^patīnām artha^vināśaḥ subhikṣaṃ ca//
5.22ab/ vāruṇam avanīśa^aśubham anyeṣāṃ kṣema^sasya^vṛddhi^karam/
5.22cd/ āgneyaṃ mitra^ākhyaṃ sasya^ārogya^abhaya^ambu^karam//
5.23ab/ yāmyaṃ karoty avṛṣṭiṃ durbhikṣaṃ saṃkṣayaṃ ca sasyānām/
5.23cd/ yad ataḥ paraṃ tad aśubhaṃ kṣut^māra^avṛṣṭidaṃ parva//
5.24ab/ velāhīne parvaṇi garbha^vipattiś ca śastra^kopaś ca/
5.24cd/ ativele kusuma^phala^kṣayo bhayaṃ sasya^nāśaś ca//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10205967 (0.063):
5.90cd/ madhyākhyadeśa^nāśaḥ śārada^sasya^kṣayaś ca^asmin// / 5.91ab/ ete sarve mokṣā vaktavyā bhāskare +api kintv atra/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10242466 (0.064):
86.30ab/ tad^anantara^diśi nāśaḥ kanakasya bhayaṃ suvarṇakārāṇām/ / 86.30cd/ artha^kṣayas tṛtīye kalahaḥ śastra^prakopaś ca//
5.25ab/ hīna^atirikta^kāle phalam uktaṃ pūrva^śāstra^dṛṣṭatvāt/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10221893 (0.060):
45.51ab/ prasava^vikāre strīṇāṃ dvi^tri^catuṣ^prabhṛti^samprasūtau vā/ / 45.51cd/ hīna^atirikta^kāle ca deśa^kula^saṃkṣayo bhavati//
5.25cd/ sphuṭa^gaṇita^vidaḥ kālaḥ kathañ cid api na^anyathā bhavati//
5.26ab/ yady ekasmin māse grahaṇaṃ ravi^somayos tadā kṣitipāḥ/
5.26cd/ svabala^kṣobhaiḥ saṃkṣayam āyānty atiśastra^kopaś ca//
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19862911 (0.040):
03,150.014c yadā siṃharavaṃ vīra kariṣyasi mahābala / 03,150.014e tadāhaṃ bṛṃhayiṣyāmi svaraveṇa ravaṃ tava
Brhadaranyaka-Upanisad (Brhadaranyakopanisad), Kanva recension (brupsb1u.htm.txt) 4151051 (0.064):
yonim, purohitaṃ puro nidhatta ityarthaḥ / / yastu punarbalābhimānātsvāṃ yoniṃ brāhmaṇajātiṃ brāhmaṇaṃ ya u enaṃ
5.27ab/ grastāv udita^astamitau śārada^dhānya^avanīśvara^kṣayadau/
5.27cd/ sarva^grastau durbhikṣa^marakadau pāpa^sandṛṣṭau//
5.28ab/ ardha^udita^uparakto naikṛtikān hanti sarvayajñāṃś ca/
5.28cd/ agny^upajīvi^guṇa^adhika^vipra^āśramiṇo *yuge
+abhyuditaḥ[K.ayugābhyuditaḥ]// / 5.29ab/ karṣaka^*pākhaṇḍi[K.pāṣaṇḍi]^vaṇik^kṣatriya^bala^nāyakān
*dvitīyāṃśe[K.dvitīye +aṃśe]/ / 5.29cd/ kāruka^śūdra^mlecchān kha^tṛtīyāmśe samantrijanān//
5.30ab/ madhya^ahne narapati^madhyadeśahā śobhanaś ca dhānya^arghaḥ/
5.30cd/ tṛṇabhug^amātya^antaḥpura^vaiśyaghnaḥ pañcame khāṃśe/
5.31ab/ strī^śūdrān ṣaṣṭhe +aṃśe dasyu^pratyantahā^astamaya^kāle/
5.31cd/ yasmin khāṃśe mokṣas tat^proktānāṃ śivaṃ bhavati//
5.32ab/ dvija^nṛpatīn udagayane viṭ^śūdrān dakṣiṇāyane hanti/
5.32cd/ rāhur udag^ādidṛṣṭaḥ pradakṣiṇaṃ hanti vipra^ādīn//
5.33ab/ mlecchān vidiksthito yāyinaś ca hanyād dhutāśa^saktāṃś ca/
5.33cd/ salila^cara^danti^ghātī yāmyena^udag gavām aśubhaḥ//
5.34ab/ pūrveṇa salila^pūrṇāṃ karoti vasudhāṃ samāgato daityaḥ/
5.34cd/ paścāt karṣaka^sevaka^bīja^vināśāya nirdiṣṭaḥ//
5.35ab/ pāñcāla^kaliṅga^śūrasenāḥ kāmboja^uḍra^kirāta^śastra^vārttāḥ/
5.35cd/ jīvanti ca ye hutāśa^vṛttyā te pīḍām upayānti meṣa^saṃsthe//
5.36ab/ gopāḥ paśavo +atha gomino manujā ye ca mahattvam āgatāḥ/
5.36cd/ pīḍām upayānti bhāskare graste śīta^kare +atha vā vṛṣe//
5.37ab/ mithune pravara^aṅganā nṛpā nṛpa^mātrā balinaḥ kalā^vidaḥ/
5.37cd/ yamunā^taṭajāḥ sabāhlikā matsyāḥ suhma^janaiḥ samanvitāḥ//
5.38ab/ ābhīrān^śabarān sapahlavān mallān matsya^kurūñ chakān api/
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4630658 (0.049):
gāndhārānpāradāṃścaiva pahlavānpavanāñchakān / / tubarāñchabarāṃścaiva pulindānbaradān vasān // BndP_2,73.108 //
Ksemendra: Bharatamanjari (ksbhm07u.htm.txt) 11476521 (0.059):
sudarśanasya nṛpateścakarta ruciraṃ śiraḥ // Bhmj_7.393 // / śabarānyavanānbhojānbarbarāṃstāmraliptikān /
5.38cd/ pāñcālān vikalāṃś ca pīḍayaty annaṃ ca^api nihanti karkaṭe//
5.39ab/ siṃhe pulinda^gaṇa^mekala^sattva^yuktān rāja^upamān narapatīn
vana^gocarāṃś ca/ / 5.39cd/ ṣaṣṭhe tu sasya^kavi^lekhaka^geya^saktān hanty
aśmaka^tripura^śāli^yutāṃś ca deśān// / 5.40ab/ tulādhare +avanty^aparāntya^sādhūn vaṇig^daśārṇān
*marukacchapāṃś[K.bharukacchapāṃś] ca/
5.40cd/ aliny atha^udumbara^madra^colān drumān sayaudheya^viṣa^āyudhīyān//
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19946763 (0.050):
04,005.002d*0134_001 campakān bakulāṃś caiva puṃnāgān ketakīs tathā / 04,005.002d*0134_002 pāribhadrān karañjāṃś ca anyāṃś ca vividhān drumān
5.41ab/ dhanviny amātya^vara^vāji^videha^mallān pāñcāla^vaidya^vaṇijo
viṣama^āyudhajñān/ / 5.41cd/ hanyān mṛge tu jhaṣa^mantri^kulāni nīcān mantra^auṣadhīṣu kuśalān
sthavira^āyudhīyān// / 5.42ab/ kumbhe +antargirijān sapaścima^janān bhāra^udvahāṃs taskarān
ābhīrān darada^ārya^siṃha^purakān hanyāt tathā barbarān/(checked)
5.42cd/ mīne sāgarakūla^sāgara^jala^dravyāṇi *vanyān[K.mānyān] janān
prājñān vāryupajīvinaś ca bhaphalaṃ kūrma^upadeśād vadet//
5.43ab/ savya^apasavya^leha^grasana^nirodha^avamardana^ārohāḥ/
5.43cd/ āghrātaṃ madhyatamas tamo +antya iti te daśa grāsāḥ//
5.44ab/ savyagate tamasi jagaj^jalaplutaṃ bhavati muditam abhayaṃ ca/
5.44cd/ apasavye narapati^taskara^avamardaiḥ prajānāśaḥ//
5.45ab/ *jihva^upaleḍhi[K.jihvevaleḍhi] paritas timira^nudo maṇḍalaṃ yadi
sa lehaḥ/ / 5.45cd/ pramudita^samasta^bhūtā prabhūta^toyā ca tatra mahī//
5.46ab/ grasanam iti yadā tryaṃśaḥ pādo vā gṛhyate +atha vā^apy ardham/
5.46cd/ sphīta^nṛpa^vitta^hāniḥ pīḍā ca sphīta^deśānām//
5.47ab/ paryanteṣu gṛhītvā madhye piṇḍīkṛtaṃ tamas tiṣṭhet/
5.47cd/ sa nirodho vijñeyaḥ pramoda^kṛt sarvabhūtānām//
5.48ab/ avamardanam iti niḥśeṣam eva sañchādya yadi ciraṃ tiṣṭhet/
5.48cd/ hanyāt pradhāna^bhūpān *pradhāna^deśāṃś[K.pradhānadeśān
pradhānabhūpāṃś] ca timira^mayaḥ// / 5.49ab/ vṛtte grahe yadi tamas tatkṣaṇam āvṛtya dṛśyate bhūyaḥ/
5.49cd/ ārohaṇam ity anyonya^mardanair bhaya^karaṃ rājñām//
5.50ab/ darpaṇa iva^ekadeśe *sabāṣpa[K.savāṣpa]^niḥśvāsa^māruta^upahataḥ/
5.50cd/ dṛśyeta^āghrātaṃ tat suvṛṣṭi^vṛddhy^āvahaṃ jagataḥ//
5.51ab/ madhye tamaḥ praviṣṭaṃ vitamaskaṃ maṇḍalaṃ ca yadi paritaḥ
5.51cd/ tan^madhyadeśa^nāśaṃ karoti kukṣy^āmaya^bhayaṃ ca//
5.52ab/ paryanteṣu^atibahulaṃ svalpaṃ madhye tamas tamontya^ākhye/
5.52cd/ sasyānām īti^bhayaṃ bhayam asmiṃs taskarāṇāṃ ca//
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15932083 (0.049):
jvarānte ḍākinī kṛtyādhvarevatībhayaṃ tataḥ / / aśanyante bhayaṃ durbhikṣabhayaṃ mārīśabdataḥ // NarP_1,71.176 //
5.53ab/ śvete kṣema^subhikṣaṃ brāhmaṇa^pīḍāṃ ca nirdiśed rāhau/
5.53cd/ agni^bhayam anala^varṇe pīḍā ca hutāśavṛttīnām//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10206866 (0.053):
8.16cd/ sasyānāṃ vidhvaṃsī vicared adhikaṃ yadi kadā cit// / 8.17ab/ anala^bhayam anala^varṇe vyādhiḥ pīte raṇa^āgamaḥ śyāme/
5.54ab/ harite roga^*ulbaṇatā[K.ulvaṇatā] sasyānām ītibhiś ca vidhvaṃsaḥ/
5.54cd/ kapile śīghraga^sattva^mleccha^dhvaṃso +atha durbhikṣam//
5.55ab/ aruṇa^kiraṇa^anurūpe durbhikṣa^avṛṣṭayo vihaga^pīḍā/
5.55cd/ ādhūmre kṣema^subhikṣam ādiśet mandavṛṣṭiṃ ca//
5.56ab/ kāpota^aruṇa^kapila^śyāvābhe kṣud^bhayaṃ vinirdeśyam/
5.56cd/ kāpotaḥ śūdrāṇāṃ vyādhi^karaḥ kṛṣṇa^varṇaś ca//
5.57ab/ vimalaka^maṇi^pīta^ābho vaiśya^dhvaṃsī bhavet subhikṣāya/
Vahata: Astanganighantu (vanighau.htm.txt) 17050983 (0.064):
sarpaś citras tu nīlābho $ bhūśāko bhūmikandakaḥ &
Vahata: Astanganighantu (vanighpu.htm.txt) 5053942 (0.064):
sarpaś citras tu nīlābho bhūśāko bhūmikandakaḥ /
5.57cd/ sa^arciṣmaty agni^bhayaṃ gairika^rūpe tu yuddhāni//
5.58ab/ dūrvākāṇḍa^śyāme hāridre vā^api nirdiśet marakam/
5.58cd/ aśani^bhaya^sampradāyī *pāṭala[K.pāṭali]^kusuma^upamo rāhuḥ//
5.59ab/ pāṃśu^vilohita^rūpaḥ kṣatra^dhvaṃsāya bhavati vṛṣṭeś ca/
5.59cd/ bāla^ravi^kamala^suracāpa^rūpa^bhṛt śastra^kopāya//
5.60ab/ paśyan grastaṃ saumyo ghṛta^madhu^taila^kṣayāya rājṇāṃ ca/
5.60cd/ bhaumaḥ samara^vimardaṃ śikhi^kopaṃ taskara^bhayaṃ ca//
5.61ab/ śukraḥ sasya^vimardaṃ nānā^kleśāṃś ca janayati dharitryām/
5.61cd/ ravijaḥ karoty avṛṣṭiṃ durbhikṣaṃ taskara^bhayaṃ ca//
5.62ab/ yad aśubham avalokanābhir uktaṃ grahajanitaṃ grahaṇe pramokṣaṇe
AAPASTAMBA DHARMASUUTRA (apastd_u.htm.txt) 24798313 (0.046):
Ap2.9.25.15/ kṣemakṛd rājā yasya viṣaye grāme- 'araṇye vā taskara.bhayaṃ / na [vidyate // / Ap2.10.26.1/ bhṛtyānām anuparodhena kṣetraṃ vittaṃ ca [dadad brāhmaṇebhyo
5.62cd/ surapatiguruṇā^avalokite tat^śamam upayāti jalair iva^agnir
iddhaḥ// / 5.63ab/ graste kramān nimittaiḥ punar graho māsa^ṣaṭka^parivṛddhyā/
5.63cd/ pavana^ulkāpāta^rajaḥ kṣitikampa^tamo^aśani^nipātaiḥ//
5.64ab/ āvantikā janapadāḥ kāverī^narmadā^taṭa^āśrayiṇaḥ/
5.64cd/ dṛptāś ca manujapatayaḥ pīḍyante kṣitisute graste//
5.65ab/ antarvedīṃ sarayūṃ nepālaṃ pūrvasāgaraṃ śoṇam/
5.65cd/ strī^nṛpa^yodha^kumārān saha vidvadbhir budho hanti//
5.66ab/ grahaṇa^upagate jīve vidvan^nṛpa^mantri^gaja^haya^dhvaṃsaḥ/
5.66cd/ sindhu^taṭa^vāsinām apy udag^diśaṃ saṃśritānāṃ ca//
5.67ab/ bhṛgutanaye rāhugate *dāśeraka[K.daserakāḥ]kaikayāḥ sayaudheyāḥ/
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7504333 (0.038):
lauhadhvajyaḥ, lauhadhvajyau, lohadhvajāḥ / / śaivyaḥ, śaibyau, śibayaḥ / / cātakyaḥ, cātakyau, cātakāḥ /
5.67cd/ āryāvarttāḥ śibayaḥ strī^saciva^gaṇāś ca pīḍyante//
5.68ab/ saure maru^bhava^puṣkara*saurāṣṭrika[K.saurāṣṭrā]^dhātavo
+arbuda^antyajanāḥ/ / 5.68cd/ gomanta^pāriyātra^āśritāś[K's tr. gomantaḥ pāriyātrā] ca nāśaṃ
vrajanty āśu// / 5.69a kārttikyām anala^upajīvi^magadhān prācya^adhipān kośalān
5.69b kalmāṣān atha śūrasena^sahitān kāśīś ca santāpayet/
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5940393 (0.055):
kṣiped adho mukhaṃ karṇaṃ hanyād vācūṣayeta vā || 41 || / 28.41dv hanyād vācūṣayet tadā 28.41dv hanyād vācūṣayeta ca
5.69c *hanyād[K.hanyād ca] āśu kaliṅgadeśa^nṛpatiṃ sa^amātya^bhṛtyaṃ tamo
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5940393 (0.050):
kṣiped adho mukhaṃ karṇaṃ hanyād vācūṣayeta vā || 41 || / 28.41dv hanyād vācūṣayet tadā 28.41dv hanyād vācūṣayeta ca
5.69d dṛṣṭaṃ kṣatriya^tāpadaṃ janayati kṣemaṃ subhikṣa^anvitam//
5.70ab/ kāśmīrakān kauśalakān sapuṇḍrān mṛgāṃś ca hanyād aparāntakāṃś ca/
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20168047 (0.054):
07,010.016c kāśmīrakān aurasakān piśācāṃś ca samandarān / 07,010.017a kāmbojān vāṭadhānāṃś ca colān pāṇḍyāṃś ca saṃjaya
BAUDHAYANA-DHARMASUTRA (baudhd_u.htm.txt) 4298692 (0.060):
Baudh1.1.2.14/ āraṭṭān kāraskarān puṇḍrān sauvīrān vaṅgān kaliṅgānprānūnān
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4630668 (0.062):
laṃpākānāṅghrakānpuṇḍrānkirātāṃścaiva sa prabhuḥ /
5.70cd/ ye somapās tāṃś ca nihanty saumye suvṛṣṭi^kṛt
kṣema^subhikṣa^kṛt^ca// / 5.71ab/ pauṣe dvija^kṣatra^jana^uparodhaḥ sasaindhava^ākhyāḥ kukurā
videhāḥ/ / 5.71cd/ dhvaṃsaṃ vrajanty atra ca manda^vṛṣṭiṃ bhayaṃ ca vindyād
asubhikṣa^yutam// / 5.72a māghe tu mātṛ^pitṛ^bhakta^vasiṣṭha^gotrān
5.72b svādhyāya^dharma^niratān kariṇas turaṅgān/ / 5.72c vaṅga^aṅga^kāśi^manujāṃś ca dunoti rāhur
5.72d vṛṣṭiṃ ca karṣakajana^*abhimatāṃ[K.anumatāṃ] karoti//
5.73ab/ pīḍā^karaṃ phālgunamāsi parva / *vaṅga^aśmaka^avantika[K.vantaka]^mekalānām/
5.73cd/ *nṛtyajña[K.nṛttajña]^sasya^pravara^aṅganānāṃ
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4777296 (0.043):
maṅgalāṅkuraropaistu gītanṛtyādivādyakaiḥ //AP_68.003cd/
Sarvatathagatatattvasamgraha (sarvttsu.htm.txt) 1900216 (0.044):
vajragītāṃ tato badhvā pūjayed vajranṛtyayā // / kā[maratyābhiṣekā]gryā nṛtyagītasukhātsukhaṃ /
Jiva Gosvamin: Gopalacampu, Purvacampu, 12-22 (gp12-22u.htm.txt) 28562617 (0.051):
paśyata, netra gati vicitratām amīṣām, yayā khalu nṛtyam upādiśadbhir / āmībhir anugṛhyāmahe | tasmān nṛtya caryā paricaryā paryutsukā vayaṃ
Sarvatathagatatattvasamgraha (sarvttsu.htm.txt) 1879306 (0.062):
vajradharapūjārtha nṛtyopahāraḥ kartavya iti / / tatredaṃ nṛtyapratinṛtyopanṛtyajñānanṛtyopahāramudrājñānaṃ bhavati /
dhanuṣkara^kṣatra^tapasvināṃ ca// / 5.74a *caitryāṃ[K.caitre] tu citrakara^lekha^geya^saktān
5.74b rūpopajīvi^nigamajña^hiraṇya^paṇyān/
5.74c pauṇḍra^auḍra^kaikaya^janān atha ca^aśmakāṃś ca
5.74d tāpaḥ spṛśaty amarapo +atra vicitra^varṣī//
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21629429 (0.040):
371.014. acirodayakāle tu kṣitipālo 'varudhyate//412// / 371.015. vaiśākhamāse cārdrāyāmādityaḥ pratisūryakaḥ/
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6638349 (0.061):
u1.6cd/.acirodayakāle tu kṣiti^pālo +avarudhyate// / u1.7ab/.vaiśākhamāse ca^ardrāyām ādityaḥ pratisūryakaḥ/
5.75ab/ vaiśākha^*māse[K.māsi] grahaṇe vināśam āyānti karpāsa^tilāḥ
sa^mudgāḥ/ / 5.75cd/ ikṣvāku^yaudheya^śakāḥ kaliṅgāḥ *sopa^plavāḥ[K.sopadravāḥ] kintu
subhikṣam asmin// / 5.76ab/ jyeṣṭhe[K.jyaiṣṭhe] narendra^dvija^rājapatnyaḥ sasyāni vṛṣṭiś ca
mahāgaṇāś ca/ / 5.76cd/ pradhvaṃsam āyānti narāś ca saumyāḥ sālvaiḥ sametāś ca
niṣāda^saṅghāḥ// / 5.77ab/ āṣāḍha^parvaṇy udapāna^vapra^nadī^pravāhān phala^mūla^vārttān/
5.77cd/ gāndhāra^kāśmīra^pulinda^cīnān hatān vaded maṇḍala^varṣam asmin//
5.78a kāśmīrān sapulinda^cīna^yavanān hanyāt kurukṣetrajān
5.78b gāndhārān api madhyadeśa^sahitān vṛṣṭo grahaḥ śrāvaṇe/
5.78c kāmboja^ekaśaphāṃś ca śāradam api tyaktvā yathoktān imān / 5.78d anyatra pracura^anna^hṛṣṭa^manujair dhātrīṃ karoty āvṛtām//
5.79a kaliṅga^vaṅgān magadhān surāṣṭrān / 5.79b mlecchān suvīrān *darada^aśmakāṃś[K.daradāñ chakāṃś] ca/
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19752977 (0.061):
02,035.029d@021_0455 aṅgān vaṅgān kaliṅgāṃś ca māgadhān kāśikosalān / 02,035.029d@021_0456 rātrāyaṇān vītihotrān kirātān mārttikāvatān
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20168033 (0.061):
07,010.015a aṅgān vaṅgān kaliṅgāṃś ca māgadhān kāśikosalān / 07,010.015c vatsagargakarūṣāṃś ca puṇḍrāṃś cāpy ajayad raṇe
5.79c strīṇāṃ ca garbhān asuro nihanti / 5.79d subhikṣa^kṛd bhādrapade +abhyupetaḥ//
5.80a kāmboja^cīna^yavanān saha śalyahṛdbhir
5.80b *bāhlīka[K.vālhīka]^sindhutaṭa^vāsijanāṃś ca hanyāt/
5.80c *ānartta[K.ānarta]^pauṇḍra^bhiṣajaś ca tathā kirātān / 5.80d dṛṣṭo +asuro +aśvayuji bhūri^subhikṣa^kṛc ca//
5.81ab/ hanu^kukṣi^pāyu^bhedā dvir dviḥ sañchardanaṃ ca jaraṇaṃ ca/
5.81cd/ madhya^antayoś ca vidaraṇam iti daśa śaśi^sūryayor mokṣāḥ//
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15890510 (0.062):
hore viṣamabherkedoḥ samaye śaśisūryayoḥ / / ādipañcanavādhīśādreṣkāṇeśāḥ prakīrtitāḥ // NarP_1,55.3 //
5.82ab/ āgneyyām apagamanaṃ dakṣiṇa^hanubheda^saṃjñitaṃ śaśinaḥ/
5.82cd/ sasya^vimardo mukha^rug nṛpa^pīḍā syāt suvṛṣṭiś ca//
5.83ab/ pūrvottareṇa vāmo hanu^bhedo nṛpa^kumāra^bhayadāyī/
5.83cd/ mukharogaṃ śastra^bhayaṃ tasmin vindyāt subhikṣaṃ ca//
5.84ab/ dakṣiṇa^kukṣi^vibhedo dakṣiṇa^pārśvena yadi bhaven mokṣaḥ/
5.84cd/ pīḍā nṛpa^putrāṇām abhiyojyā dakṣiṇā ripavaḥ//
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6633187 (0.059):
bhavati/ yadi revatyāṃ somo gṛhyate nāvikānāṃ pīḍā bhavati/ yady / aścviṇijānāṃ pīḍā bhavati/ yadi bharaṇyāṃ somo gṛhyate bharukacchānāṃ pīḍā
5.85ab/ vāmas tu kukṣi^bhedo yady uttaramārga^saṃsthito rāhuḥ/
5.85cd/ strīṇāṃ garbha^vipattiḥ sasyāni ca tatra madhyāni// / 5.86ab/ nairṛta^vāyavya^sthau dakṣiṇa^vāmau tu pāyu^bhedau dvau/
5.86cd/ guhya^rug alpā vṛṣṭir dvayos tu rājñī^kṣayo vāme//
5.87ab/ pūrveṇa pragrahaṇaṃ kṛtvā prāg eva ca^apasarpeta / / 5.87cd/ sañchardanam iti tat kṣema^sasya^hārdipradaṃ jagataḥ//
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt2u.htm.txt) 21012193 (0.046):
tasyaiva dravatvānucchedarūpadharmakalpanāyā laghutvādityarthaḥ/ / itipadasyāheti pūrveṇānvayaḥ// prāgeveti// udayanādyuktabhaṅgaḥ
5.88ab/ prāk pragrahaṇaṃ yasmin paścād apasarpaṇaṃ tu taj jaraṇam/
5.88cd/ kṣut^śastra^bhaya^*udvignā na[K.udvignāḥ kva] śaraṇam upayānti
tatra janāḥ// / 5.89ab/ madhye yadi prakāśaḥ prathamaṃ tan madhya^vidaraṇaṃ nāma/
5.89cd/ antaḥkopa^karaṃ syāt subhikṣadaṃ na^ativṛṣṭi^karam//
Asanga: Sravakabhumi (srabhusu.htm.txt) 6292602 (0.031):
pravivekāntarāyo veditavyaḥ | yaiḥ samavahitaiḥ saṃmukhībhūtairna sukaraṃ / bhavatyaraṇyavanaprasthāni prāntāni śayanāsanānyadhyāvasituṃ | araṇyāni vā
5.90ab/ paryanteṣu vimalatā bahulaṃ madhye tamo
*+antya[K.anta]^daraṇa^ākhyaḥ/ / 5.90cd/ madhyākhyadeśa^nāśaḥ śārada^sasya^kṣayaś ca^asmin//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10204749 (0.044):
5.21ab/ aindre bhūpa^virodhaḥ śārada^sasya^kṣayo na ca kṣemam/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10204802 (0.063):
5.24cd/ ativele kusuma^phala^kṣayo bhayaṃ sasya^nāśaś ca//
5.91ab/ ete sarve mokṣā vaktavyā bhāskare +api kintv atra/
5.91cd/ pūrvā dik śaśini yathā tathā ravau paścimā kalpyā//
5.92ab/ mukte saptāhāntaḥ pāṃśu^nipāto +anna^saṃkṣayaṃ kurute/
5.92cd/ nīhāro roga^bhayaṃ bhūkampaḥ pravara^nṛpa^mṛtyum//
5.93ab/ ulkā mantri^vināśaṃ nānāvarṇā ghanāś ca bhayam atulam/
5.93cd/ stanitaṃ garbha^vināśaṃ vidyun^nṛpa^daṃṣṭri^paripīḍām//
5.94ab/ pariveṣo ruk^pīḍāṃ digdāho nṛpa^bhayaṃ ca sa^agni^bhayaṃ/
5.94cd/ rūkṣo vāyuḥ prabalaś caurasamutthaṃ bhayaṃ dhatte//
5.95ab/ nirghātaḥ suracāpaṃ daṇḍaś ca kṣud^bhayaṃ sa^paracakram/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10221667 (0.058):
45.38ab/ durbhikṣam *anāvṛṣṭāv ativṛṣṭau[K.anāvṛṣṭyām ativṛṣṭyām] / kṣudbhayaṃ *parabhayaṃ ca[K.saparacakram]/
5.95cd/ *grahayuddhe[K.grahayuddhaṃ] nṛpa^yuddhaṃ ketuś ca tad eva
sandṛṣṭaḥ// / 5.96ab/ avikṛtasalila*nipātaiḥ[K.nipāte] saptāha^antaḥ subhikṣam ādeśyam/
5.96cd/ yac ca^aśubhaṃ grahaṇajaṃ tat sarvaṃ nāśan upayāti//
5.97ab/ somagrahe nivṛtte pakṣānte yadi bhaved graho +arkasya/
5.97cd/ tatra^anayaḥ prajānāṃ dampatyor vairam anyonyam// / 5.98ab/ arkagrahāt tu śaśino grahaṇaṃ yadi dṛśyate tato viprāḥ/
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24145316 (0.059):
na cārthakṛtabahiraṅgatvasyānāśrayaṇādidamayuktam, ekadeśyuktitvenādoṣāt/ / ata evāstigrahaṇaṃ nopādyartham, kintvastiśabdānmatubarthamiti
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20954812 (0.060):
atiprasaṅga iti // saddhetūnāmasaddhetutvāpattirūpātiprasaṅga ityarthaḥ/ / tatkathamityata āha dṛśyate hīti//
5.98cd/ naika^kratu^phala^bhājo bhavanti muditāḥ prajāś ca^eva//
Madhava: Jaiminiyanyayamalavistara, a metrical exposition of Jaimini's Mimamsasutra, (mjnya01u.htm.txt) 18235020 (0.049):
caturthe - 'godohanasya puruṣārthatvaprayuktyānuṣṭhānam, na tu / kratvarthatvaprayuktyā' ityevamādayaḥ |
Khandadeva: Bhattadipika, a commentary on Jaimini's Mimamsasutra, Adhyaya 1, Adhikarana 4, (jsbh1-4u.htm.txt) 1938872 (0.053):
yattu sāmavatkratuvidhyekavākyatayā tadupasthitirityuktaṃ
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4990010 (0.062):
*{4/1: E2: 5,1; E6: 2,1}* / athātaḥ kratvarthapuruṣārthayor jijñāsā // MS_4,1.1 //
6 bhaumacārādhyāyaḥ / 6.01ab/ yady udaya^ṛkṣād vakraṃ karoti navama^aṣṭa^saptama^ṛkṣeṣu/
6.01cd/ tad*vaktrām[K.vakram ū.vaktram] uṣṇam udaye pīḍā^karam
agnivārttānām// / 6.02ab/ dvādaśa^daśama^ekādaśa^nakṣatrād vakrite kuje +aśru^mukham/
6.02cd/ dūṣayati rasān udaye karoti rogān avṛṣṭiṃ ca//
6.03ab/ vyālaṃ trayodaśa^ṛkṣāc caturdaśād vā vipacyate +astamaye/
6.03cd/ daṃṣṭri^vyāla^mṛgebhyaḥ karoti pīḍāṃ subhikṣaṃ ca//
6.04ab/ rudhira^ānanam iti vaktraṃ pañcadaśāt ṣoḍaśāc ca vinivṛtte/
6.04cd/ tat^kālaṃ mukha^rogaṃ sa^bhayaṃ ca subhikṣam āvahati//
6.05ab/ asi^muśalaṃ saptadaśād aṣṭādaśato +api vā tad anuvakre/ / 6.05cd/ dasyu^gaṇebhyaḥ pīdāṃ karoty avṛṣṭiṃ sa^śastra^bhayām//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10218228 (0.057):
aindram// / 35.06ab/ vṛṣṭiṃ karoty avṛṣṭyāṃ vṛṣṭiṃ vṛṣṭyāṃ nivārayaty aindryām/
6.06ab/ bhāgya^āryamā^udite yadi nivartate vaiśva^daivate bhaumaḥ/
6.06cd/ prājāpatye +astamitas trīn api lokān nipīḍayati// / 6.07ab/ śravaṇa^uditasya vakraṃ puṣye mūrdha^abhiṣikta^pīḍā^kṛt/
6.07cd/ yasminn ṛkṣe +abhyuditas tad^dig^vyūhān janān hanti//
6.08ab/ madhyena yadi maghānāṃ gata^agataṃ lohitaḥ karoti tataḥ/
6.08cd/ pāṇḍyo nṛpo vinaśyati śastra^udyogād bhayam avṛṣṭiṃ//
6.09ab/ bhittvā *maghā[K.maghāṃ] viśākhāṃ bhindan bhaumaḥ karoti
durbhikṣam/ / 6.09cd/ marakaṃ karoti ghoraṃ yadi bhittvā rohiṇīṃ yāti//
6.10ab/ dakṣiṇato rohiṇyās caran mahījo +argha^vṛṣṭi^nigraha^kṛt/
6.10cd/ dhūmāyan sa^śikho vā vinihanyāt pāriyātra^sthān//
6.11ab/ prājāpatye śravaṇe mūle *triṣu ca^uttareṣu[K.tisṛṣūttarāsu] śākre
6.11cd/ vicaran ghana^nivahānām upaghāta^karaḥ kṣamā^tanayaḥ//
6.12ab/ cāra^udayāḥ praśastāḥ / śravaṇa^maghā^āditya*hasta^mūleṣu[K.mūlahasteṣu]/
6.12cd/ ekapadā^aśvi^viśākhā^prājāpatyeṣu ca kujasya//
6.13a vipula^vimala^mūrtiḥ kiṃśuka^aśoka^varṇaḥ
6.13b sphuṭa^rucira^mayūkhas tapta^tāmra^prabhā^ābhaḥ/
6.13c vicarati yadi mārgaṃ ca^uttaraṃ medinījaḥ / 6.13d śubha^kṛd avani^pānāṃ hārdidaś ca prajānām//
7 budhacārādhyāyaḥ / 7.01ab/ na^utpāta^parityaktaḥ kadā cid api candrajo vrajaty udayam/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10208721 (0.061):
10.21d sūryātmajaḥ kṣayatīti muni^pravādaḥ// / 11 ketucārādhyāyaḥ / 11.01ab/ gārgīyaṃ śikhi^cāraṃ pārāśaram asitadevala^kṛtaṃ ca/
7.01cd/ jala^dahana^pavana^bhaya^kṛd dhānya^argha^kṣaya^vivṛddhau vā//
7.02ab/ vicaran / śravaṇa^dhaniṣṭhā^prajāpatya[U.prājāpatya]^indu*vaiśvadevāni[K.viśvadaivāni]/
7.02cd/ mṛdnan hima^kara^tanayaḥ karoty avṛṣṭiṃ sa^roga^bhayām//
7.03ab/ raudra^ādīni maghā^antāny upāśrite candraje prajāpīḍā/
7.03cd/ śastra^nipāta^kṣud^bhaya^roga^anāvṛṣṭi^santāpaiḥ//
7.04ab/ hasta^ādīni *caran[K.vicaran] ṣaḍṛkṣāṇy upapīḍayan gavām aśubhaḥ/
7.04cd/ sneha^rasa^argha^vivṛddhiṃ karoti ca^urvīṃ prabhūta^annām//
7.05ab/ āryamṇaṃ hautabhujaṃ bhadrapadām uttrarāṃ yameśaṃ ca/
7.05cd/ candrasya suto nighnan prāṇa^bhṛtāṃ dhātu^saṃkṣaya^kṛt//
7.06ab/ āśvina^vāruṇa^mūlāny upamṛdnan revatīṃ ca candra^sutaḥ/
7.06cd/ paṇya^bhiṣag^naujīvika^salilaja^turaga^upaghāta^karaḥ//
7.07ab/ pūrva^ādy^ṛkṣa^tritayād ekam api^indoḥ suto +abhimṛdnīyāt/
7.07cd/ kṣut^śastra^taskara^āmaya^bhaya^pradāyī caran jagataḥ//
7.08ab/ prākṛta^vimiśra^saṃkṣipta^tīkṣṇa^yogānta^ghora^pāpa^ākhyāḥ/
7.08cd/ sapta parāśara^tantre nakṣatraiḥ kīrtitā gatayaḥ//
7.09ab/ prākṛta^saṃjñā vāyavya^yāmya^paitāmahāni bahulāś ca/
7.09cd/ miśrā gatiḥ pradiṣṭā / śaśi^śiva^pitṛ^*bhujagadevāni[K.bhujagadaivāni]/
7.10ab/ saṃkṣiptāyāṃ puṣyaḥ punarvasuḥ phalgunī^dvayaṃ ca^iti/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10247613 (0.062):
K.98.15ab/ hasto mūlaṃ śravaṇā punarvasur mṛgaśiras tathā puṣyaḥ/ / K.98.15cd/ puṃsañjñiteṣu kāryeṣv etāni śubhāni dhiṣṇyāni//]
7.10cd/ tīkṣṇāyāṃ bhadrapadā^dvayaṃ sa^śākra^aśvayuk pauṣṇam//
7.11ab/ yogāntikā^iti mūlaṃ dve ca^āṣāḍhe gatiḥ sutasya^indoḥ//
7.11cd/ ghorā śravaṇas tvāṣṭraṃ *vasudaivaṃ[K.vasudevaṃ] vāruṇaṃ ca^eva//
7.12ab/ pāpa^ākhyā sāvitraṃ maitraṃ śakrāgni^daivataṃ ca^iti/
7.12cd/ udaya^pravāsa^divasaiḥ sa eva gati^lakṣaṇaṃ prāha//
7.13ab/ catvāriṃśat(40) triṃśad(30) dvisametā viṃśatir(22) dvinavakaṃ(18)
Samadhirajasutra (bsu034_u.htm.txt) 28057373 (0.049):
tisraḥ pañca daśa viṃśatiḥ triṃśat catvāriṃśat pañcāśat / jātiaśatamapyanusmarati | jātisahasrapyanusmarati | jātiśatasahasramapi
7.13cd/ nava(9) māsa^ardhaṃ(15) daśa ca^ekasaṃyutāḥ(11) prākṛtādyānām//
7.14ab/ prākṛta^gatyām ārogya^vṛṣṭi^sasya^pravṛddhayaḥ kṣemam/
7.14cd/ saṃkṣipta^miśrayor miśram etad anyāsu viparītam// / 7.15ab/ ṛjvī^ativakrā^vakrā vikalā ca matena devalasya^etāḥ/
7.15cd/ pañca^catur^dvy^ekāhā ṛjvyādīnāṃ ṣaḍabhyastāḥ//
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nystik_u.htm.txt) 2422463 (0.049):
ekadvitricatuḥpañcaprakṛtikatāmāsthiṣata śarīrasya vādinaḥ so 'yaṃ
Rasarnava, Patalas 1-12 (rasarnau.htm.txt) 27817300 (0.049):
ekadvitricatuḥpañca $ sarbbatomukhameva tat &
Rasarnava, Patalas 1-12 (rasarnpu.htm.txt) 11790669 (0.049):
ekadvitricatuḥpañca sarbbatomukhameva tat /
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10240122 (0.054):
80.16ab/ muktāśītyā triṃśacchatasya sā pañcarūpakavihīnā/ / 80.16cd/ dvitricatuḥpañcaśatā dvādaśaṣaṭpañcakatritayam//
7.16ab/ ṛjvī hitā prajānām *ativakrā +arghaṃ[K.ativakrārthaṃ] gatir
vināśayati/ / 7.16cd/ śastra^bhayadā ca vakrā vikalā bhaya^roga^saṃjananī//
7.17ab/ pauṣa^āṣāḍha^śrāvaṇa^vaiśākheṣv indujaḥ sa^māgheṣu/
Salikanathamisra: Prakaranapancika, with Jayapuri Narayanabhatta's Nyayasiddhi: (prakp13u.htm.txt) 12494393 (0.035):
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21626926 (0.053):
357.008. rātryavasāne ātapāgnirevaṃ nāma muhūrto bhavati// / 357.008. yathā śrāvaṇe tathā māghe/ / 357.009. yathā bhādrapade tathā phālgune/
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6635750 (0.053):
ātapāgnir evaṃ nāma muhūrto bhavati/ / p.108.1/.yathā śrāvaṇe tathā māghe/ yathā bhādrapade tathā phālgune/ yathā
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4782328 (0.057):
āṣāḍhādicaturdaśyāmatha śrāvaṇabhādrayoḥ /AP_78.002ab/
7.17cd/ vṛṣṭo bhayāya jagataḥ śubha^phala^kṛt proṣitas teṣu//
7.18ab/ *kārtike[K.kārttike] +aśvayuji vā yadi māse dṛśyate tanu^bhavaḥ
śiśirāṃśoḥ/ / 7.18cd/ śastra^caura^hutabhug^gada^toya^kṣud^bhayāni ca tadā vidadhāti
7.19ab/ ruddhāni saumye *+astagate[K.astamite] purāṇi yāny udgate tāny
upayānti mokṣam/ / 7.19cd/ anye tu paścād udite vadanti lābhaḥ purāṇāṃ bhavati tajjñāḥ//
7.20ab/ hema^kāntir atha vā śuka^varṇaḥ sasyakena maṇinā sadṛśo vā/
7.20cd/ snigdha^mūrtir alaghuś ca hitāya vyatyaye na śubha^kṛt
śaśiputraḥ// / 8 bṛhaspaticārādhyāyaḥ / 8.01ab/ nakṣatreṇa saha^udayam upagacchati yena devapati^mantrī/
8.01cd/ tat^saṃjñaṃ vaktavyaṃ varṣaṃ māsa^krameṇa^eva//
8.02ab/ varṣāṇi kārttika^ādīny āgneyād bha^dvaya^anuyogīni/
8.02cd/ kramaśas tribhaṃ tu pañcamam upāntyam antyaṃ ca yad varṣam//
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21315129 (0.045):
ādyaṃ tu svāśocante / / antyaṃ ca sapiṇḍīkaraṇena saha mṛtāha eva trāpakṣikaṃ ṣāṇmāsikaṃ
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4890969 (0.050):
prathamañcāntato yojyaṃ kṣapaṇaṃ daśavījakam /AP_316.030ab/ / asyārdhaṃ tṛtīyañcaiva pañcamaṃ saptamaṃ tathā //AP_316.030cd/ / sadyojātantu navamaṃ dvitīyāddhṛdayādikam /AP_316.031ab/
Madhava: Jaiminiyanyayamalavistara, a metrical exposition of Jaimini's Mimamsasutra, (mjnya02u.htm.txt) 8351875 (0.064):
paurṇamāsyāmanūcyete, vṛdhanvatī amāvāsyāyāmeti vārtraghnyau vṛdhanvatyau / carcau krameṇa kāladvayopete karmaṇi vidhīyete |"
8.03ab/ śakaṭa^anala^upajīvaka^go^pīḍā vyādhi^śastra^kopaś ca/
8.03cd/ vṛddhis tu rakta^pītaka^kusumānāṃ kārttike varṣe//
8.04ab/ saumye +abde +anāvṛṣṭir mṛga^ākhu^śalabha^aṇḍajaiś ca
sasya^vadhaḥ/ / 8.04cd/ vyādhi^bhayaṃ mitrair api bhūpānāṃ jāyate vairam//
8.05ab/ śubha^kṛj^jagataḥ pauṣo nivṛtta^vairāḥ parasparaṃ kṣitipāḥ/
8.05cd/ dvi^tri^guṇo dhānya^arghaḥ pauṣṭika^karma^prasiddhiś ca//
8.06ab/ pitṛpūjā^parivṛddhir māghe hārdiś ca sarvabhūtānām/
8.06cd/ ārogya^vṛṣṭi^dhānya^argha^sampado mitra^lābhaś ca//
8.07ab/ phālguna^varṣe vindyāt kva cit kva cit kṣema^vṛṣṭi^sasyāni/
8.07cd/ daurbhāgyaṃ pramadānāṃ prabalāś caurā nṛpāś ca^ugrāḥ//
8.08ab/ caitre mandā vṛṣṭiḥ priyam annaṃ kṣemam avanipā mṛdavaḥ/
8.08cd/ vṛddhiś ca kośa^dhānyasya bhavati pīḍā ca rūpavatām//
8.09ab/ vaiśākhe *dharma^ratā[K.dharmaparā] vigata^bhayāḥ pramuditāḥ
prajāḥ sanṛpāḥ/ / 8.09cd/ yajña^kriyā^prāvṛttir niṣpattiḥ sarva^sasyānām//
Badarayana: Brahmsutra, with the Bhasya by Madhva (Anandatirtha), and Jagannatha Tirtha's Dipika (bbdip11u.htm.txt) 8655339 (0.051):
viṣṇuḥ 'kriyāvatāṃ' / yajñādikriyānuṣṭhātṛṇām 'agnau'; gārhapatyādau upāsyaḥ hariḥ / 'yoginām';
Jayatirtha: Nyayasudha, a subcommentary on Madhva's Anuvyakhana, a commentary on Badarayana's (nysu__1u.htm.txt) 2139125 (0.058):
yatsatyaṃ na tatra kriyā'veśaḥ yatra ca kriyā'veśo na tatsatyamiti /
Kesava: Kausikapaddhati (keskaupu.htm.txt) 1843502 (0.060):
sarvā eva yajñatanūravarundhe sarvā evāsya yajñatanūḥ
8.10ab/ jyaiṣṭhe jāti^kula^dhana^śreṇī^śreṣṭhā nṛpāḥ sadharmajñāḥ/
8.10cd/ pīḍyante dhānyāni ca hitvā kaṅguṃ śamījātim//
8.11ab/ āṣāḍhe jāyante sasyāni kva cid avṛṣṭir anyatra/
8.11cd/ yogakṣemaṃ madhyaṃ vyagrāś ca bhavanti bhūpālāḥ// / 8.12ab/ śrāvaṇa^varṣe kṣemaṃ samyak sasyāni pākam upayānti/
8.12cd/ kṣudrā ye *pākhaṇḍāḥ[K.pāṣaṇḍāḥ] pīḍyante ye ca tad^bhaktāḥ//
8.13ab/ bhādrapade vallījaṃ niṣpattiṃ yāti pūrvasasyaṃ ca/
8.13cd/ na bhavaty aparaṃ sasyaṃ kva cit subhikṣaṃ kvacic ca bhayam//
8.14ab/ āśvayuje +abde +ajasraṃ patati jalaṃ pramuditāḥ prajāḥ kṣemam/
8.14cd/ prāṇa^cayaḥ prāṇa^bhṛtām sarveṣām anna^bāhulyam//
8.15ab/ udag^ārogya^subhikṣa^kṣema^karo vākpatiś caran bhānām/
Karunapundarikasutra (bsu018_u.htm.txt) 7682517 (0.054):
kṣemakaraṇīyaḥ, subhikṣakaraḥ, ārogyasāmagrīkaraḥ,
8.15cd/ yāmye tad^viparīto madhyena tu madhya^phala^dāyī//
8.16ab/ vicaran bha^dvayam iṣṭas tat^sārdhaṃ vatsareṇa madhya^phalaḥ/
8.16cd/ sasyānāṃ vidhvaṃsī vicared adhikaṃ yadi kadā cit//
8.17ab/ anala^bhayam anala^varṇe vyādhiḥ pīte raṇa^āgamaḥ śyāme/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10205299 (0.053):
5.53ab/ śvete kṣema^subhikṣaṃ brāhmaṇa^pīḍāṃ ca nirdiśed rāhau/ / 5.53cd/ agni^bhayam anala^varṇe pīḍā ca hutāśavṛttīnām//
8.17cd/ harite ca taskarebhyaḥ pīḍā rakte tu śastra^bhayam//
8.18ab/ dhūma^ābhe +anāvṛṣṭis tridaśa^gurau nṛpa^vadho divā dṛṣṭe/
8.18cd/ vipule +amale sutāre rātrau dṛṣṭe prajāḥ svasthāḥ//
8.19a rohiṇyo +analabhaṃ ca vatsara^tanur nābhis tv aṣāḍha^dvayaṃ
8.19b sārpaṃ hṛt^pitṛ^daivataṃ ca kusumaṃ śuddhaiḥ śubhaṃ taiḥ phalam/
8.19c dehe krūra^nipīḍite +agny^anilajaṃ nābhyāṃ bhayaṃ kṣut^kṛtaṃ
8.19d puṣpe mūla^phala^kṣayo +atha hṛdaye sasyasya nāśo dhruvam//
8.20a gatāni varṣāṇi śakendra^kālād / 8.20b dhatāni rudrair guṇayec caturbhiḥ/
8.20c nava^aṣṭa^pañca^aṣṭa(8589)yutāni kṛtvā
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10225972 (0.044):
52.04ab/ uttamam aṣṭa^abhyadhikaṃ hastaśataṃ nṛpa^gṛhaṃ pṛthutvena/ / 52.04cd/ aṣṭa^aṣṭa^ūnāny evaṃ pañca sapādāni dairghyeṇa//
8.20d vibhājayec^śūnya^śarā^garāmaiḥ(3750)// / 8.21a *labdhena[K.phalena] yuktaṃ śaka^bhūpakālaṃ
8.21b saṃśodhya ṣaṣṭyā viṣayair vibhajya/ / 8.21c yugāni nārāyaṇa^pūrvakāṇi
8.21d labdhāni śeṣāḥ kramaśaḥ samāḥ syuḥ// / 8.22ab/ ekaikam abdeṣu nava^āhateṣu dattvā pṛthag dvādaśakaṃ krameṇa/
8.22cd/ hṛtvā caturbhir vasudevatā^ādyāny uḍūni śeṣāṃśaka^pūrvam abdam//
Visnu-Purana (visnup_u.htm.txt) 10160897 (0.057):
hateṣu teṣu kaṃsena śeṣākhyoṃśastato mama / / aṃśāṃśonādare tasyāḥsaptamaḥ saṃbhaviṣyati // ViP_5,1.73 //
8.23ab/ viṣṇuḥ surejyo balabhid dhutāśas tvaṣṭa^uttaraproṣṭhapadā^adhipaś
8.23cd/ kramād yugeśāḥ / pitṛ^viśva^*soma[K.somāḥ]^śakrānala^ākhya^aśvi^bhagāḥ pradiṣṭāḥ//
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15897999 (0.063):
parveśāstu tathā satyadevā khyāditaḥ kramāt // NarP_1,56.81 //
8.24ab/ saṃvatsaro +agniḥ parivatsaro +arka idā^ādikaḥ śīta^mayūkha^mālī/
8.24cd/ prajāpatiś ca^apy anuvatsaraḥ syād idvatsaraḥ śailasutāpatiś ca//
8.25ab/ vṛṣṭiḥ samādye pramukhe dvitīye prabhūta^toyā kathitā tṛtīye/
8.25cd/ paścāj jalaṃ muñcati yac caturthaṃ svalpa^udakaṃ pañcamam abdam
uktam// / 8.26ab/ catvāri mukhyāni yugāny atha^eṣāṃ / viṣṇu^indra^jīva^anala^daivatāni/
8.26cd/ catvāri madhyāni ca madhyamāni catvāri ca^antyāny adhamāni
vindyāt// / 8.27ab/ ādyaṃ dhaniṣṭāṃśam abhiprapanno māghe yadā yāty udayaṃ surejyaḥ/
8.27cd/ ṣaṣṭy^abda^pūrvaḥ prabhavaḥ sa nāmnā *prapadyate[K.pravartate]
bhūta^hitas tadābdaḥ// / 8.28ab/ kva cit tv avṛṣṭiḥ pavana^agni^kopaḥ santi^ītayaḥ śleṣma^kṛtāś ca
rogāḥ/ / 8.28cd/ saṃvatsare +asmin prabhave pravṛtte na duḥkham āpnoti janas
tathā^api// / 8.29ab/ tasmād dvitīyo vibhavaḥ pradiṣṭaḥ śuklas tṛtīyaḥ parataḥ pramodaḥ/
8.29cd/ prajāpatiś ca^iti yathottarāṇi śastāni varṣāṇi phalāny / *atha^eṣām[K.caiṣām]//
8.30ab/ niṣpanna^śāli^ikṣu^yava^ādi^sasyāṃ bhayair vimuktām
upaśānta^vairām// / 8.30cd/ saṃhṛṣṭa^lokāṃ kali^doṣa^muktāṃ kṣatraṃ tadā śāsti ca
bhūtadhātrīm// / 8.31ab/ ādyo +aṅgirāḥ śrīmukha^bhāvasā^āhvau *yuvā sudhāteti[K.yuvātha
Sankhayana-Srautasutra (sankhssu.htm.txt) 16745002 (0.024):āya.vṛtrahantamāya.viprā.gātham.gāyata.yaj.jujoṣati.|.arcanty.arkam.marutaḥ.svarkā.ā.stobhati.śruto.yuvā.sa.indraḥ / upaprakṣe.madhumati.kṣiyantaḥ.puṣyema.rayim.dhīmahe.ta.indra.|.viśvato.dāvan.viśā.bhara.yam.tvā.śaviṣṭham.īmahe.|.sa.supraṇītī.nṛtamaḥ.svarāḷ.asi.maṃhiṣṭho.vāja.sātaye.|.tvam.hi.rādhasyata.eka.īśiṣe.sanād.amṛkta.ojasā.|.iti.ṣaṭ
RGVEDA 8 (rv_08_u.htm.txt) 7302055 (0.028):
RV_08.021.02.1{01} upa tvā karmannūtaye sa no yuvograścakrāma yo dhṛṣat
Samaveda-Samhita (samavedu.htm.txt) 4699364 (0.028):
4 1 1 22 02a upa tvā karmannūtaye sa no yuvograścakrāma yo dhṛṣat .
Ksemendra: Avadanakalpalata (bsu078_u.htm.txt) 18176479 (0.039):
atrāṇtare gṛhapatiḥ sudattasyātmaji yuvā / / mithyādoṣadṛddhibalo nāma rājñābhighātitaḥ // KAvk_34.10 //
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7416538 (0.047):
yuvā khalatiḥ yuvakhalatiḥ / / yuvatiḥ khalatī yuvakhalatī / / yuvā palitaḥ yuvapalitaḥ /
RGVEDA 8 (rv_08_u.htm.txt) 7317895 (0.049):
RV_08.102.01.2{09} kavirgṛhapatiryuvā / RV_08.102.02.1{09} sa na īḷānayā saha devānagne duvasyuvā
Manusmrti (manu1__u.htm.txt) 21485855 (0.055):
Manu2.156a/ na tena vṛddho bhavati) yenāsya palitaṃ śiraḥ | / Manu2.156c/ yo vai yuvā apy adhīyānas) taṃ devāḥ sthaviraṃ viduḥ) ||
dhāteti] yuge dvitīye/ / 8.31cd/ varṣāṇi pañca^eva yathākrameṇa trīṇy atra śastāni same pare dve//
8.32ab/ triṣv *ādya^varṣeṣu[K.aṅgirādyeṣu, K's tr. ādyavarṣeṣu]
nikāma^varṣī devī nirātaṅka^*bhayaś[K.bhayāś] ca lokaḥ/
8.32cd/ abda^dvaye +antye +api samā suvṛṣṭiḥ kintv atra rogāḥ
samara^āgamaś ca// / 8.33ab/ śākre yuge pūrvam atha^īśvara^ākhyaṃ varṣaṃ dvitīyaṃ bahudhānyam
āhuḥ/ / 8.33cd/ pramāthinaṃ vikramam apy *atha^anyad[K.ato +anyad] vṛṣaṃ ca
vindyād gurucāra^yogāt// / 8.34ab/ ādyaṃ dvitīyaṃ ca śubhe tu varṣe kṛta^anukāraṃ kurutaḥ prajānām/
8.34cd/ pāpaḥ pramāthī vṛṣa^vikramau tu subhikṣadau roga^bhaya^pradau ca//
8.35ab/ śreṣṭhaṃ ca caturthasya yugasya pūrvaṃ yac citrabhānuṃ kathayanti
varṣam/ / 8.35cd/ madhyaṃ dvitīyaṃ tu subhānu^sañjñaṃ roga^pradaṃ mṛtyu^karaṃ *na
taṃ ca[ tac ca]// / 8.36ab/ tāraṇaṃ tad^anu bhūri^vāridaṃ sasya^vṛddhi^*muditāti[K.muditaṃ
ca]^pārthivam/ / 8.36cd/ pañcamaṃ vyayam uśanti śobhanaṃ manmatha^prabalam utsava^ākulam//
8.37ab/ tvāṣṭre yuge sarvajid^ādya uktaḥ saṃvatsaro +anyaḥ khalu
sarvadhārī/ / 8.37cd/ tasmād virodhī vikṛtaḥ kharaś ca śasto dvitīyo +atra bhayāya
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15898537 (0.043):
sarvajitsarvadhārī ca virodhī vikṛtaḥ kharaḥ /
Garuda-Purana (garup1_u.htm.txt) 6722321 (0.062):
sarvajitsarvadhārī ca virodhī vikṛtiḥ kharaḥ // GarP_1,66.10 //
Mitramisra: Viramitrodaya, Samayaprakasa (mvir_sau.htm.txt) 10528977 (0.062):
sarvajitsarvadhārī ca virodhī vikṛtiḥ kharaḥ /
śeṣāḥ// / 8.38ab/ nandano +atha vijayo jayas tathā manmatho +asya parataś ca
Mitramisra: Viramitrodaya, Samayaprakasa (mvir_sau.htm.txt) 10528983 (0.041):
nandano vijayaścaiva jayo manmathadurmukhau // / hemalambo vilambaśca vikārī śārvarī plavaḥ /
durmukhaḥ/ / 8.38cd/ kāntam atra yuga āditas trayaṃ manmathaḥ sama^phalo +adhamo
+aparaḥ// / 8.39ab/ hemalamba iti saptame yuge syād vilambi parato vikāri ca/
8.39cd/ śarvarīti tad^anu plavaḥ smṛto vatsaro guru^vaśena pañcamaḥ//
8.40a *īti^prāyā[K.itiprāyaḥ] pracura^pavanā vṛṣṭir abde tu pūrve
8.40b mandaṃ sasyaṃ na bahu^salilaṃ vatsare +ato dvitīye/
8.40c atyudvegaḥ pracura^salilaḥ syāt tṛtīyaś caturtho
8.40d durbhikṣāya plava iti tataḥ śobhano bhūri^toyaḥ//
8.41ab/ vaiśve yuge *śokahṛd[K.śobhakṛd] ity atha^ādyaḥ saṃvatsaro +ataḥ
śubhakṛd dvitīyaḥ/ / 8.41cd/ krodhī tṛtīyaḥ parataḥ krameṇa viśvāvasuś ca^iti parābhavaś ca//
8.42ab/ pūrvā^parau prīti^karau prajānām eṣāṃ tṛtīyo bahu^doṣado +abdaḥ/
8.42cd/ antyau samau kintu parābhave +agniḥ śastra^āmaya^ārtir
dvija^go^bhayaṃ ca// / 8.43ab/ ādyaḥ plavaṅgo navame yuge +abdaḥ syāt kīlako +anyaḥ parataś ca
saumyaḥ/ / 8.43cd/ sādhāraṇo rodhakṛd ity *atha^evaṃ[K.athābdaḥ] śubhapradau
kīlaka^saumyasaṃjñau// / 8.44ab/ kaṣṭaḥ plavaṅgo bahuśaḥ prajānāṃ sādhāraṇe +alpaṃ jalam ītayaś ca/
8.44cd/ yaḥ pañcamo rodhakṛd ity atha^abdaś citram jalam tatra ca
sasyasampat// / 8.45ab/ indrāgnidaivaṃ daśamaṃ yugaṃ yat
*tatra^ādya^varṣaṃ[K.tarādyamabdaṃ] paridhāvisaṃjñam/
8.45cd/ *pramādinaṃ vikramam apy ato +anyat[K.pramādyathānandamataḥ paraṃ
yat] syād rākṣasaṃ ca^anala^saṃjñitam ca//
8.46ab/ paridhāvini madhyadeśa^nāśo nṛpa^hānir jalam alpam agni^kopaḥ/
8.46cd/ alasas tu janaḥ pramādi^saṃjñe ḍamaraṃ raktaka^puṣpa^bīja^nāśaḥ//
8.47ab/ *vikramaḥ[K.tatparaḥ] sakala^loka^nandano rākṣasaḥ kṣaya^karo
+analas tathā/ / 8.47cd/ grīṣma^dhānya^janano +atra rākṣaso vahni^kopa^maraka^prado
+analaḥ// / 8.48ab/ ekādaśe piṅgala^kālayukta^siddhārtha^raudrāḥ khalu durmatiś ca/
8.48cd/ ādye tu vṣṛṭir mahatī sacaurā śvāso hanū^kampa^yutaś ca kāsaḥ//
8.49ab/ yat kālayuktaṃ tad aneka^doṣaṃ siddhārtha^saṃjñe bahavo guṇāś ca/
8.49cd/ raudro +atiraudraḥ kṣaya^kṛt pradiṣṭo yo durmatir
madhyama^vṛṣṭi^kṛt saḥ// / 8.50ab/ bhāgye yuge dundubhi^saṃjñam ādyaṃ sasyasya vṛddhiṃ mahatīṃ
karoti/ / 8.50cd/ *aṅgāra^saṃjñaṃ[K.udgārisaṃjñaṃ] tad^anu kṣayāya nareśvarāṇāṃ
viṣamā ca vṛṣṭiḥ// / 8.51ab/ raktākṣam abdaṃ kathitaṃ tṛtīyaṃ tasmin bhayaṃ daṃṣṭri^kṛtaṃ gadāś
8.51cd/ krodhaṃ bahu^krodha^karaṃ caturthaṃ rāṣṭrāṇi śūnyīkurute
virodhaiḥ// / 8.52a kṣayam iti yugasya^antyasya^antyaṃ bahu^kṣaya^kārakaṃ
8.52b janayati bhayaṃ tad^viprāṇāṃ kṛṣībala^vṛddhidam/
8.52c upacaya^karaṃ viṭ^śūdrāṇāṃ para^sva^hṛtāṃ tathā
8.52d kathitam akhilaṃ ṣaṣṭy^abde yat tad atra samāsataḥ//
8.53ab/ akaluṣāṃśu^jaṭilaḥ pṛthu^mūrtiḥ / kumuda^kunda^kusuma^sphaṭika^ābhaḥ/
8.53cd/ graha^hato na yadi sat^patha^vartī *hita^karo[K.hatakiro]
+amara^gurur manujānām// / 9 śukracārādhyāyaḥ
9.01ab/ nāga^gaja^airāvata^vṛṣabha^go^jaradgava^mṛga^aja^dahana^ākhyāḥ/
9.01cd/ aśviny^ādyāḥ kaiś cit tribhāḥ kramād vīthayaḥ kathitāḥ//
9.02ab/ nāgā tu pavana^yāmya^analāni paitāmahāt tribhās tisraḥ/
9.02cd/ govīthyām aśvinyaḥ pauṣṇaṃ dve ca^api bhadrapade//
9.03ab/ jāradgavyāṃ śravaṇāt tribhaṃ mṛga^ākhyā tribhaṃ tu maitra^ādyam/
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21298515 (0.061):
'śraviṣṭhāphalgunyanūrādhāsvātitiṣyapunarvasuhasta / viśākhāṣāḍhābahulālluk'; (pā.sū.4 3 34) ityanena, nakṣatrebhyo
9.03cd/ hasta^viśākhā^tvāṣṭrāṇy aja^ity aṣāḍhā^dvayaṃ dahanā//
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21298515 (0.061):
'śraviṣṭhāphalgunyanūrādhāsvātitiṣyapunarvasuhasta / viśākhāṣāḍhābahulālluk'; (pā.sū.4 3 34) ityanena, nakṣatrebhyo
9.04ab/ tisras tisras tāsāṃ kramād udaṅ^madhya^yāmya^mārga^sthāḥ/
9.04cd/ tāsām apy uttara^madhya^*dakṣiṇena / sthita^ekaikā[K.dakṣiṇāvasthitaikaikā]//
9.05ab/ vīthī^mārgān apare kathayanti yathāsthitān bha^mārgasya/
9.05cd/ nakṣatrāṇāṃ tārā yāmyottara^madhyamās tadvat//
9.06ab/ uttaramārgo yāmya^ādi nigadito madhyamas tu bhāgya^ādyaḥ/
9.06cd/ dakṣiṇa^mārgo^āṣāḍhā^ādi kaiś cid evaṃ kṛtā mārgāḥ//
9.07ab/ *jyautiṣam[K.jyotisam] āgama^śāstraṃ vipratipattau na yogyam
asmākam/ / 9.07cd/ svayam evā vikalpayituṃ kintu bahūnāṃ mataṃ vakṣye//
9.08ab/ uttaravīthiṣu śukraḥ subhikṣa^śiva^kṛd gato +astam udayam
9.08cd/ madhyāsu madhya^phaladaḥ kaṣṭa^phalo dakṣiṇa^sthāsu//
9.09ab/ atyuttama^uttamonaṃ sama^madhya^nyūnam adhama^kaṣṭa^phalam/
9.09cd/ *kaṣṭataraṃ[K.kaṣṭatamaṃ] saumya^ādyāsu vīthiṣu yathākramaṃ
brūyāt// / 9.10ab/ bharaṇī^pūrvaṃ maṇḍalam ṛkṣa^catuṣkaṃ subhikṣa^karam ādyam/
9.10cd/ vaṅga^aṅga^mahiṣa^*bāhlika[K.vāhlika]^kaliṅga^deśeṣu
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16145342 (0.064):
aṅgavaṅgakaliṅgānām HV_87.27c / aṅgavaṅgakaliṅgaiśaiḥ HV_App.I,22A.63a
bhaya^jananam// / 9.11ab/ atra^uditam ārohed graho +aparo yadi sitaṃ tato hanyāt/
9.11cd/ bhadrāśva^śūrasenaka^yaudheyaka^koṭivarṣa^nṛpān//
Patna Dharmapada (dhppat_u.htm.txt) 4685767 (0.018):
ekāhaṃ jīvitaṃ śreyo praṃñavantassa jhāyato || / Uv24:4 / yac ca varṣaśataṃ jīved duṣprajño asamāhitaḥ |
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21655270 (0.022):
474.028. nirguṇasya śarīrasya eka eva mahāguṇaḥ/ / 474.029. yathā yathā vidhāryaṃ te tattathaivānuvartate//24// / 474.030. daśeme varṣadaśāḥ puruṣasyāsu nirucyate/
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6645041 (0.029):
u9.23ab/.anāmikāparva atikramed yadi kaniṣṭhikā varṣaśataṃ sa jīvati/ / u9.23cd/.sametvaśītir varṣāṇi saptabhir yathā nadīnāṃ bharitāya nirdiśed//
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21590153 (0.052):
216.020. eṣa ānanda rurumuṇḍo nāma parvataḥ/ / 216.020. atra varṣaśataparinirvṛtasya tathāgatasya śāṇakavāsī nāma
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21597340 (0.052):
244.025. eṣa ānanda urumuṇḍo nāma parvataḥ/ / 244.025. atra varṣaśataparinirvṛtasya tathāgatasya naṭabhaṭikā
9.12ab/ bhacatuṣṭayam ārdrā^ādyaṃ dvitīyam amita^ambu^sasya^sampattyai/
9.12cd/ viprāṇām aśubha^karaṃ viśeṣataḥ krūra^ceṣṭānām//
9.13ab/ anyena^atra^ākrānte mlecchā^*āṭavika[K.& / ū.ātavikā]^śvajīvi^gomantān/
9.13cd/ gonarda^nīca^śūdrān vaidehāṃś ca^anayaḥ spṛśati//
9.14ab/ vicaran maghā^ādi^pañcakam uditaḥ sasya^praṇāśa^kṛt^śukraḥ/
9.14cd/ kṣut^taskara^bhaya^janano nīca^unnati^saṅkarakaraś ca//
9.15ab/ pitryādye +avaṣṭabdho hanty anyena^āvikān śabara^śūdrān/
9.15cd/ puṇḍrā^aparāntya^śūlika^vanavāsi^draviḍa^sāmudrān//
9.16ab/ svāty^ādyaṃ bha^tritayaṃ maṇḍalam etac caturtham abhaya^karam/
9.16cd/ brahma^kṣatra^subhikṣa^abhivṛddhaye mitra^bhedāya//
9.17ab/ atra^akrānte mṛtyuḥ kirātabhartuḥ^pinaṣṭi ca^ikṣvākūn/
9.17cd/ pratyanta^avanti^pulinda^taṅgaṇān śūrasenāṃś ca//
9.18ab/ jyeṣṭhā^ādyaṃ pañca^ṛkṣaṃ kṣut^taskara^roga^dam prabādhayate/
9.18cd/ kāśmīra^aśmaka^matsyān sa^cārudevīn avantīṃś ca//
9.19ab/ *atra^arohed draviḍa^ābhīra^ambaṣṭha[K.ārohe +atrābhīrān
Bana: Harsacarita, Ucchvasa V (bahcar5_au.htm.txt) 9350182 (0.041):
muṇḍôpahāra-haraṇôdyata-draviḍa-prārthyamānâmardakaṃ kva-cid
draviḍāmbaṣṭha]^trigarta^saurāṣṭrān/ / 9.19cd/ nāśayanti sindhu^sauvīrakāṃś ca kāśi^īśvarasya vadhaḥ//
9.20ab/ ṣaṣṭhaṃ ṣaṇnakṣatraṃ śubham etan maṇḍalaṃ dhaniṣṭhā^ādyam/
9.20cd/ bhūri^dhana^gokula^ākulam analpa^dhānyaṃ kva cit sabhayam//
% Mahabharata: Santiparvan (mbh_12_u.htm.txt) 10316400 (0.007):
12,136.057a yasminn āśvasate kaś cid yaś ca nāśvasate kva cit
Moksopaya (also known as Yogavasistha") (motik_xu.htm.txt) 2245819 (0.027):
vāsanā | nanu cidrūpānudayena katham atra jīvāditā nāsti | satyaṃ |"
Jayatirtha: Nyayasudha, a subcommentary on Madhva's Anuvyakhana, a commentary on Badarayana's (nysu__3u.htm.txt) 483105 (0.030):
dhyānaṃ ca yāvadīkṣā syānnekṣarā kva ca na bādhyate'; iti ca /
Bana: Harsacarita, Ucchvasa 1 (bahcar1u.htm.txt) 1700148 (0.032):
kva mahāpobhāravaivadhikatā, kva purobhāgitvam? atiroṣaṇaścakṣuṣmānandha
Bharavi: Kiratarjuniya (bhakirxu.htm.txt) 7331206 (0.039):
asat+api+adas+sahitum+arhati nas+kva vanecarās+kva nipuṇās+matayas+ //
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9536214 (0.039):
11,32: kva.abhūd.iti.vā/ / 11,32: kva.satī.hūyata.iti.vā/ / 11,32: kva.āhutam.havis.juhoti.iti.vā/
% Mahabharata: Udyogaparvan (mbh_05_u.htm.txt) 15471644 (0.039):
05,111.016c na ca te garhaṇīyāpi garhitavyāḥ striyaḥ kva cit
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5452632 (0.040):
pratyayasañjñāsanniyogena ādyudāttatve kṛte āntaryataḥ ādeśāḥ asvarakāṇām / asvarakāḥ syuḥ . na vā kva cit citkaraṇāt upadeśivadvacanānarthakyam na vā
Brhaspatismrti: Vyavaharakanda (brhaspiu.htm.txt) 12692182 (0.041):
na pṛcched āgamāṃ kva cit Brh_1,7.54d / na pṛṣṭavyāḥ punaḥ punaḥ Brh_1,8.43d
Brhadaranyaka-Upanisad (Brhadaranyakopanisad), Kanva recension (brupsb2u.htm.txt) 2950564 (0.041):
kenatcitkañcitkāścitkathaṃ cinna jivredevetyarthaḥ /
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19934944 (0.042):
03,284.002a yac cāpi te bhayaṃ tīvraṃ na ca kīrtayase kva cit / 03,284.002c tac cāpy apahariṣyāmi savyasācāv ihāgate
Manusmrti (manu1__u.htm.txt) 21494434 (0.042):
Manu4.205c[206ṃc]/ striyā klībena ca hute bhuñjīta) brāhmaṇaḥ kva cit || / Manu4.206a[207ṃa]/ aślīkam etat sādhūnāṃ yatra juhvaty) amī haviḥ
Vidyakara: Subhasitaratnakosa (vidsrixu.htm.txt) 16124941 (0.043):
śiras+raudram+kva+ahes+sphuradurumayūkhas+kva ca maṇis+ / / kalis+kva+ayam+pāpas+kva ca guṇanidhes+janma bhavatas+
Manusmrti (manu2piu.htm.txt) 2531761 (0.043):
nāsphoṭayen na ca kṣveḍen Mn_4.64c / nāsya kaś cid vased gehe Mn_4.29c
Dantyosthavidhi (dantyovu.htm.txt) 25317865 (0.044):
baṃdhu vā siṃdhurapara eteṣāṃ tu balaḥ kva cit || 2.10 || / tuchubdaś cubukaś caiva babhūvuś ca babhūvuṣī |
Padmagupta (alias Parimala): Navasahasankacarita (padnscxu.htm.txt) 10081662 (0.044):
ṝju kva-cit+kva-api anṝju pravartate
9.21ab/ atra^*ārohec[K.ārohe]^śūlika^gāndhāra^avantayaḥ prapīḍyante/
9.21cd/ vaideha^vadhaḥ pratyanta^yavana^śaka^dāsa^parivṛddhiḥ//
9.22ab/ aparasyāṃ svāty^ādyaṃ jyeṣṭhā^ādyaṃ ca^api maṇḍalaṃ śubhadam/
9.22cd/ pitrya^ādyaṃ pūrvasyāṃ śeṣāṇi yathokta^phaladāni//
9.23ab/ dṛṣṭo *+anastamite[K.+anastagate +arke] bhaya^kṛt kṣud^roga^kṛt
samastam ahaḥ/ / 9.23cd/ *ardha^divase[K.arthadivasaṃ] ca sa^indur
9.24ab/ bhindan gato +anala^ṛkṣaṃ kūlātikrānta^vāri^vāhābhiḥ/
9.24cd/ avyakta^tuṅga^nimnā samā saridbhir bhavati dhātrī//
9.25ab/ prājāpatye śakaṭe bhinne kṛtvā^iva pātakaṃ vasudhā/
Visnusarma: Pancatantra (vispancu.htm.txt) 21440867 (0.062):
prājāpatye śakaṭe bhinne kṛtvaiva pātakaṃ vasudhā |
9.25cd/ keśa^asthi^śakala^śabalā kāpālam iva vrataṃ dhatte//
9.26ab/ saumya^upagato rasa^sasya^saṃkṣayāya^uśanāḥ samuddiṣṭaḥ/
9.26cd/ ārdrāgatas tu kośala^kaliṅga^hā salila^nikara^karaḥ//
9.27ab/ aśmaka^vaidarbhāṇāṃ punarvasusthe site mahān anayaḥ/
9.27cd/ puṣye puṣṭā vṛṣṭir *vidyādhararaṇa[U.vidyādhara]^vimardaś ca//
9.28ab/ āśleṣāsu bhujaṅgama^dāruṇa^pīḍā^vahaś caran śukraḥ/
9.28cd/ bhindan maghāṃ mahāmātra^doṣa^kṛd bhūri^vṛṣṭi^karaḥ//
9.29ab/ bhāgye śabara^pulinda^pradhvaṃsa^karo +ambu^nivaha^mokṣāya/
9.29cd/ āryamṇe kuru^jāṅgala^pāñcāla^ghnaḥ salila^dāyī//
9.30ab/ kaurava^citrakarāṇāṃ haste pīḍā jalasya ca nirodhaḥ/
9.30cd/ kūpakṛd^aṇḍaja^pīḍā citrāsthe śobhanā vṛṣṭiḥ//
9.31ab/ svātau prabhūta^vṛṣṭir dūta^vaṇig^nāvikān spṛśaty anayaḥ/
9.31cd/ aindra^agne +api suvṛṣṭir vaṇijāṃ ca bhayaṃ vijānīyāt//
9.32ab/ maitre kṣatra^virodho jyeṣṭhāyāṃ kṣatra^mukhya^santāpaḥ/
9.32cd/ maulika^bhiṣajām mūle triṣv api ca^eteṣv anāvṛṣṭiḥ// / 9.33ab/ āpye salilaja^pīḍā viśveśe vyādhayaḥ prakupyanti/
9.33cd/ śravaṇe śravaṇa^vyādhiḥ *pākhaṇḍi[K.pāṣaṇḍi]^bhayaṃ dhaniṣṭhāsu//
9.34ab/ śatabhiṣaji śauṇḍikānām *ajaikabhe[K.ajaikape] dyūtajīvināṃ
*pīḍāṃ[K.pīḍā]/ / 9.34cd/ kuru^pāñcālānām api karoti ca^asmin sitaḥ salilam//
9.35ab/ āhirbudhnye phala^mūla^tāpa^kṛd yāyinām ca revatyām/
9.35cd/ aśvinyāṃ hayapānāṃ yāmye tu kirāta^yavanānām//
9.36ab/ *caturdaśīṃ pañcadaśīṃ tathā^aṣṭamīṃ[K.caturdaśe pañcadaśe / tathāṣṭame] tamisrapakṣasya *tithiṃ[K.tithau] bhṛgoḥ sutaḥ/
9.36cd/ yadā vrajed darśanam astam eti vā tadā mahī vārimayīva lakṣyate//
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 8 (sb_08_u.htm.txt) 10731806 (0.057):
ekaviṃśastadyattamāha dharuṇa iti yadā hyevaiṣo 'stametyathedaṃ sarvaṃ / dhriyata
9.37ab/ gurur bhṛguś ca^apara^pūrva^kāṣṭhayoḥ parasparaṃ saptama^rāśigau
yadā/ / 9.37cd/ tadā prajā rug^bhaya^śoka^pīḍitā na vāri paśyanti
purandara^ujjhitam// / 9.38ab/ yadā sthitā jīva^budha^āra^sūryajāḥ sitasya sarve
+agrapatha^anuvartinaḥ/ / 9.38cd/ nṛ^nāga^vidyādhara^saṅgarās tadā bhavanti vātāś ca
samucchrita^antakāḥ// / 9.39ab/ na mitrabhāve suhṛdo vyavasthitāḥ kriyāsu samyag na ratā
dvijātayaḥ/ / 9.39cd/ na ca^alpam apy ambu dadāti vāsavo bhinatti vajreṇa śirāṃsi
bhūbhṛtām// / 9.40ab/ śanaiścare mleccha^viḍāla^kuñjarāḥ kharā mahiṣyo
+asita^dhānya^śūkarāḥ/ / 9.40cd/ pulinda^śūdrāś ca sadakṣiṇāpathāḥ kṣayaṃ vrajanty
akṣi^marud^gada^udbhavaiḥ// / 9.41ab/ nihanti śukraḥ kṣitije +agrataḥ *prajāṃ[K.prajā]
hutāśa^śastra^kṣud^avṛṣṭi^taskaraiḥ/ / 9.41cd/ cara^acaraṃ vyaktam atha^uttarāpathaṃ diśo +agni^vidyud^rajasā ca
pīḍyet// / 9.42ab/ bṛhaspatau hanti puraḥsthite sitaḥ sitaṃ samastaṃ
dvija^go^surālayān/ / 9.42cd/ diśaṃ ca pūrvāṃ karakāsṛjo +ambudā gale gadā bhūri bhavec ca
śāradam// / 9.43a saumyo +asta^udayoḥ puro bhṛgusutasya^avasthitas toya^kṛd
9.43b rogān pittaja^*kāmalāṃś[K.kāmalāṃ K's tr. kāmalāmś or kāmalāś] ca
kurute puṣṇāti ca *graiṣmikān[K.graiṣmikam]/ / 9.43c hanyāt pravrajita^āgnihotrika^bhiṣag^raṅgopajīvyān hayān
9.43d vaiśyān gāḥ saha vāhanair narapatīn pītāni paścād diśam//
9.44a śikhi^bhayam analābhe śastra^kopaś ca rakte
9.44b kanakanikaṣagaure vyādhayo daityapūjye/
9.44c harita^kapila^rūpe śvāsa^kāsa^prakopaḥ
9.44d patati na salilaṃ khād bhasmarūkṣāsitābhe//
9.45ab/ dadhi^kumuda^śaśāṅka^kānti^bhṛt sphuṭa^vikasat^kiraṇo bṛhattanuḥ/
9.45cd/ sugatir avikṛto jayānvitaḥ kṛtayugarūpakaraḥ sitāhvayaḥ//
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhassu.htm.txt) 65541 (0.044):
pratiṣedhaḥ vaktavyaḥ : yugavaratrāya yugavaratrārtham , yugavaratrebhyaḥ
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5278132 (0.044):
yugavaratrāya yugavaratrārtham , yugavaratrebhyaḥ .
10 śanaiścaracārādhyāyaḥ / 10.01ab/ śravaṇa^anila^hasta^ārdrā^bharaṇī^bhāgya^upagaḥ suto +arkasya/
Vamana: Kavyalamkarasutra, with Vṛtti (vamkalvu.htm.txt) 18071421 (0.030):
tadidamuktaṃ prayukteṣu , nāprayukteṣu / na hi , bhavati yathā ---- / śravaṇakuṇḍalami / iti / tathā ---- nitambakāñcī ityapi / yathā vā ----
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20917545 (0.032):
sādhyasādhakhasyābhāvāt/ anena sapakṣasyāpītyetadapi vyākhyātaprāyam/ / tadabhāvepīti// śravaṇādirūpasādhakasyaiva tatra satvenābhāvadvayābhāvepi
10.01cd/ pracura^salila^upagūḍhāṃ karoti dhātrīṃ yadi snigdhaḥ//
10.02ab/ ahi^varuṇa^purandara^daivateṣu sukṣema^kṛn na ca^atijalam/
10.02cd/ kṣut^śastra^avṛṣṭi^karo mūle pratyekam api vakṣye//
10.03ab/ turaga^turagopacāraka^kavi^vaidya^amātya^hā^arkajo +aśvigataḥ/
10.03cd/ yāmye nartaka^vādaka^geya^jña^kṣudra^naikṛtikān//
10.04ab/ bahulāsthe pīḍyante saure +agnyupajīvinaś camūpāś ca/
10.04cd/ rohiṇyāṃ kośala^madra^kāśi^pañcāla^śākaṭikāḥ//
10.05ab/ mṛgaśirasi vatsa^yājaka^yajamāna^āryajana^madhyadeśās ca/
10.05cd/ raudra^sthe *pārata^ramaṭhās / tailika^rajaka[K.pāratarātailikarajaka]^caurāś ca//
10.06ab/ āditye pāñcanada^pratyanta^surāṣṭra^sindhu^sauvīrāḥ/
10.06cd/ puṣye ghāṇṭhika^ghauṣika^yavana^vaṇik^kitava^kusumāni//
10.07ab/ sārpe jalaruha^sarpāḥ pitrye bāhlīka^cīna^gāndhārāḥ/
10.07cd/ śūlika^pārata^vaiśyāḥ koṣṭhāgārāṇi vaṇijaś ca//
10.08ab/ bhāgye rasa^vikrayiṇaḥ paṇya^strī^kanyakā^mahārāṣṭrāḥ/
10.08cd/ āryamṇe nṛpa^guḍa^lavaṇa^bhikṣuka^ambūni takṣaśilā//
10.09ab/ haste nāpita^cākrika^caura^bhiṣak^sūcikā dvipa^grāhāḥ/
10.09cd/ bandhakyaḥ kauśalakā mālākārāś ca pīḍyante// / 10.10ab/ citrāsthe pramadājana^lekhaka^citrajña^citrabhāṇḍāni/
10.10cd/ svātau māgadha^cara^dūta^sūta^potaplava^naṭa^ādyāḥ//
10.11ab/ aindrāgnākhye traigarta^cīna^kaulūta^kuṅkumaṃ lākṣā/
10.11cd/ sasyāny atha māñjiṣṭhaṃ kausumbhaṃ ca kṣayaṃ yāti//
10.12ab/ maitre kulūta^taṅgaṇa^khasa^kāśmīrāḥ samantri^cakracarāḥ/
10.12cd/ upatāpaṃ yānti ca ghāṇṭikā vibhedaś ca mitrāṇām// / 10.13ab/ jyeṣṭhāsu nṛpa^purohita^nṛpa^satkṛta^śūra^gaṇa^kula^śreṇyaḥ/
10.13cd/ mūle tu kāśi^kośala^pāñcāla^phala^auṣadhī^yodhāḥ//
10.14ab/ āpye +aṅga^vaṅga^kauśala^girivrajā magadha^puṇḍra^mithilāś ca/
10.14cd/ upatāpaṃ yānti janā vasanti ye tāmraliptyāṃ ca//
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17946922 (0.057):
sūryādrau kumudādrau ca te vasanti tathā janāḥ / / aukhāvanāḥ sapiśikāstathā ye karmanāyakāḥ // MarkP_58.26 //
10.15ab/ viśveśvare +arkaputraś caran daśārṇān nihanti yavanāṃś ca/
10.15cd/ ujjayinīṃ śabarān pāriyātrikān kuntibhojāṃś ca// / 10.16ab/ śravaṇe rāja^adhikṛtān viprāgrya^bhiṣak^purohita^kaliṅgān/
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21627686 (0.053):
361.017. vaṇijyajīvino vaiśyāñ śūdrāṃśca karītīnapi/ / 361.018. yavanān mālavādyāṃśca ganthibhedāṃśca nāśayet//288//
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp1_u.htm.txt) 8502730 (0.053):
tuṣārānbarbarāṃścīnāñchūlikāndaradān khaśān // BndP_1,31.83 // / laṃpākārānsakatakānkirātānāṃ ca jātayaḥ /
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_conpu.htm.txt) 4364414 (0.056):
tukhārān barbarāṃś caiva śvānikān daradān khaśān | *HV_31.148*482A:10 / lambakāṃś ca maruṃdhāṃś ca kirātāṃś caiva sa prabhuḥ |
Govind Kaul: Pradesasamgraha (kaulpradsam_u.htm.txt) 8368906 (0.057):
dārvābhisāragāndhārajuhuṇḍaraśakān khaśān | / taṅganān māṇḍavān madrān antargiribahirgirīn ||
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19752981 (0.060):
02,035.029d@021_0455 aṅgān vaṅgān kaliṅgāṃś ca māgadhān kāśikosalān / 02,035.029d@021_0456 rātrāyaṇān vītihotrān kirātān mārttikāvatān / 02,035.029d@021_0457 etān anyāṃś ca rājendrān deśe deśe sahasraśaḥ
10.16cd/ vasubhe magadheśa^jayo vṛddhiś ca dhaneṣv adhikṛtānām//
10.17ab/ sāje śatabhiṣaji / bhiṣak^kavi^śauṇḍika^paṇya^nīti*vṛttīnām[K.varttānām]/
10.17cd/ āhirbudhnye nadyo yānakarāḥ strī^hiraṇyaṃ ca//
10.18ab/ revatyāṃ rāja^bhṛtāḥ krauñca^dvīpa^āśritāḥ śaratsasyam/
10.18cd/ śabarāś ca nipīḍyante yavanāś ca śanaiścare carati// / 10.19ab/ yadā viśākhāsu mahendra^mantrī sutaś ca bhānor dahana^ṛkṣa^yātaḥ/
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_conpu.htm.txt) 4342518 (0.042):
yavanāḥ pāradāś caiva kāmbojāḥ pahlavās khaśāḥ / / [k: B1 D2 T3.4 (T2 G1.4 after 37d) ins.: :k]
Manusmrti (manu1__u.htm.txt) 21513832 (0.050):
Manu10.44a/ pauṇḍrakāś cauḍra.draviḍāḥ kāmbojā yavanāḥ śakāḥ |
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17946966 (0.052):
kūrmasya dakṣiṇe kukṣau bāhyapādastathāparam // MarkP_58.29 // / kāmbojāḥ pahlavāścaiva tathaiva vahavāmukhāḥ / / tathā ca sindusauvīrāḥ sānartā vanitāmukhāḥ // MarkP_58.30 //
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20090395 (0.057):
06,010.049c puṇḍrā bhārgāḥ kirātāś ca sudoṣṇāḥ pramudās tathā / 06,010.050a śakā niṣādā niṣadhās tathaivānartanairṛtāḥ
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17946367 (0.061):
mahārāṣṭrā māhiṣakā kaliṅgāścaiva sarvaśaḥ // MarkP_57.46 // / ābhīrāḥ saha vaiśikyā āḍhakyāḥ śabarāśca ye /
10.19cd/ tadā prajānām anayo +atighoraḥ pura^prabhedo gatayor bham ekam//
10.20ab/ aṇḍajahā ravijo yadi citraḥ kṣudbhayakṛd yadi pīta^mayūkhaḥ/
10.20cd/ śastra^bhayāya ca raktasavarṇo bhasmanibho bahu^vairakaraś ca//
10.21a vaidūryakānti^vimalaḥ śubhakṛt prajānāṃ
10.21b bāṇa^atasīkusuma^varṇa^nibhaś ca śastaḥ/
10.21c *yaṃ ca^api[K.pañca^api] varṇam upagacchati tatsavarṇān
10.21d sūryātmajaḥ kṣayatīti muni^pravādaḥ// / 11 ketucārādhyāyaḥ
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10206293 (0.061):
6.13d śubha^kṛd avani^pānāṃ hārdidaś ca prajānām// / 7 budhacārādhyāyaḥ / 7.01ab/ na^utpāta^parityaktaḥ kadā cid api candrajo vrajaty udayam/
11.01ab/ gārgīyaṃ śikhi^cāraṃ pārāśaram asitadevala^kṛtaṃ ca/
11.01cd/ anyāṃś ca bahūn dṛṣṭvā kriyate +ayam anākulaś cāraḥ//
11.02ab/ darśanam astamayo vā na gaṇitavidhinā^asya śakyate jñātum/
11.02cd/ divya^antarikṣa^bhaumās trividhāḥ syuḥ ketavo yasmāt//
11.03ab/ ahutāśe +analarūpaṃ yasmiṃs tat^keturūpam eva^uktam/
11.03cd/ khadyota^piśācālaya^maṇi^ratna^ādīn parityajya//
11.04ab/ dhvaja^śastra^bhavana^taru^turaga^kuñjara^ādyeṣv atha^antarikṣās
11.04cd/ divyā nakṣatrasthā bhaumāḥ syur ato +anyathā śikhinaḥ//
11.05ab/ śatam eka^adhikam eke sahasram apare vadanti ketūnām/
11.05cd/ bahurūpam ekam eva prāha munir nāradaḥ ketum//
Linga-Purana 2,1 - 55 (complete) (lip_2__u.htm.txt) 13394446 (0.064):
sthitāṃ tāmāha rājāsau vatse kiṃ tvaṃ kariṣyasi // LiP_2,5.103 // / evamukte muniḥ prāha nāradaḥ saṃśayaṅgataḥ /
11.06ab/ yady eko yadi bahavaḥ kim anena phalaṃ tu sarvathā vācyam/
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4924128 (0.047):
yathā asmin deśe sāsnādimati gośabdaḥ, evaṃ sarveṣu durgameṣv api. bahavaḥ / saṃbandhāraḥ kathaṃ saṃgamsyante. eko 'pi{*1/216*} na śaknuyāt{*1/217*}.
Sabara: Mimamsasutrabhasya ad Jaimini's Mimamsasutra 1,1.1-5 (sabbha1u.htm.txt) 17444821 (0.047):
yathā asmin deśe sāsnādimati gośabdaḥ, evaṃ sarveṣu durgameṣv api / / bahavaḥ saṃbandhāraḥ kathaṃ saṃgamsyante / eko 'pi na śaknuyāt / ato nāsti
11.06cd/ udaya^astamayaiḥ sthānaiḥ sparśair ādhūmanair varṇaiḥ/
11.07ab/ yāvanty ahāni dṛśyo māsās tāvanta eva phalapākaḥ/
11.07cd/ māsair abdāṃś ca vadet prathamāt pakṣatrayāt parataḥ//
11.08ab/ hrasvas tanuḥ prasannaḥ snigdhas tv ṛjur acira^saṃsthitaḥ śuklaḥ/
11.08cd/ udito *+atha vā^abhivṛṣṭaḥ[K.vā^apy abhidṛṣṭaḥ] / subhikṣa^saukhyāvahaḥ ketuḥ//
11.09ab/ ukta^viparīta^rūpo na śubhakaro dhūmaketur utpannaḥ/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10212163 (0.055):
17.09cd/ adhirūḍho vikṛto niṣprabho vivarṇaś ca yaḥ sa jitaḥ// / 17.10ab/ uktaviparītalakṣaṇasampanno jayagato *vinirdeśyaḥ[K.vinirdiṣṭaḥ]/
Udayana: Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi, Adhyaya 1,1 (nvtp1_1u.htm.txt) 7159543 (0.061):
sa kiṃ saṃtanyamānajñānarūpaḥ, tadviparītarūpo veti cintā pariśiṣyate /
11.09cd/ indrāyudha^anukārī viśeṣato dvitricūlo vā//
11.10ab/ hāra^maṇi^hema^rūpāḥ kiraṇa^ākhyāḥ pañcaviṃśatiḥ saśikhāḥ/
11.10cd/ prāgaparadiśor dṛśyā nṛpati^virodhāvahā ravijāḥ//
11.11ab/ śuka^dahana^bandhujīvaka^lākṣā^kṣataja^upamā hutāśasutāḥ/
11.11cd/ āgneyyāṃ dṛśyante tāvantas te +api śikhibhayadāḥ//
11.12ab/ vakraśikhā mṛtyusutā rūkṣāḥ kṛṣṇāś ca te +api tāvantaḥ/
11.12cd/ dṛśyante yāmyāyāṃ jana^maraka^āvedinas te ca//
11.13ab/ darpaṇa^vṛtta^ākārā viśikhāḥ kiraṇānvitā dharātanayāḥ/
11.13cd/ kṣudbhayadā dvāviṃśatir aiśānyām ambutailanibhāḥ//
11.14ab/ śaśikiraṇa^rajata^hima^kumuda^kunda^kusuma^upamāḥ sutāḥ śaśinaḥ/
11.14cd/ uttarato dṛśyante trayaḥ subhikṣāvahāḥ śikhinaḥ//
11.15ab/ brahmasuta eka eva triśikho varṇais tribhir yugāntakaraḥ/
11.15cd/ aniyatadiksamprabhavo vijñeyo brahmadaṇḍākhyaḥ//
11.16ab/ śatam abhihitam ekasametam etad ekena virahitāny asmāt/
11.16cd/ kathayiṣye ketūnāṃ śatāni nava lakṣaṇaiḥ spaṣṭaiḥ//
11.17ab/ saumyaiśānyor udayaṃ śukrasutā yānti caturaśītyākhyāḥ/
11.17cd/ vipulasitatārakās te snigdhāś ca bhavanti tīvraphalāḥ//
11.18ab/ snigdhāḥ prabhā^sametā dviśikhāḥ ṣaṣṭiḥ śanaiścarāṅgaruhāḥ/
11.18cd/ atikaṣṭaphalā dṛśyāḥ sarvatraite kanakasaṃjñāḥ//
11.19ab/ vikacā nāma gurusutāḥ sita^ekatārāḥ śikhāparityaktāḥ/
11.19cd/ ṣaṣṭiḥ pañcabhir adhikā snigdhā yāmyāśritāḥ pāpāḥ//
11.20ab/ na^ativyaktāḥ sūkṣmā dīrghāḥ śuklā yathā^iṣṭa^dik^prabhavāḥ/
11.20cd/ budhajās taskarasaṃjñāḥ pāpaphalās tv ekapañcāśat//
11.21ab/ kṣataja^anala^anurūpās tri^cūla^tārāḥ kujātmajāḥ ṣaṣṭiḥ/
11.21cd/ nāmnā ca kauṅkumās te saumyāśāsaṃsthitāḥ pāpāḥ//
11.22ab/ triṃśaty adhikā rāhos te tāmasakīlakā iti khyātāḥ/
11.22cd/ raviśaśigā dṛśyante teṣāṃ phalam arkacāroktam//
11.23ab/ viṃśatyadhikam anyat^śatam agner viśvarūpasaṃjñānām/
11.23cd/ tīvra^anala^bhayadānāṃ jvālāmālākulatanūnām//
11.24ab/ śyāmāruṇā vitārāś cāmararūpā vikīrṇadīdhitayaḥ/
11.24cd/ aruṇākhyā vāyoḥ saptasaptatiḥ pāpadāḥ paruṣāḥ//
11.25ab/ tārāpuñjanikāśā gaṇakā nāma prajāpater aṣṭau/
11.25cd/ dve ca śate caturadhike *caturasrā[K.caturaśrā] brahmasantānāḥ//
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4910929 (0.062):
triṃśādhike dve śate tu antarādhau tu saptatiḥ /AP_369.035ab/
11.26ab/ kaṅkā nāma varuṇajā dvātriṃśad^vaṃśa^gulma^saṃsthānāḥ/
11.26cd/ śaśivat^prabhā^sametās tīvraphalāḥ ketavaḥ proktāḥ//
11.27ab/ ṣaṇṇavatiḥ kālasutāḥ kabandha^saṃjñāḥ kabandha^saṃsthānāḥ/
11.27cd/ *puṇḍra[K.caṇḍa]^abhaya^pradāḥ syur virūpa^tārāś ca te śikhinaḥ//
11.28ab/ śukla^vipula^ekatārā nava vidiśāṃ ketavaḥ samutpannāḥ/
11.28cd/ evaṃ ketu^sahasraṃ viśeṣam eṣām ato vakṣye// / 11.29ab/ udagāyato mahān snigdha^mūrtir aparodayī vasāketuḥ/
11.29cd/ sadyaḥ karoti marakaṃ subhikṣam apy uttamaṃ kurute//
11.30ab/ tallakṣaṇo +asthiketuḥ sa tu rūkṣaḥ kṣud^bhaya^āvahaḥ proktaḥ/
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20958890 (0.020):
asiddhitvāvyāptitvasādhyavikalpatvasādhanavikalatvarūpeṇetyarthaḥ/ / uktamiti// pramāṇalakṣaṇa ityanukarṣaḥ/ pramāṇavi 1 ruddhtavenaikīkaraṇe 3
Jayaraksita: Sphutartha Srighanacarasamgrahatika (jsphustu.htm.txt) 5500989 (0.025):
patāketyādi | yatinā dhvajāpatākādilakṣaṇaḥ stūpato na grahītavyaḥ | / nirgranthastūpagrahaṇaṃ copalakṣaṇārthaṃ | tena paṇḍarabhikṣustūpāderapi
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28143076 (0.027):
tatprakārakatvarūpayathārthalakṣaṇākrāntatvena yathārthatvādityata āha / bhramabhinnetyartha iti/ tathā caprakṛtalakṣaṇaghaṭakaṃ yathārthapadaṃ
Ratnakarasanti: Saratama (bsa051_u.htm.txt) 7880766 (0.029):
advitīyatvāditi sadṛśābhāvāt / pratibodhakaṃ lakṣaṇamasyeti pratilakṣaṇaḥ / / tadabhāvād apratilakṣaṇaḥ / niṣpratyarthikatvāditi virodharahitatvāt /
Khandadeva: Bhattadipika, a commentary on Jaimini's Mimamsasutra, Adhyaya 1, Adhikarana 1, (jsbh1-1u.htm.txt) 17233007 (0.034):
ataeva vidhitātparyaviṣayībhūteṣṭasādhanātākatvamityādyeva tallakṣaṇaṃ / sādhanikaiḥ kriyate /
Suvikrantavikramipariprccha (bsu030_u.htm.txt) 12559999 (0.043):
yasmāttarhi sarvadharmā iti, na punaryathocyate / yadasaṃṅgalakṣaṇam, na / tacchakysṃ pravyāhartum / tatkasya hetoḥ? asattvādasaṅgalakṣaṇasya,
11.30cd/ snigdhas tādṛk prācyāṃ śastrākhyo ḍamara^marakāya//
11.31ab/ dṛśyo +amāvāsyāyāṃ kapālaketuḥ sadhūmra^raśmi^śikhaḥ/
11.31cd/ prāṅ nabhaso +ardhavicārī kṣut^maraka^avṛṣṭi^roga^karaḥ//
11.32ab/ prāg *vaiśvānara[K.vaśvānara, K's tr. vaiśvānara]mārge śūlāgraḥ
śyāva^rūkṣa^tāmra^arciḥ/ / 11.32cd/ nabhasastribhāgagāmī raudra iti kapālatulyaphalaḥ//
11.33ab/ aparasyāṃ calaketuḥ śikhayā yāmyāgrayāṅgula^ucchritayā/
11.33cd/ gacched yathā yathodak tathā tathā dairghyam āyāti// / 11.34ab/ saptamunīn saṃspṛśya dhruvam abhijitam eva ca pratinivṛttaḥ/
11.34cd/ nabhaso +ardhamātram itvā yāmyena^astam samupayāti//
11.35ab/ hanyāt prayāgakūlād yāvad avantīṃ ca / *puṣkarāraṇyam[K.puṣkarāṇyam]/
11.35cd/ udag api ca devikām api bhūyiṣṭhaṃ madhyadeśākhyam// / 11.36ab/ anyān api sa deśān kva cit kva cid dhanti rogadurbhikṣaiḥ/
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20173137 (0.049):
07,018.029c chinnadhvajarathavrātāḥ ke cit ke cit kva cit kva cit
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19933717 (0.052):
03,281.076c vāyunā dhamyamāno 'gnir dṛśyate 'tra kva cit kva cit / 03,281.077a tato 'gnim ānayitveha jvālayiṣyāmi sarvataḥ
11.36cd/ daśa māsān phalapāko +asya kaiś cid aṣṭādaśa proktaḥ//
11.37ab/ prāgardharātradṛśyo yāmyāgraḥ śvetaketur anyaś ca/
11.37cd/ ka iti yugākṛtir apare yugapattau saptadinadṛśyau//
11.38ab/ snigdhau subhikṣaśivadāv athādhikaṃ dṛśyate kanāmā yaḥ/
Vatsyayana, Kamasutram (kamasutu.htm.txt) 9659878 (0.045):
prasārya nirvartayet/ krameṇa ca^enām utsaṅgam āropya^adhikam adhikam / upakramet/ apratipadyamānāṃ ca bhīṣayet//(p.203) / 3.2.24/.ahaṃ khalu tava danta^padāny adhare kariṣyāmi stana^pṛṣṭhe ca
Bower Manuscript. (bowermsu.htm.txt) 18494217 (0.047):
tato 'dhikam* // 34 // {X} mātuluṃgaguḍikā nāma {X} kaṭutrikaṃ / tiktakarohiṇīṃ yavaṃ cirātatikto 'tha śatakrater
Lagadha: Rgvedavedangajyotisa (lagrvvju.htm.txt) 6422754 (0.049):
dyutriṃśat tatkalānāṃ tu ṣaṭchatī tryadhikaṃ bhavet // 16 / nāḍike dve muhūrtas tu pañcāśatpalam āḍhakam /
Apastama-Sulbasutra with the commentaries of Kapardi, Karavinda and Sundararaja (apsulbcu.htm.txt) 19514332 (0.064):
kiñca grīvāsyayoḥ paryāytvaṃ loke ca dṛśyate daśāsyo daśagrīva iti /
11.38cd/ daśa varṣāṇy upatāpaṃ janayati śastra^prakopakṛtam//
11.39ab/ śveta iti jaṭākāro rūkṣaḥ śyāvo viyattribhāgagataḥ/
11.39cd/ vinivartate +apasavyaṃ tribhāgaśeṣāḥ prajāḥ kurute//
11.40ab/ ādhūmrayā tu śikhayā darśanam āyāti kṛttikāsaṃsthaḥ/
11.40cd/ jñeyaḥ sa raśmiketuḥ śvetasamānaṃ phalaṃ dhatte//
11.41ab/ dhruvaketur aniyata^gati^pramāṇa^varṇa^ākṛtir bhavati viṣvak/
11.41cd/ divya^antarikṣa^bhaumo bhavaty ayaṃ snigdha iṣṭaphalaḥ//
11.42ab/ senāṅgeṣu nṛpāṇāṃ gṛha^taru^śaileṣu ca^api deśānām/
11.42cd/ gṛhiṇām upaskareṣu ca vināśināṃ darśanaṃ yāti// / 11.43ab/ kumuda iti kumudakāntir vāruṇyāṃ prākśikho niśām ekām/
11.43cd/ dṛṣṭaḥ subhikṣam atulaṃ daśa kila varṣāṇi sa karoti//
11.44ab/ sakṛd ekayāmadṛśyaḥ susūkṣmatāro +apareṇa maṇiketuḥ/
11.44cd/ ṛjvī śikhāsya śuklā stanodgatā kṣīradhāreva//
11.45ab/ udayann eva subhikṣaṃ caturo māsān karoty asau sārdhān/
11.45cd/ prādurbhāvaṃ prāyaḥ karoti ca kṣudrajantūnām// / 11.46ab/ jalaketur api ca paścāt snigdhaḥ śikhayāpareṇa ca^unnatayā/
11.46cd/ nava māsān sa subhikṣaṃ karoti śāntiṃ ca lokasya//
11.47ab/ bhavaketur ekarātraṃ dṛśyaḥ prāk sūkṣmatārakaḥ snigdhaḥ/
11.47cd/ harilāṅgūla^upamayā pradakṣiṇāvartayā śikhayā//
11.48ab/ yāvata eva muhūrtān darśanam āyāti nirdiśet^māsān/
11.48cd/ tāvad atulaṃ subhikṣaṃ rūkṣe prāṇāntikān rogān//
11.49ab/ apareṇa padmaketur mṛṇālagauro bhaven niśām ekām/
11.49cd/ sapta karoti subhikṣaṃ varṣāṇy atiharṣayuktāni//
11.50ab/ āvarta iti niśārdhe savyaśikho +aruṇanibho +apare snigdhaḥ/
11.50cd/ yāvat kṣaṇān sa dṛśyas tāvan māsān subhikṣakaraḥ//
11.51ab/ paścāt sandhyākāle saṃvarto nāma dhūmra^tāmra^śikhaḥ/
11.51cd/ ākramya viyattryaṃśaṃ śūlāgra^avasthito raudraḥ//
11.52ab/ yāvata eva muhūrtān dṛśyo varṣāṇi hanti tāvanti/
11.52cd/ bhūpān śastra^nipātair udaya^ṛkṣaṃ ca^api pīḍayati//
11.53ab/ ye śastās tān hitvā ketubhir *ādhūpite[K.ādhūmite] +atha vā
spṛṣṭe/ / 11.53cd/ nakṣatre bhavati vadho yeṣāṃ rājñāṃ pravakṣye tān//
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21312909 (0.017):
tithiḥjyeṣṭhayājyeṣṭhānakṣatreṇasampadyatesaṅgacchate tāmaṣṭamīme / kāṣṭaketyācakṣatekathayanti brahmavādinaḥ /
Mahavastu-Avadana (mhvastuu.htm.txt) 18802028 (0.021):
saṃvat* 842 āṣāḍhamāse śuklapakṣe pūrṇamāsyāṃ tithau uttarāṣāḍhānakṣatre / indrayoge ādityavāsareḥ thvakuhnusidhayakājuro // lalitapattanamahānagareḥ
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6640414 (0.025):
yatra saṃdṛśyate/ tad anyathā na bhavati/ nakṣatre yatra yo jātas tatra / tatra saṃkṛśyate/ / u2 puruṣa^pinyaḥ
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21282547 (0.031):
yadahaḥyasminnakṣatre bhāryāāvahatetatkulādānayati /
11.54ab/ aśvinyām aśmakapaṃ bharaṇīṣu kirātapārthivaṃ hanyāt/
11.54cd/ bahulāsu kaliṅgeśaṃ rohiṇyāṃ śūrasenapatim// / 11.55ab/ auśīnaram api saumye jalajājīvādhipaṃ tathārdrāsu/
11.55cd/ āditye +aśmaka*nāthān[K.nāthaṃ] puṣye maghadhādhipaṃ hanti//
11.56ab/ asikeśaṃ bhaujaṅge pitrye +aṅgaṃ pāṇḍyanātham api bhāgye/
11.56cd/ *aujjayinikam[K.aujjayanikam] āryamṇe sāvitre daṇḍakādhipatim//
11.57ab/ citrāsu kurukṣetrādhipasya maraṇaṃ samādiśet tajjñaḥ/
RGVEDA 10 (rv_10_u.htm.txt) 13036825 (0.047):
RV_10.027.03.1{15} nāhaṃ taṃ veda ya iti bravītyadevayūn samaraṇejaghanvān / RV_10.027.03.2{15} yadāvākhyat samaraṇam ṛghāvadādid dha mevṛṣabhā pra
Rgveda (rvh1-10u.htm.txt) 14103824 (0.047):
RV_10,027.03c yadāvākhyat samaraṇam ṛghāvad ād id dha me vṛṣabhā pra
Atharvavedaparisistas (avpari_u.htm.txt) 13610442 (0.057):
(AVParis_72,3.13) yadā tu pratipat somo vikṛtyā vikṛto bhavet | anudbhinno / vilūno vā rājño maraṇam ādiśet ||
11.57cd/ kāśmīraka^kāmbojau nṛpatī prābhañjane na staḥ//
11.58ab/ ikṣvākur alaka*nāthaś[K.nāthau, K's tr. nātho] ca hanyate yadi
bhaved viśākhāsu/ / 11.58cd/ maitre puṇḍrādhipatir *jyeṣṭhāsu ca[K.jyeṣṭhāsvatha]
sārvabhaumavadhaḥ// / 11.59ab/ mūle +andhra^madraka^patī jaladeve kāśipo maraṇam eti/
11.59cd/ yaudheyaka^arjunāyana^śivi^caidyān vaiśvadeve ca//
11.60ab/ hanyāt kaikayanāthaṃ pāñcanadaṃ siṃhalādhipaṃ vāṅgam/
11.60cd/ naimiṣanṛpaṃ kirātaṃ śravaṇādiṣu ṣaṭsv imān kramaśaḥ//
11.61ab/ ulkābhitāḍitaśikhaḥ śikhī śivaḥ śivataro *+atidṛṣṭo[K.abhivṛṣṭo]
11.61cd/ aśubhaḥ sa eva cola^avagāṇa^sitahūṇa^cīnānām// / 11.62a namrā yataḥ śikhi^śikhā^abhisṛtā yato vā
Harsadeva: Naganandanataka (harnagau.htm.txt) 6218081 (0.030):
vaktroddhāntāḥ patantyaśchamiti śikhiśikhāśreṇayosmin śivānā-
11.62b ṛkṣaṃ ca yat spṛśati tat kathitāṃś ca deśān/ / 11.62c divya^prabhāva^nihatān sa yathā garutmān
11.62d bhuṅkte gato narapatiḥ parabhogibhogān//
12 agastyacārādhyāyaḥ / 12.01a samudro +antaḥ śailair makara^nakhara^utkhāta^śikharaiḥ
12.01b kṛtas toya^ucchittyā sapadi sutarāṃ yena ruciraḥ/
12.01c patan muktāmiśraiḥ pravara^maṇiratna^ambunivahaiḥ
12.01d surān pratyādeṣṭuṃ *mita[K.sita]^mukuṭa^ratnān iva purā//
12.02ab/ yena ca^ambuharaṇe +api vidrumair bhūdharaiḥ / sa^maṇiratna^vidrumaiḥ/
12.02cd/ nirgatais tad^uragaiś ca rājitaḥ sāgaro +adhikataraṃ virājitaḥ//
12.03ab/ prasphurat^timi^jalebha^jihmagaḥ kṣipta^ratna^nikaro mahodadhiḥ/
12.03cd/ āpadāṃ padagato +api yāpito yena pītasalilo +amaraśriyam//
12.04ab/ pracalat^timi^śuktija^śaṅkha^citaḥ salile +apahṛte +api patiḥ
saritām/ / 12.04cd/ sa^taraṅga^sitotpala^haṃsa^bhṛtaḥ sarasaḥ śaradi^iva vibharti
*rucim[K.rucam]// / 12.05ab/ timi^sitāmbudharaṃ maṇi^tārakaṃ sphaṭika^candram
anambu^śarad^dyutiḥ/ / 12.05cd/ phaṇi^phaṇa^upala^raśmi^śikhigrahaṃ kuṭilageśa^viyac ca cakāra
yaḥ// / 12.06a dinakara^ratha^mārga^vicchittaye +abhyudyataṃ yac calat^śṛṅgam
śobhitam/ / karikaṭa^mada^miśra^rakta^avaleha^anuvāsa^anusāri^dvirepha^avalīna^uttamāṅgaiḥ
kṛtān bāṇapuṣpair iva^uttaṃsakān dhārayadbhir mṛgendraiḥ
sanāthīkṛta^antar^darī^nirjharam/ / 12.06c gagana^talam iva^ullikhantaṃ pravṛddhair
śailakūṭais tarakṣa^ṛkṣa^śārdūla^śākhāmṛga^adhyāsitaiḥ/
12.06d rahasi madanasaktayā revayā kāntayā^iva^upagūḍhaṃ
sura^adhyāsita^udyānam ambhośana^anna^mūla^anilāhāra^vipra^anvitaṃ
vindhyam astambhayad yaś ca tasya^udayaḥ śrūyatām// / 12.07ab/ udaye ca muner agastyanāmnaḥ kusamāyogamalapradūṣitāni/
12.07cd/ hṛdayāni satām iva svabhāvāt punar ambūni bhavanti nirmalāni//
12.08ab/ pārśvadvaya^adhiṣṭhita^cakravākāmāpuṣṇatī sasvana^haṃsa^paṅktim/
12.08cd/ tāmbūla^rakta^utkaṣita^agradantī vibhāti yoṣā^iva *śarat[K.sarit]
sahāsā// / 12.09ab/ indīvara^āsanna^sitotpala^anvitā *śarad[K.sarit]
bhramatṣaṭpadapaṅktibhūṣitā/ / 12.09cd/ sabhrūlatākṣepakaṭākṣavīkṣaṇā vidagdhayoṣā^iva vibhāti sasmarā//
12.10a indoḥ payodavigamopahitāṃ vibhūtiṃ / 12.10b draṣṭuṃ taraṅgavalayā kumudaṃ niśāsu/
12.10c unmīlayaty alinilīnadalaṃ supakṣma
12.10d vāpī vilocanam iva^asita^tārakāntam// / 12.11ab/ nānā^vicitra^ambuja^haṃsa^koka^kāraṇḍava^āpūrṇa^taḍāga^hastā/
12.11cd/ ratnaiḥ prabhūtaiḥ kusumaiḥ phalaiś ca bhūryacchatīvārgham
agastyanāmne// / 12.12ab/ salilam amarapājñayā^ujjhitaṃ yad dhana^pariveṣṭita^mūrtibhir
bhujaṅgaiḥ/ / 12.12cd/ phaṇi^janita^viṣa^agni^sampraduṣṭaṃ bhavati śivaṃ tad
agastya^darśanena// / 12.13ab/ smaraṇād api pāpam apākurute kim uta stutibhir varuṇāṅgaruhaḥ/
12.13cd/ munibhiḥ kathito +asya yathārghavidhiḥ kathayāmi tatha^eva
narendrahitam// / 12.14ab/ saṃkhyāvidhānāt pratideśam asya vijñāya sandarśanam ādiśej jñaḥ/
12.14cd/ tac ca^*ujjayinyām[K.ujjayanyām] agatasya kanyāṃ bhāgaiḥ
svarākhyaiḥ sphuṭa^bhāskarasya// / 12.15ab/ īṣatprabhinne +aruṇaraśmijālair naiśe +andhakāre diśi
dakṣiṇasyām/ / 12.15cd/ sāṃvatsarāveditadigvibhāge bhūpo +argham urvyāṃ prayataḥ
prayacchet// / 12.16a kālodbhavaiḥ surabhibhiḥ kusumaiḥ phalaiś ca
12.16b ratnaiś ca sāgarabhavaiḥ kanakāmbaraiś ca/
12.16c dhenvā vṛṣeṇa paramānna^yutaiś ca bhakṣyair / 12.16d dadhy^akṣataiḥ surabhi^dhūpa^vilepanaiś ca//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10227448 (0.055):
52.97ab/ bhakṣyair nānākārair dadhy^akṣata^surabhi^kusuma^dhūpaiś ca/
12.17a narapatir imam arghaṃ śraddadhāno dadhānaḥ / 12.17b pravigatagadadoṣo nirjitārātipakṣaḥ/
12.17c bhavati yadi ca dadyāt sapta varṣāṇi samyag / 12.17d jalanidhi*raśanāyāḥ[K.rasanāyāḥ] svāmitāṃ yāti bhūmeḥ//
12.18ab/ dvijo yathālābham upāhṛtārghaḥ prāpnoti vedān pramadāś ca putrān/
12.18cd/ vaiśyaś ca gāṃ bhūri ghanaṃ ca śūdro rogakṣayaṃ dharmaphalaṃ ca
sarve// / 12.19a rogān karoti paruṣaḥ kapilas tv avṛṣṭiṃ
12.19b dhūmro gavām aśubhakṛt sphuraṇo bhayāya/
12.19c māñjiṣṭharāga^sadṛśaḥ kṣudham āhavāṃś ca / 12.19d kuryād aṇuś ca purarodham agastyanāmā//
12.20ab/ śātakumbhasadṛśaḥ sphaṭikābhas tarpayann iva mahīṃ
*kiraṇāgraiḥ[K.kiraṇaughaiḥ]/ / 12.20cd/ dṛśyate yadi *tadā[K.tataḥ] pracurānnā bhūr bhavaty
abhaya^roga^jana^āḍhyā// / 12.21ab/ ulkayā vinihataḥ śikhinā vā kṣudbhayaṃ marakam eva
*vidhatte[K.dhatte]/ / 12.21cd/ dṛśyate sa kila hastagate +arke rohiṇīm upagate +astam upaiti//
13 saptarṣicārādhyāyaḥ / 13.01ab/ saikāvalīva rājati sasitotpalamālinī sahāseva/
13.01cd/ nāthavatīva ca dig yaiḥ kauverī saptabhir munibhiḥ//
13.02ab/ dhruvanāyakopadeśān *narinartī[K.narinarttī]^iva^uttarā
bhramadbhiś ca/ / 13.02cd/ yaiś cāram ahaṃ teṣāṃ kathayiṣye vṛddhagarga^matāt//
13.03ab/ āsan maghāsu munayaḥ śāsati pṛthvīṃ yudhiṣṭhire nṛpatau/
13.03cd/ ṣaḍdvikapañcadviyutaḥ śakakālas tasya rājñaś ca//
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nystik_u.htm.txt) 2422463 (0.062):
ekadvitricatuḥpañcaprakṛtikatāmāsthiṣata śarīrasya vādinaḥ so 'yaṃ
Rasarnava, Patalas 1-12 (rasarnau.htm.txt) 27817300 (0.062):
ekadvitricatuḥpañca $ sarbbatomukhameva tat &
Rasarnava, Patalas 1-12 (rasarnpu.htm.txt) 11790669 (0.062):
ekadvitricatuḥpañca sarbbatomukhameva tat /
13.04ab/ ekaikasminn ṛkṣe śataṃ śataṃ te caranti varṣāṇām/
13.04cd/ *prāgudayato +apy avivarād rjūn nayati tatra / saṃyuktāḥ[K.prāguttarataś ca ete sadā udayante sasādhvīkāḥ]//
13.05ab/ pūrve bhāge bhagavān marīcir apare sthito vasiṣṭho +asmāt/
13.05cd/ tasyāṅgirās tato +atris tasyāsannaḥ pulastyaś ca//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10223949 (0.032):
47.63ab/ saptarṣayaḥ sadārāś ca dhruvasthānāni yāni ca/ / 47.63cd/ marīcir atriḥ pulahaḥ pulastyaḥ kratur aṅgirāḥ//
Siva-Purana, Book 7 (Vayaviya-Samhita), parts 1 and 2 (sivap7_u.htm.txt) 25384454 (0.038):
bhṛguśśarvo marīciśca aṃgirāḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ // ŚivP_7.1,17.13ab/ / pulastyo 'trirviśiṣṭhaśca pāvakaḥ pitarastathā // ŚivP_7.1,17.13cd/
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmpau.htm.txt) 26759974 (0.041):
guṇaiś caivādhikāḥ ślāghyāḥ % sarve te tryambakāt sati // BrP_34.17 // / vasiṣṭho 'triḥ pulastyaś ca $ aṅgirāḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ &
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmppu.htm.txt) 11031303 (0.041):
guṇaiś caivādhikāḥ ślāghyāḥ sarve te tryambakāt sati // BrP_34.17 // / vasiṣṭho 'triḥ pulastyaś ca aṅgirāḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ /
Skanda-Purana: Revakhanda (RKS) (skprevku.htm.txt) 10784463 (0.042):
agniś ca śaunakaś caiva bṛhaspatir athāṅgirāḥ / / bhṛgur atris tathā vatsyaḥ pulastyaḥ pulahastathā // RKS_22.26 //
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20658109 (0.042):
13,015.020c marīcir aṅgirā atriḥ pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ / 13,015.021a manavaḥ saptasomaś ca atharvā sabṛhaspatiḥ
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15773160 (0.042):
<12327.29/1> marīcir aṅgirāś cā7triḥ !pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ !
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15773616 (0.042):
<12327.61/1> marīcir aṅgirāś cā7triḥ !pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ !
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp1_u.htm.txt) 8469227 (0.043):
bhṛgvaṅgirā marīciśca pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ / / dakṣo 'triśca vasiṣṭhaśca sāsṛjannava mānasān // BndP_1,5.70 //
Kurma-Purana, Part 1 (kurmp1_u.htm.txt) 7075592 (0.047):
pulastyaḥ pulahaścātrirvasiṣṭhaścāṅgirā bhṛguḥ /
Linga-Purana, Part 1 (Adhy. 1-108) (lip_1_au.htm.txt) 15314096 (0.047):
tvaṣṭā viṣṇuḥ pulastyaś ca $ pulahaścātrireva ca & / vasiṣṭhaścāṅgirāścaiva % bhṛgurbuddhimatāṃ varaḥ // LiP_1,55.26 //
Linga-Purana, Part 1 (Adhy. 1-108) (lip_1_pu.htm.txt) 7207870 (0.047):
tvaṣṭā viṣṇuḥ pulastyaś ca pulahaścātrireva ca / / vasiṣṭhaścāṅgirāścaiva bhṛgurbuddhimatāṃ varaḥ // LiP_1,55.26 //
% Mahabharata: Santiparvan (mbh_12_u.htm.txt) 10432479 (0.047):
12,321.033c marīcir aṅgirātriś ca pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ / 12,321.034a vasiṣṭhaḥ parameṣṭhī ca vivasvān soma eva ca
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray__u.htm.txt) 27003124 (0.047):
<12321.33/2> marīcir aṅgirāatriś ca !pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ !!12321.33! / <12321.34/1> vasiṣṭhaḥ parameṣṭhī ca !vivasvān soma eva ca !
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15767101 (0.047):
<12321.33/2> marīcir aṅgirāatriś ca !pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ !!12321.33! / <12321.34/1> vasiṣṭhaḥ parame-ṣṭhī ca !vivasvān soma eva ca !
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp1_u.htm.txt) 8478906 (0.047):
guṇaiścaivādhikāḥ ślāghyāḥ sarve te tryaṃbakātsati / / vasiṣṭho 'triḥ pulastyaśca hyaṅgirā pulahaḥ kratuḥ // BndP_1,13.53 //
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19732446 (0.049):
02,011.015a bhṛgur atrir vasiṣṭhaś ca gautamaś ca tathāṅgirāḥ / 02,011.015b*0121_01 pulastyaś ca kratuś caiva prahrādaḥ kardamas tathā
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20670680 (0.051):
13,027.004a atrir vasiṣṭho 'tha bhṛguḥ pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16331618 (0.052):
pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ *HV_12.13*239:1b / pulastyenānuyācitaḥ *HV_23.150*396:29b
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13810469 (0.052):
pulastyaḥ pulahaḥ kratuḥ HV_12.13*239:1b / pulastyenānuyācitaḥ HV_23.150*396:29b
13.06ab/ pulahaḥ kratur iti bhagān āsannā anukrameṇa / *pūrvādyāt[K.pūrvādyāḥ]/
13.06cd/ tatra vasiṣṭhaṃ munivaram upāśritārundhatī sādhvī//
13.07ab/ ulkā^aśani^dhūma^ādyair hatā vivarṇā viraśmayo hrasvāḥ/
13.07cd/ hanyuḥ svaṃ svaṃ vargaṃ vipulāḥ snigdhāś ca tadvṛddhyai//
13.08ab/ gandharva^deva^dānava^mantra^auṣadhi^siddha^yakṣa^nāgānām/
13.08cd/ pīḍākāro marīcir jñeyo vidyādharāṇāṃ ca//
13.09ab/ śaka^yavana^darada^pārata^kāmbojāṃs tāpasān vanopetān/
13.09cd/ hanti vasiṣṭho +abhihato vivṛddhido raśmisampannaḥ//
13.10ab/ aṅgiraso jñānayutā dhīmanto brāhmaṇāś ca nirdiṣṭāḥ/
13.10cd/ atreḥ kāntārabhavā jalajāny ambhonidhiḥ saritaḥ//
13.11ab/ rakṣaḥ^piśāca^dānava^daitya^bhujaṅgāḥ smṛtāḥ pulastyasya/
13.11cd/ pulahasya tu mūlaphalaṃ kratos tu yajñāḥ sayajñabhṛtaḥ//
14 nakṣatrakūrmādhyāyaḥ / 14.01ab/ nakṣatratraya^vargair āgneyādyair vyavasthitair navadhā/
14.01cd/ bhāratavarṣe *madhya[K.madhyāt]^prāgādi^vibhājitā deśāḥ//
Visnu-Purana (visnup_u.htm.txt) 10124680 (0.063):
tataś ca pūrvavarṣaiṇa bhadrāśvainaiti sārṇavam // ViP_2,2.35 //
14.02ab/ bhadra^arimeda^māṇḍavya^sālva^nīpa^ujjihāna^saṃkhyātāḥ/
14.02cd/ maru^vatsa^ghoṣa^yāmuna^sārasvata^matsya^mādhyamikāḥ//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10211687 (0.029):
16.21ab/ traigarta^*paurava[K.pauraba]^ambaṣṭha^pāratā / vāṭadhāna^yaudheyāḥ/ / 16.21cd/ sārasvata^arjunāyana^matsyārdha^grāmarāṣṭrāṇi//
14.03ab/ māthuraka^upajyotiṣa^dharmāraṇyāni śūrasenāś ca/ / 14.03cd/ gauragrīva^uddehika^pāṇḍu^guḍa^aśvattha^pāñcālāḥ//
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17946688 (0.019):
madhye sārasvatā matsyāḥ śūrasenāḥ samāthurāḥ / / dharmāraṇyā jyotiṣikā gauragrīvā guḍāśmakāḥ // MarkP_58.7 //
14.04ab/ sāketa^kaṅka^kuru^kālakoṭi^kukurāś ca pāriyātra^nagaḥ/
14.04cd/ audumbara^kāpiṣṭhala^gajāhvayāś ca^iti madhyam idam// / 14.05ab/ atha pūrvasyām añjana^vṛṣabha^dhvaja^padma^mālyavad^girayaḥ/
14.05cd/ vyāghramukha^suhma^karvaṭa^cāndrapurāḥ śūrpakarṇāś ca//
14.06cd/ prāgjyotiṣa^lauhitya^kṣīroda^samudra^puruṣādāḥ// / 14.07ab/ udayagiri^bhadra^gauḍaka^pauṇḍra^utkala^kāśi^mekala^ambaṣṭhāḥ/
14.07cd/ ekapada^*tāmraliptaka[K.tāmalipitaka]^kośalakā vardhamānāś ca//
14.08ab/ āgneyyāṃ diśi kośala^kaliṅga^vaṅga^upavaṅga^jaṭharāṅgāḥ/
Visnu-Purana (visnup_u.htm.txt) 10156667 (0.041):
yasya kṣetre dīrghatamasāṃgavaṅgakaliṅgasuhyapaiṇḍrākhyaṃ vāleyaṃ
14.08cd/ śaulika^vidarbha^vatsa^andhra^cedikāś ca^ūrdhvakaṇṭhāś ca//
14.09ab/ vṛṣa^nālikera^carmadvīpā vindhyāntavāsinas tripurī/
14.09cd/ śmaśrudhara^*hemakuḍya[K.hemakūṭya]^vyālagrīvā mahāgrīvāḥ//
14.10ab/ kiṣkindha^kaṇṭakasthala^niṣādarāṣṭrāṇi purika^dāśārṇāḥ/
14.10cd/ saha nagna^parṇaśabarair āśleṣādye trike deśāḥ//
14.11ab/ atha dakṣiṇena laṅkā^kālājina^saurikīrṇa^tālikaṭāḥ/
14.11cd/ girinagara^malaya^dardura^mahendra^mālindya^bharukacchāḥ//
14.12cd/ ākara^veṇā^*āvartaka[K.āvantaka]^daśapura^gonarda^keralakāḥ//
14.13ab/ karṇāṭa^mahāṭavi^citrakūṭa^nāsikya^kollagiri^colāḥ/
14.13cd/ krauñcadvīpa^jaṭādhara^kāveryo riṣyamūkaś ca//
Patna Dharmapada (dhppat_u.htm.txt) 4680683 (0.020):
***** Daṇḍa ***** / 195 Dhp141 / na naggacariyā na jaṭā na paṃko nānāśanaṃ tthaṇḍīlaśāyikā vā |
Mahasannipataratnaketudharanisutra (Ratnaketuparivarta) (Parivartas 1-6, 10-11) (bsu024_u.htm.txt) 12487179 (0.022):
pratītya hṛdayena mudritā dhāraṇī / dhara [dhara dhara] / dantilā / dantindālā huska sarvahṛdaya mudrito 'si / jaḍa javaṭṭa jakhavaṭa
Mahasannipataratnaketudharanisutra, or Ratnaketuparivarta (=RKP) (ratnakeu.htm.txt) 5196170 (0.022):
mudṛtā dhāraṇī dhara dhara dhara / dantilā dantindālā / huska sarvahṛdaya
VATSYAYANA: KAMASUTRA (with notes) (kamasufu.htm.txt) 27940590 (0.037):
((24)). yaśodhara y voit un surnom celui à la mauvaise main"
14.14ab/ vaidūrya^śaṅkha^muktā^atri^vāricara^dharmapaṭṭana^dvīpāḥ/
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5577743 (0.063):
rāja.naubhiḥ sampatantaḥ // / KAZ02.28.05/ śaṅkha.muktā.grāhiṇo nau.bhāṭakaṃ dadyuḥ, sva.naubhir vā
14.14cd/ gaṇarājya^kṛṣṇa^vellūra^piśika^śūrpādri^kusumanagāḥ//
Bhagavata-Purana 10 (bhp_10u.htm.txt) 6380383 (0.054):
BhP_10.35.019/1 kvaṇita veṇu rava vañcita cittāḥ kṛṣṇam anvasata / kṛṣṇa gṛhiṇyaḥ / BhP_10.35.019/3 guṇa gaṇārṇam anugatya hariṇyo gopikā iva vimukta gṛhāśāḥ
14.15ab/ tumbavana^*kārmaṇayaka[K.ū.kārmaṇeyaka]^yāmyodadhi^tāpasāśramā
ṛṣikāḥ/ / 14.15cd/ kāñcī^marucīpaṭṭana^cery^āryaka^siṃhalā ṛṣabhāḥ//
14.16ab/ baladevapaṭṭanaṃ daṇḍakāvana^timiṅgilāśanā bhadrāḥ/
14.16cd/ kaccho +atha kuñjaradarī satāmraparṇī^iti vijñeyāḥ//
14.17ab/ nairṛtyāṃ diśi deśāḥ pahlava^kāmboja^sindhusauvīrāḥ/
14.17cd/ vaḍavāmukha^arava^ambaṣṭha^kapila^nārīmukha^ānartāḥ//
14.18ab/ pheṇagiri^yavana^*mārgara[K.mākara]^karṇaprāveya^pāraśava^śūdrāḥ/
14.18cd/ barbara^kirāta^khaṇḍa^*kravyāda[K.kravyāśyā]^ābhīra^cañcūkāḥ//
14.19ab/ hemagiri^sindhu^kālaka^raivataka^surāṣṭra^bādara^draviḍāḥ/
14.19cd/ svāty^ādye bhatritaye jñeyaś ca mahārṇavo +atra^eva//
14.20ab/ aparasyāṃ maṇimān meghavān vanaughaḥ kṣurārpaṇo +astagiriḥ/
14.20cd/ aparāntaka^śāntika^haihaya^praśastādri^vokkāṇāḥ//
14.21ab/ pañcanada^ramaṭha^pārata^tārakṣiti^jṛṅga^vaiśya^kanaka^śakāḥ/
14.21cd/ nirmaryādā mlecchā ye paścima^dik^sthitās te ca//
14.22ab/ diśi paścimottarasyāṃ / māṇḍavya^*tuṣāra[K.tukhāra]^tāla^hala^madrāḥ/
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6897618 (0.057):
śikṣitavyam/ ye paścimottarasyām diśi gaṅgānadīvālukopameṣu lokadhātuṣu
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6898353 (0.058):
bodhisattvena prajñāpāramitāyāṃ śikṣitavyam/ ye paścimottarasyām diśi / gaṅgādanīvālukopameṣu lokadātuṣu sarvabuddhakṣetreṣu sattvā andhās te
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6922188 (0.060):
nopalabhe/ paścimottarasyāṃ diśi gaṅgānadīvālukopameṣu lokadhātuṣu
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6893186 (0.060):
śākyamuniṃ satkṛtya gurūkṛtya sammānya saṃpūjyaikānte}} nyaṣīdan/ / 01621 atha khalu paścimottarasyāṃ diśi {{gaṅgānadīvālukopamān lokadhātūn
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita, VI-VIII (psp_6-8u.htm.txt) 9820832 (0.062):
yenopāyakauśalyena samanvāgataḥ pūrvadakṣiṇapaścimottarasyām adhamūrdhaṃ / vidikṣu gaṅgānadīvālukopameṣu lokadhātuṣu sattvānāṃ kṛtyaṃ karoti, na
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6904470 (0.062):
mahāsattvasyāntarāyo bhūd iti/ ye'pi te śāriputra paścimottarasyāṃ diśi
Lalitavistara (bsu022_u.htm.txt) 9892802 (0.064):
phaṇaiśchādayanti sma mā bhagavataḥ kāyaṃ śītavātāḥ prākṣuriti / yathā / pūrvasyāṃ diśi evaṃ dakṣiṇapaścimottarābhyo digbhyo nāgarājā āgatya
14.22cd/ aśmaka^kulūta^*halaḍāḥ[K.haḍa]^strīrājya^nṛsiṃhavana^khasthāḥ//
14.23ab/ veṇumatī phalgulukā guluhā marukucca^carmaraṅgākhyāḥ/
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4937856 (0.0):
*{1/673: E4: tadā ca; E4 (v.l.): tatthā}* / *{1/674: E2: 2,292; E4: 2,95; E5: 2,224; E6: 1,63}* / ekaśabdye parārthavat // MS_1,4.8 //
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4959878 (0.0):
*{3/63: E2,4,6: sthālīṃ}* / *{3/64: E2: 4,63; E4: 3,562; E6: 1,153}* / ekatvayuktam ekasya śrutisaṃyogāt // MS_3,1.13 //
Karunapundarikasutra (bsu018_u.htm.txt) 7638576 (0.0):
vidranvumā varakhumā brahmacāriṇa indravani dhidhirāyani maheśvaralalani / mamasume alamini ekākṣaraci vaṃcani carasti ābhicaṇḍāla sūre sarvasurā
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20934385 (0.000):
kiñca tarkarūpaṃ hi jñānaṃ na tāvatsaṃśayaḥ/ ekakocikatvāt/ nāpi / viparyayaḥ/ nirastatvāt/ tasmātpramāṇameva//
Parasarasmrti (pars1__u.htm.txt) 9577575 (0.000):
Apastama-Sulbasutra with the commentaries of Kapardi, Karavinda and Sundararaja (apsulbcu.htm.txt) 19506947 (0.000):
prādeśābrāhnaṇācchaṃsidhiṣṇiye tvekayugdaśa // / prādośāḥ ṣaṭpadādhyardhedvece....tyaṣṭake vidhiḥ /
Yajnavalkya-Smrti (yajn1_u.htm.txt) 16022545 (0.000):
Yāj2.137c/ krameṇa^ācārya.sat.śiṣya.dharma.bhrātṛ.eka.tīrthinah // / Yāj2.138a/ samsṛṣṭinas tu samsṛṣṭī sodarasya tu sodarah /(p.248)
Parasarasmrti (pars1__u.htm.txt) 9584156 (0.000):
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4571945 (0.003):
nyagrodhame kaparṇā tu pāṭhalaṃ tvekapāṭalā /
Bharavi: Kiratarjuniya (bhakirxu.htm.txt) 7329009 (0.004):
sa mantharāvalgitapīvarastanīs+pariśramaklāntavilocanotpalās+ / / nirīkṣitum+na+upararāma ballavīs+abhipranṛttās+iva vārayoṣitas+ //
14.23cd/ ekavilocana^śūlika^dīrghagrīva^āsya^keśāś ca//
14.24ab/ uttarataḥ kailāso himavān vasumān girir dhanuṣmāṃś ca/
14.24cd/ krauñco meruḥ kuravas tathā^uttarāḥ kṣudramīnāś ca//
14.25ab/ kaikaya^vasāti^yāmuna^bhogaprastha^arjunāyana^agnīdhrāḥ/
14.25cd/ *ādarāntardvīpi[K.ū.ādarśāntadvīpi]^trigarta^*turagānanāḥ
14.26ab/ keśadhara^cipiṭanāsika^dāseraka^vāṭadhāna^śaradhānāḥ/
14.26cd/ takṣaśila^puṣkalāvata^kailāvata^kaṇṭhadhānāś ca// / 14.27ab/ ambara^madraka^mālava^paurava^kacchāra^daṇḍa^piṅgalakāḥ/
14.27cd/ māṇahala^hūṇa^kohala^śītaka^māṇḍavya^bhūtapurāḥ//
14.28ab/ gāndhāra^yaśovati^hematāla^rājanya^khacara^gavyāś ca/
14.28cd/ yaudheya^dāsameyāḥ śyāmākāḥ kṣemadhūrtāś ca//
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17947168 (0.040):
yaudheyā dāsameyāśca rājanyāḥ śyāmakāstathā / / kṣemadhūrtāśca kūrmasya vāmakukṣimupāśritāḥ // MarkP_58.47 //
14.29ab/ aiśānyāṃ meruka^naṣṭarājya^paśupāla^kīra^kāśmīrāḥ/
14.30ab/ brahmapura^dārva^ḍāmara^vanarājya^kirāta^cīna^kauṇindāḥ/
14.30cd/ *bhallāḥ / paṭola[K.bhallāpalola]^jaṭāsura^*kunaṭakhasa[K.kunaṭhakhaṣa]^ghoṣa^kucikākhyāḥ//
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28154778 (0.001):
ato 'tra śakyārthavṛttiśaityapāvanatvādirūpor'tho 'pi ghoṣe vivakṣitaḥ/ / sa ca 'tīre ghoṣa' ityato na budhyeta/ gaṅgāpadaprayoge tu
Samadhirajasutra (transliteration of Gilgit ms.) (srajsgiu.htm.txt) 18526066 (0.018):
ghoṣānugāyā kṣante pratilaṃ / 2478-4 /// % srasyānupādāyāsravesyaś cittāni vimuktāni | ṣaṣṭeś ca
CUMULATIVE PADA INDEX OF METRIC SAIVA TEXTS (saivrliu.htm.txt) 1268451 (0.022):
mahāghaṇṭā sughaṇṭikā KubjT_21.29b / mahāghoṣātighoṣikā KubjT_21.28d
14.31ab/ ekacaraṇa^*anuviddhāḥ[K.anuviśvāḥ] suvarṇabhūr
*vasudhanaṃ[K.vasuvanaṃ] diviṣṭhāś ca/ / paurava^*cīranivāsi[K.cīranivāsana]^trinetra^muñjādri^*gāndharvāḥ[K.gandharvāḥ]//
14.32ab/ vargair āgneyādyaiḥ krūragraha^pīḍitaiḥ krameṇa nṛpāḥ/
14.32cd/ pāñcālo māgadhikaḥ kāliṅgaś ca kṣayaṃ yānti// / 14.33ab/ āvanto +atha^ānarto mṛtyuṃ ca^āyāti sindhusauvīraḥ/
14.33cd/ rājā ca hārahauro madreśo +anyaś ca kauṇindaḥ//
Madhva (Anandatirtha): Mahabharatatatparyanirnaya (m_mbhtnu.htm.txt) 27587338 (0.053):
cxxiii.atha cartāyananāmā madreśaḥ śakratulyaputrārthī |
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 11 (sb_11_u.htm.txt) 7846008 (0.055):
stanayatyavasphūrjatyadhīyītaiva vaṣaṭkārāṇāmacambaṭkārāyāti ha vai / punarmṛtyum
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13023851 (0.059):
YY_3.18ab/.ānarttarāṭ saindhavahārahorau[K.saindhavahārahaurau] madreśvaro
15 nakṣatravyūhādhyāyaḥ / 15.01ab/ āgneye sitakusuma^āhitāgni^mantrajña^sūtra^bhāṣya^jñāḥ/
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24149015 (0.043):
nugdīrghatvasya' itidīrdho 'kitaḥ"iti sūtrabhāṣyavirodhāt// / nanu 'ajīgaṇat' ityādau gaṇerītvaṃ niravakāśatvāddhalādiḥśeṣaṃ bādheta
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24148316 (,0.049):
'pi' iti nyāyāditi tanna ;"aṇaḥ karmaṇica"iti sūtrasthabhāṣyavirodhāt/ / tatra hi 'aṇaḥ punarvacanamapavādaviṣaye 'nivṛtyartham' 'godāyo vrajati'"
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24142682 (0.051):
'grahaṇavatā' iti ca paribhāṣā prātyayavidhiviṣayaiveti 'asamāse / niṣkādibhyaḥ'iti sūtra bhāṣyakaiyaṭayoḥ/
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24141022 (0.056):
siddhā/ vastu tastu 'dīdhīvevīṭām' iti sūtrastha bhāṣyamekadeśyuktiḥ, / 'ārdhadhātukasya' iti sūtrastheḍgrahaṇasya 'neḍvaśi' iti sūtre bhāṣye
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24144101 (0.059):
bhāṣyavārtikādi saṅgacchate/ / etena 'gaudheraḥ, 'paceran' ityādāveyādīnāmaṅgasaṃjñāsāpekṣatvena
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28179273 (0.061):
strīliṅgatvam/ nyāyasūtrakārastu 'sādharmyavaidharmyasamau'
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24142029 (0.062):
siddhyati, na tu 'saṅkauṭinam' iti 'puṃyogāt' iti sūtre bhāṣyoktaṃ
Srinivasamakhi Vedantadesika: Dasavidhahetunirupana (part of the (sdahennu.htm.txt) 11560131 (0.063):
bhagavatpriyatameṣv arcakeṣu, (7) tatsūtroktadharmānuṣṭhātṛṣu
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20944492 (0.064):
hetumātrākāṅkṣāśāmaketyādigrantheneti 6 bhāvaḥ// iti svabhāṣyeti// / gotamasūtrabhāṣye/ hetuvacana eva matubarthasya pakṣasaṃbandhasyopādānena
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24138929 (0.064):
paraiva pragṛhya saṃjñāiti 'adasomāt' / iti sūtre bhāṣya uktam// / ākaḍārādhikārasthabhapadasaṃjñāviśaye tu yathoddeśapakṣa eveti"
15.01cd/ ākarika^nāpita^dvija^ghaṭakāra^purohita^abdajñāḥ//
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24148316 (0.052):
'pi' iti nyāyāditi tanna ;aṇaḥ karmaṇica"iti sūtrasthabhāṣyavirodhāt/ / tatra hi 'aṇaḥ punarvacanamapavādaviṣaye 'nivṛtyartham' 'godāyo vrajati'"
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24149015 (0.055):
nugdīrghatvasya' itidīrdho 'kitaḥ"iti sūtrabhāṣyavirodhāt// / nanu 'ajīgaṇat' ityādau gaṇerītvaṃ niravakāśatvāddhalādiḥśeṣaṃ bādheta
Nagesa [=Nagojibhatta]: Paribhasendusekhara (paribhsu.htm.txt) 24142680 (,0.057):
'grahaṇavatā' iti ca paribhāṣā prātyayavidhiviṣayaiveti 'asamāse / niṣkādibhyaḥ'iti sūtra bhāṣyakaiyaṭayoḥ/"
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20944492 (0.064):
hetumātrākāṅkṣāśāmaketyādigrantheneti 6 bhāvaḥ// iti svabhāṣyeti// / gotamasūtrabhāṣye/ hetuvacana eva matubarthasya pakṣasaṃbandhasyopādānena
15.02ab/ rohiṇyāṃ suvrata^paṇya^bhūpa^dhani^yoga^yukta^śākaṭikāḥ/
15.02cd/ go^vṛṣa^jalacara^karṣaka^śiloccaya^aiśvaryasampannāḥ//
15.03ab/ mṛgaśirasi / surabhi^vastra^abja^kusuma^phala^ratna^vanacara^vihaṅgāḥ/
15.03cd/ mṛga^somapīthi^gāndharva^kāmukā lekhahārāś ca//
15.04ab/ raudre vadha^bandha^ānṛta^paradāra^steya^śāṭhya^bheda^ratāḥ/
15.04cd/ tuṣadhānya^tīkṣṇa^mantra^abhicāra^vetālakarmajñāḥ//
15.05ab/ āditye satya^audārya^śauca^kula^rūpa^dhī^yaśo^artha^yutāḥ/
15.05cd/ uttamadhānyaṃ vaṇijaḥ sevābhiratāḥ saśilpijanāḥ//
15.06ab/ puṣye yava^godhūmāḥ śāli^ikṣu^vanāni mantriṇo bhūpāḥ/
15.06cd/ salilopajīvinaḥ sādhavaś ca yajña^iṣṭi^saktāś ca//
15.07ab/ ahideve kṛtrima^kanda^mūla^phala^kīṭa^pannaga^viṣāṇi/
Anandakanda (anandk_u.htm.txt) 21403751 (0.061):
tilakandeti vikhyātā mūlavatphalapattriṇī // Āk_2,9.87 // / latā kṣīravatī sūtaṃ nibadhnātyātape khare /
15.07cd/ para^dhana^haraṇa^abhiratās tuṣadhānyaṃ sarvabhiṣajaś ca//
15.08ab/ pitrye dhana^dhānya^āḍhyāḥ koṣṭhāgārāṇi parvatāśrayiṇaḥ/
15.08cd/ pitṛ^bhakta^vaṇik^śūrāḥ kravyādāḥ strī^dviṣo manujāḥ//
15.09ab/ prākphalgunīṣu naṭa^yuvati^subhaga^gāndharva^śilpi^paṇyāni/
15.09cd/ karpāsa^lavaṇa^*makṣika[K.ū.mākṣika]^tailāni kumārakāś ca^api//
15.10ab/ āryamṇe / mārdava^śauca^vinaya^*pākhaṇḍi[K.pāṣaṇḍi]^dāna^śāstra^ratāḥ/
15.10cd/ śobhana^dhānya^mahādhana^karmānuratāḥ samanujendrāḥ//
Harivarman: Satyasiddhisastra (hvsatssu.htm.txt) 2015684 (0.060):
yaduta rājasevāvāṇijyarogacikitsādikarma | anādeyañca / prāṇidhadhanadhānyādi | ādāne mithyājīvaḥ | vinaye yatpratiṣiddhaṃ tena ca
15.11ab/ haste taskara^kuñjara^rathika^mahāmātra^śilpi^paṇyāni/
15.11cd/ tuṣadhānyaṃ śrutayuktā vaṇijas tejoyutāś ca^atra//
15.12ab/ tvāṣṭre bhūṣaṇa^maṇi^rāga^lekhya^gāndharva^gandha^yukti^jñāḥ/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10211622 (0.0):
16.17ab/ udapāna^yantra^gāndharva^lekhya^maṇi^rāga^gandha^yukti^vidaḥ/
15.12cd/ gaṇitapaṭu^tantuvāyāḥ śālākyā rājadhānyāni// / 15.13ab/ svātau khaga^mṛga^turagā vaṇijo dhānyāni vātabahulāni/
15.13cd/ asthira^sauhṛda^laghu^sattva^tāpasāḥ paṇya^kuśalāś ca//
15.14ab/ indrāgnidaivate rakta^puṣpa^phala^śākhinaḥ sa^tila^mudgāḥ/
15.14cd/ karpāsa^māṣa^caṇakāḥ purandara^hutāśa^bhaktāś ca//
15.15ab/ maitre śauryasametā gaṇanāyaka^sādhu^goṣṭhi^yāna^ratāḥ/
15.15cd/ ye sādhavaś ca loke sarvaṃ ca śaratsamutpannam//
15.16ab/ paurandare +atiśūrāḥ kula^vitta^yaśo^+anvitāḥ parasvahṛtaḥ/
15.16cd/ vijigīṣavo narendrāḥ senānāṃ ca^api netāraḥ// / 15.17ab/ mūle bheṣaja^bhiṣajo gaṇamukhyāḥ
kusuma^mūla^phala^*vārtāḥ[K.vārttāḥ]/ / 15.17cd/ bījāny atidhanayuktāḥ phalamūlair ye ca vartante//
Vasubandhu: Abhidharmakosa-bhasya (vakobhau.htm.txt) 24027152 (0.059):
saṃprayogeṇa tadyuktāḥ / taireva kuśalamūlahyar patrāpyaiḥ saṃprayuktā dharmāḥ saṃprayogeṇa
15.18ab/ āpye mṛdavo jalamārgagāminaḥ satya^śauca^dhana^yuktāḥ/
15.18cd/ setukara^vāri^jīvaka^phala^kusumāny ambujātāni//
15.19ab/ viśveśvare mahāmātra^malla^kari^turaga^devatā^*saktāḥ[K.bhaktāḥ]/
15.19cd/ sthāvara^yodhā bhogānvitāś ca ye *tejasā[K.caujasā] yuktāḥ//
15.20ab/ śravaṇe māyāpaṭavo nityodyuktāś ca karmasu samarthāḥ/
15.20cd/ utsāhinaḥ sadharmā bhāgavatāḥ satyavacanāś ca//
15.21ab/ vasubhe mānonmuktāḥ *klība[K.klībāś]^acalasauhṛdāḥ striyāṃ
*dveṣyāḥ[K.dvaṣyāḥ, K's tr. dveṣyāḥ]/ / 15.21cd/ dānābhiratā bahuvittasaṃyutāḥ śamaparāś ca narāḥ//
15.22ab/ varuṇeśe pāśika^matsya^bandha^jalajāni jalacarājīvāḥ/
15.22cd/ saukarika^rajaka^śauṇḍika^śākunikāś ca^api varge +asmin//
15.23ab/ āje taskara^paśupāla^hiṃsra^kīnāśa^nīca^śaṭha^ceṣṭāḥ/
15.23cd/ dharma^vratair virahitā niyuddha^kuśalāś ca ye manujāḥ//
15.24ab/ *āhirbudhnye[K.āhirbudhnyu] viprāḥ kratu^dāna^tapo^yutā
mahāvibhavāḥ/ / 15.24cd/ āśramiṇaḥ *pākhaṇḍā[K.pāṣaṇḍā] nareśvarāḥ sāradhānyaṃ ca//
15.25ab/ pauṣṇe salilaja^phala^kusuma^lavaṇa^maṇi^śaṅkha^mauktika^abjāni/
Anandavardhana: Dhvanyaloka, Uddyota 3, (andhvc3u.htm.txt) 16696786 (0.031):
vivakṣitatvāvivakṣitatvaṃ yathā / uppahajāāeṃ asohiṇīeṃ phalakusumapattarahaāe /
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10211446 (0.045):
15.25cd/ surabhi^kusumāni gandhā vaṇijo naukarṇadhārāś ca//
15.26ab/ aśvinyām aśvaharāḥ senāpati^vaidya^sevakās turagāḥ/
15.26cd/ *turagārohā vaṇijo[K.turagārohāś ca vanig] rūpopetās
turagarakṣāḥ// / 15.27ab/ yāmye +asṛk^piśita^bhujaḥ krūrā vadha^bandha^tāḍana^āsaktāḥ/
15.27cd/ tuṣadhānyaṃ nīcakulodbhavā vihīnāś ca sattvena//
15.28ab/ pūrvātrayaṃ sānalam agrajānāṃ rājñāṃ tu puṣyeṇa sahottarāṇi/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027818 (0.0):
YY_9.5ab/.pūrvātrayaṃ sānalam agrajānāṃ rājñāṃ tu puṣyeṇa sahottarāṇi/
15.28cd/ sapauṣṇa^maitraṃ pitṛdaivataṃ ca prajāpater bhaṃ ca kṛṣīvalānām//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027829 (0.0):
YY_9.5cd/.sapauṣṇamaitraṃ pitṛdaivataṃ ca prajāpater bhaṃ ca kṛṣīvalānām//
15.29ab/ āditya^hasta^abhijid^āśvināni vaṇigjanānāṃ pravadanti
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027835 (0.0):
YY_9.5cd/.sapauṣṇamaitraṃ pitṛdaivataṃ ca prajāpater bhaṃ ca kṛṣīvalānām// / YY_9.6ab/.ādityahastābhijidāśvināni vaṇigjanānāṃ pravadanti bhāni/
*tāni[K.bhāni]/ / 15.29cd/ mūla^trinetra^anila^vāruṇāni bhāny ugrajāteḥ
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027846 (0.0):
YY_9.6cd/.mūlatrinetrānilavāruṇāni bhāny ugrajāteḥ prabhaviṣṇutāyāḥ//
*prabhaviṣṇutāyāḥ[K.prabhaviṣṇutāyām]// / 15.30ab/ saumya^aindra^citrā^vasudaivatāni sevājana^svāmyam upāgatāni/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027859 (0.045):
YY_9.7ab/.saumyendra[K.aindra]citrāvasudaivatāni sevājanasvāmyam / upāgatāni/
15.30cd/ sārpaṃ viśākhā śravaṇo bharaṇyaś caṇḍālajāter
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027865 (0.023):
YY_9.7ab/.saumyendra[K.aindra]citrāvasudaivatāni sevājanasvāmyam / upāgatāni/ / YY_9.7cd/.sārpaṃ viśākhāśravaṇe bharaṇyaś cāṇḍālajāter
*abhinirdiśanti[K.iti nirdaśanti]// / 15.31ab/ ravi^ravisuta^bhogam āgataṃ kṣitisuta^bhedana^vakra^dūṣitam/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027879 (0.0):
YY_9.8ab/.raviravisutabhogam āgataṃ kṣitisutabhedanavakradūṣitaṃ/
15.31cd/ grahaṇagatam atha^ulkayā hataṃ niyatam uṣākara^pīḍitaṃ ca yat//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027879 (0.040):
YY_9.8ab/.raviravisutabhogam āgataṃ kṣitisutabhedanavakradūṣitaṃ/ / YY_9.8cd/.grahaṇagatam atho 'lkayā hataṃ niyatamukhākara[K.niyatam
15.32ab/ tad upahatam iti pracakṣate prakṛti^viparyaya^yātam eva vā/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027898 (0.050):
uṣākara]pīḍitaṃ ca yat// / YY_9.9ab/.tad upahatam iti pracakṣate prakṛtiviparyayajātam[K.yātam] eva
15.32cd/ nigadita^parivarga^dūṣaṇaṃ kathita^viparyayagaṃ samṛddhaye//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027908 (0.060):
YY_9.9cd/.nigaditapara[K.pari]vargadūṣitaṃ[K.dūṣaṇaṃ] kathitaviparyayagaṃ / samṛddhaye//
16 grahabhaktiyogādhyāyaḥ / 16.01ab/ prāṅ narmadārdha^śoṇa^uḍra^vaṅga^suhmāḥ kaliṅga^bāhlīkāḥ/
16.01cd/ śaka^yavana^magadha^śabara^prāgjyotiṣa^cīna^kāmbojāḥ//
Udicya Syamilaka: Padataditaka (sypadatu.htm.txt) 10589359 (0.060):
24 (a) śakayavanatukhārapārasīkair / (b) magadhakirātakaliṅgavaṅgakāśaiḥ
16.02ab/ mekala^kirāta^viṭakā bahir^antaḥ^śailajāḥ pulindāś ca/
16.02cd/ draviḍānāṃ prāgardhaṃ dakṣiṇakūlaṃ ca yamunāyāḥ//
16.03ab/ campa^udumbara^kauśāmbi^cedi^vindhyāṭavī^kaliṅgāś ca/
16.03cd/ puṇḍrā golāṅgūla^śrīparvata^*vardhamānāni[K.vardhamānāś ca]//
16.04ab/ ikṣumatī^ity atha taskara^pārata^kāntāra^gopa^bījānām/
16.04cd/ tuṣadhānya^kaṭuka^taru^kanaka^dahana^viṣa^samaraśūrāṇām//
16.05ab/ bheṣaja^bhiṣak^catuṣpada^kṛṣikara^nṛpa^hiṃsra^yāyi^caurāṇām/
16.05cd/ vyāla^araṇya^yaśoyuta^tīkṣṇāṇāṃ bhāskaraḥ svāmī//
16.06cd/ vanavāsi^taṅgaṇa^hala^strīrājya^mahārṇavadvīpāḥ//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10211209 (0.045):
15.25ab/ pauṣṇe salilaja^phala^kusuma^lavaṇa^maṇi^śaṅkha^mauktika^abjāni/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10220866 (0.063):
44.03cd/ pīto gopīta iti kleśakaraḥ khañjano dṛṣṭaḥ// / 44.04ab/ atha madhura^surabhi^phala^kusuma^taruṣu salilāśayeṣu puṇyeṣu/
16.07cd/ śāli^yava^auṣadhi^godhūma^somapa^ākranda^viprāṇām//
16.08ab/ sita^subhaga^turaga^ratikara^yuvati^camūnātha^bhojya^vastrāṇām/
16.08cd/ śṛṅgi^niśācara^kārṣaka^yajñavidāṃ ca^adhipaś candraḥ//
16.09ab/ śoṇasya narmadāyā bhīmarathāyāś ca paścimārdhasthāḥ/
16.09cd/ nirvindhyā vetravatī siprā godāvarī veṇā// / 16.10ab/ mandākinī payoṣṇī mahānadī sindhu^mālatī^pārāḥ/
Vamana-Purana, Saromahatmya (inserted after Adhy. 23) (vampsm_u.htm.txt) 14776436 (0.052):
āpagā ca mahāpuṇyā gaṅgā mandākinī nadī / / madhusrāvā vāsunadī kauśikī pāpanāśinī // VamPSm_13.7 //
Revakhanda of the Vayupurana (RKV) (vprevk_u.htm.txt) 18803510 (0.060):
sarayūḥ śatarudrā ca mahī carmilayā saha / / godāvarī tathā puṇyā tathaiva yamunā nadī // RKV_2.54 //
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4845920 (0.060):
pārā carmaṇvatī rūpā mandākinī mahānadī /AP_219.071ab/ / tāpī payoṣṇī veṇā ca gaurī vaitaraṇī tathā //AP_219.071cd/
Matsyapurana, Adhyayas 1-176 (mtp176au.htm.txt) 3914512 (0.061):
yamunā tvatha kāverī $ kṛṣṇaveṇā ca nimnagā & / suveṇā ca mahābhāgā % nadī godāvarī tathā // MatsP_163.61 //
Matsyapurana, Adhyayas 1-176 (mtp176pu.htm.txt) 8954005 (0.061):
yamunā tvatha kāverī kṛṣṇaveṇā ca nimnagā / / suveṇā ca mahābhāgā nadī godāvarī tathā // MatsP_163.61 //
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp1_u.htm.txt) 8482553 (0.063):
tāpī payoṣṇī nirvindhyā sṛpā ca niṣadhā nadī // BndP_1,16.32 //
16.10cd/ uttarapāṇḍya^mahendrādri^vindhya^malaya^upagāś colāḥ//
16.11ab/ draviḍa^videha^andhra^aśmaka^*bhāsāpara[K.bhāsāpura]^kauṅkaṇāḥ
samantriṣikāḥ/ / kuntala^kerala^daṇḍaka^kāntipura^mleccha^*saṅkariṇaḥ[K.saṅkarajāḥ]//
[K.16.12ab/ nāsikyabhogavardhanavirāṭavindhyādripārśvagā deśāḥ/
K.16.12cd/ ye ca pibanti sutoyāṃ tāpīṃ ye ca api gomatīsalilam //]
16.12cd/ āṭavika^durga^karvaṭa^*vadhika[K.vadhaka]^nṛśaṃsa^avaliptānām//
16.13ab/ narapati^kumāra^kuñjara^dāmbhika^ḍimbhābhighāta^paśupānām/
16.13cd/ rakta^phala^kusuma^vidruma^camūpa^guḍa^madya^tīkṣṇānām//
16.14ab/ kośa^bhavana^āgnihotrika^dhātvākara^śākya^bhikṣu^caurāṇām/
16.14cd/ śaṭha^dīrghavaira^bahvāśināṃ ca vasudhāsuto +adhipatiḥ//
16.15ab/ lohityaḥ sindhunadaḥ sarayūr gāmbhīrikā rathākhyā ca/
16.15cd/ gaṅgā^kauśiky^ādyāḥ sarito vaideha^kāmbojāḥ//
16.16ab/ mathurāyāḥ pūrvārdhaṃ himavad^gomanta^citrakūṭa^sthāḥ/
16.16cd/ saurāṣṭra^setu^jalamārga^paṇya^bila^parvata^āśrayiṇaḥ//
16.17ab/ udapāna^yantra^gāndharva^lekhya^maṇi^rāga^gandha^yukti^vidaḥ/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10211006 (0.0):
15.12ab/ tvāṣṭre bhūṣaṇa^maṇi^rāga^lekhya^gāndharva^gandha^yukti^jñāḥ/
16.17cd/ ālekhya^śabda^gaṇita^prasādhaka^āyuṣya^śilpajñāḥ//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10211007 (0.064):
15.12ab/ tvāṣṭre bhūṣaṇa^maṇi^rāga^lekhya^gāndharva^gandha^yukti^jñāḥ/ / 15.12cd/ gaṇitapaṭu^tantuvāyāḥ śālākyā rājadhānyāni//
16.18ab/ carapuruṣa^kuhakajīvaka^śiśu^kavi^śaṭha^sūcaka^abhicāra^ratāḥ/
16.18cd/ dūta^napuṃsaka^hāsyajña^bhūtatantra^indrajāla^jñāḥ//
16.19ab/ ārakṣaka^naṭa^nartaka^ghṛta^taila^sneha^bīja^tiktāni/
16.19cd/ vratacāri^rasāyana^kuśala^vesarāś candraputrasya//
16.20ab/ sindhunada^pūrvabhāgo mathurā^paścārdha^bharata^sauvīrāḥ/
16.20cd/ srughna^*audīcya[K.udīcya]^vipāśā^sarit^śatadrū
ramaṭha^*śālvāḥ[K.sālvāḥ]// / 16.21ab/ traigarta^*paurava[K.pauraba]^ambaṣṭha^pāratā
vāṭadhāna^yaudheyāḥ/ / 16.21cd/ sārasvata^arjunāyana^matsyārdha^grāmarāṣṭrāṇi//
16.22ab/ hasty^aśva^purohita^bhūpa^mantri^māṅgalya^pauṣṭika^āsaktāḥ/
16.22cd/ kāruṇya^satya^śauca^vrata^vidyā^dāna^dharma^yutāḥ//
16.23ab/ paura^mahādhana^śabda^artha^vedaviduṣo +abhicāra^nīti^jñāḥ/
16.23cd/ manujeśvara^upakaraṇam chatra^dhvaja^cāmara^ādyaṃ ca//
16.24ab/ śaileya^kuṣṭha[K.kaṣṭha]^māṃsī^tagara^rasa^saindhavāni vallījam/
Bhagavadgita (bhg4c__u.htm.txt) 17834699 (0.040):
tāṃ pūrayeti vyañjayati | madhura rasāsvādinaḥ / kaṭu rasa jighṛkṣāvat tvan mādhuryānubhavino me
Bhagavadgita 11 (bhg4c11u.htm.txt) 14658537 (0.040):
tāṃ pūrayeti vyañjayati | madhura-rasāsvādinaḥ / kaṭu-rasa-jighṛkṣāvat-tvan-mādhuryānubhavino me
16.24cd/ madhura^rasa^madhūcchiṣṭāni corakaś ca^iti jīvasya// / takṣaśila^*martikāvata[K.ū.mārtikāvata]^bahugiri^gāndhāra^puṣkalāvatakāḥ/
Dramatic Fragments (buddhist) (dramfrag_pu.htm.txt) 5905346 (0.010):
2 /// .iṭṭhā khu _ ahakaṃ na vutte _ vicchaḍḍ. /// / 3 /// + giriyaggasamājaṅ gamis.i + + /// / B1 /// .. n. k. bambhaṇā bhonti ─ vidū + ///
Mahasahasrapramardani (mspram_u.htm.txt) 24944851 (0.010):
aṅge vaṅge bhaṅge / bhavane / inandi vinandi / mulali / giri / garari / / garuṇi / śaruṇi / girigavare / locane / roṣaṇe / lasane / rocane / alabhe
Bhattanarayana: Venisamhara (bhveni_u.htm.txt) 14133852 (0.010):
{Pkt_50}halā suvaaṇe pekkha dāva udaagirisiharantaridavimukkarahavaro / vialidasaṃjhārāappasaṇṇadurāloamaṇḍalo jādo bhaavaṃ diahaṇāho /
Bhagavadgita (bhg4c__u.htm.txt) 17834700 (0.039):
tāṃ pūrayeti vyañjayati | madhura rasāsvādinaḥ / kaṭu rasa jighṛkṣāvat tvan mādhuryānubhavino me
Bhagavadgita 11 (bhg4c11u.htm.txt) 14658538 (0.039):
tāṃ pūrayeti vyañjayati | madhura-rasāsvādinaḥ / kaṭu-rasa-jighṛkṣāvat-tvan-mādhuryānubhavino me
Karunapundarikasutra (bsu018_u.htm.txt) 7661396 (0.040):
anyatīrthaṃ pramardasi siṃharivā guṇagandha pramuñcasi puṣparivā / / madhuragira bhāṣasi brahmarivā jaga duḥkhapramuñcaka vaidyarivā /
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt1u.htm.txt) 21222027 (0.042):
bahirandriyavyavasthāpakātavacchedakānāṃ rūparasagandhasparśaśabdatvānāṃ
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20911163 (0.043):
tayorapi 1 yatrapākajaṃ rūpaṃ tatra pāka iti vyāptiḥ/ na tṛtīyaḥ/ asya / rūparasādivyāptito 'nyatra sarvatrāvyāpteḥ/ na caturthaḥ/ gotvarūpahetuṃ
Narahari Pandita [alias Nrsimha]: Rajanighantu [also called Nighanturaja, or Abhidhanacudamani], (rajnighu.htm.txt) 831346 (0.043):
yāvanī cekṣuyoniśca rasālī rasadālikā // Rajni_14.87 / karaṅkaśālirmadhuraḥ śītalo rucikṛnmṛduḥ /
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt2u.htm.txt) 21003367 (0.044):
etena tamaso dravyatve pṛthivyādinavakāntarbhāvo vācyaḥ/ na ca na yuktaḥ/ / gandharasabhāsvararūpasparśaśabdahīnatvena bhūtapañcakāntarbhāvāyogāt /
Somadeva: Kathasaritsagara (sokss_mu.htm.txt) 8207535 (0.045):
tatrāsītsa tapaḥ kurvanrājānyarasaniḥspṛhaḥ / / klāmyannavyarasākāṅkṣī nidāgha iva cātakaḥ // SoKss_12,6.98 //
Jagannatha Panditaraja: Rasagangadhara, Anana 1 (jgrasg1u.htm.txt) 28787881 (0.048):
nāyakagatatvena vīrarase varṇanīye pratināyake bhayānakasya/ rasapadenātra
Durveka Misra: Hetubindutikaloka (dhebta_u.htm.txt) 14620079 (0.050):
rūparasādivai(rasāvi vavai)dharmyodāharaṇam |
Moksopaya (also known as Yogavasistha") (motik_xu.htm.txt) 2191619 (0.053):
"kaṭutiktāmlāḥ" atyantatāmasikatāmasikarājasikāḥ | kaṭvādirasaviśeṣayuktāś"
16.25cd/ prasthala^mālava^kaikaya^dāśārṇa^uśīnarāḥ śibayaḥ//
16.26ab/ ye ca pibanti vitastām irāvatīṃ candrabhāga^saritaṃ ca/
16.26cd/ ratha^rajata^ākara^kuñjara^turaga^mahāmātra^dhanayuktāḥ//
16.27ab/ surabhi^kusuma^anulepana^maṇi^vajra^vibhūṣaṇa^amburuha^śayyāḥ/
16.27cd/ vara^taruṇa^yuvati^kāma^upakaraṇa^mṛṣṭānna^madhura^bhujaḥ//
Bana: Harsacarita, Ucchvasa 4 (bahcar4u.htm.txt) 5739350 (0.063):
kṛtamadhuraheṣāravāṇāṃ puraścyotattuṣārasalilaśīkaraṃ kiranmarakataharitaṃ
16.28ab/ udyāna^salila^kāmuka^yaśaḥ^sukha^audārya^rūpa^sampannāḥ/
16.28cd/ vidvad^amātya^vaṇigjana^ghaṭakṛc^citrāṇḍajās triphalāḥ//
16.29ab/ kauśeyapaṭṭa^kambala^patraurṇika^rodhra^patra^cocāni/
Anandakanda (anandk_u.htm.txt) 21363543 (0.056):
kūṣmāṇḍālāburunimbapatraphalāni ca // Āk_1,17.35 // / patrapuṣpaphalaṃ śigrormudgayūṣarasau kṛtau /
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4580018 (0.059):
parṇakauśeyapaṭṭorṇe tathā prāvārakaṃbalau // BndP_2,16.32 //
16.29cd/ jātīphala^aguru^vacā^pippalyaś candanaṃ ca bhṛgoḥ//
16.30ab/ ānarta^ārbuda^puṣkara^saurāṣṭra^ābhīra^śūdra^raivatakāḥ/
16.30cd/ naṣṭā yasmin deśe sarasvatī paścimo deśaḥ/
16.31ab/ kurubhūmijāḥ prabhāsaṃ vidiśā vedasmṛtī mahītaṭajāḥ/
16.31cd/ khala^malina^nīca^tailika^vihīnasattva^upahata^puṃstvāḥ//
16.32cd/ gaṇapūjya^skhalita^vrata^śabara^pulinda^arthaparihīnāḥ/
16.33ab/ kaṭu^tikta^rasāyana^vidhavayoṣito bhujaga^taskara^mahiṣyaḥ/
16.33cd/ khara^karabha^caṇaka^*vātala[K.vātula]^niṣpāvāś ca^arkaputrasya//
16.34ab/ giriśikhara^kandara^darī^viniviṣṭā mlecchajātayaḥ śūdrāḥ/
16.34cd/ gomāyu^bhakṣa^śūlika^vokkāṇa^aśvamukha^vikalāṅgāḥ/
16.35ab/ kulapāṃsana^hiṃsra^kṛtaghna^caura^niḥsatya^śauca^dānāś ca/
16.35cd/ khara^cara^niyuddhavit^tīvraroṣa^*garttāśrayā[K.garbhāśayā]
nīcāḥ// / 16.36ab/ upahata^dāmbhika^rākṣasa^nidrābahulāś ca jantavaḥ sarve/
16.36cd/ dharmeṇa ca saṃtyaktā māṣa^tilāś ca^arkaśaśiśatroḥ//
16.37ab/ giridurga^pahlava^śveta^hūṇa^cola^āvagāṇa^maru^cīnāḥ/
16.37cd/ pratyanta^dhani^maheccha^vyavasāya^parākramopetāḥ//
16.38ab/ paradāra^vivāda^ratāḥ pararandhra^kutūhalā mada^utsiktāḥ/
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmpau.htm.txt) 26896761 (0.057):
mṛtaniryātakāṃś caiva % paradāraratāś ca ye // BrP_221.142 //
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmpiu.htm.txt) 16866084 (0.057):
paradāraratāś ca ye BrP_221.142d / paradāravimardakāḥ BrP_215.57d
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmppu.htm.txt) 11168065 (0.057):
mṛtaniryātakāṃś caiva paradāraratāś ca ye // BrP_221.142 //
16.38cd/ mūrkhā^adhārmika^vijigīṣavaś ca ketoḥ samākhyātāḥ// / 16.39a udayasamaye yaḥ snigdhāṃśur mahān prakṛtisthito
16.39b yadi ca na hato nirghāta^ulkā^rajo^grahamardanaiḥ/
16.39c svabhavana^gataḥ svocca^prāptaḥ śubhagraha^vīkṣitaḥ
16.39d sa bhavati śivas teṣāṃ yeṣāṃ prabhuḥ parikīrtitaḥ//
16.40ab/ abhihita^viparīta^*lakṣaṇe[K.lakṣanaiḥ] kṣayam upagacchati
tatparigrahaḥ/ / 16.40cd/ ḍamara^bhaya^gada^āturā janā narapatayaś ca bhavanti duḥkhitāḥ//
16.41ab/ yadi na ripukṛtaṃ bhayaṃ nṛpāṇāṃ svasuta^kṛtaṃ niyamād amātyajaṃ
16.41cd/ bhavati janapadasya ca^apy avṛṣṭyā gamanam / apūrvapura^adri^nimnagāsu//
17 grahayuddhādhyāyaḥ/ / 17.01ab/ yuddhaṃ yathā yadā vā *bhaviṣyam[K.bhaviṣyad] ādiśyate
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 537836 (0.059):
aśakto 'haṃ tathā rājan $ kṛtasya pratikarmaṇaḥ // HV_App.I,16.15 // / yat tu yuddhaṃ balavatā $ kṛṣṇena kṛtam ity api / HV_App.I,16.16 /
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_apppu.htm.txt) 22023392 (0.059):
aśakto 'haṃ tathā rājan kṛtasya pratikarmaṇaḥ // HV_App.I,16.15 // / yat tu yuddhaṃ balavatā kṛṣṇena kṛtam ity api / HV_App.I,16.16 /
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16241869 (0.061):
tato yugānte bhūtānām HV_35.60a / tato yuddham apoḍhānāṃ *HV_108.18*1219:15a / tato yuddham avartata HV_App.I,31.3450b
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13776851 (0.061):
tato yugānte bhūtānām HV_35.60a / tato yuddham apoḍhānāṃ HV_108.18*1219:15a / tato yuddhaṃ mahac cakre HV_110.49*1317:1a
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13741211 (0.063):
atha māṃ pratyabhāṣata HV_100.51d / atha yuddhaṃ samālipsuḥ HV_81.79*919:13a / atha rājā vivasvantam HV_28.12*435:6a
trikālajñaiḥ/ / 17.01cd/ tadvijñānaṃ karaṇe mayā kṛtaṃ sūrya^*siddhānte[K.siddhāntāt]//
17.02ab/ viyati caratāṃ grahāṇām uparyupary ātmamārgasaṃsthānām/
17.02cd/ atidūrād dṛgviṣaye samatām iva samprayātānām// / 17.03ab/ āsanna^krama^yogād
17.03cd/ yuddhaṃ catuṣprakāraṃ parāśara^ādyair munibhir uktam//
17.04ab/ bhede vṛṣṭivināśo bhedaḥ suhṛdāṃ mahākulānāṃ ca/
17.04cd/ ullekhe śastra^bhayaṃ mantrivirodhaḥ priyānnatvam//
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28196634 (0.064):
kṛteḥ ātmamātradharmatvādityata āha [66] ārabdhe janya u iti/ [66] / parasparavirodhenetīti/ virodhaḥ pratībandhakatvam, tatra
17.05ab/ amśuvirodhe yuddhāni bhūbhṛtāṃ śastra^ruk^kṣud^avamardāḥ/
17.05cd/ yuddhe ca^apy apasavye bhavanti yuddhāni bhūpānām// / 17.06ab/ ravir ākrando madhye pauraḥ pūrve +apare sthito yāyī/
17.06cd/ paurā budha^guru^ravijā nityaṃ śītāṃśur *ākrandaḥ[K.ākrandraḥ]//
17.07ab/ ketu^kuja^rāhu^śukrā yāyina ete hatā *ghnanti[K.grahā hanyuḥ]/
17.07cd/ ākranda^yāyi^paurān jayino *jayadāḥ[K.jayadā] sva^vargasya//
17.08ab/ paure paureṇa hate paurāḥ paurān nṛpān vinighnanti/
17.08cd/ evaṃ *yāyyākrandā[K.yāyyākrandau] nāgara^yāyi^grahāś ca^eva//
17.09ab/ dakṣiṇadiksthaḥ paruṣo vepathur aprāpya sannivṛtto +aṇuḥ/
17.09cd/ adhirūḍho vikṛto niṣprabho vivarṇaś ca yaḥ sa jitaḥ//
17.10ab/ uktaviparītalakṣaṇasampanno jayagato *vinirdeśyaḥ[K.vinirdiṣṭaḥ]/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10208842 (0.055):
subhikṣa^saukhyāvahaḥ ketuḥ// / 11.09ab/ ukta^viparīta^rūpo na śubhakaro dhūmaketur utpannaḥ/
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28232143 (0.060):
kḷptapadārthāntargatakāṃsyādigataśuddhirūpādheyaśaktilakṣaṇoktārthasamuccāyakatā / na yujayate/ anuktārthāntarasamuccāyakatāsambhave
17.10cd/ vipulaḥ snigdho dyutimān dakṣiṇadikstho +api jayayuktaḥ//
17.11ab/ dvāv api mayūkhayuktau vipulau snigdhau samāgame bhavataḥ/
17.11cd/ tatra *anyonyaṃ prītir[K.anyonyaprītir] viparītāv / ātmapakṣaghnau//
17.12ab/ yuddhaṃ samāgamo vā yady avyaktau *svalakṣaṇair[K.tu lakṣaṇair]
bhavataḥ/ / 17.12cd/ bhuvi bhūbhṛtām api tathā phalam avyaktaṃ vinirdeśyam//
17.13ab/ guruṇā jite +avanisute bāhlīkā yāyino *+agnivārtāś
ca[K.agnivārttāś ca]/ / 17.13cd/ śaśijena śūrasenāḥ kaliṅga^*śālvāś[K.sālvāś] ca pīḍyante//
17.14ab/ saureṇa^are vijite jayanti paurāḥ prajāś ca sīdanti/
17.14cd/ *koṣṭhāgāra[K.koṣṭhāgāra]^mleccha^kṣatriya^tāpaś ca śukrajite//
17.15ab/ bhaumena hate śaśije vṛkṣa^sarit^tāpasa^aśmaka^narendrāḥ/
17.15cd/ uttaradiksthāḥ kratu^dīkṣitāś ca santāpam āyānti//
17.16ab/ guruṇā *jite budhe[K.budhe jite] / mleccha^śūdra^caura^arthayukta^paurajanāḥ/
17.16cd/ traigartapārvatīyāḥ pīḍyante kampate ca mahī// / 17.17ab/ ravijena budhe dhvaste nāvika^yodha^abja^sadhana^garbhiṇyaḥ/
17.17cd/ bhṛguṇā jite +agnikopaḥ sasya^ambuda^yāyi^vidhvaṃsaḥ//
17.18ab/ jīve śukra^abhihate kulūta^gāndhāra^kaikayā madrāḥ/
17.18cd/ *śālvā[K.sālvā] vatsā vaṅgā gāvaḥ sasyāni *pīḍyante[K.naśyanti]//
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_conpu.htm.txt) 4342769 (0.048):
khaśās tu ṣārāś cīnāś ca madrāḥ kiṣkandhakās tathā | *HV_10.45*210:1 / kauntalāś ca tathā vaṅgāḥ śālvāḥ kauṅkaṇakās tathā | *HV_10.45*210:2
17.19ab/ bhaumena hate jīve madhyo deśo nareśvarā gāvaḥ/
17.19cd/ saureṇa ca^arjunāyana^vasāti^yaudheya^śibi^viprāḥ//
17.20ab/ śaśitanayena^api jite bṛhaspatau mleccha^satya^śastra^bhṛtaḥ/
17.20cd/ upayānti madhyadeśaś ca saṃkṣayaṃ yac ca bhaktiphalam//
17.21ab/ śukre bṛhaspati^*jite[K.hate] yāyī śreṣṭho vināśam upayāti/
17.21cd/ brahmakṣatravirodhaḥ salilaṃ ca na vāsavas tyajati//
17.22ab/ kośala^kaliṅga^vaṅgā vatsā matsyāś ca madhyadeśa^yutāḥ/
17.22cd/ mahatīṃ vrajanti pīḍāṃ napuṃsakāḥ śūrasenāś ca//
17.23ab/ kuja^vijite bhṛgu^tanaye bala^mukhya^vadho narendra^saṃgrāmāḥ/
17.23cd/ saumyena pārvatīyāḥ kṣīravināśo +alpavṛṣṭiś ca//
17.24ab/ ravijena site vijite *guṇamukhyāḥ[U.gaṇamukhyāḥ] śastra^jīvinaḥ
kṣatram/ / 17.24cd/ jalajāś ca nipīḍyante sāmānyaṃ bhaktiphalam anyat//
17.25ab/ asite sitena nihate +argha^vṛddhir ahi^vihaga^mānināṃ pīḍā/
17.25cd/ kṣitijena taṅgaṇa^andhra^uḍra^kāśi^bāhlīka^deśānām//
17.26ab/ saumyena parābhūte mande +aṅga^vaṇig^vihaṅga^paśu^nāgāḥ/
17.26cd/ santāpyante guruṇā strī^bahulā mahiṣaka^śakāś ca//
17.27ab/ ayaṃ viśeṣo +abhihito hatānāṃ kuja^jña^vāgīśa^sita^asitānām/
17.27cd/ phalaṃ tu vācyaṃ graha^bhaktito +anyad yathā tathā ghnanti hatāḥ
svabhaktīḥ// / 18 śaśigrahasamāgamādhyāyaḥ
18.01ab/ bhānāṃ yathāsambhavam uttareṇa yāto grahāṇāṃ yadi vā śaśāṅkaḥ/
18.01cd/ pradakṣiṇaṃ tat^*śubhadaṃ nṛpāṇāṃ[K.śubhakṛnnarāṇāṃ] yāmyena yāto
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10243157 (0.050):
87.25d sandarśanaṃ śubhadam asya sadaiva yātuḥ// / 87.26a aṇḍīrakaṣ ṭī^iti rutena pūrṇaṣ^
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10227387 (0.062):
52.93ab/ śvabhroṣitaṃ na kusumaṃ yasya[K.yasmin] pramlāyate / +anuvarṇasamam/ / 52.93cd/ tattasya bhavati śubhadaṃ yasya ca yasmin mano ramate//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13031492 (0.062):
YY_14.30cd/.prāraṃbhayānasamayeṣu tathā praveśe grāhyaṃ kṣutan na śubhadaṃ / kvacid apy uśanti//
Varahamihira: Tikanikayatra (tikaniku.htm.txt) 9281323 (0.063):
TY_9.18cd/.lalāṭaṃ dhanur athendraṃ(nuraindraṃ)na śubhadam anyatra / śastaṃ(sta)phalam//
Vamana-Purana, Adhyayas 1-69 (vamp__u.htm.txt) 23741967 (0.063):
etat tavoktaṃ harakīrtivardhanaṃ puṇyaṃ pavitraṃ śubhadaṃ maharṣe / / saṃkīrtanīyaṃ dvijasattameṣu dharmāyurārogyadhanaiṣiṇā sadā // VamP_44.96
na śivaḥ śaśāṅkaḥ// / 18.02ab/ candramā yadi kujasya yāty udak pārvatīya^balaśālināṃ jayaḥ/
18.02cd/ kṣatriyāḥ pramuditāḥ sayāyino bhūri^dhānya^muditā vasundharā//
18.03ab/ uttarataḥ svasutasya śaśaṅkaḥ paura^jayāya subhikṣa^karaś ca/
18.03cd/ sasya^cayaṃ kurute janahārdiṃ kośa^cayaṃ ca narādhipatīnām//
18.04ab/ bṛhaspater uttarage śaśāṅke paura^dvija^kṣatriya^paṇḍitānām/
18.04cd/ dharmasya deśasya ca madhyamasya vṛddhiḥ subhikṣaṃ muditāḥ prajāś
ca// / 18.05ab/ bhārgavasya yadi yāty udak śaśī kośa^yukta^gaja^vāji^vṛddhidaḥ/
18.05cd/ yāyināṃ ca vijayo dhanuṣmatāṃ sasyasampad api ca^uttamā tadā//
18.06ab/ ravijasya śaśī pradakṣiṇaṃ kuryāc cet purabhūbhṛtāṃ jayaḥ/
Yajnavalkya-Smrti (yajn1_u.htm.txt) 16016944 (0.056):
Yāj1.133a/ dākṣāyaṇī brahma.sūtrī veṇumān sa.kamaṇḍaluh / / Yāj1.133c/ (kuryāt pradakṣiṇam deva.mṛd.go.vipra.vanaspatīn //
18.06cd/ śaka^bāhlika^sindhu^pahlavā *mudabhājo[K.mudbhājo] yavanaiḥ
samanvitāḥ// / 18.07ab/ yeṣām udag gaccchati bhagrahāṇāṃ prāleyaraśmir nirupadravaś ca/
18.07cd/ tad^dravya^paura^itara^bhakti^deśān puṣṇāti yāmyena nihanti
tāni// / 18.08a śaśini phalam *udaksthe[K.udakasthe] yad grahasya^upadiṣṭaṃ
18.08b bhavati tad apasavye sarvam eva pratīpam/ / 18.08c iti śaśisamavāyāḥ *kīrtitā[K.kīrttitā] bhagrahāṇāṃ
18.08d na khalu bhavati yuddhaṃ sākam indor graha^ṛkṣaiḥ//
19 grahavarṣaphalādhyāyaḥ / 19.01a sarvatra bhūr viralasasyayutā vanāni
19.01b daivād bibhakṣayiṣudaṃṣṭrisamāvṛtāni/ / 19.01c *nadyaś[K.syandanti] ca naiva *hi[] payaḥ pracuraṃ
*sravanti[K.sravantyo] / 19.01d rugbheṣajāni na tathātibalānvitāni//
19.02a tīkṣṇaṃ tapaty aditijaḥ śiśire +api kāle
19.02b nātyambudā jalamuco +acalasannikāśāḥ/ / 19.02c naṣṭaprabha^ṛkṣagaṇa^śīta^karaṃ nabhaś ca
19.02d sīdanti tāpasakulāni sagokulāni// / 19.03a hasty^aśva^pattimad asahyabalair upetā
19.03b bāṇa^āsana^asi^muśala^atiśayāś caranti/
19.03c ghnanto nṛpā yudhi nṛpa^anucaraiś ca deśān
19.03d saṃvatsare dinakarasya dine +atha māse// / 19.04a vyāptaṃ nabhaḥ pracalita^acala^sannikāśair
19.04b vyāla^añjana^ali^gavala^cchavibhiḥ payodaiḥ/
19.04c gāṃ pūrayadbhir akhilām amalābhir adbhir / 19.04d *utkaṇṭhitena[K.utkaṇṭhakena] guruṇā dhvanitena cāśāḥ//
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13766884 (0.025):
gāṃdīṃ tasyās tu gāṃdītvaṃ HV_28.37c / gāṃ dogdhrīṃ samakālayan HV_16.6b
19.05a toyāni padma^kumuda^utpalavanty atīva / 19.05b phulladrumāṇy upavanāny alināditāni/
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13805692 (0.044):
padmalomānurañjitām HV_55.32d / padmavanti jalāni ca HV_59.49b / padmaṣaṇḍākulābhiś ca HV_93.11a
19.05c gāvaḥ prabhūtapayaso nayanābhirāmā / 19.05d rāmā ratair avirataṃ ramayanti rāmān//
19.06a godhūma^śāli^yava^dhānya^vara^ikṣu^vāṭā
Karandavyuha (bsu019_u.htm.txt) 7105631 (0.050):
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15980381 (0.062):
kṛtvā yoniṃ kuṇḍamadhye tatrāgnau vidhivaddhrunet / / tilasarṣapagodhūmaśālidhānyayavairhunet // NarP_1,90.151 //
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4872977 (0.063):
śaktugodhūmalājāś ca yavaśālimasūrakāḥ /AP_278.009ab/ / sakuṣṭhacaṇakā mudgā bhakṣyā godhūmakā hitāḥ //AP_278.009cd/
Samghatasutra (bsu045_u.htm.txt) 7830479 (0.064):
bhaveyuḥ bahūni ca kṣetrārāmāṇi saṃvidyeran bahūni ca dhanadhānyāni / / tadyathā yavagodhumaśālitilamāṣamudgādīni sa ca puruṣo vasantakāle sarvāni
19.06b bhūḥ pālyate nṛpatibhir nagara^ākara^āḍhyā/
19.06c cityaṅkitā kratuvareṣṭivighuṣṭanādā
19.06d saṃvatsare śiśiragor abhisampravṛtte// / 19.07a vātoddhataś carati vahnir atipracaṇḍo
19.07b grāmān vanāni nagarāṇi ca sandidhakṣuḥ/ / 19.07c hāhā^iti dasyugaṇapātahatā raṭanti
19.07d niḥsvīkṛtā vipaśavo bhuvi martyasaṃghāḥ// / 19.08a abhyunnatā viyati saṃhatamūrtayo +api
19.08b muñcanti *kutra cid[ kva cid] apaḥ pracuraṃ payodāḥ/
19.08c sīmni prajātam api śoṣam upaiti sasyaṃ / 19.08d niṣpannam apy avinayād apare haranti//
19.09a bhūpā na samyagabhipālanasaktacittāḥ
19.09b pittottharukpracuratā bhujagaprakopaḥ/
19.09c evaṃvidhair *upahṛtā[K.ū.upahatā] bhavati prajā^iyaṃ / 19.09d saṃvatsare +avanisutasya vipannasasyā//
19.10a māyā^indrajāla^kuhaka^ākara^nāgarāṇāṃ / 19.10b gāndharva^lekhya^gaṇita^astravidāṃ ca vṛddhiḥ/
19.10c piprīṣayā nṛpatayo +adbhutadarśanāni / 19.10d ditsanti tuṣṭijananāni parasparebhyaḥ//
19.11a *vārtā[K.vārttā] jagaty avitathā vikalā trayī ca
19.11b samyak caraty api manor iva daṇḍanītiḥ/ / 19.11c *adhyakṣara[K.adhyakṣaraṃ]svabhiniviṣṭadhiyo *+api[K.atra] ke cid
19.11d ānvīkṣikīṣu ca paraṃ padamīhamānāḥ// / 19.12a hāsyajña^dūta^kavi^bāla^napuṃsakānāṃ
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 16002309 (0.030):
vidhūya cehapāpāni vraje dviṣṇoḥ paraṃ padam / / uktaṃ mātṛvrataṃ cātra bhairaveṇa samanvitāḥ // NarP_1,118.5 //
Aryasura: Paramitasamasa (bsa050_u.htm.txt) 12049241 (0.032):
yasmāt paraṃ sūkṣamataraṃ na kiṃ cid yannaipuṇānāṃ paramaḥ prakarṣaḥ /
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 666030 (0.035):
nārāyaṇaparaṃ satyaṃ $ nārāyaṇaparaṃ padam // HV_App.I,42.75 // / [k: Ñ1.2 V1.3 B Dn2 Ds D3.5.6 T2 G1.4.5 M4 ins. :k]
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_apppu.htm.txt) 22151587 (0.035):
nārāyaṇaparaṃ satyaṃ nārāyaṇaparaṃ padam // HV_App.I,42.75 // / [k: Ñ1.2 V1.3 B Dn2 Ds D3.5.6 T2 G1.4.5 M4 ins. :k]
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15881800 (0.039):
yadyobhāvaprasaṃdhānamṛkārādiparaṃ padam /
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16320562 (0.050):
parāt parasyāpi paraṃ padaṃ yat **HV_App.I,42A.555**55:3 / parādārāvamarśanam HV_App.I,22A.43b
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appiu.htm.txt) 25088143 (0.050):
parāt parasyāpi paraṃ padaṃ yat HV_App.I,42A.555**55:3 / parādārāvamarśanam HV_App.I,22A.43b
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28234226 (0.051):
kṛtisādhyatveṣṭasādhanatvaprakārakajñānavānityarthaḥ/ tadartha iti/ / tatpadamatra lokavyutpattibalādityetatparam/ tatretīti/ tatra loke/
Visvanatha (kaviraja): Sahityadarpana, with the author's autocommentary Vasudhakara, (visa07cu.htm.txt) 2596456 (0.052):
evaṃ bisakisalayacchedapātheyavanta"ityatra vatupapratyayaḥ / / tena padaparamityatra paramityanena vākyamātravyavacchedaḥ /"
Bhaskara: Bhagavadasayanusaranabhasya on the Bhagavadgita, Adhyayas 1-9 (bhbhg_cu.htm.txt) 1408385 (0.053):
parasyānte10 kṛtātmānaḥ praviśanti11 paraṃ padam // iti / / iha ca vakṣyati daivī siddhir vimokṣāya iti /
RGVEDA 9 (rv_09_u.htm.txt) 3199045 (0.056):
RV_09.071.05.2{25} jigādupa jrayati gorapīcyaṃ padaṃ yadasya matuthā
Bhagavadgita (bhg4c__u.htm.txt) 17872406 (0.056):
svarūpātmakaṃ padam / | na hi yo yad bhāsyaḥ sa svabhāsakaṃ taṃ bhāsayitum īṣṭe | tathā ca
Bhagavadgita 15 (bhg4c15u.htm.txt) 17667997 (0.056):
svarūpātmakaṃ padam | na hi yo yad-bhāsyaḥ sa svabhāsakaṃ taṃ bhāsayitum
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28197907 (0.057):
saṃyogasyodbhūtatvarūpajātyanākrāntatvāt/ ataḥ tatpadaṃ / sārthakayitumāha / [70] udtatvaṃ na jātiriti/ [70] śuklanvādinā sāṅkaryāditi/ saṅkara eva
Raghavacaitanya: Mahaganapatistotra, with a commentary by his disciple" (raggancu.htm.txt) 16704222 (0.057):
atrādhipadaṃ sarvamiti ca padaṃ chandonurodhāduktam |"
Khandadeva: Bhattadipika, a commentary on Jaimini's Mimamsasutra, Adhyaya 1, Adhikarana 1, (jsbh1-1u.htm.txt) 17233306 (0.058):
śreyaḥ padaṃ cātra svayaṃprathitaphalaparam, ato na krūtūpakāraphalamādāya
Madhava: Jaiminiyanyayamalavistara, a metrical exposition of Jaimini's Mimamsasutra, (mjnya02u.htm.txt) 8347995 (0.059):
pūrvādhikaraṇe varṇakābhyāṃ yadidamuktam - / 'apūrvasyaikameva padaṃ pratyāyakam ' tacca 'yajeta'
Anandavardhana: Dhvanyaloka, Uddyota 2, (andhvc2u.htm.txt) 14231602 (0.060):
'svagatā' ityatra svapadamātmaparamātmīyaparaṃ ceti vyācaṣṭe ātmagatā
19.12b yuktijña^setu^jala^parvata^vāsināṃ ca/
19.12c hārdiṃ karoti mṛgalāñchanajaḥ svake +abde
19.12d māse +atha vā *pracuratā[K.pracuratāṃ] bhuvi ca^auṣadhīnām//
19.13a dhvanir uccarito +adhvare dyugāmī / 19.13b vipulo yajñamuṣāṃ manāṃsi bhindan/
19.13c vicaraty aniśaṃ dvijottamānāṃ / 19.13d hṛdaya^ānanda^karo +adhvarāṃśabhājām//
19.14ab/ kṣitir uttama^sasyavaty / aneka^dvipa^patty^aśva^dhana^uru^gokula^āḍhyā/
19.14cd/ kṣitipair abhipālanapravṛddhā dyucaraspardhijanā tadā vibhāti//
19.15ab/ vividhair viyad unnataiḥ payodair vṛtam urvīṃ
payasābhitarpayadbhiḥ/ / 19.15cd/ surarājaguroḥ śubhe *tu[K.atra] varṣe bahusasyā kṣitir
uttama^ṛddhiyuktā// / 19.16a śāli^ikṣumaty api dharā dharaṇīdhara^ābha^
19.16b dhārādhara^ujjhita^payaḥ^paripūrṇa^vaprā/ / 19.16c śrīmat^saroruha^tata^ambu^taḍāga^kīrṇā
19.16d yoṣā^iva bhāty abhinava^ābharaṇa^ujjvala^aṅgī//
19.17a kṣatraṃ kṣitau kṣapita^bhūri^bala^ari^pakṣam
19.17b udghuṣṭa^naika^jaya^śabda^virāvitāśam/
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 5000969 (0.040):
*{4/342: E2: 5,80; E6: 2,48}* / na śabdaikatvāt // MS_4,3.33 //
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21304396 (0.054):
sthālīpākakiṃśukasamidājyāhutīnāmekadaśānāṃ prādhānyatrāpanārtha ca / / jayādyanantaraṃ sviṣṭakṛdityuktameva // 9 //
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28230952 (0.055):
upayogitvāt vādyapajayahetutvāt/ pṛthagiti/
DANDIN: KAVYADARSA, Pariccheda 2 (incomplete!): Verses 2.1-144, 310-368 (dkavy2au.htm.txt) 22385007 (0.062):
ā-datte cā7dya me prā1ṇān % asau jala-dharā3valī // 2.111 // / an-eka-śabdo1pā3-dānāt $ kriyai9kai9vā7tra dīpyate &
19.17c saṃhṛṣṭa^śiṣṭa^jana^duṣṭa^vinaṣṭa^vargāṃ
19.17d gāṃ pālayanty avanipā nagarākarāḍhyām//
19.18a pepīyate madhu madhau saha kāminībhir / 19.18b jegīyate śravaṇahāri sa^veṇu^vīṇam/
19.18c bobhujyate +atithisuhṛtsvajanaiḥ sahānnam
19.18d abde sitasya madanasya jayāvaghoṣaḥ// / 19.19a *udvṛtta[U.uddhata]^dasyugaṇabhūriraṇākulāni
19.19b rāṣṭrāṇy anekapaśuvittavinākṛtāni/ / 19.19c rorūyamāṇa^hata^bandhujanair janaiś ca
Timirodghāṭana (plus short Nirvāṇakārikā at the end) (timudghu.htm.txt) 5515793 (0.041):
TimUdgh10.25ab: dravyalobhe pariprāpte & na tu bandhu{sva}janais tathā
Radhakrsnadasa Gosvami: Sadhanadipika (sadhdipu.htm.txt) 7605742 (0.063):
parikramaṇakaṃ kṛtvā tato bandhu janaiḥ saha |
19.19d roga^uttamākulakulāni bubhukṣayā ca//
19.20a vātoddhatāmbudharavarjitam antarikṣam / 19.20b ārugṇanaikaviṭapaṃ ca dharātalaṃ dyauḥ/
19.20c naṣṭārkacandrakiraṇātirajo +avanaddhā
19.20d toyāśayāś ca vijalāḥ sarito +api tanvyaḥ// / 19.21a jātāni kutra cid atoyatayā vināśam
19.21b ṛcchanti puṣṭim aparāṇi jalokṣitāni/ / 19.21c sasyāni mandam abhivarṣati *vṛtra^śatrur[K.vṛtraśatrau]
19.21d varṣe divākarasutasya sadā pravṛtte// / 19.22a aṇur apaṭumayūkho nīcago +anyair jito vā
19.22b na sakalaphaladātā puṣṭido +ato +anyathā yaḥ/
19.22c yad aśubham aśubhe +abde māsajaṃ tasya vṛddhiḥ
19.22d śubhaphalam api ca^evaṃ yāpyam anyonyatāyām// / 20 grahaśṛṅgāṭakādhyāyaḥ
20.01ab/ yasyāṃ diśi dṛśyante viśanti tārāgrahā raviṃ sarve/
20.01cd/ bhavati bhayaṃ diśi tasyām āyudha^kopa^kṣudhaā^ātaṅkaiḥ//
20.02ab/ cakra^dhanuḥ^śṛṅgāṭaka^daṇḍa^pura^prāsa^vajra^saṃsthānāḥ/
20.02cd/ kṣud^vṛṣṭikarā[K.ū.avṛṣṭikarā] loke samarāya ca mānava^indrāṇām//
20.03ab/ yasmin khāṃśe dṛśyā grahamālā dinakare dināntagate/
20.03cd/ tatra +anyo bhavati nṛpaḥ paracakra^upadravaś ca mahān//
20.04ab/ *tasminn[K.yasminn] ṛkṣe kuryuḥ samāgamaṃ tajjanān grahā hanyuḥ/
20.04cd/ *avibhedinaḥ[K.avibhedanāḥ] parasparam amalamayūkhāḥ śivās
20.05ab/ graha^saṃvarta^samāgama^sammoha^samāja^sannipāta^ākhyāḥ/
20.05cd/ kośaś cety eteṣām abhidhāsye lakṣaṇaṃ saphalaṃ// / 20.06ab/ eka^ṛkṣe catvāraḥ saha paurair yāyino +atha vā pañca/
20.06cd/ saṃvarto nāma bhavet^śikhi^rāhuyutaḥ sa sammohaḥ//
20.07ab/ pauraḥ paurasameto yāyī saha yāyinā samājākhyaḥ/
20.07cd/ yama^jīva^saṅgame +anyo yady āgacchet tadā kośaḥ//
20.08ab/ uditaḥ paścād ekaḥ prāk cānyo yadi sa sannipātākhyaḥ/
20.08cd/ avikṛtatanavaḥ snigdhā vipulāś ca samāgame dhanyāḥ//
20.09ab/ samau tu saṃvartasamāgamākhyau sammoha^kośau bhayadau prajānām/
20.09cd/ *samājasaṃjño susamā pradiṣṭā[K.samājñaḥ susamaḥ pradiṣṭo]
vairaprakopaḥ khalu sannipāte// / 21 garbhalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ
21.01ab/ annaṃ jagataḥ prāṇāḥ prāvṛṭkālasya cānnam āyattam/
21.01cd/ yasmād ataḥ parīkṣyaḥ prāvṛṭkālaḥ prayatnena// / 21.02ab/ tallakṣaṇāni munibhir yāni nibaddhāni tāni dṛṣṭvā^idam/
21.02cd/ kriyate garga^parāśara^kāśyapa^*vajra^ādi[K.vātsyādi]racitāni//
Madhva (Anandatirtha): Mahabharatatatparyanirnaya (m_mbhtnu.htm.txt) 27600917 (0.055):
daśatrikaiḥ śatairvṛto yatīśvaraiḥ sa sarvavit | / vipāṭit ātmakaupinādisarvamātrako'bhavat | 17.238 |
Chandogya-Upanisad (Chandogyopanisad) (chupsb_u.htm.txt) 3356496 (0.056):
mantravidevāsmi mantravitkarmavidityarthaḥ / / 'mantreṣu karmāṇī'ti hi vakṣyati nā'tmavinnā'tmānaṃ vedbhi /
Agni-Purana (agp_bi_u.htm.txt) 4846011 (0.056):
khaḍgadhārī rakṣakaḥ syātdārathiḥ syādbalādivit /AP_220.004ab/ / sūdādhyakṣo hito vijño mahānasagato hi saḥ //AP_220.004cd/
21.03ab/ daivavid avihitacitto[K.avahitacitto] dyuniśaṃ yo garbhalakṣaṇe
bhavati/ / 21.03cd/ tasya muner iva vāṇī na bhavati mithyāmbunirdeśe//
21.04ab/ kiṃ vātaḥ param anyat^*śāstrajyāyo[K.śāstraṃ jyāyo] +asti yad
viditvā^eva/ / 21.04cd/ pradhvaṃsiny api kāle trikāladarśī kalau bhavati//
21.05ab/ ke cid vadanti *kārtika[K.kārttika]śuklāntam atītya garbhadivasāḥ
syuḥ/ / 21.05cd/ na *ca[K.tu] tanmataṃ bahūnāṃ garga^ādīnāṃ mataṃ vakṣye//
21.06ab/ *mārgaśiraḥsita[K.mārgaśiraśukla]pakṣa^pratipat^prabhṛti
kṣapākare +aṣāḍhām/ / 21.06cd/ pūrvāṃ vā samupagate garbhāṇāṃ lakṣaṇam jñeyam//
21.07ab/ yannakṣatram upagate garbhaś candre bhavet sa candravaśāt/
Vidyanatha: Prataparudriya, or Prataparudrayasobhusana, with Kumarasvamin's Ratnapana commentary (viprud_u.htm.txt) 18106893 (0.048):
(agamitaṃ kathaṃ kathamapi dinaṃ candrātapaduḥ sahā niśā dīrghā /
Harivarman: Satyasiddhisastra (hvsatssu.htm.txt) 1999141 (0.053):
(pṛ) śīlasaṃvaro 'yaṃ dvividhaḥ yāvajjīvaka ekadināhorātraka iti | / yāvajjīvaka iti yat bhikṣorūpāsakasya vā | ekāhorātraka iti yathā
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10221795 (0.057):
45.44cd/ prācyām aparasyāṃ vā tadā bhavet kṣudbhyaṃ sumahat// / 45.45ab/ sūrya^indu^parjanya^samīraṇānāṃ *yāgaḥ[K.yogaḥ] smṛto
DANDIN: KAVYADARSA, Pariccheda 2 (incomplete!): Verses 2.1-144, 310-368 (dkavy2au.htm.txt) 22383958 (0.059):
candano1daka-candrā1ṃśu- $ candra-kāntā3di-śītalaḥ &
21.07cd/ pañcanavate dinaśate tatra^eva prasavam āyāti// / 21.08ab/ sita^pakṣa^bhavāḥ kṛṣṇe śukle kṛṣṇā dyusambhavā rātrau/
21.08cd/ naktaṃprabhavāś cāhani sandhyājātāś ca sandhyāyām// / 21.09ab/ mṛgaśīrṣādyā garbhā mandaphalāḥ pauṣaśuklajātāś ca/
21.09cd/ pauṣasya kṛṣṇa^pakṣeṇa nirdiśet^śrāvaṇasya sitam//
21.10ab/ māghasitotthā garbhāḥ śrāvaṇakṛṣṇe prasūtim āyānti/
21.10cd/ māghasya kṛṣṇa^pakṣeṇa nirdiśed bhādrapadaśuklam//
21.11ab/ phālguna^śukla^samutthā bhādrapadasya^asite vinirdeśyāḥ/
21.11cd/ tasyaiva kṛṣṇa^pakṣa^udbhavās tu ye te +aśvayuk^śukle//
21.12ab/ caitra^sita^pakṣa^jātāḥ kṛṣṇe +aśvayujasya vāridā garbhāḥ/
21.12cd/ caitra^asita^sambhūtāḥ *kārtika^śukle[K.kārttikaśukle]
Abhinavagupta: Tantrasara (abhtantu.htm.txt) 13116143 (0.063):
divasapūrvabhāgaḥ kṛṣṇaikādaśyām bhādrapadasya dinamadhyaṃ śuklaṣaṣṭyām / āśvayujasya śuklanavamīdinam kārttikasya prathamo rātribhāgaḥ
+abhivarṣanti// / 21.13ab/ pūrva^udbhūtāḥ paścād aparotthāḥ prāg bhavanti jīmūtāḥ/
21.13cd/ śeṣāsv api dikṣv evaṃ viparyayo bhavati vāyoś ca//
21.14ab/ hlādi^mṛdu^udak^śiva^śakra^dig^bhavo māruto viyad^vimalam/
21.14cd/ snigdha^sita^bahula^pariveṣa^parivṛtau / hima^*mayakhārkau[K.ū.mayūkhārkau]//
21.15ab/ pṛthu^bahula^snigdha^ghanaṃ / ghana^sūcī^kṣuraka^lohita^abhra^yutam/
21.15cd/ kākāṇḍa^mecaka^ābhaṃ viyad^viśuddha^indu^nakṣatram//
21.16ab/ suracāpa^mandra^garjita^vidyut^*pratisūryakā[K.pratisūryakāḥ]
śubhā sandhyā/ / 21.16cd/ śaśi^śiva^śakra^āśāsthāḥ śāntaravāḥ pakṣi^mṛga^saṅghāḥ//
21.17ab/ vipulāḥ pradakṣiṇa^carāḥ snigdha^mayūkhā grahā nirupasargāḥ/
21.17cd/ taravaś ca nirupasṛṣṭa^aṅkurā naracatuṣpadā hṛṣṭāḥ//
21.18ab/ garbhāṇāṃ puṣṭikarāḥ sarveṣām eva yo +atra tu viśeṣaḥ/
Brhaspatismrti (brhasp_u.htm.txt) 11221155 (0.014):
BP1.2.030a/ pūrvapakṣaṃ svabhāva.uktaṃ prāaḍvivākas^atha (lekhayet/ / BP1.2.030b/ pāṇḍulekhyena phalake tataḥ patre (viśodhitam//
Isa-Upanisad (Isopanisad or Isavasyopanisad), Kanva recension (isupsb_u.htm.txt) 24585140 (0.015):
kathaṃ punarevamavagabhyate na tu sarveṣām iti / / ucyate--akāminaḥ sādhyasādhanabhedopamardena 'yasmin sarvāṇi
Kamalasila: Madhyamakaloka (ksmadhlu.htm.txt) 980147 (0.016):
skandhādīnāṃ bhagavatā kāryakāraṇasvabhāvatvasamprakāśanāt kathaṃ te / sarvedharmānutpādatāyāṃ saṅgṛhītāḥ syuḥ /
Jayatirtha: Nyayasudha, a subcommentary on Madhva's Anuvyakhyana, a commentary on Badarayana's (nysu__2u.htm.txt) 18315526 (0.017):
yadvā yāvanto 'numānābhāsāḥ paraparigaṇitāstāvadbhedatāṃ / ni(rākartu)vataryitumevaśabdaḥ / / sarveṣāmatraivāntarbhāvāt /
Arcata: Hetubindutika (commentary on Dharmakirti's Hetubindu) (arhebt_u.htm.txt) 17305213 (0.018):
[366] girikāntakā (?) kanni (?) / [ § 19. tatsvabhāvatvāt ity atra punar api anekāntadoṣoddhāraḥ |]
Jiva Gosvamin: Gopalacampu - Uttaracampu 5-6 (gu05-06u.htm.txt) 5809120 (0.018):
[71] tad evaṃ keśavasyābhiniveśataḥ sarveṣām apy anyathā kleṣatas taṃ / bhojeśaṃ tūṣñīkām / eva puṣṇantaṃ śrī-gokula-prema-tṛṣṇaḥ so'yaṃ śrī-kṛṣṇaḥ svayam eva
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4955904 (0.020):
*{2/390: E2: 3,224; E4: 3,492; E5: 2,618; E6: 1,138}* / sarveṣāṃ caikakarmyaṃ syāt // MS_2,4.11 //
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20950156 (0.024):
bhūtaladhiyobhāvānullekhitvācceti bhāvaḥ/ abhāvasya svarūpamevetyatra
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28150066 (0.025):
upajīvyopajīvakabhāvamevopapādayati atretyādinā/ / bhāvaḥ pramāṇayorūpajīvyojīvakabhāvo 'tra durvacaḥ/ śabdapramāṇaṃ hi
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16394442 (0.027):
yaḥ sarvā nindase striyaḥ HV_73.31b / yaḥ sarveṣāṃ vimānānī HV_3.41a / yaḥ sa śāṇapramāṇo 'sya HV_App.I,29.1265a
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13834065 (0.030):
yaḥ sarvā nindase striyaḥ HV_73.31b / yaḥ sarveṣāṃ vimānānī HV_3.41a / yaḥ sahasrasamās tv ekaḥ HV_91.45e
Abhinavagupta: Isvarapratyabhijnavimarsini, Adhikaras 1-4 (abhiprvu.htm.txt) 3675274 (0.030):
savedyasauṣuptapadalīnāḥ / sthūladehendriyātmakakāryakaraṇaviyogarūpatvaṃ / tu pralayākalalakṣaṇaṃ sarveṣāṃ tukyam //8//
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16471098 (0.031):
sarveṣāṃ saṃnigacchatām HV_App.I,31.1884b / sarveṣāṃ sainikasya vai HV_App.I,30.149b
Samadhirajasutra (transliteration of Gilgit ms.) (srajsgiu.htm.txt) 18537597 (0.032):
2598-3 kāhiṃdi sarvaistai satkṛto hy ahaṃ || śrocayāmi sarveṣāṃ yāvantaḥ / puratasthitā paritdāmi imāṃ bodhiṃ yā me kṛcchreṇa smarśitā || %% ||
Kamalasila: Madhyamakaloka (ksmadhlu.htm.txt) 1005314 (0.032):
pararmārthasvabhāvo naiva niściyate / ekānekasvabhāvastāvad ghaṭādayaḥ
sthiramati_pskvbh.txt.r.o.combined 11842131 (0.033):
svabhāvato nīlādīnāṃcaturṇāṃ varṇānām tatsvabhāvatvāt / sanniveśato daśānāṃdīrghādisaṃsthānānām tathā tathā varṇasanniveśāt
21.18cd/ svartu^svabhāva^janito garbha^*vivṛddhyai[K.vivṛddhau] tam
Arcata: Hetubindutika (commentary on Dharmakirti's Hetubindu) (arhebt_u.htm.txt) 17305214 (0.040):
[366] girikāntakā (?) kanni (?) / [ § 19. tatsvabhāvatvāt ity atra punar api anekāntadoṣoddhāraḥ |]
Kamalasila: Madhyamakaloka (ksmadhlu.htm.txt) 980147 (0.043):
skandhādīnāṃ bhagavatā kāryakāraṇasvabhāvatvasamprakāśanāt kathaṃ te / sarvedharmānutpādatāyāṃ saṅgṛhītāḥ syuḥ /
Brhaspatismrti (brhasp_u.htm.txt) 11221155 (0.044):
BP1.2.030a/ pūrvapakṣaṃ svabhāva.uktaṃ prāaḍvivākas^atha (lekhayet/ / BP1.2.030b/ pāṇḍulekhyena phalake tataḥ patre (viśodhitam//
sthiramati_pskvbh.txt.r.o.combined 11842131 (0.049):
svabhāvato nīlādīnāṃcaturṇāṃ varṇānām tatsvabhāvatvāt / sanniveśato daśānāṃdīrghādisaṃsthānānām tathā tathā varṇasanniveśāt
Ratnakirti (?): Vadarahasya, also known as Udayananirakarana (rvadrahu.htm.txt) 418416 (0.051):
tadrūpaparāvṛ[7] ttaghaṭādisvabhāvaḥ svalakṣaṇamevaikato vyāvṛttamucyate
Vacaspati: Bhamati (vacbhamu.htm.txt) 25555596 (0.056):
kūṭasthanityatā hi sadātanī svabhāvadapracyutiḥ / / sā kathaṃ pracyutyā na virudhyate /
Narayaniya (Mahabharata 12.321-339) (naray_bu.htm.txt) 15776854 (0.056):
<12329.48/4> sveda-prasyandana-sa-dṛśaś cā7sya lavaṇa-bhāvo janitaḥ ! / <12329.48/5> uktaś cā7-peyo bhaviṣyasi !
madhyantavibhagatika.html 19079538 (0.057):
na tathātāyāḥ svabhāvavuśuddhātvād utpattir asti
abhidhāsye// / 21.19ab/ pauṣe samārgaśīrṣe sandhyārāgo +ambudāḥ sapariveṣāḥ/
21.19cd/ nātyarthaṃ mṛgaśīrṣe śītaṃ pauṣe +atihimapātaḥ//
21.20ab/ māghe prabalo vāyus tuṣārakaluṣadyutī raviśaśāṅkau/
21.20cd/ atiśītaṃ saghanasya ca bhānor astodayau dhanyau//
21.21ab/ phālgunamāse rūkṣaś caṇḍaḥ pavano +abhra^samplavāḥ snigdhāḥ/
21.21cd/ pariveṣāś cāsakalāḥ kapilas tāmro raviś ca śubhaḥ//
Maitrayani-Samhita (maitrs_au.htm.txt) 9962109 (0.045):
ahīṃś ca sarvān jambhayant sarvāś ca yātudhānyas, adharācīḥ parāsuva / asau yas tāmro aruṇa uta babhruḥ sumaṅgalaḥ /
21.22ab/ pavana^ghana^vṛṣṭi^yuktāś caitre garbhāḥ śubhāḥ sapariveṣāḥ/
21.22cd/ ghanapavanasalilavidyutstanitaiś ca hitāya vaiśākhe//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10213791 (0.056):
21.36cd/ kāla^atītaṃ tadvat salilaṃ kāṭhinyam upayāti// / 21.37a pavana^salila^vidyud^garjitā^abhra^anvito yaḥ
21.23ab/ muktā^rajata^nikāśās^tamāla^nīlotpala^añjana^ābhāsaḥ/
21.23cd/ jalacarasattvākārā grabheṣu ghanāḥ prabhūtajalāḥ//
21.24ab/ tīvradivākarakiraṇābhitāpitā mandamārutā jaladāḥ/
21.24cd/ ruṣitā iva dhārābhir visṛjanty ambhaḥ prasavakāle//
21.25ab/ garbha^upaghāta^liṅgāny ulkā^aśani^pāṃśupāta^digdāhaḥ/
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6947702 (0.038):
nirakṣaravimuktiḥ nāma samādhiḥ/ tejovatī nāma samādhiḥ/ jvalanolkā nāma / samādhiḥ/ rakṣānupariśoṣaṇo nāma samādhiḥ/ anāvilakṣāntiḥ nāma samādhiḥ/
Kesava: Kausikapaddhati (keskaupu.htm.txt) 1839749 (0.051):
rāhuketulakṣaṇe kūmavibhāge maṇḍaleṣu digdāheṣu ulkāpataneṣu / vidyutpataneṣu vidyuddarśaneṣu nirghātapataneṣu candrasūryayoḥ pariveṣe
21.25cd/ kṣitikampa^khapura^kīlaka^ketu^graha^yuddha^nirghātāḥ//
21.26ab/ rudhira^ādi^vṛṣṭi^vaikṛta^parigha^indradhanūṃṣi darśanaṃ rāhoḥ/
21.26cd/ ity utpātair etais trividhaiś cānyair hato garbhaḥ// / 21.27ab/ svartu^svabhāva^janitaiḥ sāmānyair yaiś ca lakṣaṇair vṛddhiḥ/
Valmiki: Ramayana, 7. Uttarakanda (ram_07_u.htm.txt) 22240455 (0.055):
7.004.012a rakṣāma iti tatrānyair yakṣāmeti tathāparaiḥ / 7.004.012c bhuṅkṣitābhuṅkṣitair uktas tatas tān āha bhūtakṛt
Badarayana: Brahmsutra, with the Bhasya by Madhva (Anandatirtha), and Jagannatha Tirtha's Dipika, (bbdip12u.htm.txt) 10740706 (0.056):
sarvātmanā 'avijñātaḥ'; viśeṣato na jñātaḥ / 'anādiṣṭaḥ'; niyojakaśūnyo / 'nyairanājñapta iti vā / yathānyaiḥ svayamaśrutādirna tathānye, sarvātmanā
Madhva (Anandatirtha): Mahabharatatatparyanirnaya (m_mbhtnu.htm.txt) 27633007 (0.063):
tadanyairmil . itaiḥ sarvaistaccaturthāṃ śa eva ca | 26.208 |
21.27cd/ garbhāṇām viparītais tair eva viparyayo bhavati// / 21.28ab/ bhadrapadā^dvaya^viśvāmbu*deva[K.daiva]paitāmaheṣv atha ṛkṣeṣu/
Jiva Gosvamin: Gopalacampu, Purvacampu, 12-22 (gp12-22u.htm.txt) 28573599 (0.063):
vraja rājāya divyac chatrādy arcāmatrādiṣu samarpiteṣu santarpiteṣu ca / sarveṣu tad apracchannam eva sa papraccha kathyatāṃ tathyaṃ kim idaṃ
21.28cd/ sarveṣv ṛtuṣu vivṛddho garbho bahutoyado bhavati//
21.29ab/ śatabhiṣag^āśleṣā^ārdrā^svāti^maghā^saṃyutaḥ śubho garbhaḥ/
21.29cd/ puṣṇāti bahūn divasān hanty utpātair hatas trividhaiḥ//
21.30ab/ mṛgamāsa^ādiṣv aṣṭau ṣaṭ ṣoḍaśa viṃśatiś caturyuktā/
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5574703 (0.053):
KAZ02.19.06/ te ṣoḍaśa dharaṇam, śaumbyāni vā viṃśatiḥ // / KAZ02.19.07/ viṃśati.taṇḍulaṃ vajra.dharaṇam //
Kedarabhatta: Vrttaratnakara, with Sulhana's Sukavihrdayanandini (comm.) (kvrtrsuu.htm.txt) 13705971 (0.060):
atra gaṇapādābhāvāt gurulaghū neṣyate / atra ca prastāryamāṇaṃ / caturviṃśatidhā bhavati / ṣoḍaśadvādaśaaṣṭau ṣoḍaśaviṃśatidvādaśa aṣṭau
Sankhayana-Srautasutra (sankhssu.htm.txt) 16737702 (0.061):
ŚŚS_15.5.10: parigraheṇa.tāni.catur.viṃśatiḥ / / ŚŚS_15.5.11: catur.viṃśatir.vai.saṃvatsarasya.ardha.māsāḥ /
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10226200 (0.064):
52.19cd/ vyekā viṃśatir aṣṭau viṃśatir aṣṭādaśa tritayam//
21.30cd/ viṃśatir atha divasa^trayam ekatama^ṛkṣeṇa pañcabhyaḥ//
21.31ab[K.21.35ab]/ pañca^nimittaiḥ śata^yojanaṃ tad^ardha^ardham ekahānyā
+ataḥ/ / 21.31cd[K.21.35cd]/ varṣati *pañcanimittād[K.pañcasamantād] rūpeṇa^ekena
yo garbhaḥ// / 21.32ab[K.21.36ab]/ droṇaḥ pañcanimitte garbhe trīṇy āḍhakāni pavanena/
21.32cd[K.21.36cd]/ ṣaḍ vidyutā navābhraiḥ stanitena dvādaśa prasave//
21.33ab/ krūra^graha^saṃyukte karakā^aśani^matsya^varṣadā garbhāḥ/
21.33cd/ śaśini ravau vā śubhasaṃyuta^īkṣite bhūrivṛṣṭikarāḥ//
21.34ab/ grabhasamaye +ativṛṣṭir garbha^abhāvāya nirnimitta^kṛtā/
21.34cd/ droṇāṣṭāṃśe +abhyadhike vṛṣṭe garbhaḥ sruto bhavati//
21.35ab/ garbhaḥ puṣṭaḥ prasave graha^upaghāta^ādibhir yadi na vṛṣṭaḥ/
21.35cd/ ātmīya^garbha^samaye karakā^miśraṃ dadāty ambhaḥ//
21.36ab/ kāṭhinyaṃ yāti yathā cira^kāla^dhṛtaṃ payaḥ payasvinyāḥ/
21.36cd/ kāla^atītaṃ tadvat salilaṃ kāṭhinyam upayāti//
21.37a pavana^salila^vidyud^garjitā^abhra^anvito yaḥ
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10213577 (0.056):
21.22ab/ pavana^ghana^vṛṣṭi^yuktāś caitre garbhāḥ śubhāḥ sapariveṣāḥ/ / 21.22cd/ ghanapavanasalilavidyutstanitaiś ca hitāya vaiśākhe//
21.37b sa bhavati bahutoyaḥ pañca^rūpa^abhyupetaḥ/
21.37c visṛjati yadi toyaṃ garbhakāle +atibhūri / 21.37d prasava^samayam itvā śīkara^ambhaḥ karoti//
22 garbhadhāraṇādhyāyaḥ / 22.01ab/ jyaiṣṭhasite +aṣṭamyādyaś catvāro vāyudhāraṇā divasāḥ/
22.01cd/ mṛduśubhapavanāḥ śastāḥ snigdha^ghana^sthagita^gaganāś ca//
22.02ab/ tatra^eva svātyādye vṛṣṭe bhacatuṣṭaye kramāt^māsāḥ/
22.02cd/ śrāvaṇapūrvā jñeyāḥ parisrutā dhāraṇās tāḥ syuḥ/
Malinivijayottaratantra (malinivu.htm.txt) 23685616 (0.064):
20.47ab: viśveśī ca sumākhyā ca etā vā dvādaśa kramāt / 20.47cd: etāsāṃ vācakā jñeyāḥ svarāḥ ṣaṇṭhavivarjitāḥ
22.03ab/ yadi tā syur ekarūpāḥ śubhās tataḥ sāntarās tu na śivāya/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10243317 (0.062):
87.35a nānāvidhāni virutāni hi chippikāyās / 87.35b tasyāḥ śubhāḥ kulukulur na śubhās tu śeṣāḥ/
22.03cd/ taskara^bhayadāś *ca^uktāḥ[K.proktāḥ] ślokāś ca^apy atra
vāsiṣṭhāḥ// / 22.04ab/ savidyutaḥ sapṛṣataḥ sa^pāṃśu^utkara^mārutāḥ/
22.04cd/ sa^arka^candra^paricchannā dhāraṇāḥ śubha^dhāraṇāḥ//
Aryabhata: Aryabhatiya with the Commentary of Bhaskara I and (aryabhcu.htm.txt) 4227539 (0.046):
| sa śaśibinduḥ | arkendubindvoḥ antarāṅgulatulyā bhujā |
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15891443 (0.056):
vīryāḍhyajñārkisadṛṣṭaiḥ kośasthāvahavoginaḥ / / sitārejyārkacandrārkijñāṅgeśorkendavo 'dhipāḥ // NarP_1,55.58 //
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15896172 (0.056):
lagnadhyāyāsta paḥkhārkabhaumacandraniśākaraiḥ // NarP_1,55.333 //
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15903292 (0.061):
pauṣṇabhatryuttarāmaitramaruñcandrārkapitryabhaiḥ / / samūlabhairaviddhaistaiḥ strīkaragraha iṣyate // NarP_1,56.426 //
22.05ab/ yadā tu vidyutaḥ śreṣṭhāḥ *śubhāśāḥ[K.śubhāśā] pratyupasthitāḥ/
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5418782 (0.057):
indram , paṭā3u* udakam , paṭā3v udakam , agnā3i* āśā , agnā3y āśā , / paṭā3u* āśā , paṭā3v āśā . kim punaḥ kāraṇam na sidhyati . asiddhaḥ plutaḥ
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhassu.htm.txt) 267079 (0.062):
agnā3y indram , paṭā3u* udakam , paṭā3v udakam , agnā3i* āśā , agnā3y āśā / , paṭā3u* āśā , paṭā3v āśā .
22.05cd/ tadāpi sarvasasyānāṃ vṛddhiṃ brūyād vicakṣaṇaḥ//
22.06ab/ sapāṃśuvarṣāḥ sāpaś ca śubhā bālakriyā api/
22.06cd/ pakṣiṇām susvarā vācaḥ krīḍā pāṃśujalādiṣu//
22.07ab/ ravicandraparīveṣāḥ snigdhā nātyantadūṣitāḥ/
22.07cd/ vṛṣṭis tadāpi vijñeyā sarvasasya^*arthasādhikā[K.abhivṛddhaye]//
22.08ab/ meghāḥ snigdhāḥ saṃhatāś ca pradakṣiṇagatikriyāḥ/
22.08cd/ tadā syān mahatī vṛṣṭiḥ / sarvasasya^*abhivṛddhaye[K.arthasādhikā]//
23 pravarṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 23.01ab/ jyaiṣṭhyāṃ samatītāyāṃ pūrvāṣāḍhādi^sampravṛṣṭena/
23.01cd/ śubham aśubhaṃ vā vācyaṃ parimāṇaṃ ca^ambhasas tajjñaiḥ//
23.02ab/ hastaviśālaṃ kuṇḍakam adhikṛtya^ambupramāṇa^nirdeśaḥ/
23.02cd/ pañcāśat palam āḍhakam anena minuyāj jalaṃ patitam//
23.03ab/ yena dharitrī mudrā janitā vā bindavas tṛṇā^āgreṣu/
23.03cd/ vṛṣṭena tena vācyaṃ parimāṇaṃ vāriṇaḥ prathamam// / 23.04ab/ ke cid yathābhivṛṣṭaṃ daśa^yojana^maṇḍalaṃ vadanty anye/
23.04cd/ garga^vasiṣṭha^parāśara^matam etad dvādaśān na param//
23.05ab/ yeṣu ca bheṣv abhivṛṣṭaṃ bhūyas teṣv eva varṣati prāyaḥ/ / 23.05cd/ yadi na^āpya^ādiṣu vṛṣṭaṃ sarveṣu tadā tv anāvṛṣṭiḥ//
23.06ab/ hasta^āpya^saumya^citrā^pauṣṇa^dhaniṣṭhāsu ṣoḍaśa droṇāḥ/
23.06cd/ śatabhiṣag^aindra^svātiṣu catvāraḥ kṛttikāsu daśa//
23.07ab/ śravaṇe maghā^anurādhā^bharaṇī^mūleṣu daśa caturyuktāḥ/
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6637684 (0.052):
aṣṭādaśa^rātreṇa/ mūle ṣaṭtriṃśad rātreṇa/ pūrvāṣāḍhāyāṃ / catur^daśa^rātreṇa/ uttarāṣāḍhāyāṃ catur^daśa^rātreṇa/ abhijiti
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6637706 (0.061):
catur^daśa^rātreṇa/ aśvinyāṃ tri^rātreṇa/ bharaṇyāṃ baddho vā ruddho vā
23.07cd/ phalgunyāṃ pañcakṛtiḥ punarvasau viṃśatir droṇāḥ// / 23.08ab/ *aindrāgny^ākhye[K.aindrāgnākhye] vaiśve ca viṃśatiḥ sārpabhe
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6633047 (0.041):
janapadānām upapīḍā bhavati/ rājopasevakanāṃ ca/ evam ārdrāyāṃ punarvasau
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay1_u.htm.txt) 28722253 (0.044):
BY_4.8ab/.niśāntabhāge triṣu vaiṣṇavādyeṣv iyād dhanārthī na punarvasau / ca/ / BY_4.8cd/.niṣedhayanty ambupasaṃjñakasya madhyāhnam eke saniśāntabhāgam//
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21624266 (0.047):
bhavati rājopasevakānāṃ ca/ / 345.009. evamārdrāyāṃ punarvasau puṣye ca vaktavyam/
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6637706 (0.064):
catur^daśa^rātreṇa/ aśvinyāṃ tri^rātreṇa/ bharaṇyāṃ baddho vā ruddho vā
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6637684 (0.064):
aṣṭādaśa^rātreṇa/ mūle ṣaṭtriṃśad rātreṇa/ pūrvāṣāḍhāyāṃ / catur^daśa^rātreṇa/ uttarāṣāḍhāyāṃ catur^daśa^rātreṇa/ abhijiti
daśa tryadhikāḥ/ / 23.08cd/ āhirbudhnya^āryamṇa^prājāpatyeṣu pañcakṛtiḥ/
Samadhirajasutra (transliteration of Gilgit ms.) (srajsgiu.htm.txt) 18537803 (0.010):
nidhyaptikauśalyam adhigacchet* sarvadharmasvabhāvasamatāvipaṃcitāc ca / samadhermalet paṃcaśikhasya taṃ / 2599-5 trisvaragītasvarakauśalyam upadiśeyam* || atha khalu bhagavāṃs
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21655269 (0.010):
474.028. nirguṇasya śarīrasya eka eva mahāguṇaḥ/ / 474.029. yathā yathā vidhāryaṃ te tattathaivānuvartate//24// / 474.030. daśeme varṣadaśāḥ puruṣasyāsu nirucyate/
Manjusrimulakalpa (bsu041_u.htm.txt) 11404109 (0.010):
maharddhikāmaharddhikāṇāṃ tṛdoṣaśamanānāṃ tripaṅkanimagnānāṃ
Bhrgu-Samhita (bhrgus_u.htm.txt) 12705179 (0.010):
ekahastandvihastaṃvā trihastaṃvādhikaṅkramāt /
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7469185 (0.011):
dvyākṣāyaṇa / / tryākṣāyaṇa / / auḍāyana / / jaulāyana /
Narahari Pandita [alias Nrsimha]: Rajanighantu [also called Nighanturaja, or Abhidhanacudamani], (rajnighu.htm.txt) 813674 (0.011):
chidrānto mṛdupattraś ca randhrapattro mṛducchadaḥ / / nālavaṃśaḥ poṭagala ity asyāhvās tripañcadhā // Rajni_8.102
Narahari Pandita [alias Nrsimha]: Rajanighantu [also called Nighanturaja, or Abhidhanacudamani], (rajnighu.htm.txt) 814200 (0.011):
guṇḍas tu kāṇḍaguṇḍaḥ syād dīrghakāṇḍas trikoṇakaḥ / / chattraguccho 'sipattraś ca nīlapattras tridhārakaḥ // Rajni_8.141
Bhrgu-Samhita (bhrgus_u.htm.txt) 12705003 (0.011):
yonermahādiśāśreṣṭhā divisaptatrigahintā / / pravīṇañcaturaśraṃsyāc ceṣāṇāmāyataṃviduḥ // BhS_3.16 //
Suryasiddhanta (surysidu.htm.txt) 2962244 (0.011):
3.38a: śaṅkuH sa tribhajīvāghnaH svalambajyāvibhājitaH/
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21620096 (0.012):
330.002. tadyathā kaṭhāḥ kaṇimā vājasaneyino jātukarṇāḥ praṣṭhapadā / ṛṣayaḥ/ / 330.002. tatra daśa kaṭhāḥ/ / 330.003. daśa kaṇimāḥ/
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7482228 (0.012):
kusidaṃ prayacchati kusīdikaḥ / / kusīdikī / / daśaikādaśikaḥ / / daśaikādaśikī //
Yajnavalkya-Smrti (yajn1_u.htm.txt) 16025468 (0.015):
Yāj3.22a/ kṣatrasya dvādaśa.ahāni viśah pañca.daśa^eva tu /(p.343) / Yāj3.22c/ trimśad.dināni śūdrasya tad.ardham nyāya.vartinah //
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasipu.htm.txt) 26022362 (0.015):
rudhiḥ sarādhiryudhibandhisādhayaḥ krudhakṣudhī śudhyatibudhyatī vyadhiḥ / / ime tu dhāntā daśa ye 'niṭo matāstataḥ paraṃ sidhyatir eva netare //
Kautilya: Arthasastra (kautil_u.htm.txt) 5575218 (0.015):
KAZ02.20.22/ dvi.rajjukaḥ parideśaḥ // / KAZ02.20.23/ tri.rajjukaṃ nivartanam ekataḥ //
Apastama-Sulbasutra with the commentaries of Kapardi, Karavinda and Sundararaja (apsulbcu.htm.txt) 19527287 (0.023):
tāṃ triṃśadaṅgulābhyāṃ catu striṃśadaṅgulabhyāṃ dvisaptadaśāhgulābhyāṃ
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7576175 (0.032):
daśa dandaśyate / / dandaśīti daśa iti daṃśiḥ ayaṃ nakāralopārtham eva nirdiṣṭaḥ /
Vasubandhu: Abhidharmakosa-bhasya (vakobhau.htm.txt) 24022347 (0.034):
daśa mahāvāhanāni taṭibhaḥ / / daśa tiṭibhā mahātiṭibhaḥ / / daśa mahātiṭibhā hetuḥ /
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9516187 (0.037):
aṅgulayaḥ.kasmād,.agra.gāminyo.bhavanti.iti.vā.agra.gālinyo.bhavanti.iti.vā.agra.kārinyo.bhavanti.iti.vā.agra.sārinyo.bhavanti.iti.vā.aṅkanā.bhavanti.iti.vā.añcanā.bhavanti.iti.vā.api.vā.abhyañcanād.eva.syuh/[268] / 3,8: tāsām.eṣā.bhavati/[268] / 3,9: ``daśa.avanibhyo.daśa.kakṣya5bhy0.daśa.yoktra.bhyo.daśa.yojana5bhyah/
Ayuhparyantasutra (ayuhparu.htm.txt) 21816229 (0.040):
nirarbudāny (GBM 1698.5) evam ekam aṭaṭaṃ. yathā viṃśatir aṭaṭāny evam / ekaṃ hahavaṃ. yathā viṃśatir hahavāny evam ekaṃ huhuvaṃ. yathā viṃśatir
daśeśo viṃśatīśine Mn_7.116[117M]d / daśaikapañcasaptāha Yj_2.177a
23.09ab/ pañcadaśa^āje puṣye ca kīrtitā vājibhe daśa dvau ca/
23.09cd/ raudre +aṣṭādaśa kathitā droṇā nirupadraveṣv *ete[K.eṣu]// / 23.10ab/ ravi^ravisuta^ketu^pīḍite bhe kṣititanaya^trividha^adbhuta^āhate
23.10cd/ bhavati *ca[K.hi] na śivaṃ na ca^api vṛṣṭiḥ śubhasahite
nirupadrave śivaṃ ca// / 24 rohiṇīyogādhyāyaḥ
24.01ab/ kanaka^śilā^caya^vivarajatarukusumāsaṅgimadhukarānurute/
24.01cd/ bahu^vihaga^kalaha^surayuvati^gīta^mandra^svana^upavane//
24.02ab/ suranilaya^śikhari^śikhare bṛhaspatir nāradāya yān āha/
24.02cd/ garga^parāśara^kāśyapa^mayāś ca yān śiṣya^saṅghebhyaḥ//
24.03ab/ tān avalokya yathāvat prājāpatya^indusamprayogārthān/
24.03cd/ *alpa[K.svalpa]granthenāhaṃ tān evābhyudyato vaktum//
24.04ab/ prājeśam āṣāḍhatamisrapakṣe kṣapākareṇa^upagataṃ samīkṣya/
24.04cd/ vaktavyam iṣṭaṃ jagato +aśubhaṃ vā śāstropadeśād grahacintakena//
24.05ab/ yogo yathānāgata eva vācyaḥ sa dhiṣṇyayogaḥ karaṇe mayoktaḥ/
24.05cd/ candrapramāṇadyutivarṇamārgair utpātavātaiś ca phalaṃ
*nigadyam[K.nigādyam]// / 24.06a purād udag *yat[K.yat] purato +api vā sthalaṃ
24.06b tryahoṣitas tatra hutāśatatparaḥ/ / 24.06c grahān sanakṣatragaṇān samālikhet
24.06d sadhūpapuṣpair balibhiś ca pūjayet// / 24.07a saratna^toya^auṣadhibhiś caturdiśaṃ
Satasahasrika Prajnaparamita II-4 (sspp2_4u.htm.txt) 6174134 (0.045):
satkriyeran gurukriyeran mānayeran pūjayeran puṣpair mālyair gandhair
Sarvatathagatadhisthanavyuhasutra (bsu037_u.htm.txt) 19033711 (0.049):
sadhātukeai caitāyatane puṣpadhūpagandhairdīpaiśca udāratarā pūjā kartavyā
Manjusrimulakalpa (bsu041_u.htm.txt) 11419197 (0.057):
evaṃ bāhyamaṇḍalebhyaḥ mūlamantreṇa sarvadevāhvānanaṃ kṛtvā, sarvapuṣpaiḥ / sarvagandhairabhyarcya, guguḷudhūpaṃ, trimadhūreṇa ca baliṃ dattvā,
Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita (bsu049_u.htm.txt) 4008369 (0.059):
satkartavyā gurukartavyā mānayitavyā pūjayitavyā arcayitavyā apacāyitavyā / puṣpairdhūpairgandhairmālyairvilepanaiścūrṇairvastraiśchatrairdhvajairghaṇṭābhiḥ
Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita (bsu049_u.htm.txt) 4070574 (0.059):
kṛtvā satkartavyā gurukartavyā mānayitavyā pūjayitavyā arcayitavyā / apacāyitavyā / puṣpairdhūpairgandhairmālyairvilepanaiścūrṇaiścīvarairvādyairvastraiśchatrairdhvajairghaṇṭābhiḥ
Satasahasrika Prajnaparamita II-4 (sspp2_4u.htm.txt) 6174154 (0.060):
mānyeta pūjyeta puṣpair mālyair gandhair vilepanaiś cūrṇaiś cīvaraiś
Manusmrti (manu1__u.htm.txt) 21490247 (0.063):
Manu3.209a[199ṃa]/ upaveśya) tu tān viprān āsaneṣv ajugupsitān | / Manu3.209c[199ṃc]/ gandha.mālyaiḥ surabhibhir arcayed) daivapūrvakam ||
Mahaparinirvanasutra (mpsu_w_u.htm.txt) 24471108 (0.064):
gandhair mālyaiḥ puṣpair dhūpai)r vādyai(ḥ) satkaroti gurukaro(ti
24.07b tarupravālāpihitaiḥ supūjitaiḥ/ / 24.07c akālamūlaiḥ kalaśair alaṅkṛtaṃ
24.07d kuśāstṛtaṃ sthaṇḍilam āvased dvijaḥ// / 24.08a ālabhya mantreṇa mahāvratena
24.08b bījāni sarvāṇi nidhāya kumbhe/ / 24.08c plāvyāni cāmīkara^darbha^toyair
24.08d homo marudvāruṇa^*soma[K.saumya]mantraiḥ//
24.09a ślakṣṇāṃ patākām asitāṃ vidadhyād / 24.09b daṇḍapramāṇāṃ triguṇocchritāṃ ca/
24.09c ādau kṛte diggrahaṇe nabhasvān / 24.09d grāhyas tayā yogagate śaśāṅke//
24.10a tatrārdhamāsāḥ praharair vikalpyā / 24.10b varṣānimittaṃ divasās tadaṃśaiḥ/
24.10c savyena gacchan śubhadaḥ sadaiva / 24.10d yasmin pratiṣṭhā balavān sa vāyuḥ//
24.11a vṛtte tu yoge +aṅkuritāni yāni / 24.11b santīha bījāni dhṛtāni kumbhe/
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28116084 (0.036):
anudbhūtatvābhāvakūṭavattvameva codbhūtatvam/ tadeva ca lakṣaṇe / niveśitam/ tacca sayoge 'pyasti/ saṃyogo hi nānudbhūta iti
24.11c yeṣāṃ tu yo +aṃśo +aṅkuritas tadaṃśas
24.11d teṣāṃ vivṛddhiṃ samupaiti nānyaḥ// / 24.12ab/ śānta^pakṣi^mṛga^rāvitā diśo nirmalaṃ viyadanindito +anilaḥ/
Bhagavata-Puranam (Skandhas 1 - 12) (bhp1-12u.htm.txt) 2642393 (0.051):
anye ca ye pretapiśācabhūta kūṣmāṇḍayādomṛgapakṣyadhīśāḥ // BhP_02.06.043
24.12cd/ śasyate śaśini *rohiṇīgate[K.rohiṇīyate] meghamārutaphalāni vacmy
24.13a kva cid asitasitaiḥ sitaiḥ kvacic ca
24.13b kva cid asitair bhujagair ivāmbuvāhaiḥ/ / 24.13c valita^jaṭhara^pṛṣṭha^mātra^dṛśyaiḥ
24.13d sphurita^taḍid^rasanair vṛtaṃ viśālaiḥ// / 24.14a vikasita^kamala^udara^avadātair
24.14b aruṇakaradyutirañjita^upakaṇṭhaiḥ/ / 24.14c churitam iva viyad^ghanair vicitrair
24.14d madhukara^kuṅkuma^kiṃśuka^avadātaiḥ// / 24.15a asita^ghana^niruddham eva vā
24.15b calita^taḍit^suracāpa^citritam/ / 24.15c dvipa^mahiṣa^kula^ākulī^kṛtaṃ
24.15d vanam iva dāvaparītam ambaram// / 24.16ab/ atha vā^añjana^śaila^śilā^nicaya^pratirūpa^dharaiḥ sthagitaṃ
gaganam/ / 24.16cd/ hima^mauktika^śaṅkha^śaśāṅka^kara^dyuti^hāribhir ambudharair atha
vā// / 24.17a taḍid^dhaima^kakṣyair balāka^agradantaiḥ
24.17b sravad^vāri^dānaiś calat^prānta^hastaiḥ/
24.17c vicitra^indracāpadhvaja^ucchrāyaśobhais / 24.17d tamālālinīlair vṛtaṃ ca^abda^nāgaiḥ//
24.18a sandhyānurakte nabhasi sthitānām / 24.18b indīvara^śyāma^rucāṃ ghanānām/
24.18c vṛndāni pītāmbaraveṣṭitasya / 24.18d kāntiṃ hareś corayatāṃ yadā vā//
24.19a saśikhi^cātaka^dardura^niḥsvanair / 24.19b yadi vimiśritamandrapaṭusvanāḥ/
24.19c kham avatatya digantavilambinaḥ / 24.19d saliladāḥ salilaughamucaḥ kṣitau//
24.20a nigaditarūpair jaladharajālais / 24.20b tryaham avaruddhaṃ dvyaham atha vā^ahaḥ/
24.20c yadi viyad evaṃ bhavati subhikṣaṃ / 24.20d muditajanā ca pracurajalā bhūḥ//
24.21a rūkṣair alpair mārutā^kṣipta^dehair / 24.21b uṣṭra^dhvāṅkṣa^preta^śākhāmṛga^ābhaiḥ/
24.21c anyeṣāṃ vā ninditānāṃ *svarūpair[K.sarūpair] / 24.21d mūkaiś cābdair no śivaṃ nāpi vṛṣṭiḥ//
24.22a vigata^ghane vā viyati vivasvān / 24.22b amṛdumayūkhaḥ salilakṛd evam/
24.22c sara iva phullaṃ niśi kumudāḍhyaṃ / 24.22d kham uḍuviśuddhaṃ yadi ca suvṛṣṭyai//
24.23a pūrvodbhūtaiḥ sasyaniṣpattir abdair / 24.23b āgneyāśāsambhavair agnikopaḥ/
24.23c yāmye sasyaṃ kṣīyate nairṛte *+ardhaṃ[K.arghaṃ K's tr. ardhaṃ]
24.23d paścāj jātaiḥ śobhanā vṛṣṭir abdaiḥ// / 24.24a vāyavyotthair vātavṛṣṭiḥ kvacic ca
24.24b puṣṭā vṛṣṭiḥ saumya^kāṣṭhā^samutthaiḥ/ / 24.24c śreṣṭhaṃ sasyaṃ sthāṇudiksampravṛddhair
24.24d vāyuś ca^evaṃ dikṣu dhatte phalāni// / 24.25a ulkānipātās taḍito +aśaniś ca
24.25b digdāha^nirghāta^mahīprakampāḥ/ / 24.25c nādā mṛgāṇāṃ sapatatriṇāṃ ca
24.25d grāhyā yatha^eva ambudharās tatha^eva// / 24.26a nāmāṅkitais tair udagādikumbhaiḥ
24.26b pradakṣiṇaṃ śrāvaṇamāsapūrvaiḥ/ / 24.26c pūrṇaiḥ sa māsaḥ salilasya dātā
24.26d *srutair[K.srutar] avṛṣṭiḥ parikalpyam ūnaiḥ// / 24.27a anyaiś ca kumbhair nṛpa^nāmacihnair
24.27b deśāṅkitaiś ca^apy aparais tatha^eva/ / 24.27c bhagnaiḥ srutair nyūnajalaiḥ supūrṇair
24.27d bhāgyāni vācyāni yathānurūpam// / 24.28a dūrago nikaṭago +atha vā śaśī
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15897072 (0.059):
madhyamaḥ pitṛdaivatye dvidaive saimyagaḥ śaśī / / aprāpyapauṣṇabhādrāmadukṣāviśaśī śubhaḥ // NarP_1,56.22 //
24.28b dakṣiṇe pathi yathā tathā sthitaḥ/ / 24.28c rohiṇīṃ yadi yunakti sarvathā
24.28d kaṣṭam eva jagato vinirdiśet// / 24.29a spṛśann udag yāti yadā śaśāṅkas
24.29b tadā suvṛṣṭir bahula^upasargā/ / 24.29c asaṃspṛśan yogam udaksametaḥ
24.29d karoti vṛṣṭiṃ vipulāṃ śivaṃ ca// / 24.30a rohiṇī^śakaṭa^madhya^saṃsthite
Visnusarma: Pancatantra (vispancu.htm.txt) 21440898 (0.028):
rohiṇī śakaṭa madhya saṃsthite / candram asya śaraṇī kṛtā janāḥ |
24.30b candramasy aśaraṇīkṛtā janāḥ/ / 24.30c kva^api yānti śiśuyācitāśanāḥ
Visnusarma: Pancatantra (vispancu.htm.txt) 21440907 (0.042):
kvāpi yānti śiśupācitāśanāḥ / sūrya tapta bhidurāmbu pāyinaḥ ||Panc_1.236||
24.30d sūryataptapiṭharāmbupāyinaḥ// / 24.31a uditaṃ yadi śītadīdhitiṃ
24.31b prathamaṃ pṛṣṭhata eti rohiṇī/ / 24.31c śubham eva tadā smarāturāḥ
24.31d pramadāḥ *kāmavaśena[K.kāmivaśe ca] saṃsthitāḥ//
24.32a anugacchati pṛṣṭataḥ śaśī / 24.32b *yadi[K.omitted] kāmī vanitām iva priyām/
24.32c makara^dhvaja^bāṇa^kheditāḥ / 24.32d pramadānāṃ vaśagās tadā narāḥ//
24.33a āgneyyāṃ diśi candramā yadi bhavet tatra^upasargo mahān
24.33b nairṛtyāṃ samupadrutāni nidhanaṃ sasyāni yāntītibhiḥ/
24.33c prājeśāniladiksthite hima^kare sasyasya madhyaś cayo
24.33d yāte sthāṇudiśaṃ guṇāḥ subahavaḥ
24.34ab/ tāḍayed yadi ca yogatārakām āvṛṇoti vapuṣā yadāpi vā/
24.34cd/ tāḍane bhayam uśanti dāruṇaṃ chādane *nṛpa^badho[K.nṛpa^vadho]
+aṅganākṛtaḥ// / 24.35ab/ gopraveśasamaye +agrato vṛṣo yāti kṛṣṇapaśur eva vā puraḥ/
24.35cd/ bhūri vāri śabale tu madhyamaṃ no site +ambuparikalpanāparaiḥ//
24.36ab/ dṛśyate na yadi rohiṇīyutaś candramā nabhasi toyadāvṛte/
24.36cd/ rugbhayaṃ mahadupasthitaṃ tadā bhūś ca bhūrijalasasyasaṃyutā//
25 svātiyogādhyāyaḥ / 25.01ab/ yad rohiṇīyogaphalaṃ tad eva svātāv aṣāḍhāsahite ca candre/
25.01cd/ āṣāḍhaśukle nikhilaṃ vicintyaṃ yo +asmin viśeṣas tam ahaṃ
pravakṣye// / 25.02a svātau niśāṃśe prathame +abhivṛṣṭe
25.02b sasyāni sarvāṇy upayānti vṛddhim/ / 25.02c bhāge dvitīye tila^mudga^māṣā
25.02d graiṣmaṃ tṛtīye +asti na śāradāni// / 25.03ab/ vṛṣṭe +ahnibhāge prathame suvṛṣṭis tadvad dvitīye tu
sakīṭa^sarpā/ / 25.03cd/ vṛṣṭis tu madhyāparabhāgavṛṣṭe niśchidravṛṣṭir dyuniśaṃ
pravṛṣṭe// / 25.04ab/ samam uttareṇa tārā citrāyāḥ kīrtyate hy apāṃvatsaḥ/
25.04cd/ tasyāsanne candre svāter yogaḥ śivo bhavati//
25.05a saptamyāṃ svātiyoge yadi patati himaṃ māghamāsāndhakāre
25.05b vāyur vā caṇḍavegaḥ sajalajaladharo vā^api garjaty ajasram/
25.05c vidyunmālākulaṃ vā yadi bhavati nabho naṣṭacandrārkatāraṃ
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215423 (0.063):
27.10ab/ *naṣṭacandrārkakiranaṃ naṣṭatāraṃ na cen
25.05d vijñeyā prāvṛḍ eṣā muditajanapadā sarvasasyair upetā//
25.06ab/ tatha^eva phālgune caitre vaiśākhasyāsite +api vā/
25.06cd/ svātiyogaṃ vijānīyād āṣāḍhe ca viśeṣataḥ// / 26 āṣāḍhīyogādhyāyaḥ
26.01a āṣāḍhyāṃ samatulitādhivāsitānām / 26.01b anyedyur yad adhikatām upaiti bījam/
26.01c tadvṛddhir bhavati na jāyate yadūnaṃ
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasipu.htm.txt) 25982527 (0.053):
yad avarṇaṃ tataś ca paro yo 'c, tayoḥ pūrvaparyoḥ avarṇācoḥ sthāne / vṛddhir ekādeśo bhavati / / upaiti /
26.01d mantro +asmin bhavati tulābhimantraṇāya// / 26.02ab/ stotavyā mantrayogena satyā devī sarasvatī/
26.02cd/ darśayiṣyasi yatsatyaṃ satye satyavratā hy asi//
26.03ab/ yena satyena candrārkau grahā jyotirgaṇās tathā/
26.03cd/ uttiṣṭhantīha pūrveṇa paścād astaṃ vrajanti ca//
26.04ab/ yatsatyaṃ sarvavedeṣu yatsatyaṃ brahmavādiṣu/
Jiva Gosvamin: Gopalacampu, Purvacampu, 1-11 (gp01-11u.htm.txt) 18283003 (0.042):
ṇaḥ siktaḥ suhṛdāṃ puro bhuvi dhṛtaḥ svenāpi nirmañchitaḥ | / satyaṃ satyam idaṃ na cānyad iti sa vyaktaṃ viviktīkṛto
Garuda-Purana (garup3_u.htm.txt) 24955290 (0.051):
jagatpravāhaḥ satyo 'yaṃ harisevetisāthā // GarP_3,10.54 // / satyaṃ satyaṃ punaḥ satyamuddhatya bhujamutyate /
Jiva Gosvami: Satsamdarbha, part 3: Paramatmasamdarbha (ss3_paru.htm.txt) 23202186 (0.062):
śrutiḥ satyasya satyam iti tathā prāṇā vai satyaṃ teṣām eva satyam iti / (BṛhdadU 2.3.6) | prāṇa-śabdoditānāṃ sthūla-sūkṣma-bhūtānāṃ
Prajnakaramati: Bodhicaryavatarapanjika (bsa054_u.htm.txt) 19445978 (0.064):
śataśo viśīryamāṇāpi kathaṃ satyamiti / etadapi satyam / kiṃ tu / lokādhyavasāyataḥ saṃvṛtisatyamityucyate / loka eva hi saṃvṛtisatyamiha
Vasubandhu: Abhidharmakosa-bhasya (vakobhau.htm.txt) 24014211 (0.064):
kaścidanyo mitrānnāpi mitrābhāvaḥ / / ṛtaṃ cocyate satyam / / tadvipakṣabhūtaṃ vākyamanṛtaṃ bhavati /
26.04cd/ yatsatyaṃ triṣu lokeṣu tatsatyam iha dṛśyatām//
26.05ab/ brahmaṇo duhitāsi tvam āditya^iti prakīrtitā/
26.05cd/ kāśyapī gotrataś ca^eva nāmato viśrutā tulā// / 26.06a kṣaumaṃ catuḥsūtrakasannibaddhaṃ
26.06b ṣaḍaṅgulaṃ śikyakavastram asyāḥ/ / 26.06c sūtrapramāṇam ca daśāṅgulāni
26.06d ṣaḍ eva *kakṣya[K.kakṣa]^ubhayaśikyamadhye//
26.07a yāmye śikye kāñcanaṃ sanniveśyaṃ / 26.07b śeṣadravyāṇy uttare +ambūni *ca^eva[^evam]/
26.07c toyaiḥ kaupyaiḥ *saindhavaiḥ[K.syandibhiḥ] sārasaiś ca / 26.07d vṛṣṭir[var.vṛddhir] hīnā madhyamā cottamā ca//
26.08a dantair nāgā go^haya^ādyāś ca lomnā
26.08b hemnā bhūpāḥ śikthakena dvijādyāḥ/ / 26.08c tadvad deśā varṣamāsā diśaś ca
26.08d śeṣadravyāṇy ātmarūpasthitāni// / 26.09ab/ haimī pradhānā rajatena madhyā tayor alābhe khadireṇa kāryā/
26.09cd/ viddhaḥ pumān yena śareṇa sā vā tulā pramāṇena bhaved vitastiḥ//
26.10ab/ hīnasya nāśo +abhyadhikasya vṛddhis tulyena tulyaṃ tulitaṃ
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 20826912 (0.054):
14,096.015d@004_0239 gūhitasya bhaved vṛddhiḥ kīrtitasya bhavet kṣayaḥ
tulāyām/ / 26.10cd/ etattulā^kośa^rahasyam uktaṃ prājeśayoge +api naro vidadhyāt//
26.11a svātāv aṣāḍhāsv atha rohiṇīṣu / 26.11b pāpagrahā yogagatā na śastāḥ/
26.11c grāhyaṃ tu yogadvayam apy upoṣya / 26.11d yadādhimāso dviguṇīkaroti//
26.12a trayo +api yogāḥ sadṛśāḥ phalena / 26.12b yadā tadā vācyam asaṃśayena/
26.12c viparyaye yattv iha rohiṇījaṃ
26.12d phalaṃ tad evābhyadhikaṃ nigadyam// / 26.13ab/ niṣpattir agnikopo vṛṣṭir mandātha madhyamā śreṣṭhā/
26.13cd/ bahujalapavanā puṣṭā śubhā ca pūrvādibhiḥ pavanaiḥ//
[K.26.14ab/ vṛttāyām āṣāḍhyām kṛṣṇacaturthyām ajaikapāda^ṛkṣe/]
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215395 (0.0):
27.08d unmattā iva naṣṭa^candra^kiraṇāṃ gāṃ pūrayanty ambubhiḥ// / 27.09ab/ *vṛttāyām āṣāḍhyāṃ kṛṣṇa^caturthyām ajaikapāda^ṛkṣe[K.aiśāno yadi
[K.26.14cd/ yadi varṣati parjanyaḥ prāvṛṭ śastā na cen na tataḥ//]
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215407 (0.048):
27.09cd/ *yadi varṣati parjanyaḥ prāvṛt śastā na cen na
[K.26.15ab/ āṣāḍhyām paurṇamāsyāṃ tu yady aiśāno +anilo bhavet/]
[K.26.15cd/ astaṃ gacchati tīkṣṇāṃśau sasyasampattir uttamā//]
27 vātacakrādhyāyaḥ / 27.01ab[K.omitted]/ āṣāḍha^paurṇamāsyāṃ tu yady aiśāno +anilo bhavet/
27.01cd[K.omitted]/ astaṃ gacchati tīkṣṇāṃśau sasya sampattir uttamā//
27.02a pūrvaḥ pūrvasamudra^vīci^śikhara^prasphālanā^ghūrṇitaś
27.02b candrārka^aṃśu^saṭā^*kalāpa[K.abhighāta]^kalito vāyur
yadā^ākāśataḥ/ / 27.02c naikānta^sthita^nīlamegha^*paṭalā[K.paṭalāṃ]
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215229 (0.046):
27.04b yoge +asmin plavati *dhvaniḥ saparuṣo[K.dhvanansuparuṣo] vāyur yadā
Durvekamisra (c. 1100): Dharmottarapradipa (durdhpru.htm.txt) 24547851 (0.048):
tasmād vastuno bhāvābhāvau parasparihāreṇa sthitarūapau | nīlāt tu yad
śāradya^*saṃvardhitā[K. saṃvardhitāṃ]/ / 27.02d vāsanta^utkaṭa^sasya^maṇḍita^*talā sarvā mahī śobhate[K.talāṃ
vidyāt tadā medinīm]// / 27.03a yadā *vahnau[K.agneyo] vāyur *vahati gagane
27.03b plavaty asmin yoge bhagavati pataṅge pravasati/ / 27.03c tadā nitya^uddīptā jvalana^śikhara^āliṅgitatalā
27.03d svagātra^uṣma^ucchvāsair vamati vasudhā bhasmanikaram//
27.04a tālī^patra^latā^vitāna^tarubhiḥ śākhāmṛgān nartayan
27.04b yoge +asmin plavati *dhvaniḥ saparuṣo[K.dhvanansuparuṣo] vāyur yadā
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4945199 (0.007):
*{2/182: E1,5; E2,4,6: vāyur}* / *{2/183: E2: nānuṣañjate, E4: nānuṣajjate, E5: nānuṣajyate, E6:
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 7 (sb_07_u.htm.txt) 23900824 (0.011):
yenāntarikṣamurvātatantheti vāyuḥ sa tveṣaḥ sa bhānurarṇavo nṛcakṣā iti
Anandavardhana: Dhvanyaloka, Uddyota 2, (andhvc2u.htm.txt) 14247280 (0.011):
aprastugatapraśaṃsādhvanirapi / ḍhuṇḍhullanto marihisi kaṇṭaakaliāiṃ keaivaṇāiṃ /
BAUDHAYANA-DHARMASUTRA (baudhd_u.htm.txt) 4307942 (0.023):
amutra^amuṣmiṃloka iti / / Baudh2.8.14.12-2/ antarikṣa.samantasya [K: antarikṣassamaṃ tasya] te / vāyur(upaśrotā yajūṃṣi te mahimā dattasya^apramādāya pṛthivī te
Badarayana: Brahmasutra, Adhyaya 3 (brssbh3u.htm.txt) 2987736 (0.028):
dvatetyatra vāyuḥ syādapariccinnātmakatvasya prepsitatvāt /
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215159 (0.058):
27.02b candrārka^aṃśu^saṭā^*kalāpa[K.abhighāta]^kalito vāyur / yadā^ākāśataḥ/ / 27.02c naikānta^sthita^nīlamegha^*paṭalā[K.paṭalāṃ]
Varadaraja: Laghusiddhantakaumudi (= Laghukaumudi) (varlghku.htm.txt) 21243020 (0.060):
etat / ete / etāni // gavāk, gavāg / gocī / gavāñci / punastadvat / gocā /
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9525469 (0.062):
6,31: abalām.iva.mām.ayam.bālo.abhimanyate.saṃśiśariṣuh/ / 6,31: idamyur.idam.kāmayamāṇah/ / 6,31: athāpi.tadvad.arthe.bhāṣyate/
dakṣiṇaḥ/ / 27.04c *tadvad yogasamutthitas tu[K.sarvodyogasamunnatāś ca] gajavat
tāla^aṅkuśair ghaṭṭitāḥ / 27.04d kīnāśā iva manda^vāri^*kaṇikā[K.kaṇikān] muñcanti meghās tadā//
27.05a sūkṣmailā^lavalī^lavaṅga^nicayān vyāghūrṇayan sāgare
27.05b bhānor astamaye plavaty avirato vāyur yadā nairṛtaḥ/
27.05d mattā pretavadhūr iva^ugra^capalā bhūmis tadā lakṣyate//
27.06a yadā reṇu^utpātaiḥ / *pravicala^saṭāṭopa^capalaḥ[K.pravikaṭasaṭāṭopacapalaḥ]
27.06b pravātaḥ *paścāc ced[K.paścārdhe] dinakara^kara^āpāta^samaye/
27.06c tadā sasyopetā / *pravara^nikara^ābaddha^samarā[K.pravaranṛvrābaddhasamarā]
27.06d *kṣitiḥ sthānasthāneṣv[K.dharā sthāne sthāneṣv] / avirata^vasā^māṃsa^rudhirā//
27.07a āṣāḍhī^parva^kāle yadi kiraṇapater astakāla^upapattau
27.07b vāyavyo vṛddhavegaḥ *pavana^ghana^vapuḥ
pannaga^arddha^anukāri[K.plavati dhanaripuḥ pannagādānukārī]/
27.07c jānīyād vāri^dhārā^pramudita^*mudita^āmukta[K.muditāṃ
mukta]^maṇḍūka^kaṇṭhāṃ / 27.07d sasya^udbhāsa^ekacihnāṃ sukha^bahulatayā bhāgyasenām iva^urvīm//
27.08a meru^grasta^marīci^maṇḍala^tale grīṣma^avasāne ravau
27.08b vāty āmodi^kadamba^gandha^surabhir vāyur yadā ca^uttaraḥ/
27.08c vidyud^bhrānti^samasta^kānti^kalanā mattās tadā toyadā
27.08d unmattā iva naṣṭa^candra^kiraṇāṃ gāṃ pūrayanty ambubhiḥ//
27.09ab/ *vṛttāyām āṣāḍhyāṃ kṛṣṇa^caturthyām ajaikapāda^ṛkṣe[K.aiśāno yadi
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215101 (0.0):
26.13cd/ bahujalapavanā puṣṭā śubhā ca pūrvādibhiḥ pavanaiḥ// / [K.26.14ab/ vṛttāyām āṣāḍhyām kṛṣṇacaturthyām ajaikapāda^ṛkṣe/]
śītalo +amaragaṇaiḥ saṃsevyamāno bhavet]/ / 27.09cd/ *yadi varṣati parjanyaḥ prāvṛt śastā na cen na
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10215106 (0.048):
[K.26.14cd/ yadi varṣati parjanyaḥ prāvṛṭ śastā na cen na tataḥ//]
tadā[K.punnāgāgurupārijātasurabhirvāyuḥ pracaṇḍadhvaniḥ]//
27.10ab/ *naṣṭacandrārkakiranaṃ naṣṭatāraṃ na cen
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10214855 (0.063):
25.05c vidyunmālākulaṃ vā yadi bhavati nabho naṣṭacandrārkatāraṃ
nabhaḥ[K.āpūrṇodakayauvanā vasumatī sampannasasyākulā]/
27.10cd/ *na tāṃ bhadrapadāṃ manye yatra devo na varṣati[K.dharmiṣṭhāḥ
praṇatārayo nṛpatayo rakṣanti varṇāṃs tadā]//
28 sadyovarṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 28.01a varṣāpraśne salilanilayaṃ rāśim āśritya candro
28.01b lagnaṃ yāto bhavati yadi vā kendragaḥ śukla^pakṣe/
28.01c saumyair dṛṣṭaḥ pracuram udakaṃ pāpadṛṣṭo +alpam ambhaḥ
28.01d prāvṛṭkāle sṛjati na cirāt^candravad bhārgavo +api//
28.02a ārdraṃ dravyaṃ spṛśati yadi vā vāri tatsaṃjñakaṃ vā
28.02b toyāsanno bhavati yadi vā toyakārya^unmukho vā/
28.02c praṣṭā vācyaḥ salilam acirād asti niḥsaṃśayena
28.02d pṛcchākāle salilam iti vā śrūyate yatra śabdaḥ// / 28.03a udaya^śikhari^saṃstho durnirīkṣyo +atidīptyā
28.03b drutakanakanikāśaḥ snigdhavaidūryakāntiḥ/
28.03c tadahani kurute +ambhas toyakāle vivasvān
28.03d pratapati yadi ca^uccaiḥ khaṃ gato +atīva tīkṣṇam//
28.04a virasam udakaṃ gonetrābhaṃ viyadvimalā diśo
28.04b lavaṇa^vikṛtiḥ kākāṇḍābhaṃ yadā ca bhavet^nabhaḥ/
28.04c pavana^vigamaḥ poplūyante jhaṣāḥ sthalagāmino
28.04d rasanam asakṛt^maṇḍūkānāṃ jalāgamahetavaḥ//
28.05a mārjārā bhṛśam avaniṃ nakhair likhanto[K.likhante]
28.05b lohānāṃ malanicayaḥ savisragandhaḥ/ / 28.05c rathyāyāṃ *śiśuracitāś[K.śiśunicitāś] ca setubandhāḥ
28.05d samprāptaṃ jalam acirāt^nivedayanti// / 28.06ab/ girayo *+añjanacūrṇasannibhā[K.añjanapuñjasannibhā] yadi vā
bāṣpaniruddhakandarāḥ/ / 28.06cd/ kṛkavākuvilocana^upamāḥ pariveṣāḥ śaśinaś ca vṛṣṭidāḥ//
28.07a vinā^upaghātena pipīlikānām / 28.07b aṇḍa^upasaṃkrāntir ahivyavāyaḥ/
28.07c *drumāvarohaś[K.drumādhirohaś] ca bhujaṅgamānāṃ / 28.07d vṛṣṭer nimittāni gavāṃ plutaṃ ca//
Magha: Sisupalavadha (maghspvu.htm.txt) 3383542 (0.055):
prādudruvatsapadi candrakavāndrumāgrāt saṃgharṣiṇā saha
28.08a taru^śikhara^upagatāḥ kṛkalāsā / 28.08b gagana^tala^sthita^dṛṣṭi^nipātāḥ/
28.08c yadi ca gavāṃ ravivīkṣaṇam ūrdhvaṃ / 28.08d nipatati vāri tadā na cireṇa//
28.09ab/ na^icchanti vinirgamaṃ gṛhād dhunvanti śravaṇān khurān api/
28.09cd/ paśavaḥ paśuvac ca *kukkurā[K.kurkurā] yady ambhaḥ patatīti
nirdiśet// / 28.10a yadā sthitā gṛhapaṭaleṣu *kukkurā[K.kurkurā]
28.10b *rudanti[K.bhavanti] vā yadi vitataṃ *viyat^mukhāḥ[K.divonmukhāḥ]/
28.10c divā taḍid yadi ca pinākidigbhavā / 28.10d tadā kṣamā bhavati *samaiva vāriṇā[,ātovāroṃā]//
28.11a śuka^kapota^vilocana^sannibho / 28.11b madhu^nibhaś ca yadā hima^dīdhitiḥ/
28.11c pratiśaśī ca yadā divi rājate / 28.11d patati vāri tadā na *cireṇa ca[K.cirād divaḥ]//
28.12a stanitaṃ niśi vidyuto divā / 28.12b rudhiranibhā yadi daṇḍavatsthitāḥ/
28.12c pavanaḥ purataś ca śītalo / 28.12d yadi salilasya tadā^āgamo bhavet//
28.13a vallīnāṃ gagana^tala^unmukhāḥ pravālāḥ / 28.13b snāyante yadi jalapāṃśubhir vihaṅgāḥ/
28.13c sevante yadi ca sarīsṛpās tṛṇāgrāṇy / 28.13d āsanno bhavati tadā jalasya pātaḥ/
28.14a mayūra^śuka^cāṣa^cātaka^samāna^varṇā yadā
28.14b japākusuma^paṅkaja^dyuti^muṣaś ca sandhyā^ghanāḥ/
28.14c jalormi^naga^nakra^kacchapa^varāha^mīna^upamāḥ
28.14d prabhūta^puṭasaṃcayā na tu cireṇa yacchanty apaḥ//
28.15a paryanteṣu sudhā^śaśāṅka^dhavalā madhye +añjana^ali^tviṣaḥ
28.15b snigdhā naika^puṭāḥ kṣaraj^jalakaṇāḥ sopāna^vicchedinaḥ/
28.15c māhendrīprabhavāḥ prayānty aparataḥ prāg vā ambupa^āśā^udbhavā
28.15d ye te vārimucas tyajanti na cirād ambhaḥ prabhūtaṃ bhuvi//
28.16ab/ śakracāpa^parigha^pratisūryā rohito +atha taḍitaḥ pariveṣaḥ/
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13851325 (0.063):
śakracāpāṅktitodarāḥ HV_54.3d / śakracāpāyate paṅktir HV_53.16c
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10250688 (0.064):
106.05ab/ bhūkampa^ulkā^pariveṣa^lakṣaṇaṃ śakracāpa^khapuraṃ ca/
28.16cd/ udgama^astamaye yadi bhānor ādiśet pracuram ambu tadāśu//
28.17a yadi tittira^patra^nibhaṃ gaganaṃ / 28.17b muditāḥ pravadanti ca pakṣi^gaṇāḥ/
28.17c udaya^astamaye savitur dyuniśaṃ / 28.17d visṛjanti ghanā na cireṇa jalam//
28.18a yady amogha^kiraṇāḥ sahasragor / 28.18b astabhūdharakarā iva^ucchritāḥ/
28.18c bhūsamaṃ ca rasate yadā^ambudas / 28.18d tan mahad bhavati vṛṣṭi^lakṣaṇaṃ//
28.19ab/ prāvṛṣi śīta^karo bhṛguputrāt saptamarāśigataḥ śubhadṛṣṭaḥ/
28.19cd/ sūryasutān navapañcamago vā saptamagaś ca jalā^āgamanāya//
28.20ab/ prāyo grahāṇām udayāstakāle samāgame maṇḍalasaṃkrame ca/
28.20cd/ pakṣa^kṣaye tīkṣṇakarāyanānte vṛṣṭir gate +arke niyamena
cārdrām// / 28.21ab/ samāgame patati jalaṃ jñaśukrayor jñajīvayor gurusitayoś ca
saṅgame/ / 28.21cd/ yamārayoḥ pavana^hutāśajaṃ bhayaṃ hy adṛṣṭayor asahitayoś ca
sadgrahaiḥ// / 28.22ab/ agrataḥ pṛṣṭhato vā^api grahāḥ sūryāvalambinaḥ/
Ruyyaka: Alamkarasarvasva (Sutras only!) (ruyalscu.htm.txt) 9630725 (0.046):
duryodhanasya na tu śakyayodhanasya / / agrato na tvasamakṣyam /
Asanga: Sravakabhumi (srabhusu.htm.txt) 6318351 (0.052):
puruṣeṇo[tkṣi]ptāsiko vadhakapuruṣaḥ pṛṣṭhataḥ pṛṣṭhataḥ samanubaddho
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6625036 (0.053):
p.6.3./.dadarśāyuṣmānānandaḥ prakṛtiṃ mātaṅga^dārikāṃ/ pṛṣṭhataḥ pṛṣṭhataḥ / samanubaddhāṃ dṛṣṭvā ca punar jehrīymāṇarūpo +apragalbhāyamānarūpo duḥkhī
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21616493 (0.053):
316.009. dadarśāyuṣmānānandaḥ prakṛtiṃ mātaṅgadārikāṃ pṛṣṭhataḥ pṛṣṭhataḥ / samanubaddhām/ / 316.010. dṛṣṭvā ca punarjehrīyamāṇarūpo 'pragalbhāyamānarūpo duḥkhī
Yamuna: Stotraratna (yamsr_au.htm.txt) 27740262 (0.053):
na mṛṣā paramā1rtham eva me śṛnu vijñāpanam ekam agrataḥ | / yadi me na dayiṣyase tato dayanīyas tava nātha durlabhaḥ || YStr_50 ||
Yamuna: Stotraratna (yamsr_pu.htm.txt) 2510339 (0.053):
na mṛṣā paramārtham eva me śṛnu vijñāpanam ekam agrataḥ | / yadi me na dayiṣyase tato dayanīyas tava nātha durlabhaḥ || YStr_50 ||
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21552779 (0.057):
100.011. padmasyopari padmaṃ nirmitam/ / 100.012. tatrāpi bhagavān paryaṅkaniṣaṇṇaḥ/ / 100.012. evamagrataḥ pṛṣṭhataḥ pārśvataḥ/
Sanghabhedavastu (vinv171u.htm.txt) 13635289 (0.058):
nīyamānāṃ, mahājanakāyaṃ ca purastād gacchantaṃ, nārībhiḥ prakīrṇakeśābhiḥ / rudantībhiḥ pṛṣṭhataḥ samanubaddham; dṛṣṭvā ca punaḥ sārathim āmantrayate:
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 701962 (0.062):
muhūrtam api te sarve $ na sthāsyanti mamāgrataḥ // HV_App.I,42B.2634 // / [k: T1.2 G1.3 5 M2.4 ins. :k]
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_apppu.htm.txt) 22187512 (0.062):
muhūrtam api te sarve na sthāsyanti mamāgrataḥ // HV_App.I,42B.2634 // / [k: T1.2 G1.3 5 M2.4 ins. :k]
28.22cd/ yadā tadā prakurvanti mahīm ekārṇavām iva//
28.23ab/ [K.omitted] praviśati yadi khadyoto jaladasamīpeṣu rajanīṣu/
28.23cd/ [K.omitted] kedārapūram adhikaṃ varṣati devas tadā na cirāt//
28.24ab/ [K.omitted] varṣaty api raṭati yadā gomāyuś ca pradoṣavelāyām/
28.24cd/ [K.omitted] saptāhaṃ durdinam api tadā payo nātra sandehaḥ//
29 kusumalatādhyāyaḥ / 29.01ab/ phala^kusuma^sampravṛddhiṃ vanaspatīnāṃ vilokya vijñeyam/
29.01cd/ sulabhatvaṃ dravyāṇāṃ niṣpattiś ca^api sasyānām// / 29.02ab/ śālena kalamaśālī raktāśokena raktaśāliś ca/
29.02cd/ pāṇḍūkaḥ kṣīrikayā nīlāśokena sūkarakaḥ// / 29.03ab/ nyagrodhena tu yavakas tinduka^vṛddhyā ca ṣaṣṭiko bhavati/
29.03cd/ aśvatthena jñeyā niṣpattiḥ sarvasasyānām// / 29.04ab/ jambūbhis tila^māṣāḥ śirīṣa^vṛddhyā ca kaṅgu^niṣpattiḥ/
Narahari Pandita [alias Nrsimha]: Rajanighantu [also called Nighanturaja, or Abhidhanacudamani], (rajnighu.htm.txt) 846339 (0.054):
vibhītake kalindaḥ syācchālirjñeyā tu pāṭalā /
Jiva Gosvami: Satsamdarbha, part 4: Krsnasamdarbha (ss4_krsu.htm.txt) 14434020 (0.064):
tasyāpy utpattir jñeyety arthaḥ | sa ca sa tātparyako'rtha bhedaṣ ṭīkāyām
29.04cd/ godhūmāś ca madhūkair yava^vṛddhiḥ saptaparṇena// / 29.05ab/ atimuktaka^kundābhyāṃ karpāsaṃ sarṣapān vaded aśanaiḥ/
29.05cd/ badarībhiś ca kulatthāṃś / *ciravilvena[K.ū.cirabilvena]^ādiśet^mudgān//
29.06ab/ atasī vetasa^puṣpaiḥ palāśa^kusumaiś ca kodravā jñeyāḥ/
29.06cd/ tilakena śaṅkha^mauktika^rajatāny atha ca^iṅgudena
*śaṇāḥ[K.śaṇaḥ]// / 29.07ab/ kariṇaś ca hastikarṇair ādeśyā vājino +aśvakarṇena/
29.07cd/ gāvaś ca pāṭalābhiḥ kadalībhir aja^āvikaṃ bhavati//
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12967545 (0.024):
MSS_8750 1 kariṇaśca hastikarṇair nirdeśyā vājino'śvakarṇena / / MSS_8750 2 gāvaśca pāṭalābhiḥ kadalībhirajāvikaṃ bhavati //
29.08ab/ campaka^kusumaiḥ kanakaṃ vidruma^sampac ca bandhujīvena/
29.08cd/ *kuravaka[K.kuruvaka]^vṛddhyā vajraṃ vaidūryaṃ nandikāvartaiḥ//
29.09ab/ vindyāc ca sindhuvāreṇa mauktikaṃ *kārukāḥ[K.kuṅkumaṃ] / kusumbhena/
29.09cd/ raktotpalena rājā mantrī nīlotpalenoktaḥ//
29.10ab/ śreṣṭhī *suvarṇapuṣpāt[K.suvarṇapuṣpaiḥ] padmair viprāḥ purohitāḥ
kumudaiḥ/ / 29.10cd/ saugandhikena balapatir arkeṇa hiraṇya^parivṛddhiḥ//
29.11ab/ āmraiḥ kṣemaṃ bhallātakair bhayaṃ pīlubhis tathā^ārogyam/
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12893493 (0.019):
MSS_5062 1 āmraiḥ kṣemaṃ bhallā takairbhayaṃ pīlubhistathārogyam /
29.11cd/ khadira^śamībhyāṃ durbhikṣam arjunaiḥ śobhanā vṛṣṭiḥ//
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12893500 (0.057):
MSS_5062 2 khadiraśamībhyāṃ durbhi kṣamarjunaiḥ śobhanā vṛṣṭiḥ //
29.12ab/ picumanda^nāgakusumaiḥ subhikṣam atha mārutaḥ kapitthena/
29.12cd/ niculena^avṛṣṭibhayaṃ vyādhibhayaṃ bhavati kuṭajena//
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15932085 (0.035):
jvarānte ḍākinī kṛtyādhvarevatībhayaṃ tataḥ / / aśanyante bhayaṃ durbhikṣabhayaṃ mārīśabdataḥ // NarP_1,71.176 //
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4624701 (0.038):
nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra na cāvṛṣṭibhayaṃ tathā // BndP_2,71.103 //
Linga-Purana, Part 1 (Adhy. 1-108) (lip_1_au.htm.txt) 15325618 (0.038):
nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra % nāvṛṣṭibhayamapyuta // LiP_1,69.19 //
Linga-Purana, Part 1 (Adhy. 1-108) (lip_1_pu.htm.txt) 7219385 (0.038):
nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra nāvṛṣṭibhayamapyuta // LiP_1,69.19 //
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16307684 (0.042):
nāstivādārthaśāstraṃhi *HV_21.34*327:1a / nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra HV_24.4c
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13801494 (0.042):
nāstivādārthaśāstraṃhi HV_21.34*327:1a / nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra HV_24.4c
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmpau.htm.txt) 26744701 (0.044):
nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra % nāvarṣas tapam eva ca // BrP_14.4 //
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmppu.htm.txt) 11016031 (0.044):
nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ tatra nāvarṣas tapam eva ca // BrP_14.4 //
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10239557 (0.044):
78.36ab/ niṣkuṭa^saṇjñe dravyakṣayas tu kolekṣaṇe kula^dhvaṃsaḥ/ / 78.36cd/ śastra^bhayaṃ sūkarake rogabhayaṃ vatsanābhākhye//
Manjusrimulakalpa (bsu041_u.htm.txt) 11454815 (0.058):
sarvagaraviṣabhayaṃ vā / na cāsya rogabhayaṃ bhavati
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10221667 (0.063):
45.38ab/ durbhikṣam *anāvṛṣṭāv ativṛṣṭau[K.anāvṛṣṭyām ativṛṣṭyām] / kṣudbhayaṃ *parabhayaṃ ca[K.saparacakram]/
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19610956 (0.064):
01,056.024a bhāratānāṃ mahaj janma śṛṇvatām anasūyatām / 01,056.024c nāsti vyādhibhayaṃ teṣāṃ paralokabhayaṃ kutaḥ
29.13ab/ dūrvā^kuśa^kusumābhyām ikṣur vahniś ca kovidāreṇa/
29.13cd/ śyāmālatā^abhivṛddhyā bandhakyo vṛddhim āyānti//
29.14a yasmin *kāle[K.deśe] snigdha^niśchidra^patrāḥ
29.14b saṃdṛśyante vṛkṣagulmā latāś ca/ / 29.14c tasmin vṛṣṭiḥ śobhanā sapradiṣṭā
29.14d rūkṣaiś chidrair alpam ambhaḥ pradiṣṭam// / 30 sandhyālakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ
30.01ab/ ardha^astamitān uditāt sūryād aspaṣṭabhaṃ nabho yāvat/
30.01cd/ tāvat sandhyākālaś cihnair etaiḥ phalaṃ ca^asmin//
30.02cd/ gandharvanagara^ravikara^daṇḍa^rajaḥ snehavarṇaiś ca//
30.03ab/ bhairavam uccair viruvan mṛgo +asakṛd grāma^ghātam ācaṣṭe/
30.03cd/ ravidīpto dakṣiṇato mahāsvanaḥ sainya^ghātakaraḥ//
30.04ab/ apasavye saṃgrāmaḥ savye senā^samāgamaḥ śānte/
30.04cd/ mṛgacakre pavane vā sandhyāyāṃ miśrage vṛṣṭiḥ//
30.05ab/ dīpta^mṛga^aṇḍaja^virutā prāk sandhyā deśa^nāśam ākhyāti/
30.05cd/ dakṣiṇadik^sthair virutā grahaṇāya purasya dīptāsyaiḥ//
30.06ab/ gṛha^taru^toraṇa^mathane sapāṃśu^loṣṭa^utkare +anile prabale/
30.06cd/ bhairavarāve rūkṣe khagapātini ca^aśubhā sandhyā//
30.07ab/ manda^pavana^avaghaṭṭita^calita^palāśa^drumā vipavanā vā/
30.07cd/ madhurasvara^śānta^vihaṅga^mṛga^rutā pūjitā sandhyā//
30.08ab/ sandhyākāle snigdhā daṇḍa^taḍit^matsya^paridhi^pariveṣāḥ/
30.08cd/ surapaticāpa^airāvata^ravikiraṇāś cāśu vṛṣṭikaraḥ//
30.09ab/ vicchinna^viṣama^vidhvasta^vikṛta^kuṭila^apasavya^parivṛttāḥ/
30.09cd/ tanu^hrasva^vikala^kaluṣāś ca vigraha^avṛṣṭidāḥ kiraṇāḥ//
30.10ab/ uddyotinaḥ prasannā ṛjavo dīrghāḥ pradakṣiṇāvartāḥ/
30.10cd/ kiraṇāḥ śivāya jagato vitamaske nabhasi bhānumataḥ//
30.11ab/ śuklāḥ karā dinakṛto diva^ādi^madhya^anta^gāminaḥ snigdhāḥ/
30.11cd/ avyucchinnā ṛjavo vṛṣṭikarās te *tv[K.hy] amoghākhyāḥ//
30.12ab/ kalmāṣa^babhru^kapilā vicitra^māñjiṣṭha^harita^śabalābhāḥ/
30.12cd/ tridiva^anubandhino +avṛṣṭaye +alpabhayadās tu saptāhāt//
30.13ab/ tāmrā balapati^mṛtyuṃ pīta^aruṇa^sannibhāś ca tad^vyasanam/
30.13cd/ haritāḥ paśu^sasya^badhaṃ dhūmasavarṇā gavāṃ nāśam//
30.14ab/ māñjiṣṭābhāḥ śastra^agni^sambhramaṃ babhravaḥ pavana^vṛṣṭim/
30.14cd/ bhasma^sadṛśās tv avṛṣṭiṃ tanubhāvaṃ śabala^kalmāṣāḥ//
30.15a bandhūka^puṣpa^añjana^cūrṇa^sannibhaṃ / 30.15b sāndhyaṃ rajo +abhyeti yadā divākaram/
30.15c lokās tadā rogaśatair nipīḍyate / 30.15d śuklaṃ rajo loka^vivṛddhi^śāntaye//
30.16ab/ ravikiraṇa^jalada^marutāṃ saṅghāto daṇḍavat sthito daṇḍaḥ/
30.16cd/ sa vidik^sthito nṛpāṇām aśubho dikṣu *dvijādīnām[K's tr.
dvijātīnām]// / 30.17ab/ śastra^bhaya^ātaṅka^karo dṛṣṭaḥ prāṅ^madhya^sandhiṣu dinasya/
30.17cd/ śuklādyo viprādīn yad abhimukhas tāṃ nihanti diśam//
30.18ab/ dadhisadṛśāgro nīlo bhānu^cchādī kha^madhyago +abhrataruḥ/
30.18cd/ pītacchuritāś ca ghanā ghanamūlā bhūrivṛṣṭikarāḥ//
30.19ab/ anulomage +abhravṛkṣe śamaṃ gate yāyino nṛpasya badhaḥ/
30.19cd/ bālataru^pratirūpiṇi yuvarāja^amātyayor mṛtyuḥ//
30.20ab/ kuvalaya^vaidūrya^ambuja^kiñjalkābhā prabhañjana^unmuktā/
30.20cd/ sandhyā karoti vṛṣṭiṃ ravikiraṇa^udbhāsitā sadyaḥ//
30.21cd/ prāvṛṣi karoty avagraham anyartau śastra^kopakarī//
30.22ab/ śiśirādiṣu varṇāḥ śoṇa^pīta^sita^citra^padma^rudhira^nibhāḥ/
30.22cd/ prakṛtibhavāḥ sandhyāyāṃ svartau śastā vikṛtir anyā//
30.23ab/ āyudhabhṛn nararūpaṃ chinnābhraṃ parabhayāya ravigāmi/
30.23cd/ sita^khapure +arka^ākrānte puralābho bhedane nāśaḥ//
30.24a sita^sitānta^ghana^āvaraṇaṃ raver / 30.24b bhavati vṛṣṭikaraṃ yadi savyataḥ/
30.24c yadi ca vīraṇa^gulma^nibhair ghanair / 30.24d divasabhartur adīptadig^udbhavaiḥ//
30.25ab/ nṛpa^vipattikaraḥ parighaḥ sitaḥ kṣataja^tulyavapur balakopakṛt/
30.25cd/ kanaka^rūpadharo bala^vṛddhidaḥ savitur udgama^kāla^samutthitaḥ//
Visnu-Purana (visnup_u.htm.txt) 10126188 (0.063):
śākadvīpe tu tair viṣṇuḥ sūryarūpadharo muneṃ / / yathoktaurijyate samyakkarmabhir niyatātmabhiḥ // ViP_2,4.70 //
30.26a ubhayapārśvagatau paridhī raveḥ / 30.26b pracuratoya^*karau[K.kṛtau] vapuṣā^anvitau/
30.26c atha samasta^kakup^paricāriṇaḥ / 30.26d paridhayo +asti kaṇo +api na vāriṇaḥ//
30.27ab/ dhvaja^ātapatra^parvata^dvipa^aśva^rūpadhāriṇaḥ/
30.27cd/ jayāya sandhyayor ghanā raṇāya raktasannibhāḥ//
30.28ab/ palāla^dhūma^sañcaya^sthita^upamā balāhakāḥ/
30.28cd/ balāny arūkṣa^mūrtayo vivardhayanti bhūbhṛtām// / 30.29ab/ vilambino druma^upamāḥ khara^aruṇa^prakāśinaḥ/
30.29cd/ ghanāḥ śivāya sandhyayoḥ pura^upamāḥ śubhāvahāḥ//
30.30ab/ dīpta^vihaṅga^śivā^mṛga^ghuṣṭā daṇḍa^rajaḥ^parigha^ādiyutā ca/
30.30cd/ pratyaham arkavikārayutā vā deśa^nareśa^subhikṣa^badhāya//
30.31a prācī tatkṣaṇam eva naktam aparā sandhyā tryahād vā phalaṃ
Anandakanda (anandk_u.htm.txt) 21363343 (0.061):
yathā vahnibalaṃ toyaṃ tryahādvā pañcavāsarāt // Āk_1,17.20 // / saptāhādvā kramātprājñaḥ prasṛtaṃ prasṛtaṃ tathā /
Visnusmrti (visnu_pu.htm.txt) 17389932 (0.063):
yasya paśyed dvisaptāhāt trisaptāhād athāpi vā /
Visnusmrti (visnus_u.htm.txt) 18196599 (0.063):
Viṣṇu 14.04a/ yasya paśyed\ dvi-sapta-ahāt tri-sapta-ahād atha^api vā /
30.31b saptāhāt pariveṣa^reṇu^parighāḥ kurvanti sadyo na cet/
30.31c tadvat sūryakara^indrakārmuka^taḍit^pratyarka^megha^anilās
30.31d tasminn eva dine +aṣṭame +atha vihagāḥ saptāhapākā mṛgāḥ//
30.32a ekaṃ dīptyā yojanaṃ bhāti sandhyā / 30.32b vidyudbhāsā ṣaṭ prakāśīkaroti/
30.32c pañca^abdānāṃ garjitaṃ yāti śabdo / 30.32d nāstīyattā *ke cid[K.kā cid] ulkānipāte//
VATSYAYANA: KAMASUTRA (with notes) (kamasufu.htm.txt) 27935926 (0.054):
5.6.46v saṃdṛśya śāstrato yogān pāradārika-lakṣitān. na yāti cchalanāṃ kaś / cid sva-dārān prati śāstravit..
30.33a pratyarkasaṃjñaḥ paridhis tu tasya / 30.33b *triyojanābhaḥ[K.triyojanā bhā] parighasya pañca/
30.33c ṣaṭpañcadṛśyaṃ pariveṣacakraṃ / 30.33d daśa^amareśasya dhanur vibhāti//
31 digdāhalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 31.01ab/ dāho diśāṃ rājabhayāya pīto deśasya nāśāya hutāśavarṇaḥ/
31.01cd/ yaś ca^aruṇaḥ syād apasavya^vāyuḥ sasyasya nāśaṃ sa karoti
dṛṣṭaḥ// / 31.02a yo +atīva dīptyā kurute prakāśaṃ
31.02b chāyām api vyañjayate +arkavad yaḥ/ / 31.02c rājño mahad vedayate bhayaṃ sa
31.02d śastra^prakopaṃ kṣataja^anurūpaḥ// / 31.03a prāk kṣatriyāṇāṃ sanareśvarāṇāṃ
31.03b prāgdakṣiṇe śilpi^kumāra^pīḍā/ / 31.03c yāmye saha^ugraiḥ puruṣais tu vaiśyā
31.03d dūtāḥ punarbhūpramadāś ca koṇe// / 31.04a paścāt tu śūdrāḥ kṛṣi^jīvinaś ca
31.04b caurās turaṅgaiḥ saha vāyudiksthe/
31.04c pīḍāṃ vrajanty uttarataś ca viprāḥ / 31.04d *pākhaṇḍino[K.pāṣaṇḍino] vāṇijakāś ca śārvyām//
31.05a nabhaḥ prasannaṃ vimalāni bhāni / 31.05b pradakṣiṇaṃ vāti sadāgatiś ca/
31.05c diśāṃ ca dāhaḥ kanaka^avadāto / 31.05d hitāya lokasya sapārthivasya//
32 bhūkampalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 32.01ab/ kṣitikampam āhur eke bṛhadantarjalanivāsisattva^kṛtam/
32.01cd/ bhūbhāra^khinna^diggaja^viśrāma^samudbhavaṃ ca^anye//
32.02ab/ anilo +anilena nihataḥ kṣitau patan sasvanaṃ karoty *anye[K.eke]/
32.02cd/ ke cit tv adṛṣṭa^kāritam idam anye prāhur ācāryāḥ//
32.03ab/ giribhiḥ purā sapakṣair vasudhā prapatadbhir utpadbhiś ca/
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16339635 (0.048):
prapaṭhed ātmavān naraḥ HV_App.I,24.204b / prapatatsūtpatatsu ca HV_36.36b / prapatadbhiś ca pādapaiḥ HV_36.25b
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13813411 (0.060):
pranaṣṭoragarākṣase HV_31.17d / prapatatsūtpatatsu ca HV_36.36b / prapatadbhiś ca pādapaiḥ HV_36.25b
32.03cd/ ākampitā pitāmaham āha^amarasadasi savrīḍam//
32.04ab/ bhagavan nāma mama^etat tvayā kṛtaṃ yad acala^iti tan na tathā/
Gandavyuhasutra (bsu016_u.htm.txt) 28703954 (0.060):
yādṛśāya adhimuktisaṃpadā vandanaṃ kṛtamidaṃ tvayā mama / / sarvabuddhapariṣāsu saṃmukhaṃ nocireṇa hi samudgamiṣyasi // 168 //
Divyavadana (divyav_u.htm.txt) 21555953 (0.064):
110.023. kiṃ kṛtam? svāgatasya pātraśeṣaṃ na sthāpitamiti/ / 110.024. bhagavānāha na tvayā ānanda mamājñā pratismṛtā, api tu
32.04cd/ kriyate +acalaiś caladbhiḥ śaktāhaṃ nāsya khedasya//
32.05ab/ tasyāḥ *sagadgada^giraṃ[K.sagaḍgadagiraṃ] kiṃ cit sphuritādharaṃ
Jiva Gosvamin: Gopalacampu, Purvacampu, 1-11 (gp01-11u.htm.txt) 18282432 (0.011):
sravad asra dhārā vārājasra stanya pravāhān vahantī, snehānukāraka dehata / eva te mohitavatī | / [52] punaś cedaṃ sagadgadaṃ jagāda, ayi yaśode
Jiva Gosvami: Gopalacampu - Uttaracampu 1-3 (gu01-03u.htm.txt) 2506001 (0.019):
rāma-kṛṣṇau citrāyamāṇānāṃ pitrādīnāṃ caraṇa-vandanāyānandanāya ca / madhuraṃ vidhuratā-vidhunanam api gadantau gadgada-varṇa-rāśibhir āśīr
vinatam īṣat/ / 32.05cd/ sāśruvilocanam ānanam ālokya pitāmahaḥ prāha//
32.06ab/ manyuṃ hara^indra dhātryāḥ kṣipa kuliśaṃ śaila^pakṣa^bhaṅgāya/
32.06cd/ śakraḥ kṛtam ity uktvā mā bhair iti vasumatīm āha//
32.07ab/ kintv anila^dahana^surapati^varuṇāḥ sadasatphala^avabodhārtham/
32.07cd/ prāg dvitricaturbhāgeṣu dinaniśoḥ kampayiṣyanti//
Venkatanatha [Vedantadesika]: Nyayaparisuddhi, Adhyaya 1,2 (vnyps12u.htm.txt) 28732641 (0.062):
punaścāyaṃ dvitricaturādiśirodhikaraṇabhedādbahuvidhaḥ; yathā--- ayaṃ
32.08ab/ catvāry āryamṇādyāny ādityaṃ mṛgaśiro +aśvayuk ca^iti/
32.08cd/ maṇḍalam etad vāyavyam asya rūpāṇi saptāhāt// / 32.09ab/ dhūma^ākulīkṛta^āśe nabhasi nabhasvān rajaḥ kṣipan bhaumam/
32.09cd/ virujan drumāṃś ca vicarati ravir apaṭu^kara^avabhāsī ca//
32.10ab/ vāyavye bhūkampe sasya^ambu^vana^auṣadhī^kṣayo +abhihitaḥ/
32.10cd/ śvayathu^śvāsa^unmāda^jvara^kāsa^*bhavo[K.bhavā] vaṇik^pīḍā//
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5968465 (0.045):
3.100bv dur bala vyādhi karṣitān / kāsa hidhmā jvara śvāsa dāha tṛṣṇāsra pitta nut |
Pasupatasutra (pasupbhu.htm.txt) 23897509 (0.053):
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5916925 (0.058):
nādyād a jīrṇa vamathu śvāsa kāsa jvarārditī |
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5959583 (0.061):
apāno jaṭharaṃ tena syur dāha jvara tṛṭ kṣavāḥ | / kāsa śvāsoru sadanaṃ śiro hṛn nābhi pāyu ruk || 30 ||
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5970772 (0.062):
sa pippalīkaṃ vaisvarya kāsa śvāsa jvarāpaham || 18 ||
32.11ab/ rūpa^āyudha^bhṛd^vaidyā^strī^kavi^gāndharva^paṇya^śilpijanāḥ/
32.11cd/ pīḍyante saurāṣṭraka^kuru^maghadha^daśārṇa^matsyāś ca//
32.12ab/ puṣya^āgneya^viśākhā^bharaṇī^pitrya^aja^bhāgya^saṃjñāni/
32.12cd/ vargo hautabhujo +ayaṃ karoti rūpāṇy atha^etāni//
32.13ab/ tārā^ulkāpāta^āvṛtam ādīptam iva^ambaraṃ sadigdāham/
32.13cd/ vicarati marut^sahāyaḥ saptārciḥ saptadivasāntaḥ//
32.14ab/ āgneye +ambuda^nāśaḥ salilāśaya^saṃkṣayo nṛpati^vairam/
32.14cd/ dadrū^vicarcikā^jvara^visarpikāḥ pāṇḍurogaś ca//
Bhiksunivinaya (bhivin_u.htm.txt) 27834311 (0.030):
dardru kaṇḍū kacchū rakacā | vicarcikā arśo bhagandalā | pāṇḍurogo ālasako
Bhiksunivinaya (bhivin_u.htm.txt) 27834813 (0.042):
dardru kaṇḍū kacchū rakacā | vicarcikā arśo bhagandalā | pāṇḍuroga alasako
Bhiksunivinaya (bhivin_u.htm.txt) 27835780 (0.056):
vicarcikā kuṣṭhaṃ kiṭibhaṃ | arśā bhagandalā | pāṇḍurogo ālaso | / lohitapittaṃ jvaro | kāso śvāso soṣo apasmāro | vātodaram dakodaraṃ |
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5949913 (0.061):
virecana hṛtānāham ānahyantaṃ punaḥ punaḥ | / pāṇḍu rogaḥ śvayathu mān pītākṣi nakha darśanam || 91 ||
32.15ab/ dīptaujasaḥ pracaṇḍāḥ pīḍyante ca^aśmaka^aṅga^bāhlīkāḥ/
32.15cd/ taṅgaṇa^kaliṅga^vaṅga^*draviḍāḥ[U.draviṇāḥ] *śabarā
anekavidhāḥ[K.śabarāś ca naikavidhāḥ]// / 32.16ab/ abhijit^śravaṇa^dhaniṣṭhā^prājāpatya^aindra^vaiśva^maitrāṇi/
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17946369 (0.064):
ābhīrāḥ saha vaiśikyā āḍhakyāḥ śabarāśca ye / / pulindā vindhyamauleyā vaidarbhā daṇḍakaiḥ saha // MarkP_57.47 //
32.16cd/ surapati^maṇḍalam etad bhavanti *ca^apy asya rūpāṇi[ asya / svarūpāṇi]//
32.17ab/ calita^acala^varṣmāṇo gambhīra^virāviṇas / *taḍidvantaḥ[K.taḍitvantaḥ]/
32.17cd/ gavala^alikula^ahinibhā visṛjanti payaḥ payovāhāḥ//
32.18ab/ aindraṃ / *stuta[K.śruti]^kulajāti^khyāta^avanipāla^gaṇapa^vidhvaṃsi/
32.18cd/ atisāra^galagraha^vadanaroga^kṛc chardikopāya//
32.19ab/ kāśi^yugandhara^paurava^kirāta^kīra^abhisāra^hala^madrāḥ/
32.19cd/ arbuda^*surāṣṭra[K.suvāstu]^mālava^pīḍākaram iṣṭavṛṣṭikaram//
32.20ab/ pauṣṇa^āpya^ārdrā^āśleṣā^mūla^ahirbudhnya^varuṇadevāni/
32.20cd/ maṇḍalam etad vāruṇam asyāpi bhavanti rūpāṇi// / 32.21ab/ nīlotpala^ali^bhinna^añjana^tviṣo madhura^rāviṇo bahulāḥ/
32.21cd/ taḍid^udbhāsita^dehā *dhārā^aṅkura[K.dhārāṅkuśa]varṣiṇo jaladāḥ//
32.22ab/ vāruṇam arṇava^sarid^āśrita^ghnam ativṛṣṭidaṃ vigata^vairam/
32.22cd/ gonarda^cedi^kukurān kirāta^vaidehakān hanti//
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16160905 (0.056):
asrcitā navabhir māsair HV_App.I,8.56a / asvādhīne durādharṣe HV_App.I,29E.10a
Manjusrimulakalpa (bsu041_u.htm.txt) 11438967 (0.061):
ṣaḍbhiḥ māsaiḥ / yadā mantrāpayati tadā mantrayitavyam / tataḥ prabhṛti
Suryasiddhanta (surysidu.htm.txt) 2963987 (0.062):
8.21b: bṛhat kiñcid ato bhāgair āpaH ṣaḍbhis tathottare// / [udayāsta] / 9.01a: athodayastamayayoH parijñānaṃ prakīrtyate/
32.23ab/ ṣaḍbhir māsaiḥ kampo dvābhyāṃ pākaṃ ca yāti nirghātaḥ/
Manjusrimulakalpa (bsu041_u.htm.txt) 11438967 (0.060):
ṣaḍbhiḥ māsaiḥ / yadā mantrāpayati tadā mantrayitavyam / tataḥ prabhṛti
32.23cd/ anyān apy utpātān jagur anye maṇḍalair etaiḥ//
[K.3verses inserted / K.32.24ab/ ulkā hariś candrapuraṃ rajaś ca nirghātabhūkampakakuppradāhāḥ/
K.32.24cd/ vāto +aticaṇḍo grahaṇaṃ ravīndvor nakṣatratārāgaṇavaikṛtāni//
Kesava: Kausikapaddhati (keskaupu.htm.txt) 1839461 (0.061):
candrārkanakṣatragrahatārādi parikhe
K.32.25ab/ vyabhre vṛṣṭir vaikṛtaṃ vātavṛṣṭir dhūmo +anagner
visphuliṅgārciṣo vā/ / K.32.25cd/ vanyaṃ sattvaṃ grāmamadhye viśedvā rātrāvaindraṃ kārmukaṃ
dṛśyate vā// / K.32.26ab/ sandhyāvikārāḥ pariveṣakhaṇḍā nadyaḥ pratīpā divi tūryanādāḥ/
K.32.26ab/ anyac ca yatsyāt prakṛteḥ pratīpaṃ tanmaṇḍalair eva phalaṃ
nigādyam//] / 32.24ab/ hanty aindro vāyavyaṃ vāyuś ca^apy aindram evam anyonyam/
32.24cd/ vāruṇa^hautabhujāv api velā^nakṣatrajāḥ kampāḥ//
32.25ab/ prathita^nareśvara^maraṇa^vyasanāny āgneya^vāyumaṇḍalayoḥ/
32.25cd/ kṣudbhaya^maraka^avṛṣṭibhir upatāpyante janāś ca api//
Jonaraja and Pseudo-Jonaraja: Rajatarangini (jonart_au.htm.txt) 17423251 (0.052):
nāśitāśeṣadeśo 'tha sphītaśītabhayākulaḥ / / Ḍalcaẖ Kaśmīratas Tārabalamārgeṇa niryayau // JRt_159 //
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10227155 (0.055):
52.78ab/ dvāraṃ dvārasya^upari yat tan na śivāya saṅkaṭaṃ yac ca/ / 52.78cd/ āvyāttaṃ kṣudbhayadaṃ kubjaṃ kulanāśanaṃ bhavati//
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15898100 (0.062):
sarvagrastāvinendūtu kṣudvyādhyagnibhayapradau // NarP_1,56.88 //
32.26ab/ vāruṇa^paurandarayoḥ subhikṣa^śivavṛṣṭi^hārdayo loke/
32.26cd/ gāvo +atibhūri^payaso nivṛtta^vairāś ca bhūpālāḥ//
32.27ab/ pakṣaiś caturbhir anilas tribhir agnir devarāṭ ca saptāhāt/
32.27cd/ sadyaḥ phalati ca varuṇo yeṣu na kālo +adbhuteṣu^uktaḥ//
32.28ab/ calayati pavanaḥ śatadvayaṃ śatam analo daśayojana^anvitam/
32.28cd/ salilapatir aśītisaṃyutaṃ kuliśadharo +abhyadhikaṃ ca
*ṣaṣṭitaḥ[K.ṣaṣṭikam]// / 32.29ab/ tricatruthasaptamadine māse pakṣe tathā tripakṣe ce/
Lagadha: Rgvedavedangajyotisa (lagrvvju.htm.txt) 6422754 (0.064):
dyutriṃśat tatkalānāṃ tu ṣaṭchatī tryadhikaṃ bhavet // 16 / nāḍike dve muhūrtas tu pañcāśatpalam āḍhakam /
Mitramisra: Viramitrodaya, Samayaprakasa (mvir_sau.htm.txt) 10575001 (0.064):
dineṣu krameṇa caturthapañcamaṣaṣṭhāni, tata uttaradine tūnaṣāṇmāsike / saptamaṃ ca, tatastaduttaradineṣu aṣṭamanavamadaśamaikādaśāni, tata
32.29cd/ yadi bhavati bhūmikampaḥ pradhāna^nṛpa^nāśano bhavati//
33 ulkālakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 33.01ab/ divi bhukta^śubhaphalānāṃ patatāṃ rūpāṇi yāni tāny ulkāḥ/
33.01cd/ dhiṣṇyā^ulkā^aśani^vidyut^tārā iti pañcadhā bhinnāḥ//
33.02ab/ ulkā pakṣeṇa phalaṃ tadvad dhiṣṇyā^aśanis tribhiḥ pakṣaiḥ/
33.02cd/ vidyud ahobhiḥ ṣaḍbhiḥ tadvat tārā vipācayati//
33.03ab/ tārā phala^pāda^karī phalārdhadātrī prakīrtitā dhiṣṇyā/
33.03cd/ tisraḥ sampūrṇa^phalā vidyud atha^ulkā^aśaniś ca^iti//
33.04ab/ aśaniḥ svanena mahatā nṛ^gaja^aśva^mṛga^aśma^veśma^taru^paśuṣu/
33.04cd/ nipatati vidārayantī dharātalaṃ cakra^saṃsthānā//
33.05ab/ vidyut sattvatrāsaṃ janayantī taṭataṭasvanā sahasā/
33.05cd/ kutilaviśālā nipatati jīva^indhanarāśiṣu jvalitā//
33.06ab/ dhiṣṇyā kṛśālpapucchā dhanūṃṣi daśa dṛśyate +antarābhyadhikam/
33.06cd/ jvalitāṅgāranikāśā dvau hastau sā pramāṇena//
33.07ab/ tārā hastaṃ dīrghā śuklā tāmra^abja^tantu^rūpā vā/
33.07cd/ tiryag adhaś ca^ūrdhvaṃ vā yāti viyaty uhyamānā^iva//
33.08ab/ ulkā śirasi viśālā nipatantī vardhate pratanu^pucchā//
33.08cd/ dīrghā *ca bhavati[K.bhavati ca] puruṣaṃ bhedā bahavo bhavaty
asyāḥ// / preta^praharaṇa^khara^karabha^nakra^kapi^daṃṣṭri^lāṅgala^mṛgābhāḥ/
33.09cd/ godhā^ahi^dhūma^rūpāḥ pāpā yā ca^ubhayaśiraskā//
33.10cd/ *śrīvṛkṣa[K.śrīvatsa, K's tr. / śrīvṛkṣa]^vajra^śaṅkha^svastika^rūpāḥ śiva^subhikṣāḥ//
33.11ab/ ambara^madhyād bahvyo nipatantyo rāja^rāṣṭra^nāśāya/
33.11cd/ bambhramatī gagana^upari vibhramam ākhyāti lokasya//
33.12ab/ saṃspṛśatī candrārkau tadvisṛtā vā sabhūprakampā ca/
Suryasiddhanta (surysidu.htm.txt) 2964458 (0.057):
11.01b: tadyutau maṇḍale krāntyos tulyatve vaidhṛtābhidhaH// / 11.02a: viparītāyanagatau candrārkau krāntiliptikā/
33.12cd/ paracakra^āgama^nṛpa^bhaya^durbhikṣa^avṛṣṭi^bhaya^jananī//
Sardulakarnavadana (divav33u.htm.txt) 6643300 (0.036):
yadi ca^upari nirghoṣo bhavati adhyakṣa^puruṣasya pīḍāṃ codayati/ / para^cakrāgamaṃ / ceti/ / u6.5/.āṣāḍhe māse yadi sūrya^graho rucira^ābhāso bhavati subhikṣaṃ
33.13ab/ paura^itaraghnam ulkā^apasavya^karaṇaṃ divākara^himāṃśavoḥ/
33.13cd/ ulkā śubhadā purato divākara^viniḥsṛtā yātuḥ//
33.14ab/ śuklā raktā pītā kṛṣṇā ca^ulkā dvija^ādivarṇaghnī/
Bhrgu-Samhita (bhrgus_u.htm.txt) 12707451 (0.063):
viprakṣatriyavaiśyānāṃ śūdrāṇāñca yadhāvidhi / / śvetā raktā tathā pītā kṛṣṇā caiva yathākramam // BhS_7.21 //
33.14cd/ kramaśaś caitān hanyur mūrdha^uraḥ^pārśva^puccha^sthāḥ//
33.15ab/ uttaradig^ādi^patitā viprādīnām aniṣṭadā rūkṣā/
33.15cd/ ṛjvī snigdha^akhaṇḍā nīca^upagatā ca tad^vṛddhyai//
33.16ab/ *śyāva^aruṇa[K.śyāmā / vāruṇa]^nīla^asṛg^dahana^asita^bhasma^sannibhā rūkṣā/
33.16cd/ sandhyā^dina^jā vakrā dalitā ca para^āgama^bhayāya//
33.17ab/ nakṣatra^graha^*ghātais[K.ghāte] tadbhaktīnāṃ kṣayāya nirdiṣṭā/
33.17cd/ udaye ghnatī ravīndū paura^itara^mṛtyave +aste vā//
33.18ab/ bhāgya^āditya^dhaniṣṭhā^mūleṣu^ulkā^hateṣu yuvatīnām/
33.18cd/ vipra^kṣatriya^pīḍā puṣya^anila^viṣṇudeveṣu//
33.19ab/ dhruva^saumyeṣu nṛpāṇām ugreṣu sadāruṇeṣu caurāṇām/
33.19cd/ kṣipreṣu kalāviduṣāṃ pīḍā sādhāraṇe ca hate//
33.20ab/ kurvanty etāḥ patitā devapratimāsu rāja^rāṣṭra^bhayam/
33.20cd/ śakropari nṛpatīnāṃ gṛheṣu tatsvāmināṃ pīḍām//
33.21ab/ āśā^graha^upaghāte taddeśyānāṃ khale kṛṣiratānām/
33.21cd/ caityatarau sampatitā satkṛta^pīḍāṃ karoty ulkā//
33.22ab/ dvāri purasya purakṣayam atha^indrakīle janakṣayo +abhihitaḥ/
33.22cd/ brahma^āyatane viprān vinihanyād gomino goṣṭhe//
33.23ab/ kṣveḍā^āsphoṭita^vādita^gīta^utkuṣṭa^svanā bhavanti yadā/
33.23cd/ ulkā^nipāta^samaye bhayāya rāṣṭrasya sanṛpasya//
33.24a yasyāś ciraṃ tiṣṭhati khe +anuṣaṅgo / 33.24b daṇḍākṛtiḥ sā nṛpater bhayāya/
33.24c yā ca^uhyate tantudhṛtā^iva khasthā
33.24d yā vā mahendra^dhvaja^tulya^rūpā//
33.25ab/ śreṣṭhinaḥ pratīpagā tiryagā *nṛpāṅganānām[K.nṛpāṅganāḥ]/
33.25cd/ hanty adhomukhī nṛpān brāhmaṇān atha^ūrdhvagā//
33.26ab/ *barhi[K.varhi]^puccha^rūpiṇī loka^saṃkṣaya^āvahā/
33.26cd/ sarpavat *prasarpatī[K.prasarpiṇī] yoṣitām aniṣṭadā//
33.27ab/ hanti maṇḍalā puraṃ chatravat purohitam/
33.27cd/ vaṃśa^gulmavat sthitā rāṣṭra^doṣa^kāriṇī//
33.28ab/ vyāla^sūkara^upamā visphuliṅga^mālinī/ / 33.28cd/ khaṇḍaśo +atha vā gatā sasvanā ca pāpadā//
33.29ab/ surapaticāpa^pratimā rājyaṃ nabhasi vilīnā jaladān hanti/
33.29cd/ pavana^vilomā kuṭilaṃ yātā na bhavati śastā vinivṛttā vā//
33.30ab/ abhibhavati yataḥ puraṃ balaṃ vā bhavati bhayaṃ tata eva
pārthivasya/ / 33.30cd/ nipatati ca yayā diśā pradīptā jayati ripūn acirāt tayā
prayātaḥ// / 34 pariveṣalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 34.01ab/ sammūrcchitā ravīndvoḥ kiraṇāḥ pavanena maṇḍalībhūtāḥ/
34.01cd/ nānāvarṇa^ākṛtayas tanv abhre vyomni pariveṣāḥ//
34.03ab/ dhanadaḥ karoti mecakam anyonya^guṇa^āśrayeṇa ca^apy anye/
34.03cd/ pravilīyate muhurmuhur alpaphalaḥ so +api vāyukṛtaḥ//
34.04ab/ cāṣa^śikhi^rajata^taila^kṣīra^jalābhaḥ svakāla^sambhūtaḥ/
34.04cd/ avikala^vṛttaḥ snigdhaḥ pariveṣaḥ śiva^subhikṣa^karaḥ//
34.05ab/ sakala^gagana^anucārī naikābhaḥ kṣataja^sannibho rūkṣaḥ/
34.05cd/ asakala^śakaṭa^śarāsana^śṛṅgāṭakavat sthitaḥ pāpaḥ//
34.06ab/ śikhi^gala^same +ativarṣṇe bahuvarṇe nṛpa^vadho bhayaṃ dhūmre/
34.06cd/ haricāpa^nibhe yuddhāny aśokakusuma^prabhe ca^api//
34.07ab/ varṇena^ekena yadā bahulaḥ snigdhaḥ kṣura^abhraka^ākīrṇaḥ/
34.07cd/ sva^ṛtau sadyo varṣaṃ karoti pītaś ca dīptārkaḥ//
34.08ab/ dīpta^*mṛga^vihaṅga[K.vihaṅgamṛga]^rutaḥ kaluṣaḥ
sandhyā^traya^utthito +atimahān/ / 34.08cd/ bhayakṛt taḍid^ulkā^ādyair hato nṛpaṃ hanti śastreṇa//
34.09ab/ pratidinam arka^himāṃśvor aharniśaṃ raktayor narendra^vadhaḥ/
34.09cd/ pariviṣṭayor abhīkṣaṇaṃ lagna^*astamaya[K.astanabhaḥ]sthayos
tadvat// / 34.10ab/ senāpater bhayakaro dvimaṇḍalo na^atiśastra^kopakaraḥ/
34.10cd/ triprabhṛti śastra^kopaṃ yuvarāja^bhayaṃ nagararodham//
34.11ab/ vṛṣṭis tryaheṇa māsena vigraho vā grahendubhanirodhe/
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15903458 (0.061):
gaṇḍāntaṃ kartarī riṣaaphaṣaḍaṣṭendugato grahaḥ /
34.11cd/ horājanmādhipayor janma^ṛkṣe vāṃ *+aśubho[K.vāśubho ū.ca aśubho]
Varahamihira: Brhajjataka (brhajj_u.htm.txt) 9914414 (0.052):
BJ_18.13a/.cāndre.ratna.suta.sva.dāra.vibhava.prajñā.sukhair.anvitaḥ/siṃhe.syād.bala.nāyakaḥ.sura.gurau.proktaṃ.ca.yac.canra.bhe// / BJ_18.13b/.sva.ṛkṣe.māṇḍaliko.nara.indra.sacivaḥ.senāpatir.vā.dhanī/kumbhe.karkaṭavat.phalāni.makare.nīco.alpa.vitto.asukhī//(śā.vi)
rājñaḥ// / 34.12ab/ pariveṣamaṇḍalagato ravitanayaḥ kṣudradhānya^nāśa^karaḥ/
34.12cd/ janayati ca vāta^vṛṣṭiṃ sthāvara^kṛṣikṛn nihantā ca//
34.13ab/ bhaume kumāra^balapati^sainyānāṃ vidravo +agniśastra^bhayam/
34.13cd/ jīve pariveṣagate purohita^amātya^nṛpa^pīḍā//
34.14ab/ mantri^sthāvara^lekhaka^parivṛddhiś candraje suvṛṣṭiś ca/
34.14cd/ śukre yāyi^kṣatriya^*rājñī[K.rājñāṃ]pīḍā priyaṃ cānnam//
34.15ab/ kṣud^anala^mṛtyu^narādhipa^śastrebhyo jāyate bhayaṃ ketau/
34.15cd/ pariviṣṭe garbha^bhayaṃ rāhau vyādhir nṛpa^bhayaṃ ca//
34.16ab/ yuddhāni vijānīyāt pariveṣa^abhyantare dvayor grahayoḥ/
34.16cd/ divasakṛtaḥ śaśino vā kṣud^avṛṣṭi^bhayaṃ triṣu proktam//
34.17ab/ yāti caturṣu narendraḥ sa^amātya^purohito vaśaṃ mṛtyoḥ/
34.17cd/ pralayam iva viddhi jagataḥ pañcādiṣu maṇḍalastheṣu//
34.18ab/ tārāgrahasya kuryāt pṛthag eva samutthito narendra^vadham/
34.18cd/ nakṣatrāṇām atha vā yadi ketor na^udayo bhavati//
34.19ab/ vipra^kṣatriya^viṭ^śūdrahā bhavet pratipad^ādiṣu kramaśaḥ/
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appiu.htm.txt) 25109796 (0.043):
brahmakṣatriyaviṭśūdra+ HV_App.I,42B.2955**222:3a / brahmakṣetram ihocyate HV_App.I,41.1135b
viprakṣattriyaviṭśūdrā YS182v_5.3a / vipraghnaḥ pitṛghātakaḥ Par_1.58b
Brhadyamasmrti (ys182_iu.htm.txt) 2469956 (0.048):
vipule ca jale snātvā YS182v_3.57c / viprakṣattriyaviṭśūdrā- YS182v_5.3a
Mahasannipataratnaketudharanisutra, or Ratnaketuparivarta (=RKP) (ratnakeu.htm.txt) 5200053 (0.050):
akuśalacittakārakāṃ prāṇātipātikān yāvan mithyādṛṣṭikāṃ / kṣatriyabrāhmaṇaviṭchūdracittasaṃkṣobhakān
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp3_u.htm.txt) 25733750 (0.055):
karma pañcavidhaṃ prāhurduṣkṛtaṃ dharaṇīpateḥ // BndP_3,6.37 // / brahmakṣatriyaviṭśūdragoturaṅgakharoṣṭrakāḥ /
Brhadyamasmrti (ys182_au.htm.txt) 21845049 (0.055):
yonisaṃkarajaṃ sarvaṃ % varṇataś cāpi sarvaśaḥ // YS182v_5.2 // / viprakṣattriyaviṭśūdrā- $ varṇijātyeṣv anukramāt &
Brhadyamasmrti (ys182_pu.htm.txt) 8383162 (0.055):
yonisaṃkarajaṃ sarvaṃ varṇataś cāpi sarvaśaḥ // YS182v_5.2 // / viprakṣattriyaviṭśūdrā- varṇijātyeṣv anukramāt /
Mahasannipataratnaketudharanisutra (Ratnaketuparivarta) (Parivartas 1-6, 10-11) (bsu024_u.htm.txt) 12486714 (0.055):
sarvadhānyauṣadhiphalapuṣparasasattvopajīvyarthaṃ / kṣatriyabrāhmaṇaviṭśūdrakuśalacaryāniyojanārthaṃ
Yuktidipika, a commentary on Īśvarakṛṣṇa's Sāṃkhyakārikā (yuktdipu.htm.txt) 11285532 (0.058):
brāhmaṇakṣatriyaviṭśūdrabhedāt / udbhidbhedaśca vistareṇāpadiśyamāna
Mrgendragama (=Mrgendratantra) (mrgt3cpu.htm.txt) 976116 (0.060):
anye tu svashtāneṣveva| tasyaiva kṣatriyavaiśyaśūdrocchiṣṭasparśe
Tantrākhyāyika 1 (ttrkhy1u.htm.txt) 16598187 (0.064):
brāhmaṇakṣatriyaviṭchūdrāntassthāni rudhirāṇi ca |
34.19cd/ śreṇī^pura^kośānāṃ pañcamy^ādiṣv aśubhakārī//
34.20ab/ yuvarājasya^aṣṭamyāṃ paratas triṣu pārthivasya doṣakaraḥ//
34.20cd/ pura^rodho dvādaśyāṃ sainya^kṣobhas trayodaśyām//
34.21ab/ narapatipatnī^pīḍāṃ pariveṣo +abhyutthitaś caturdaśyām/
34.21cd/ kuryāt tu pañcadaśyāṃ pīḍāṃ manujādhipasya^eva//
34.22ab/ nāgarakāṇām abhyantara^sthitā yāyināṃ ca bāhyasthā/
34.22cd/ pariveṣa^madhya^rekhā vijñeyā^ākrandasārāṇām//
34.23ab/ raktaḥ śyāmo rūkṣaś ca bhavati yeṣāṃ parājayas teṣām/
34.23cd/ snigdhaḥ śveto dyutimān yeṣāṃ bhāgo jayas teṣām//
35 indrāyuddhalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 35.01ab/ sūryasya vividhavarṇāḥ pavanena vighaṭṭitāḥ karāḥ sa^abhre/
35.01cd/ viyati dhanuḥ^saṃsthānā ye dṛśyante tad indradhanuḥ//
35.02ab/ ke cid anantakula^uraga^niḥśvāsa^udbhūtam āhur ācāryāḥ/
35.02cd/ tad yāyināṃ nṛpāṇām abhimukham ajaya^āvahaṃ bhavati//
35.03ab/ acchinnam avani^gāḍhaṃ dyutimat snigdhaṃ ghanaṃ vividhavarṇam/
35.03cd/ dvir uditam anulomaṃ ca praśastam ambhaḥ prayacchati ca//
35.04ab/ vidig^udbhūtaṃ dik^svāmi^nāśanaṃ vyabhrajaṃ maraka^kāri/
35.04cd/ pāṭala^pītaka^nīlaiḥ śastra^agni^kṣut^kṛtā doṣāḥ//
35.05ab/ jalamadhye +anāvṛṣṭir bhuvi sasya^vadhas tarau sthite vyādhiḥ/
35.05cd/ *vālmīke[K.valmīke] śastra^bhayaṃ niśi saciva^vadhāya dhanur
aindram// / 35.06ab/ vṛṣṭiṃ karoty avṛṣṭyāṃ vṛṣṭiṃ vṛṣṭyāṃ nivārayaty aindryām/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10206161 (0.057):
6.05cd/ dasyu^gaṇebhyaḥ pīdāṃ karoty avṛṣṭiṃ sa^śastra^bhayām//
35.06cd/ paścāt sadaiva vṛṣṭiṃ kuliśabhṛtaś cāpam ācaṣṭe//
35.07a cāpaṃ maghonaḥ kurute niśāyām / 35.07b ākhaṇḍalāyāṃ diśi bhūpapīḍām/
35.07c yāmya^apara^udak^prabhavaṃ nihanyāt / 35.07d senāpatiṃ nāyaka^mantriṇau ca//
35.08ab/ niśi suracāpaṃ sita^varṇādyaṃ janayati pīḍāṃ dvija^pūrvāṇām/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay1_u.htm.txt) 28731523 (0.0):
BY_32.16cd/.bhedo 'pado 'tha mantrivyādhivināśabhūpakrodhāḥ// / BY_32.17ab/.niśi suracāpaṃ sitavarṇādyaṃ janayati pīḍāṃ dvijapūrvāṇām/
35.08cd/ bhavati ca yasyāṃ diśi tad deśyaṃ narapati^mukhyaṃ nacirād
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay1_u.htm.txt) 28731531 (0.054):
BY_32.17cd/.bhavati ca yasyāṃ diśi taddiśyaṃ narapatimukhyaṃ na cirād
dhanyāt// / 36 gandharvanagaralakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 36.01ab/ udag^ādi purohita^nṛpa^balapati^yuvarāja^doṣadaṃ khapuram/
36.01cd/ sita^rakta^pīta^kṛṣṇaṃ vipra^ādīnām abhāvāya//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10227397 (0.048):
52.93cd/ tattasya bhavati śubhadaṃ yasya ca yasmin mano ramate// / 52.94ab/ sita^rakta^pīta^kṛṣṇā viprādīnāṃ praśasyate bhūmiḥ/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10225683 (0.056):
51.01ab/ sita^rakta^pīta^kṛṣṇā viprādīnāṃ krameṇa piṭakā ye/
36.02ab/ nāgara^nṛpati^jaya^āvaham udag^vidiksthaṃ vivarṇa^nāśāya/
36.02cd/ śānta^āśāyāṃ dṛṣṭaṃ satoraṇaṃ nṛpati^vijayāya//
36.03ab/ sarvadig^utthaṃ satatothitaṃ ca bhayadaṃ narendra^rāṣṭrāṇām/
36.03cd/ caura^aṭavikān hanyād dhūma^anala^śakracāpa^ābham//
36.04ab/ gandharvanagaram utthitam āpāṇḍuram aśanipāta^vāta^karam/
36.04cd/ dīpte narendra^mṛtyur vāme +aribhayaṃ jayaḥ savye//
36.05ab/ anekavarṇa^ākṛti khe prakāśate puraṃ
patākā^dhvaja^toraṇa^anvitam/ / 36.05cd/ yadā tadā nāga^manuṣya^vājināṃ pibaty asṛg bhūri raṇe
vasundharā// / 37 pratisūryalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 37.01ab/ pratisūryakaḥ praśasto divasakṛd^ṛtu^varṇa^saprabhaḥ snigdhaḥ/
37.01cd/ vaidūrya^nibhaḥ svacchaḥ śuklaś ca kṣema^saubhikṣaḥ//
37.02ab/ pīto vyādhiṃ janayaty aśokarūpaś ca śastra^kopāya/
37.02cd/ pratisūryāṇāṃ mālā dasyu^bhaya^ātaṅka^nṛpa^hantrī//
37.03ab/ divasakṛtaḥ pratisūryo jalakṛd^udag^dakṣiṇe sthito +anilakṛt/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10203849 (0.0):
3.36cd/ bhavati tu paścāt^śuddhaṃ kanakam iva hutāśa^paritāpāt// / 3.37ab/ divasakṛtaḥ pratisūryo jalakṛd udag dakṣiṇe sthito +anilakṛt/
37.03cd/ ubhayasthaḥ salilabhayaṃ nṛpam upari nihanty adho janahā//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10203857 (0.0):
3.37ab/ divasakṛtaḥ pratisūryo jalakṛd udag dakṣiṇe sthito +anilakṛt/ / 3.37cd/ ubhayasthaḥ salila^bhayaṃ nṛpam upari nihanty adho janahā//
[K.chap. 38 rajolakṣaṇam inserted / K.38.01ab/ kathayanti pārthivavadhaṃ rajasā ghana^timira^sañcaya^nibhena/
K.38.01cd/ avibhāvyamāna^giri^pura^taravaḥ sarvā diśaś channāḥ//
K.38.02ab/ yasyām diśi dhūmacayaḥ prāk prabhavati nāśameti vā yasyām/
K.38.02cd/ āgacchati saptāhāt tatra eva bhayaṃ na sandehaḥ//
K.38.03ab/ śvete rajoghanaughe pīḍā syān mantrijanapadānāṃ ca/
K.38.03cd/ nacirāt prakopam upayāti śastram atisaṅkulā siddhiḥ//
K.38.04ab/ arkodaye vijṛmbhati yadi dinam ekaṃ dinadvayaṃ vā^api/
Nityanathasiddha [alias Nemanatha]: Rasaratnakara (nitrrk_u.htm.txt) 26564214 (0.062):
kṛṣṇabhasma bhavettacca punarmardyaṃ triyāmakaiḥ / / dinaikaṃ tatpacedyantre kacchapākhye na saṃśayaḥ // Rrā_1,2.40 //
K.38.04cd/ sthagayann iva gagana^talaṃ bhayam atyugraṃ nivedayati//
K.38.05ab/ anavaratasañcayavahaṃ rajanīm ekāṃ pradhānanṛpa^hantṛ/
K.38.05cd/ kṣemāya ca śeṣāṇāṃ vicakṣaṇānāṃ narendrāṇām// / K.38.06ab/ rajanīdvayaṃ visarpati yasmin rāṣṭre rajoghanaṃ bahulam/
K.38.06cd/ paracakrasya āgamanaṃ tasminn api sanniboddhavyam// / K.38.07ab/ nipatati rajanītritayaṃ catuṣkam apy annarasavināśāya/
K.38.07cd/ rājñāṃ sainyakṣobho rajasi bhavet pañcarātrabhave//
K.38.08ab/ ketvādyudayavimuktaṃ yadā rajo bhavati tīvrabhayadāyi/
Udayana: Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi, Adhyaya 1,1 (nvtp1_1u.htm.txt) 7121865 (0.063):
tathā sati cānavasthāyā viṣayasaṃcāro na syāt / / tasmāt tīvrasaṃvegitayā yattu saṃvedanamavaśyaṃ saṃvedanīyam, yatra yatra
K.38.08cd/ śiśirād anyatrartau phalam avikalam āhu ācāryāḥ//]
38 nirghātalakṣaṇādhyāyaḥ / 38.01ab/ pavanaḥ pavana^abhihato gaganād avanau yadā samāpatati/
38.01cd/ bhavati tadā nirghātaḥ sa ca pāpo dīpta^vihaga^rutaḥ//
Jnanalokalamkara [Sarvabuddhaviṣayāvatārajñānālokālaṃkāra nāma (jnalokau.htm.txt) 25718743 (0.064):
saṃvāśyo na bhavati / yadā saṃvāśyo na bhavati tadā na bhavati na
38.02ab/ arka^udaye +adhikaraṇika^nṛpa^dhani^yodha^aṅganā^vaṇig^veśyāḥ/
38.02cd/ āpraharāṃśe +aja^āvikam upahanyāt^śūdrapaurāṃś ca//
38.03ab/ āmadhya^ahnād rāja^upasevino brāhmaṇāṃś ca pīḍayati/
38.03cd/ vaiśya^jaladāṃs tṛtīye caurān prahare caturthe tu//
38.04ab/ astaṃ yāte nīcān prathame yāme nihanti sasyāni/
38.04cd/ rātrau dvitīya^yāme piśāca^saṅghān nipīḍayati//
38.05ab/ turaga^kariṇas tṛtīye vinihanyād yāyinaś caturthe ca/
38.05cd/ bhairava^jarjaraśabdo yāti yatas tāṃ diśaṃ hanti//
39 sasyajātakādhyāyaḥ / 39.01ab/ vṛścika^vṛṣa^praveśe bhānor ye bādarāyaṇena^uktāḥ/
39.01cd/ grīṣma^śarat^sasyānāṃ sad^asad^yogāḥ kṛtās ta ime//
39.02ab/ bhānor alipraveśe kendrais tasmāt^śubhagraha^ākrāntaiḥ/
39.02cd/ balavadbhiḥ saumyair vā *nirīkṣite[K.nirīkṣitair] / graiṣmika^vivṛddhiḥ//
39.03ab/ aṣṭamarāśigate +arke guruśaśinoḥ
kumbha^siṃha^*saṃsthitayoḥ[K.sthitayoḥ]/ / 39.03cd/ siṃha^ghaṭa^saṃsthayor vā niṣpattir grīṣma^sasyasya//
39.04ab/ arkāt site dvitīye budhe +atha vā yugapad eva vā sthitayoḥ/
39.04cd/ vyayagatayor api tadvan niṣpattir atīva gurudṛṣṭyā//
39.05ab/ śubhamadhye +alini sūryād guruśaśinoḥ saptame parā sampat/
39.05cd/ aly^ādisthe savitari gurau dvitīye +ardhaniṣpattiḥ//
39.06ab/ lābha^hibuka^artha^yuktaiḥ sūryād aligāt sita^indu^śaśiputraiḥ/
39.06cd/ sasyasya parā sampat karmaṇi jīve gavāṃ ca^agryā//
39.07ab/ kumbhe gurur gavi śaśī sūryo +alimukhe kuja^arkajau makare/
39.07cd/ niṣpattir asti mahatī paścāt paracakra^bhaya^rogam//
Suvarnaprabhasasutra (Suvarnabhasottamasutra) (bsu035_u.htm.txt) 9085886 (0.060):
sarvabhayapratiśamanaḥ sarvaparacakrapratinivartako
39.08ab/ madhye pāpagrahayoḥ sūryaḥ sasyaṃ vināśayaty aligaḥ/
39.08cd/ pāpaḥ saptamarāśau jātaṃ jātaṃ vināśayati//
39.09ab/ arthasthāne krūraḥ saumyair anirīkṣitaḥ prathamajātam/
39.09cd/ sasyaṃ nihanti paścād uptaṃ niṣpādayed vyaktam//
39.10ab/ jāmitra^kendra^saṃsthau krūrau sūryasya vṛścika^sthasya/
39.10cd/ sasya^vipattiṃ kurutaḥ saumyair dṛṣṭau na sarvatra//
39.11ab/ vṛścika^saṃsthād arkāt saptama^ṣaṣṭha^upagau yadā krūrau/
Jnanalokalamkara [Sarvabuddhaviṣayāvatārajñānālokālaṃkāra nāma (jnalokau.htm.txt) 25718743 (0.044):
saṃvasati / yadā sarvadharmamanasikāraiḥ sārdhaṃ na saṃvasati tadā / saṃvāśyo na bhavati / yadā saṃvāśyo na bhavati tadā na bhavati na
Kedarabhatta: Vrttaratnakara, with Sulhana's Sukavihrdayanandini (comm.) (kvrtrsuu.htm.txt) 13699996 (0.044):
lalitapadavitatyā racitagaṇanicayā yadā bhavati tadā khajā nāma / kva sati
Madhva (Anandatirtha): Mahabharatatatparyanirnaya (m_mbhtnu.htm.txt) 27628482 (0.045):
sa vismṛt āstrastu yadā bhavet tadā bhīmo bhagadattaṃ prayāti |
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21263324 (0.046):
tayoragnayerapavṛttakarmatvena laukikatvāt ttyāgaḥ / / yadā tu nirūḍhāt tadā tadā tasminneva kṣepaḥ /
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika, with Samkara arya's Jayamangala commentary (jaymangu.htm.txt) 1676233 (0.047):
ityetāvanmātrādupadeśāt tuṣṭo na jñānaṃ paryeṣyati / yadā tu paryeṣyati / tadā 'naṅkuśa ityarthaḥ / ete pratyayasargabhedāḥ pañcāśat padārthāḥ,
Fragments of Prajnaparamita texts (from 16 sources) (ppfrag_u.htm.txt) 18565531 (0.047):
4 idaṃ sarvajñatā pariṇāmanatāyaḥ yadā yadā 'vasiṣyanti | / anuśāsiṣyanti tadā tadā te sarvaśrāvakā abhibhavati | saced
Brhadaranyaka-Upanisad (Brhadaranyakopanisad), Kanva recension (brupsb2u.htm.txt) 2952546 (0.047):
pratidhāsyāvaḥ;tena nāvanuvakṣyasi / / yadā nāvanuvakṣyasi, atha te tadindraḥ śiraśchetsyati;atha te svaṃ śira
Sarvatathagatatattvasamgraha (sarvttsu.htm.txt) 1894798 (0.048):
yadā tu jvālate tattu tadaivordhvagamo bhaved // iti // 4 //
Aryabhata: Aryabhatiya with the Commentary of Bhaskara I and (aryabhcu.htm.txt) 4188679 (0.049):
vivakṣitaḥ tadā vyatirekalakṣaṇā ṣaṣṭhī bhavati | yadā punar vyatirekan / eva na vivkṣitaḥ tadā ṣaṣṭhī na utpadyate | tat yathā kaścit kañcana
% Mahabharata, Parvans 1 - 18 (mbh1-18u.htm.txt) 19845836 (0.050):
03,113.005c nāsādayām āsa yadā tryaheṇa; tadā sa paryāvavṛte ''śramāya / 03,113.006a yadā punaḥ kāśyapo vai jagāma; phalāny āhartuṃ vidhinā
Anandavardhana: Dhvanyaloka[*1] (andhvy_u.htm.txt) 9457024 (0.050):
rasādiṣu vivakṣā tu syāt tātparyavatī yadā / / tadā nāsty eva tat kāvyaṃ dhvaner yatra na gocaraḥ //
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12871932 (0.050):
MSS_3957 2 daivād yadā pravitaranti na te tadaiva nedaṃkṛpā
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 14 (sb_14_u.htm.txt) 1013645 (0.051):
pratidhāsyāvastena nāvanuvakṣyasi sa yadā nāvanuvakṣyasyatha te
Avadanasataka (avsata_u.htm.txt) 5694587 (0.053):
sthaviraḥ prāha: katham iti? lekuñcikaḥ kathayati: sthavira, yadāhaṃ / gandhakuṭīṃ na saṃmārjitavāṃs tadā piṇḍapātaṃ nāsādayāmīti | tataḥ
Agamasastra 1) Agamaprakarana (including Mandukya-Upanisad) (agsas_1u.htm.txt) 27946112 (0.055):
'picchidirvyā priyata ity uktaṃ syāt / / yadā punarghaṭatamaso vivekakaraṇe pravṛttaṃ
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4614166 (0.061):
yavarātasūyastu ṣaṣṭhavattu suvarmakam // BndP_2,61.35 //
39.11cd/ bhavati tadā niṣpattiḥ sasyānām argha^parihāniḥ//
Jnanalokalamkara [Sarvabuddhaviṣayāvatārajñānālokālaṃkāra nāma (jnalokau.htm.txt) 25718744 (0.036):
saṃvasati / yadā sarvadharmamanasikāraiḥ sārdhaṃ na saṃvasati tadā / saṃvāśyo na bhavati / yadā saṃvāśyo na bhavati tadā na bhavati na
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika, with Samkara arya's Jayamangala commentary (jaymangu.htm.txt) 1676233 (0.038):
ityetāvanmātrādupadeśāt tuṣṭo na jñānaṃ paryeṣyati / yadā tu paryeṣyati / tadā 'naṅkuśa ityarthaḥ / ete pratyayasargabhedāḥ pañcāśat padārthāḥ,
Apastamba-Grhyasutra, with Haradatta's Anakula (apastgcu.htm.txt) 21263323 (0.038):
tayoragnayerapavṛttakarmatvena laukikatvāt ttyāgaḥ / / yadā tu nirūḍhāt tadā tadā tasminneva kṣepaḥ /
Fragments of Prajnaparamita texts (from 16 sources) (ppfrag_u.htm.txt) 18565528 (0.039):
4 idaṃ sarvajñatā pariṇāmanatāyaḥ yadā yadā 'vasiṣyanti | / anuśāsiṣyanti tadā tadā te sarvaśrāvakā abhibhavati | saced
Aryabhata: Aryabhatiya with the Commentary of Bhaskara I and (aryabhcu.htm.txt) 4188678 (0.041):
vivakṣitaḥ tadā vyatirekalakṣaṇā ṣaṣṭhī bhavati | yadā punar vyatirekan / eva na vivkṣitaḥ tadā ṣaṣṭhī na utpadyate | tat yathā kaścit kañcana
Kedarabhatta: Vrttaratnakara, with Sulhana's Sukavihrdayanandini (comm.) (kvrtrsuu.htm.txt) 13699996 (0.041):
lalitapadavitatyā racitagaṇanicayā yadā bhavati tadā khajā nāma / kva sati
Agamasastra 1) Agamaprakarana (including Mandukya-Upanisad) (agsas_1u.htm.txt) 27946112 (0.043):
'picchidirvyā priyata ity uktaṃ syāt / / yadā punarghaṭatamaso vivekakaraṇe pravṛttaṃ
Madhva (Anandatirtha): Mahabharatatatparyanirnaya (m_mbhtnu.htm.txt) 27628482 (0.043):
sa vismṛt āstrastu yadā bhavet tadā bhīmo bhagadattaṃ prayāti |
Fragments of Prajnaparamita texts (from 16 sources) (ppfrag_u.htm.txt) 18565629 (0.044):
1 yadā yadā maṇikaro vaiḍūrya + + + vabhi 'vadeti | tadā tadā / prabhasvaratarai bhavati pariśuddhataraś ca bhavati | evam evāvusa pūṛṇa
Kamalasila: Madhyamakaloka (ksmadhlu.htm.txt) 1008101 (0.046):
saṃvṛtireva, na tu pāramārthikaḥ / paramārthastu yadā na / kasyacanotpādastadāhetukatvaṃ tāvadanupapannameveti pūrvameva nirdiṣṭam /
Atharvavedaparisistas (avpari_u.htm.txt) 13604523 (0.046):
(AVParis_69,5.4) athāpahantuṃ bhayam evamādikaṃ yadābhilaṣyet phalam uktam / eva vā | tadāṅgirasyaṃ varamantrasaṃpadā sphurantam uccaiḥ śaraṇaṃ vrajed
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20909171 (0.046):
samānadeśatvasātreṇeva, yadākṛttikoyastadā rohiṇyudayāsattiriti
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5313528 (0.047):
yadā nañviśiṣṭena iti ucyate . na ca atra nañkṛtaḥ eva viśeṣaḥ . kim tarhi
Anandavardhana: Dhvanyaloka[*1] (andhvy_u.htm.txt) 9457024 (0.047):
rasādiṣu vivakṣā tu syāt tātparyavatī yadā / / tadā nāsty eva tat kāvyaṃ dhvaner yatra na gocaraḥ //
Brhadaranyaka-Upanisad (Brhadaranyakopanisad), Kanva recension (brupsb2u.htm.txt) 2952546 (0.048):
pratidhāsyāvaḥ;tena nāvanuvakṣyasi / / yadā nāvanuvakṣyasi, atha te tadindraḥ śiraśchetsyati;atha te svaṃ śira
Isvarakrsna: Samkhyakarika, with Samkara arya's Jayamangala commentary (jaymangu.htm.txt) 1675157 (0.049):
saṃsaraṇāt / yadā tu jñānaṃ paryeṣyate tadā mucyata eva / tathā coktam-
Mahasubhashitasangraha, verses 1-9979 (msubhs_u.htm.txt) 12871932 (0.049):
MSS_3957 2 daivād yadā pravitaranti na te tadaiva nedaṃkṛpā
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5371164 (0.049):
na arthaḥ lukā . vibhāṣā taddhitotpattiḥ . yadā taddhitotpattiḥ tadā / prāṣṭhī . yadā na taddhitotpattiḥ tadā praṣṭhī . evam api luk vaktavyaḥ .
Gautama: Nyayasutra (nystik_u.htm.txt) 2376277 (0.049):
eṣitṛtvaṃ ca vādino dhruvaṃ kṛtvaitaducyate, yadā panureṣitṛtvamapi
Yasomitra: Sphutartha Abhidharmakosavyakhya (yabhkvyu.htm.txt) 11945588 (0.049):
vyāpāda udrekaprāpto bhavati. yadeha rogaḥ. tadā tayor daurbalyaṃ. yadeha / durbhikṣaṃ. tadā tayor jighatsāpipāse.
39.12ab/ vidhinā^anena^eva ravir vṛṣa^praveśe śarat^samutthānām/
39.12cd/ vijñeyaḥ sasyānāṃ nāśāya śivāya vā tajjñaiḥ//
39.13ab/ triṣu meṣa^ādiṣu sūryaḥ saumyayuto vīkṣito +api vā vicaran/
39.13cd/ *graiṣmika[K.graṣmika]dhānyaṃ kurute *samargham[K.samartham]
abhaya^upayogyaṃ ca// / 39.14ab/ kārmuka^mṛga^ghaṭa^saṃsthaḥ *śārada^sasyasya[K.śāradasya] tadvad
eva raviḥ/ / 39.14cd/ saṃgrahakāle jñeyo viparyayaḥ krūradṛg^*yogāt[K.yāgāt]//
40 dravyaniścayādhyāyaḥ / 40.01ab/ ye yeṣāṃ dravyāṇām adhipatayo rāśayaḥ samuddiṣṭāḥ/
40.01cd/ munibhiḥ śubhāśubhārthaṃ tān āgamataḥ pravakṣyāmi//
40.02ab/ vastra^āvika^kutupānāṃ masūra^godhūma^rālaka^yavānām/
40.02cd/ sthala^sambhava^oṣadhīnāṃ kanakasya ca kīrtito meṣaḥ//
40.03ab/ gavi vastra^kusuma^godhūma^śāli^yava^mahiṣa^surabhitanayāḥ syuḥ/
40.03cd/ mithune +api dhānya^śārada^vallī^śālūka^kārpāsāḥ//
40.04ab/ karkiṇi kodrava^kadalī^dūrvā^phala^kanda^patra^cocāni/
40.04cd/ siṃhe tuṣadhānya^rasāḥ siṃha^ādīnāṃ tvacaḥ saguḍāḥ//
40.05ab/ ṣaṣṭhe +atasī^kalāyāḥ kulattha^godhūma^mudga^niṣpāvāḥ/
40.05cd/ saptamarāśau māṣā *yava^godhūmāḥ sasarṣapāś ca^eva[K.godhūmāḥ
Markandeya-Purana, Adhyayas 1-93 (mkp1-93u.htm.txt) 17930005 (0.057):
yavavrīhisagodhūmatilā mudgāḥ sasarṣapāḥ /
Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā I (psp_1u.htm.txt) 15108181 (0.061):
tilāḥ amī taṇḍulāḥ amī mudgāḥ amī māṣāḥ amī yavāḥ ami godhūmāḥ amī masūrāḥ / amī sarṣapā iti, evam eva subhūte bodhisattvo mahāsattva imam eva kāyam
Brhadaranyaka-Upanisad (Brhadaranyakopanisad), Kanva recension (brup___u.htm.txt) 5215386 (0.062):
vrīhiyavās tilamāṣā aṇupriyaṃgavo godhūmāś ca masūrāś ca khalvāś ca
Vagbhata: Astangahrdayasutra (vagaah_u.htm.txt) 5989581 (0.063):
śālayo yava godhūmāḥ koradūṣāḥ priyaṅgavaḥ | / mudgā masūrās tubarī tikta śākāni jāṅgalam || 25 ||
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 14 (sb_14_u.htm.txt) 1031031 (0.063):
daśa grāmyāṇi dhānyāni bhavanti vrīhiyavāstilamāṣā aṇupriyaṅgavo / godhūmāśca
sarṣapāḥ sayavāḥ]// / 40.06ab/ aṣṭamarāśāv ikṣuḥ saikyaṃ lohāny aja^āvikaṃ ca^api/
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspdut2u.htm.txt) 6950224 (0.056):
20602 taṇḍulāḥ, amī mudgāḥ, amī māṣāḥ, amī yavāḥ, amī godhūmāḥ, / 20603 amī samūrāḥ, amī sarṣapā iti/ evam eva {subhūte} {bodhisattvo}
Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita (pspduttu.htm.txt) 771807 (0.056):
ayaṃ śāliḥ, ayaṃ vrīhī, amī tilāḥ, amī taṇḍulāḥ, amī mudgāḥ, amī māṣāḥ, / amī yavāḥ, amī godhūmāḥ, amī samūrāḥ, amī sarṣapā iti evam eva subhūte
Mitramisra: Viramitrodaya, Samayaprakasa (mvir_sau.htm.txt) 10568057 (0.057):
vrīhayaḥ śālayo mudgā godhūmāḥ sarṣapāstilāḥ / / yavāścauṣadhayaḥ sapta vipado ghnanti dhāvitāḥ //
Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā I (psp_1u.htm.txt) 15108181 (0.064):
tilāḥ amī taṇḍulāḥ amī mudgāḥ amī māṣāḥ amī yavāḥ ami godhūmāḥ amī masūrāḥ / amī sarṣapā iti, evam eva subhūte bodhisattvo mahāsattva imam eva kāyam
40.06cd/ navame tu turaga^lavaṇa^ambara^astra^tila^dhānya^mūlāni//
40.07ab/ makare taru^gulma^ādyaṃ saikya^ikṣu^suvarṇa^kṛṣṇalohāni/
40.07cd/ kumbhe salilaja^phala^kusuma^ratna^citrāṇi rūpāṇi//
Mahavastu-Avadana (mhvastuu.htm.txt) 18685703 (0.064):
puṣpaphalāni ratnamayāyo puṣkariṇīyo / utpalapadumanalinikumudapuṇḍarīkasaṃchannā // tāye puṣkariṇīye avidūre
40.08ab/ mīne kapāla^sambhava^ratnāny ambu^udbhavāni vajrāṇi/
40.08cd/ snehāś ca naikarūpā vyākhyātā matsyajātaṃ ca//
40.09ab/ rāśeś catur^daśa^artha^aya^sapta^nava^pañcamasthito jīvaḥ/
40.09cd/ dvy^ekādaśa^daśa^pañca^aṣṭameṣu śaśijaś ca vṛddhikaraḥ//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10248687 (0.057):
103.04a sūryaḥ ṣaṭ^tri^daśa^sthitas tri^daśa^ṣaṭ^saptādyagaś candramā
40.10ab/ ṣaṭ^saptamago hāniṃ vṛddhiṃ śukraḥ karoti śeṣeṣu/
40.10cd/ upacaya^saṃsthāḥ krūrāḥ śubhadāḥ śeṣeṣu hānikarāḥ//
40.11ab/ rāśer yasya krūrāḥ pīḍāsthāneṣu saṃsthitā balinaḥ/
40.11cd/ tatprokta^dravyāṇāṃ mahārghatā durlabhatvaṃ ca//
40.12ab/ iṣṭasthāne saumyā balino yeṣāṃ bhavanti rāśīnām/
40.12cd/ taddravyāṇāṃ vṛddhiḥ *sāmarghyaṃ vallabhatvaṃ
ca[K.sāmarthayamadurlabhatvaṃ ca]// / 40.13ab/ gocara^pīḍāyām api rāśir balibhiḥ śubhagrahair dṛṣṭaḥ/
40.13cd/ pīḍāṃ na karoti tathā krūrair evaṃ viparyāsaḥ// / 41 arghakāṇḍādhyāyaḥ
41.01ab/ ativṛṣṭy^ulkā^daṇḍān pariveṣa^grahaṇa^paridhi^pūrvāṃś ca/
41.01cd/ dṛṣṭvā^amāvāsyāyām utpātān *paurṇamāsyāṃ[K.pūrṇamāsyāṃ] ca//
41.02ab/ brūyād arghaviśeṣān pratimāsaṃ rāśiṣu kramāt sūrye/
41.02cd/ anyatithāv utpātā ye te ḍamarārtaye rājñām//
41.03ab/ meṣa^upagate sūrye grīṣmaja^dhānyasya saṃgrahaṃ *kṛtvā[K.kuryāt]/
41.03cd/ vana^mūla^phalasya vṛṣe caturthamāse tayor lābhaḥ//
41.04ab/ mithunasthe sarvarasān dhānyāni ca saṃgrahaṃ samupanīya/
41.04cd/ ṣaṣṭhe māse vipulaṃ *vikretā[K.vikrīṇan] prāpnuyāl lābham//
41.05ab/ karkiṇy arke madhu^gandha^taila^ghṛta^phāṇitāni vinidhāya/
Vyasatirtha: Tarkatandava (vytrkt3u.htm.txt) 20914609 (0.058):
saṃbhavatītyucyate kiṃ vānumānamātramapramāṇamiti/ nādyaḥ/ / arke cenmadhu vindeta kimarthaṃ parvataṃ vrajet"/"
41.05cd/ dviguṇā dvitīyamāse labdhir hīna^adhike chedaḥ//
41.06ab/ siṃhe suvarṇa^maṇi^carma^varma^śastrāṇi mauktikaṃ rajatam/
41.06cd/ pañcamamāse labdhir vikretur ato +anyathā chedaḥ// / 41.07ab/ kanyāgate dinakare cāmara^khara^karabha^vājināṃ kretā/
41.07cd/ ṣaṣṭhe māse dviguṇaṃ lābham avāpnoti vikrīṇan//
41.08ab/ taulini tāntava^bhāṇḍaṃ maṇi^kambala^kāca^pītakusumāni/
41.08cd/ ādadyād dhānyāni ca *varṣārdhād[K.ṣaṇmāsād] dviguṇitā vṛddhiḥ//
Suryasiddhanta (surysidu.htm.txt) 2961892 (0.063):
3.14b: madhyacchāyā bhujas tena guṇitā tribhamaurvikā// / 3.15a: svakarṇāptā dhanurliptā natās tā dakṣiṇe bhuje/
41.09ab/ vṛścika^saṃsthe savitari phala^kandaka^mūla^vividha^ratnāni/
41.09cd/ varṣadvayam uṣitāni dviguṇaṃ lābhaṃ prayacchanti//
41.10ab/ cāpagate gṛhṇīyāt *kuṅkuma[K.kuṅkama]^śaṅkha^pravāla^kācāni/
41.10cd/ muktāphalāni ca tato varṣārdhād dviguṇatāṃ yānti//
41.11ab/ *mṛga^ghaṭa^saṃsthe savitari gṛhṇīyāl[K.mṛgadhaṭage gṛhṇīyād
divākare] lohabhāṇḍa^dhānyāni/ / 41.11cd/ sthitvā māsaṃ dadyāl lābhārthī dviguṇam āpnoti//
41.12ab/ savitari jhaṣam upayāte mūla^phalaṃ kanda^bhāṇḍa^ratnāni/
41.12cd/ saṃsthāpya vatsarārdhaṃ lābhakam iṣṭaṃ samāpnoti//
41.13ab/ rāśau rāśau yasmin śiśiramayūkhaḥ sahasrakiraṇo vā/
41.13cd/ yukto +adhimitradṛṣṭas tatra^ayaṃ lābhako diṣṭaḥ// / 41.14a savitṛ^sahitaḥ sampūrṇo vā śubhair yutavīkṣitaḥ
Badarayana: Brahmasutra, Adhyaya 4 (brssgo4u.htm.txt) 16063374 (0.053):
abhimāno dṛṣṭaḥ / / tathā bāhyatareṣu api putramitrādiṣu saṃtapyamāneṣu ahameva saṃtapya
41.14b śiśirakiraṇaḥ sadyo +arghasya pravṛddhikaraḥ smṛtaḥ/
41.14c aśubhasahitaḥ sandṛṣṭo vā hinasty atha vā raviḥ
41.14d pratigṛhagatān bhāvān buddhvā vadet sadasatphalam//
42 indradhvajasampadadhyāyaḥ / 42.01ab/ brahmāṇam ūcur amarā bhagavan śaktāḥ sma nāsurān samare/
SATAPATHA-BRAHMANA 1 (sb_01_u.htm.txt) 28068335 (0.061):
taddha smaitadāruṇirāha | adharmāsaśo vā ahaṃ sapatnāndhūrvāmītyetaddha / sma sa
42.01cd/ pratiyodhayitum atas tvāṃ śaraṇyaśaraṇaṃ samupayātāḥ// / 42.02ab/ devān uvāca bhagavān kṣīrode keśavaḥ sa vaḥ ketum/
Manjusrinamasamgiti (manjn1au.htm.txt) 3280077 (0.029):
pūtatarā pūtatarāṇāṃ | pavitratarā pavitratarāṇāṃ | dhanyatamā / dhanyatamānāṃ | māṅgalyatamā sarvamāṅgalyatamānāṃ | śaraṇaṃ śaraṇārthināṃ
Kurma-Purana, Part 2 (kurmp2_u.htm.txt) 13424148 (0.063):
namāmastvāṃ śaraṇaṃ saṃprapannā / yogātmānaṃ citpatiṃ divyanṛtyam // KūrmP_2,5.27 //
42.02cd/ yaṃ dāsyati taṃ dṛṣṭvā na^ājau sthāsyanti vo daityāḥ//
42.03ab/ labdhavarāḥ kṣīrodaṃ gatvā te tuṣṭuvuḥ surāḥ sa^indrāḥ/
42.03cd/ śrīvatsa^aṅkaṃ kaustubha^maṇi^kirana^udbhāsita^uraskam//
42.04ab/ śrīpatim acintyam asamaṃ *samaṃ tataḥ[K.samantataḥ] sarvadehināṃ
sūkṣmam/ / 42.04cd/ paramātmānam anādiṃ viṣṇum avijñāta^paryantam//
42.05ab/ taiḥ saṃstutaḥ sa devas tutoṣa nārāyaṇo dadau caiṣām/
42.05cd/ dhvajam asura^sura^vadhū^mukha^kamala^vana^tuṣāra^tīkṣṇāṃśum//
42.06ab/ taṃ viṣṇu^tejo^bhavam aṣṭacakre rathe sthitaṃ bhāsvati
ratnacitre/ / 42.06cd/ dedīpyamānaṃ śaradi^iva sūryaṃ dhvajaṃ samāsādya mumoda śakraḥ//
42.07ab/ sa kiṅkiṇī^jāla^*pariṣkṛtena[K.pariskṛtena] / srak^chatra^ghaṇṭā^piṭakā^anvitena/
SUKHAVATIVYUHA (sukhvylu.htm.txt) 16531204 (0.022):
ratnakañcukaśatābhivicitritaḥ, suvarṇajālamuktājālasarvaratna- / jālakaṅkaṇījālāvanato, makarasvastikanandyāvartyardhacandra-
Bhattanarayana: Venisamhara (bhveni_u.htm.txt) 14141451 (0.029):
ṇisidasarābhighādajādamaṇṇuṇā kirīṭiṇā gahidā rahucchaṅgādo / kaṇantakaṇaakiṅkiṇījālajhaṃkāravirāiṇī mehobarohavimukkaṇahatthalaṇimmalā
SUKHAVATIVYUHA (sukhvylu.htm.txt) 16532963 (0.040):
sarvaratnapratimaṇḍitaṃ, hemaratnakaṃkaṇījālasaṃcchannaṃ,
Sukhavativyuha, Vistaramatrika (bsu033_u.htm.txt) 21412630 (0.042):
svarṇajālamuktājālasarvaratnajālakiṅkiṇījālatato / makarasvastikanandyāvartacandrasamalaṃkṛtaḥ
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16194748 (0.045):
kiṃkiṇījālasaṃhrādau HV_App.I,12.96a / kiṃkiṇīpratināditaiḥ HV_App.I,20.31b
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 534908 (0.045):
śikyālambaddhaṭakarau $ parṇavādyavinodinau // HV_App.I,12.95 // / kiṃkiṇījālasaṃhrādau $ śikhipicchair alaṃkṛtau / HV_App.I,12.96 /
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_apppu.htm.txt) 22020466 (0.045):
śikyālambaddhaṭakarau parṇavādyavinodinau // HV_App.I,12.95 // / kiṃkiṇījālasaṃhrādau śikhipicchair alaṃkṛtau / HV_App.I,12.96 /
Gandavyuhasutra (bsu016_u.htm.txt) 28627337 (0.045):
ratnakiṅkiṇījālābhipralambitāḥ / sarvaṃ ca taṃ / mahānagaramasaṃkhyeyamaṇiratnajālasaṃchannamasaṃkhyeyaratnakiṅkiṇījālasaṃchannamasaṃkhyeyadivyagandhajālasaṃchannamasaṃkhyeyadivyavicitrapuṣpajālasaṃcchannamasaṃkhyeyaratnabimbajālasaṃchannamasaṃkhyeyavajravitānasaṃchannamasaṃkhyeyaratnavitānasaṃchannamasaṃkhyeyaratnacchatravitānasaṃcchannam
Saddharmapundarikasutra (bsu036_u.htm.txt) 6569153 (0.053):
savedikān sakiṅkiṇījālābhipralambitānuccān / pragṛhītānāścaryādbhutaratnālaṃkṛtān ratnadāmakṛtaśobhān
Brahmanda-Purana (brndp2_u.htm.txt) 4573273 (0.056):
haṃsabarhiṇayuktani muktāvaiḍhūryavanti ca // BndP_2,10.1118 // / kiṅkiṇījālanaddhāni sadā puṣpaphalāni ca /
42.07cd/ samucchritena^amararāḍ^dhvajena ninye vināśaṃ samare
+arisainyam// / 42.08ab/ uparicarasya^amarapo vasor dadau cedipasya veṇumayīm/
DANDIN: DASAKUMARACARITA (danddk1u.htm.txt) 7905152 (0.058):
prathamasamnidhāpitāṃ veṇuyaṣṭim ādāya tayā / śāyitayā ca parikhāṃ sthāpitayā ca prākārabhittim
DANDIN: DASAKUMARACARITA (danddk2u.htm.txt) 15759511 (0.058):
prathama-samnidhāpitāṃ veṇu-yaṣṭim ādāya tayā / śāyitayā ca parikhāṃ sthāpitayā ca prākāra-bhittim
42.08cd/ yaṣṭiṃ tāṃ sa narendro vidhivat sampūjayām āsa//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10219672 (0.059):
42.28cd/ bālānāṃ talaśabde saṃgrāmaḥ sattva^yuddhe vā// / 42.29ab/ santakṣya punas takṣā vidhivad yaṣṭiṃ praropayed yantre/
42.09ab/ prīto mahena *maghavā[K.maghavān] prāha^evaṃ ye nṛpāḥ kariṣyanti/
Jayaditya & Vamana: Kasikavrtti (jvkasixu.htm.txt) 7550434 (0.061):
maghavatā / / maghavatī / / māghavatam / / na ca bhavati / / maghavā, maghavānau, maghavānaḥ /
42.09cd/ vasuvad^vasumantas te bhuvi siddhājñā bhaviṣyanti//
42.10ab/ muditāḥ prajāś ca teṣāṃ bhayaroga^vivarjitāḥ prabhūtānnāḥ/
42.10cd/ dhvaja^eva ca^abhidhāsyati jagati nimittaiḥ phalaṃ sadasat//
42.11ab/ pūjā tasya narendrair bala^vṛddhi^jaya^arthibhir yathā pūrvam/
42.11cd/ śakrājñayā prayuktā tām āgamataḥ pravakṣyāmi// / 42.12ab/ tasya vidhānaṃ śubha^karaṇa^divasa^nakṣatra^maṅgala^muhūrtaiḥ/
42.12cd/ prāsthānikair vanam iyād daivajñaḥ sūtradhāraś ca//
42.13ab/ udyāna^devatālaya^pitṛvana^valmīka^mārga^citijātāḥ/
42.13cd/ kubja^ūrdhvaśuṣka^kaṇṭaki^vallī^vandāka^yuktāś ca//
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10239050 (0.054):
78.03cd/ caitya^śmaśāna^pathija^ūrdhvaśuṣka^vallī^nibaddhāś ca// / 78.04ab/ kaṇṭakino *ye ca[K.vā ye] syur mahānadī^saṅgama^udbhavā ye ca/
42.14ab/ bahu^vihagālaya^koṭara^pavana^anala^pīḍitāś ca ye taravaḥ/
42.14cd/ ye ca syuḥ strīsaṃjñā na te śubhāḥ śakraketvarthe//
Varadaraja: Laghusiddhantakaumudi (= Laghukaumudi) (varlghku.htm.txt) 21255851 (0.060):
añādayastadrājasaṃjñāḥ syuḥ // / tadrājasya bahuṣu tenaivāstriyām // VLk_1034 = P_2,4.62 //
42.15ab/ śreṣṭho +arjuno *+ajakarṇaḥ[K.aśvakamaḥ] priyaka^dhava^udumbarāś
ca pañcaite/ / 42.15cd/ eteṣām *ekatamaṃ[K.anyatamaṃ] praśastam atha vā^aparaṃ vṛkṣam//
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 4993919 (0.048):
yac chrapyamāṇāyā aparam udvāsitāyāḥ. atrocyate syāt tasya mukhyatvāt,
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_appau.htm.txt) 646034 (0.052):
kaṭake kuṇḍale caiva $ brahmasūtraṃ tathāparam // HV_App.I,40.102 // / [k: K1.3.4 Ñ2 V1.3 B D G3 ins. :k]
Harivamsa, Appendix I. (hv_apppu.htm.txt) 22131590 (0.052):
kaṭake kuṇḍale caiva brahmasūtraṃ tathāparam // HV_App.I,40.102 // / [k: K1.3.4 Ñ2 V1.3 B D G3 ins. :k]
42.16ab/ gaura^asita^kṣiti^bhavaṃ sampūjya yathāvidhi dvijaḥ pūrvam/
42.16cd/ vijane sametya rātrau spṛṣṭvā brūyād imaṃ mantram//
42.17ab/ yānīha vṛkṣe bhūtāni tebhyaḥ svasti namo +astu vaḥ/
42.17cd/ upahāraṃ gṛhītvā^imaṃ kriyatāṃ vāsaparyayaḥ// / 42.18ab/ pārthivas tvāṃ varayate svasti te +astu nagottama/
42.18cd/ dhvajārthaṃ devarājasya pūjā^iyaṃ pratigṛhyatām// / 42.19ab/ chindyāt prabhātasamaye vṛkṣam udak prāṅmukho +api vā bhūtvā/
42.19cd/ paraśor jarjaraśabdo na^iṣṭaḥ snigdho ghanaś ca hitaḥ//
42.20ab/ nṛpa^jayadam avidhvaṃstaṃ patanam anākuñcitaṃ ca pūrvodak/
42.20cd/ avilagnaṃ ca^anyatarau viparītam atas tyajet patitam// / 42.21ab/ chittvāgre catur^aṅgulam aṣṭau mūle jale kṣiped yaṣṭim/
Narada-Purana (or Naradiya-Purana), Part 1 (nardp1_u.htm.txt) 15894288 (0.019):
sabalebhaibhayevāpisa valejeśilaphalam / / anyathā viparītaṃ tatpalaṃmevaṃ pare 'pi na /
Udayana: Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi, Adhyaya 1,1 (nvtp1_1u.htm.txt) 7115465 (0.019):
karuṇārdrahṛdayo 'pyaṃ vyutpisumeva vyutpādayenna tu viparītam, na hi
Yuktidipika, a commentary on Īśvarakṛṣṇa's Sāṃkhyakārikā (yuktdipu.htm.txt) 11262010 (0.022):
kāraṇābhāve 'nutpattiprasaṅgāediti / kiñca saṃsthānāntarānupaladheḥ / na / hyatra pūrvasaṃśānaviparītaṃ saṃsthānāntaraṃ gṛhṇīmahe / tasmādaviśiṣṭāsta
42.21cd/ uddhṛtya puradvāraṃ śakaṭena nayen manuṣyair vā//
42.22ab/ arabhaṅge balabhedo nemyā nāśo balasya vijñeyaḥ/
Annambhatta: Tarkasamgraha, with auto-commentary (Dipika), Nilakanta's Dipikaprakasika and Balapriya (antsdi_u.htm.txt) 28117465 (0.058):
dravatvaṃ tannāśo na bhavati/ ataḥ taddravatvanāśapratibandhakaṃ kiñcit
Yajnavalkya-Smrti (yajn1_u.htm.txt) 16023203 (0.060):
Yāj2.180a/ kārmike roma.baddhe ca trimśad.bhāgah kṣayo matah / / Yāj2.180c/ na kṣayo na ca vṛddhiś ca kauśeye vālkaleṣu ca //
42.22cd/ arthakṣayo +akṣa^bhaṅge tathā^aṇibhaṅge ca varddhakinaḥ//
42.23ab/ bhādrapada^śukla^pakṣasya^aṣṭamyāṃ nāgarair vṛto rājā/
42.23cd/ daivajña^saciva^kañcuki^viprapramukhaiḥ suveṣadharaiḥ//
42.24ab/ ahata^ambara^saṃvītāṃ yaṣṭiṃ paurandarīṃ puraṃ pauraiḥ/
42.24cd/ srag^gandha^dhūpa^yuktāṃ praveśayet śaṅkha^tūrya^ravaiḥ//
Abhinavagupta: Tantraloka (tantralu.htm.txt) 8824145 (0.045):
AbhT_29.108b/. prāṇagādapyathānandasyandino@bhyavahārataḥ // 108 / AbhT_29.109a/. gandhadhūpasragādeśca bāhyāducchalanaṃ citaḥ /
42.25ab/ rucira^patākā^toraṇa^vanamālā^alaṅkṛtaṃ prahṛṣṭa^janam/
42.25cd/ sammārjita^arcita^pathaṃ suveṣa^gaṇikājana^ākīrṇam//
42.26ab/ abhyarcita^āpaṇagṛhaṃ prabhūta^puṇyāha^veda^nirghoṣam/
42.26cd/ naṭa^nartaka^geyajñair ākīrṇa^catuṣpathaṃ nagaram//
42.27ab/ tatra patākāḥ śvetā *bhavanti vijayāya[K.vijayāya bhavanti]
rogadāḥ pītāḥ/ / 42.27cd/ jayadāś ca citrarūpā raktāḥ śastra^prakopāya//
42.28ab/ yaṣṭiṃ praveśayantīṃ nipātayanto bhayāya nāgādyāḥ/
42.28cd/ bālānāṃ talaśabde saṃgrāmaḥ sattva^yuddhe vā//
42.29ab/ santakṣya punas takṣā vidhivad yaṣṭiṃ praropayed yantre/
Varahamihira: Brhatsamhita (brhats_u.htm.txt) 10219371 (0.059):
42.08ab/ uparicarasya^amarapo vasor dadau cedipasya veṇumayīm/ / 42.08cd/ yaṣṭiṃ tāṃ sa narendro vidhivat sampūjayām āsa//
42.29cd/ jāgaram ekādaśyāṃ nareśvaraḥ kārayec cāsyām// / 42.30ab/ sita^vastra^uṣṇīṣadharaḥ purohitaḥ śākra^vaiṣṇavair mantraiḥ/
Revakhanda of the Vayupurana (RKV) (vprevk_u.htm.txt) 18902114 (0.047):
itthaṃsa jāgaraṃ kṛtvā śivarātryāṃ nareśvaraḥ // RKV_209.145 //
42.30cd/ juhuyād agniṃ sāmvatsaro nimittāni gṛhṇīyāt// / 42.31ab/ iṣṭa^dravya^ākāraḥ surabhiḥ snigdho ghano +analo +arciṣmān/
42.31cd/ śubhakṛd ato +anyo *+aniṣṭo[K.neṣṭo] yātrāyāṃ vistaro
+abhihitaḥ// / 42.32a svāhāvasānasamaye svayam ujjvalārciḥ
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027550 (0.023):
YY_8.13ab[K.14ab]/.svāhāvasānasamaye svayam ujjvalārciḥ / snigdhapradaksiṇaśikho[K.snigdhaḥ pradaksiṇaśikho] hutabhug nṛpasya/
42.32b snigdhaḥ pradakṣiṇa^śikho hutabhug nṛpasya/ / 42.32c gaṅgā^divākarasutā^jala^cāruhārāṃ
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027567 (1.192):
YY_8.13cd[K.14cd]/.gaṅgādivākarasutājalacāruhārāṃ dhātrīṃ samudrarasanāṃ
42.32d dhātrīṃ *samudra^raśanāṃ[K.samudrarasanāṃ] vaśagāṃ karoti//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027567 (0.055):
YY_8.13cd[K.14cd]/.gaṅgādivākarasutājalacāruhārāṃ dhātrīṃ samudrarasanāṃ
42.33a cāmīkara^aśoka^kuraṇṭaka^abja^ / 42.33b vaidūrya^nīlotpala^sannibhe +agnau/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027613 (0.045):
42.33c na dhvāntam antarbhavane +avakāśaṃ / 42.33d karoti ratna^aṃśu^hataṃ nṛpasya//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027624 (0.0):
YY_8.15cd/.na dhvāntam antar bhavane 'vakāśaṃ karoti
42.34a yeṣāṃ rathaugha^arṇava^megha^dantināṃ
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027634 (0.0):
YY_8.16ab/.yeṣāṃ rathaughārṇavameghadantināṃ samaḥ svano[K.samasvano]
42.34b samasvano +agnir yadi vā^api dundubheḥ/ / 42.34c teṣāṃ madāndha^ibha^ghaṭa^avaghaṭṭitā
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027643 (0.041):
'gnir yadi vā 'pi dundubheḥ/ / YY_8.16cd/.teṣāṃ madāndhebhaghaṭāvaghaṭṭitā bhavanti yāne timirābilā
42.34d bhavanti yāne timira^upamā diśaḥ// / 42.35ab/ dhvaja^kumbha^haya^ibha^bhūbhṛtām anurūpe vaśam eti bhūbhṛtām/
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027651 (0.035):
YY_8.16cd/.teṣāṃ madāndhebhaghaṭāvaghaṭṭitā bhavanti yāne timirābilā / [timiropamā] diśaḥ//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027661 (0.051):
YY_8.17ab/.dhvajakumbhahayebhabhūbhṛtām anurūpe vaśam eti bhūbhṛtām/ / YY_8.17cd/.udayāstadharādharādharā himavadvindhyapayodharā dharā//
42.35cd/ udaya^asta^dharādharā +adharā himavad^vindhya^payodharā dharā//
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027670 (0.044):
YY_8.17cd/.udayāstadharādharādharā himavadvindhyapayodharā dharā//
42.36ab/ dvirada^mada^mahī^saroja^lājā[K.lājaiḥ]^ghṛta^madhunā ca hutāśane
Varahamihira: Yogayatra (yogay2_u.htm.txt) 13027673 (0.052):
YY_8.17cd/.udayāstadharādharādharā himavadvindhyapayodharā dharā// / YY_8.18ab/.dviradamadamahīsarojalājair ghṛtamadhunā[K.ghṛtamadhunoś] ca
sagandhe/ / 42.36cd/ praṇata^nṛpa^śiromaṇi^prabhābhir bhavati puraś^churiteva bhūr
nṛpasya// / 42.37ab/ uktaṃ yad uttiṣṭhati śakraketau śubha^aśubhaṃ saptamarīcirūpaiḥ/
42.37cd/ tajjanma^yajña^grahaśānti^yātrā^vivāha^kāleṣv api cintanīyam//
42.38ab/ guḍa^pūpa^pāyasa^ādyair viprān abhyarcya dakṣiṇābhiś ca/
42.38cd/ śravaṇena dvādaśyām utthāpyo +anyatra vā śravaṇāt// / 42.39ab/ śakra^kumāryaḥ kāryāḥ prāha manuḥ sapta pañca vā tajjñaiḥ/
Vamana-Purana, Adhyayas 1-69 (vamp__u.htm.txt) 23749589 (0.046):
śravaṇadvādaśīpuṇyaṃ tavokyaṃ puṇayavardharam // VamP_53.60 //
Jaimini: Mimamsasutra, with Sabara's Bhasya, Adhyayas 1-7 (to be continued) (msbh1-7u.htm.txt) 5035606 (0.050):
*{6/363: E2: 5,347; E6: 2,203}* / *{6/364: E2 (v.l.): śravaṇena}* / *{6/365: E1,6,E2 (v.l.); E2: vākyaṃ}*
42.39cd/ nanda^upananda^saṃjñe *pāda^ūna^ardhe
dhvaja^ucchrāyāt[K.pādenārdhena cocchrāyāt]// / 42.40ab/ ṣoḍaśabhāga^abhyadhike jayavijaye dve vasundhare ca^anye/
42.40cd/ adhikā śakrajanitrī madhye +aṣṭāṃśena ca^etāsām//
42.41ab/ prītaiḥ kṛtāni vibudhair yāni purā bhūṣaṇāni suraketoḥ/
42.41cd/ tāni krameṇa dadyāt piṭakāni vicitrarūpāṇi// / 42.42ab/ rakta^aśoka^nikāśaṃ *caturasraṃ[K.caturaśram] viśvakarmaṇā
prathamam/ / 42.42cd/ *raśanā[K.rasanā] svayambhuvā śaṅkareṇa *ca^anekavarṇagā
dattā[K.cānekavarṇadharī]// / 42.43ab/ aṣṭāśri nīlaraktaṃ tṛtīyam indreṇa bhūṣaṇaṃ dattam/
42.43cd/ asitaṃ yamaś caturthaṃ masūrakaṃ kāntimad ayacchat//
42.44ab/ mañjiṣṭhābhaṃ varuṇaḥ ṣaḍaśri tatpañcamaṃ jalorminibham/
42.44cd/ mayūraṃ keyūraṃ ṣaṣṭhaṃ vāyur jaladanīlam//
42.45ab/ skandhaḥ svaṃ keyūraṃ saptamam adadad dhvajāya bahucitram/
42.45cd/ aṣṭamam anala^jvālā^saṅkāśaṃ havyabhug^*vṛttam[K.dattam]//
42.46ab/ vaidūrya^sadṛśam *indro[K.indur] navamaṃ graiveyakaṃ dadāv anyat/
42.46cd/ rathacakrābhaṃ daśamaṃ sūryas tvaṣṭā prabhāyuktam//
42.47ab/ ekādaśam udvaṃśaṃ viśvedevāḥ sarojasaṅkāśam/ / 42.47cd/ dvādaśam api ca *niveśam ṛṣayo[K.nivaṃśaṃ munayo]
nīlotpalābhāsam// / 42.48ab/ kiñ cid adhaūrdhva^*nirmitam[K.nirnatam] upari viśālaṃ trayodaśaṃ
ketoḥ/ / 42.48cd/ śirasi bṛhaspati^śukrau lākṣārasasannibhaṃ dadatuḥ//
42.49ab/ yady yad yena *vibhūṣaṇam[K.vinirmitam] amareṇa / vinirmitaṃ[K.vibhūṣaṇam] dhvajasya^arthe/
42.49cd/ tattat taddaivatyaṃ vijñātavyaṃ vipaścidbhiḥ// / 42.50ab/ dhvaja^parimāṇa^tryaṃśaḥ paridhiḥ prathamasya bhavati piṭakasya/
42.50cd/ parataḥ prathamāt prathamād aṣṭāṃśāṣṭāṃśahīnāni//
42.51ab/ kuryād ahani caturthe pūraṇam indradhvajasya śāstrajñaḥ/
42.51cd/ manunā ca^āgamagītān mantrān etān paṭhen niyataḥ//
42.52ab/ hara^arka^vaivasvata^śakra^somair / dhaneśa^vaiśvānara^pāśabhṛdbhiḥ/
42.52cd/ maharṣi^saṃghaiḥ sadig^apsarobhiḥ / śukra^aṅgiraḥ^skanda^marudgaṇaiś ca//
Skandapurana (Adhyayas 1 - 31.14; to be continued) (skp031au.htm.txt) 2157508 (0.048):
tataḥ pranṛttābhirathāpsarobhir $ gandharvasaṃghaiśca sugītaśabdaiḥ &
Skandapurana (Adhyayas 1 - 31.14; to be continued) (skp031pu.htm.txt) 19167586 (0.048):
tataḥ pranṛttābhirathāpsarobhir gandharvasaṃghaiśca sugītaśabdaiḥ /
Garuda-Purana (garup2_u.htm.txt) 14352935 (0.059):
kalikaluṣavimuktaḥ pūjitaḥ siddhasaṅghairamaracamaramālāvījyamāno / 'psarobhiḥ /
42.53ab/ yathā tvam ūrjaskaraṇa^ekarūpaiḥ samarcitas tv ābharaṇair
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmpau.htm.txt) 26855025 (0.057):
tatra saṃnihito viṣṇur % devaiḥ saha marudgaṇaiḥ // BrP_174.11 // / aindratīrtham iti khyātaṃ $ tad eva hayamūrdhakam &
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmppu.htm.txt) 11126337 (0.057):
tatra saṃnihito viṣṇur devaiḥ saha marudgaṇaiḥ // BrP_174.11 // / aindratīrtham iti khyātaṃ tad eva hayamūrdhakam /
Brahma-Purana, Adhyayas 1 - 246 (brahmpiu.htm.txt) 16969672 (0.059):
saudāso nāma pārthivaḥ BrP_8.81d / sauparṇaiḥ samarudgaṇaiḥ BrP_45.6d
udāraiḥ/ / 42.53cd/ tatheha tāny ābharaṇāni *yāge[K.deva] śubhāni samprītamanā
gṛhāṇa// / 42.54ab/ ajo +avyayaḥ śāśvata ekarūpo viṣṇur varāhaḥ puruṣaḥ purāṇaḥ/
42.54cd/ tvam antakaḥ sarvaharaḥ kṛśānuḥ *sahasraśīrṣaḥ[K.sahasraśīrśā]
Harivamsa (complete) (hv_cumiu.htm.txt) 16473986 (0.062):
sahasrapatrakāntena *HV_62.10ab*721:3a / sahasrapatranābhas tvaṃ HV_58.39c / sahasrapatraṃ varṇāḍhyaṃ *HV_40.11*532a
Harivamsa, constituted text with star passages (hv_coniu.htm.txt) 13863779 (0.062):
sahasrapatrakāntena HV_62.10ab*721:3a / sahasrapatranābhas tvaṃ HV_58.39c / sahasrapatraṃ varṇāḍhyaṃ HV_40.11*532a
śatamanyur īḍyaḥ// / 42.55ab/ kaviṃ saptajihvaṃ trātāram indraṃ *svavitāraṃ[K.avitāraṃ]
Rgveda-Samhita: Padapatha text (rvpp_04u.htm.txt) 13711250 (0.052):
| vi | vṛścaḥ // RV_4,17.7 // / satrāhanan | dadhṛṣim | tumram | indram | mahām | apāram | vṛṣabham |
Yaska: Nirukta (niruktau.htm.txt) 9539644 (0.054):
13,4: vyasṛkṣata.hi.prasavāya/ / 13,4:ṃsata/
sureśam/ / 42.55cd/ hvayāmi śakraṃ vṛtrahaṇaṃ suṣeṇam asmākaṃ vīrā *uttarā[K.uttare]
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhassu.htm.txt) 267228 (0.040):
(P_6,1.77.2) KA_III,53.7 54.4 Ro_IV,391 393 {19/39} bho3i indram , / bho3y indram , bho3i iha bho3y iha iti .
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhassu.htm.txt) 267313 (0.040):
(P_6,1.77.2) KA_III,53.7 54.4 Ro_IV,391 393 {28/39} bho3i indram , / bho3y indram , bho3i iha bho3y iha iti .
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5418866 (0.040):
. avaśyam idam vaktavyam yau plutapūrvau idutau aplutavikārau tadartham . / bho3i indram , bho3y indram , bho3i iha bho3y iha iti . yad tarhi asya
Patanjali: Vyakaranamahabhasya (Mahabhasya) (pmbhasuu.htm.txt) 5418915 (0.040):
tadartham . bho3i indram , bho3y indram , bho3i iha bho3y iha iti .
Gopathabrahmana (gopbra_u.htm.txt) 5087523 (0.044):
(GBr_2,6.9r) nendraṃ mādhyaṃdinān ninīṣāmīti sa hovāca